She died in 1931 while on tour in the Netherlands, holding her Dying Swan costume in her arms. Refusing surgery, she told doctors “If I can’t dance then I’d rather be dead.”. In accordance with tradition, on the day she was to have next performed, the show went on, with a spotlight circling the empty stage where she would have danced. [x]

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And then they had all the adventures and Honeymoons all over the world and got their own spinoff too and there were many makeup hugs and snuggles and probably lots of snogging for at least 3 episodes.

Mrs. Pepper: Lewis, can you take your sisters outside?

Lewis: Sure thing, but it’s raining. 

Mr. Pepper: We know. But they’re getting too restless in here.

Lewis: Hmmm… Girls! Grab your raincoats! We’re going for a walk!

Being the big brother that he is, I wanted to draw a scene where Lewis is like the mother duck and his sisters merrily follow him along. And I love rainy days and wanted an excuse to draw Lewis with a giant umbrella. Not much of a background person and was originally going for a vertical composition. But this layout conveys the “follow the leader” concept much better! 

Hook telling Belle that Rumple loved her and her getting all teary-eyed…

Those were probably the only kind words she’s heard regarding her marriage to Rumple since she banished him. 

Everyone else is probably so filled with anger or hatred for him. And Belle has to walk around the town with people side-eyeing her for marrying the Dark One, talking behind her back, all the “hate to say I told you so…” looks.

And probably the only support she’s received about what happened came from Rumple’s nemesis. Because Hook hates Rumple but feels for Belle - and also knows that a villain with a dark heart is still capable of love.

He’s simultaneously plotting to kill Rumple - but is also his wingman.

Belle badly needed some comfort. I just really loved that scene.