My dash needs some more diversity from the OUAT Fadom.

I’m looking for some blogs to follow that ship Swan Queen and/or Rumbelle and/or Belle that don’t mind being followed by a by a multi-shipper who really likes CS and Killian Jones. So if you want me to check out your blog, please like this, especially Rumbellers or Beauties that are big fans of the EF interactions and AUs. :)

Yes, I can handle blogs that are critical of the CS ship and fandom (there are problems and I will point them out too) and Hook. I don’t mind seeing it. I can scroll past anything that I don’t like.

No, I won’t hijack your posts and tell you you’re wrong. If you make it *clear* in your post that you want a discussion about CS/Hook, then I might chime in. Otherwise I won’t touch stuff that isn’t about a ship or character we share. 

If you decide to check out my blog as well, I tag everything, so if there’s something you don’t want to see and you black list it, you should be good. :)

Rey is the ultimate Disney Princess

Curious like Ariel

Strong like Mulan

Has a Mysterious Past like Rapunzel

Independent like Tiana 

Adventurous and Smart like Belle

A Force to be Reckoned with like Jasmine

Has the Force/Magic like Elsa

Beautiful like Snow White

Hidden like Aurora

Trapped like Cinderella

One with Nature/the Force like Pocahontas 

and Powerful like Merida


Belle by jenniferrxv


First Look at Beauty and the Beast Live Action Characters !