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Sleeping With Bellamy Would Include...


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⋅ wearing his t-shirt
⋅ loving that it smelled like him
⋅ him loving you wearing it
⋅ waiting for him snuggled under the sheets until he would check the camp one last time
⋅ him always telling you that you didn’t have to wait for him
⋅ “You know I can’t sleep without you.”
⋅ watching him taking off the clothes with a smile
⋅ “Don’t droll too much, princess.”
⋅ him immediately pulling you close to him
⋅ you snuggling even closer so you were pressed to his side
⋅ you tracing his muscles with your fingers
⋅"Good night, Bell.“
 "Sweet dreams, princess.”
⋅ from time to time during the night you would shift so he would be spooning you
⋅ occasionally when he would be on a verge of breaking down you would shift positions
⋅ he would rest his head on your chest while you would be running your fingers trough his hair comforting him
⋅ him reading you a book he found when you couldn’t sleep
⋅ his voice always luring you to sleep
⋅ a lot of pillow talks
⋅ sometimes being woken up by the other one having a nightmare
⋅ comforting the one who had the nightmare
⋅ “It was just a dream.”
   "But it felt so real.“
  "But it wasn’t. Everything is fine and I won’t let anything happen to you.”
⋅ “Wanna talk about it?”
  “Just hold me.”
⋅ random kisses when neither of you couldn’t sleep
⋅ sometimes it would lead to hot make out session
⋅ that would always lead to sex
⋅ and God it was amazing
⋅ that would exhaust you enough to quickly fall asleep afterwards
⋅ from time to time you kicking him off the bed
⋅ being woken up by him cursing and groaning when it happens
⋅ watching him with innocent smile as he’s getting up from the ground
⋅ “Seriously, Y/N?!”
   "It’s not my fault that you are too big.“
⋅ him waking up first
⋅ sooner than necessary so he could watch you sleep
⋅ once it’s time to get up he would wake you up with a portion of kisses
⋅ "Time to rise and shine, princess.”
   "Leave me alone.“
⋅ "We need to get up.”
 "I hate you.“
 "You love me.”
⋅ him sometimes letting you sleep in
⋅ but him being too responsible to stay with you in bed whole day

Whatever The Hell We Want

The bed shifts as he carefully moves, trying not to wake me. Instinctively, I cling to him and moan a quiet protest.

“Shhh. Go back to sleep.” He coos. His voice is so sweet and gentle.

I feel his weight lift from the bed, and hear the sounds of clothing rustling quietly. I stretch and groan. When I open my eyes, I see a shirtless Bellamy standing in the middle of the room, fiddling with the belt of his pants. I smile, happily enjoying the view. My eyes scan over the muscles of his back, his strong arms, his chiseled chest, every inch of him looks like it’s been sculpted by the Gods and it is a glorious sight to see, especially first thing in the morning. He catches me looking and smirks. I smirk back and wiggle my eyebrows at him. He pulls a shirt over his head and I let out a little disappointed sigh.

His weight returns to the edge of the bed, his boots in hand he leans down to put them on. I sit up and move to sit behind him and rub his back gently.

“Where are you going this early in the morning?” I press a few soft kisses on his neck and shoulders.

“I have to check on a few things, run over some plans with Kane.” He has a tinge of morning voice, but still the sound is so masculine and assuring.

“C’mon. It’s been three days with no impending doom, nobody trying to kill us, there’s finally been just a little bit of peace around here. Can’t we enjoy it? Do you really have to go?” I squeeze a hug from behind, and he turns to smile at me softly.

“Yes, but I’ll be back, I promise.” He shifts his body to kiss me, “Now, you go back to sleep.”

I kiss the back of his neck one more time before he stands to leave. He leans down for another kiss, then quietly heads out the door. I lay back on the bed, yawning and stretching. If he says I can go back to sleep, then I’m going to go back to sleep. It’s been a long time since any of us had the luxury of real sleep. I turn on my side, pull the blanket around me, and snuggle into the pillow.

Some time later, Bellamy returns but I’m too sleepy to acknowledge him. I hear him kick off his boots. Then I feel him approaching the bed and the movement of the air makes me realize the blanket isn’t covering my backside, revealing my panty clad behind and an inch or two of skin where my shirt has ridden up. I feel his warm hands slide up my thighs, over my butt, under my shirt, as he climbs into the bed behind me. He wraps his arm around me and kisses my neck. I’m awake now.

“Mmmmmm, hello.” I purr.

“I told you I’d come back.” He says and continues to kiss up and down my neck, my shoulders, my jaw line, my earlobe. Oh, that one feels good. And he knows it, too, as he bites down on it gently. I respond by pushing my backside into him. He pushes back with a moan. His fingers trace up and down my arm, while his lips find their way to the crook of my neck.

“Mmmmm….” My eyes close, enjoying the sensation of his warmth. I turn to face him, and brush one of his curls out of his face. Our eyes on each other, he takes my hand and with a squeeze brings it to his lips for a kiss.

“What should we do today? It’s been three days with no impending doom, nobody trying to kill us, there’s finally been just a little bit of peace around here, we should probably enjoy it.” He says with a smirk, mocking my earlier sentiment.

“What do you want to do today?” I ask him.

“Whatever the hell we want.” He kisses me. I almost roll my eyes. That’s what he used to say when we first landed on the ground.

When he pulls away I ask, “And what is it that you want? Because frankly, I’d like to stay in this warm comfortable bed as long as possible.”

“I have a better idea.” His smirk could make a girls knees weak.

I furrow my brow in confusion, and anticipation, “What’s that exactly?”

He gets up from the bed and reaches a hand down to help me up, “Come with me and I’ll show you.”

I get up from the bed, and after a playful game of keep away, full of stolen kisses and butt squeezes, I finally retrieve my pants and put them on. Once I’m all dressed, I give him a quick peck on the lips, “Ready.” I smile at him.

“Let’s go.” He takes my hand and leads me out the door.

Arkadia is quiet. It’s still early and people are lazily starting to get up and go about their day. No-one notices as we slip out the gate, and if they had nobody would argue with Bellamy.

We walk a ways into the woods, not far from our camp but far enough away from any Grounder borders not to worry. I marvel at the beauty of the trees and breathe in the fresh air. Even though we’ve been down here a while, I still appreciate all the wonders of the ground, there just isn’t always time to notice it.

“Almost there.” He says with a pant, his gruff voice pulling my out of my daze.

“Almost where?” I inquire.

“Almost… here.” He says as we round a corner, revealing a cascading waterfall and a shallow river. I gasp a little. It’s so beautiful.

“I knew you’d like it.” I hear his voice in my ear, and feel his arms snake their way around my waist from behind me.

“I do. I really do.” My smile creeping into my voice.

He pulls away from me, “Well then let’s get in.” He says before pulling his shirt over his head.

I laugh and begin to remove my own clothes. Down to our underwear, he grabs my hand and pulls me towards the bottom of the waterfall. There’s a space behind the flow of water and the wall of stones. We enter there, a few drops of cold water spraying us as we go. I let out a little squeal and jump as it hits me, and he laughs.

“It’s cold!” I protest, but end up laughing too.

He pulls me close and kisses me, much more deeply than any of our kisses this morning. The freedom of being away from camp, the romance of this secret special hideaway, it’s dizzying. His hands on my waist, my fingers through his hair… I get lost in our kiss, my skin tingling.

He pulls away, smiling, and dips his head under the stream of water. I watch as it flows down his perfect body. Over his shoulders, down his back, trailing down his muscular legs. He pulls away, eyes closed, and shakes his head, droplets of water spattering from his hair. He wipes his face with his hand and reveals a huge grin. I shake my head, smiling, and stroke his face. He leans in to kiss me, slowly backing me towards the water. I squirm and feel him smirking.

“No no no.” I say, “It is way too cold!”

“But I’ll keep you warm. And besides, I’d really like to see you soaking wet.” Damn this boy and his sultry voice.

The water rushes over us, and I can’t help but squeal and gasp. It quickly turns to laughter as I lift my arms and spin under the flow. He’s laughing too, a remarkable sound. This is what fun feels like. I’d forgotten.

I lean out of the water, still laughing, and pull him with me. Wiping my face with both hands, I let a shiver run through my body. He watches me with a stupid smile on his face. His hand gently brushes the wet hair from my face and he leans in to kiss me.

“This is amazing.” I sigh, “Now what?”

“Whatever the hell we want.” He smirks again, and pulls me closer, hands roaming my body and passion building in our kiss.

Down Below SERIES

Summary: Y/N Reyes lands on Earth with the rest of the 99 prisoners. Being one of the first people to come back “home” after 97 years of living in space, she learns what it’s like to finally live in this planet.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x reader (Later on in the series), John Murphy x reader (First few chapters), Raven Reyes x sister!reader




Order from Your Commander (part 1)

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Request: Could you do an imagine where you’re the commander and Bellamy falls in love with you??

Word count: 1,531

(A/N: I took a different approach when writing this, so let me know what you think! Also, if you want to see a part 2, if you could shoot me a message that’d be great :) ) 

Y/n could remember the day the Sky People came to earth very clearly. She and a couple of her people were on a hunting trip, trying to gather supplies for a feast celebrating the three year anniversary of her people’s liberation from the Ice Nation. They were corrupt and evil, and after several months of battle, they surrendered. Three months later, Y/n and one hundred of the former Ice Nation hiked up a mountain and to an empty field. The people appointed Y/n as their new leader and were comically named the Free People by nearby clans.          

 The feast was on the same day they landed. The Free People all thought it was a shooting star, but as it got closer and closer, they realized it was something different. It landed right outside of Y/n’s land. Not knowing who these people were, she stayed back to study them. They quickly set up civilization, scavenged for food and water, and laughed and partied. They were incredibly smart, but also a threat. They kicked out their own people, banishing these newcomers to discover the dense forest by themselves.

 Y/n’s people wanted to retaliate, to claim the land they all fought so hard for. She made them wait, though. She wanted the newcomers to feel welcome in their new home, and then attack them when they were vulnerable.

 It had been two months since they came to earth, and the new people, conveniently named the Sky People, had yet to discover the Free People’s village. Feeling safe and comfortable, Y/n decided to go out into the forest for some peace and quiet. The guards were reluctant to let her go, but she insisted. While she loved being the Free People’s commander, she missed her freedom more than anything. She couldn’t go anywhere without an escort. But she knew these woods better than any of the guards, so she was sure she’d be fine.

There was a clearing about a mile south of the camp that she would go to when she needed to think. It was on the bank of a wide stream, and the grass surrounding it was so green it looked unreal. Flowers blossomed on the stream’s edge and birds chirped lightly in the trees. The sky was overcast, but you were just thankful it wasn’t raining yet. Y/n pulled her jacket closer to her as a wind passed through.

 She was humming a light, delicate tune and throwing rocks into the stream, completely unaware of the people behind her. Three men from the Sky People had followed her to the clearing. Murphy, Bellamy, and Miller hid behind a large tree as they watched.

 “There’s no way she could fight us off. Let’s just grab her and go.” Murphy whispered. They were planning on taking her back to the camp to question her about the Free People and surrounding groups.

 “On my count…1…2…3!” Bellamy shouted. The three jumped out into the clearing and circled Y/n before she could register what was happening. Miller grabbed her from behind, but she kicked out, right into his knee caps. Miller doubled over in pain as Murphy raced to tackle Y/n. They toppled to the ground and Y/n struggled to gain dominance over him. She got on top of him and punched his face a few times, stopping only when she heard the snap of his nose breaking. Bellamy picked her off of Murphy and pinned her arms beneath his so she couldn’t take a swing at him. She kicked, but he was much taller than she was.

“Put me down!” Y/n shouted.

 “She speaks.” Murphy replied sarcastically. “I wonder what else she has to say.”

 Bellamy was much stronger than she was, and it took very little time for him to tie her arms around her back. He tied her legs together too, leaving just enough room for her to walk. Bellamy dragged Y/n by the hands while Miller and Murphy trailed behind. The walk wasn’t long, but long enough for Y/n to realize she was nowhere near her camp, which meant she was nowhere near her people.

 The Sky People’s camp was coming together nicely. They had built a giant wall and gate that two gunmen guarded. They opened it when they save the three men approaching. Y/n tried to hide her amazement, but couldn’t help but notice the amazing technology. Bellamy tugged on her ropes when she started to lag behind.

 “Where’s Clarke?” Bellamy asked a guard. His voice was deep and rough, and he spoke with authority. ‘Is he their leader?’ Y/n thought.

 “Drop ship.” The guard responded. They walked towards a giant, metal building. It looked exactly like the ship Y/n remembered on that day they arrived. They walked up a ramp and into a tiny room lined with weapons and makeshift beds. The weapons they had were unlike anything Y/n had ever seen. It was a good thing the Free People had not attacked, for the Sky People’s weapons were much more advanced and deadly.

 “Who is this?” Clarke questioned, eyeing Y/n suspiciously. Y/n couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was, and how innocent she seemed. But Bellamy appeared to answer to her. Was this their leader?

 “Don’t know. Found her in the woods. Thought she might have some useful information.” Murphy replied.

 Clarke walked up to Y/n and continued to survey her. “Who are you?”

 “I am nobody.” Y/n answered.

 “Nobody huh?” Clarke took a couple steps back. “You should just let her go.”

 “Let me at least try to get some information out of her.” Bellamy said. Clarke shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the drop ship. Y/n was back to being alone with the three men who had captured her. She didn’t know what she was going to do. Her guards would recognize soon that she was missing and would come searching for her.

 Bellamy shoved Y/n toward a ladder and pointed for her to climb it. It took her a bit longer than expected due to the ropes still hanging around her wrists and ankles. Bellamy, Murphy, and Miller followed suit. Bellamy grabbed Y/n’s wrists, untied the rope, and wrapped her wrists in ropes that hung on the wall. He left her feet the way they were.

“I don’t understand why you are keeping me captive. I have done nothing.” Y/n said, looking into Bellamy’s eyes as she spoke.

 “We don’t know you. And we don’t like people we don’t know. What’s your name?” He asked as he tied the ropes tighter.

 “Y/n.” She replied.

 “What group are you with?”

 “The Free People.” She saw no point in lying about that detail.

 “Haven’t heard of them.”

 “There are lots of groups around here you don’t know about. I understand you’ve been lucky enough to meet TriKru, yes?” Bellamy looked up at the mention of the Grounders. Y/n continued, “They’re a strong group. Kind too, if you don’t cross them.”

 “Yeah, we already messed that one up.” Murphy smirked at Y/n. She could already tell she wasn’t going to like him very much.

 Bellamy walked over to Miller and Murphy, and took a seat on an overturned crate. Y/n took this time to really examine him. He was tall and muscular with dark, curly hair and olive skin. He wore a black tshirt and jeans, and jacket like the guards had on outside.

 Bellamy took this time to examine Y/n, too. She was of average height but with strong, lean muscles. Her face was composed, and she showed no signs of fear. Most people would be fighting back, or at least sweating. That’s how Bellamy knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth. No one is that composed unless they have to be.  

 “What do you know about us?” He asked, breaking the awkward silence that had formed.

 “That you come from the sky and that you are survivors.” Y/n replied.

 “What does that mean?” Murphy snapped.

 “You all aren’t from here, and have managed to find food and water, make shelter, and fight. You’re survivors.”

 “How do you know this?” Bellamy stood up from his seated position.

“Your arrival didn’t exactly go unnoticed. You landed in shared territory between my people and the TriKru. You’ve held TriKru off so far.”

 “Why haven’t your people attacked?” He neared Y/n and was almost chest to chest with her. Y/n looked into his deep brown eyes; she took note of the pain and exhaustion in them.

“We haven’t found a need to. You haven’t retaliated against us yet.”

 “But if you did you would have the upper hand. I don’t understand…” Bellamy started.

 “Things aren’t always about having the upper hand. You are newcomers, we already have the upper hand, war or not. We recently fought a war with people who deserved it. As of right now, your people don’t deserve it.” Y/n calmly replied. Bellamy was taken aback by this answer, by the honesty and sincerity in her words. He blinked and opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out. After studying her face for a minute, he turned around and headed to the ladder hatch.

 “Miller, keep watch. I’m going to take a nap.”

part 2

‘anything you want’ (bellamy blake au)

Prompt: You’re Octavia’s college roommate, and for whatever reason, you can’t seem to get along with Bellamy. Octavia, being the peacemaker that she is, demands that while she’s on date night with Lincoln, you two try to make up. You and Bell agree and things take a turn for the… interesting. 

Pairing(s): Bellamy Blake x Reader, Lincoln x Octavia Blake

Warnings: language, light smut, slight angst

A/N: this is gonna become a mini series, it’s starting off as a college!au and then moving on to a wedding!au bc you guys know I love that ;) anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this!  (pls lol) let me know what you think! (!!!!!!!!!NO GIFS ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!)

“Bellamy what the fuck?” You stand up from where Bellamy had bumped into you, trying to get past you and get to the kitchen.

“You were in my way, Y/N. It’s not a big deal,” he smirks at you over his shoulder and you’ve got half a mind to slap the smirk off his face.

“Children, please,” Octavia groans as she steps out of her room, dressed up for her date with Lincoln.

“Ow owwwww,” you whistle and Octavia smiles, twirling around for you. “I have the hottest roommate of all time!”

“Aw shush. Have you seen yourself?” Octavia grabs your hand and twirls you around. “The hottest.”

“I’m literally dressed in pajama shorts I should’ve tossed out freshman year,” you laugh and she nods, a smile on her face.

“That’s true, but I love these shorts. So many memories,” Octavia sighs and you shake your head, trying to fight back a smile.

“All the memories of my near death experiences!”

“Hey, mine too. You’re seriously the best roommate,” she kisses your cheek and you wrap your arms around her, resting the side of your head against hers.

“You’re the most kind and fierce woman I know and I love you so much,” Octavia’s arms tighten around you and you pull away for a moment, holding her hands in yours before continuing. “You’re so beautiful and compassionate with so much love to give, it could warm up the coldest hearts, even Bellamy’s,” you look up at him with a genuine grin on your face, which he returns with a raised brow and a lifted bottle of water. You look back at Octavia and wink at her. “You and Lincoln are forever, and I’m so happy for you both. Now that I gave you that speech… I’m gonna need to know where you’re going tonight and what time you expect to be home, okay?”

“Oh, Y/N,” Octavia groans and Bellamy laughs before quickly covering it with a cough. “You had to ruin the moment, didn’t you?”

You shrug and wink at her. “You know that’s my specialty, baby.”

“Oh I know it all too well and that’s why I love you,” she kisses your forehead and smiles. “He’s taking me to his favorite Italian restaurant in downtown, he said he’ll text you the address. And I’ll be coming home really late, if any of that changes I swear I’ll text you.”

“Sounds perfect to me,” you grab your phone out of your pocket and check your texts. “Go say bye to Bellamy and then head out because Lincoln just texted me saying he’s downstairs.”

You lean against the archway between the living room and the kitchen, watching Bellamy hug his sister with a large, heartbreaking smile on his face. You’ve always had a wierd soft spot for Bellamy and that spot only grew larger when you watched him interacting with Octavia.Sure, you two always argued and you sure whatever you felt was unrequited, but you can’t argue with your heart or the way it fluttered when he laughed.

“While I’m gone, I want you two to just spend an hour with each other and get to know each other, okay?” Octavia turns to look at you before looking back at Bellamy.

“O, we’ve talked before. Come-”

“You two have argued… for hours on end. In the three years that we’ve lived together Y/N, have you asked Bellamy any questions?”

“Sure,” you cross your arms over your chest and Bellamy mirrors your actions. “I’ve asked him why he’s got such a stick up his–”

“That’s what I mean,” she sighs, quickly running over to put her shoes on. “You’re one of the most kind-hearted people I know but for some reason, Bellamy doesn’t like you… why?” Bellamy opens his mouth to answer and Octavia shoots him a look. “Don’t give me a smart ass answer, Bell. You’re spending the hour together, I don’t care.”

“Can you please head downstairs, Lincoln won’t stop texting me. And don’t worry, O. I’ll spend an hour with Bellamy… if I don’t make it out alive, it’s on you,” you slowly push Octavia out of your apartment and she laughs, knowing both you and her brother.

You close the door behind her and turn to face Bellamy, a light tint to your cheeks as you make eye contact. Bellamy refrains from giving you a smile, his knees almost giving way when his eyes land on your shy face. You sit on the couch, Bell watching your every move as he takes a sip of his water. You feel his eyes on you, but make no move to comment on it.

He’s purposely never stayed in a room alone with you, his senses are always on edge and he’s afraid he won’t be able to keep from brushing your hair out of your face or cupping your face every time you excitedly relay a story to  him. He’s always admired your tenacity, your affection for his sister, your love for the world. He’d never tell you, but he was sure he’s in love with you.

“Not that I mind your staring,” you interrupt his train of thought with a smirk on your face. “Octavia wants picture proof of us bonding. So get your ass to this couch, it’s time for pictures!”

“I guess,” he rolls his eyes almost playfully and walks over to you, plopping down onto the couch.

You lift up your phone (snapchat open and ready) and take a picture of the two of you. You’re smiling and Bellamy… Bellamy couldn’t seem to take his eyes off you. A blush darkens your cheeks and you save the picture before sending it to Octavia.

“Hey,” Bellamy whispers and gently grabs your arm, turning you to face him.

“Yes?” You clear your throat and raise a brow at him, almost challenging his actions.

His eyes move between your lips and your eyes, resting on the former his greatest fear comes true and his lips press against yours. Before you can even register what’s happening, your hands move on their own accord and wrap around his neck. Bellamy quickly pulls you against him, his hands moving to your waist as you straddle him.

“You’ve got no idea just how fucking long I’ve wanted this,” Bellamy pulls away, his skilled lips moving across your jaw and neck as you let out a gasp.

“I can make a rough estimate,” you smirk, tugging on his hair and pulling him back up to you.

Your lips find his again and it’s almost as if they were made for each other, your plump ones moving timidly against his as he fought to reign in control. You bite his bottom lip and he growls out, his hands tightening around your waist. His bottom lip eases into your mouth as you suck on it, plumping it up further before releasing it and smirking at him. His eyes meet yours and worry passes through them for a beat. You move back in to kiss him, Bellamy trying his hardest to resist before moving his hands to your shoulders and pushing you back a bit.

“No, Y/N,” he breathes heavily, still not put together. “We-we can’t be doing this.”

“Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t,” you lean forward and place gentle kisses against his neck as he tries to answer you.

“You’re Octavia’s roommate, her best friend. I can’t just, I can’t just jump your bones on her living room couch,” you move your head back, placing your hands against his chest as you teasingly grind against him.

“You’re right. My room is 10 feet away. Think you can handle it?” You grind against him again and his mouth falls open, his head back. “Think you can handle me?”

Instead of answering you, Bellamy lifted you both up, his hands gripping your ass as your legs wrap around his waist. You giggle and Bellamy smiles, your laughter lighting his entire being on fire. He twirls you around as you two enter your room, shamelessly kissing you before laying you down on the bed. You quickly pull your sweater off and lay down in just your bra, desperately awaiting Bellamy’s reactions.

Bellamy’s throat dries and his eyes widen, his breathing slows and his heart rate escalates. He never thought he’d get this lucky. He leans down and presses a gently kiss against your lips before pulling away again, eyes darker now.

“Y/N, you need to know,” he whispers, peppering kisses all along your arms until he reaches your collarbones. “I can’t believe this is happening, can’t believe you’d actually be up for this.”

“Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, Bellamy?” You chuckle and Bellamy blushes. “You’re beautiful and you’re nice and I really do hope you’re finally warming up to me.”

“Baby, I’m more than just warming up to you,” Bellamy’s hips teasingly press against yours and you gasp as you feel his length against your stomach. “I’ve wanted this longer and harder than you have. I’ve wanted you so bad,” he growls, leaning down and biting your neck.

“So take me,” you lift yourself up, quickly undoing your bra and tossing it aside causing Bellamy’s eyes to nearly pop out of his eyes.

“Fuck,” he groans and leans down without a warning, taking a nipple into his mouth as his fingers tug and tease the other nipple.

You whimper and lift your chest up, desperate for more of him. He takes your nipple  between his teeth, eyes meeting yours as your breath grows ragged. Your other nipple is in torment, delicately placed between his thumb and forefinger. His free hand travels down your stomach, fingers brushing against the top of your shorts while you squirm under him.

“Take off your clothes Bellamy,” you pant out, moving your hand down and grabbing his hardened length. Bellamy hisses at your touch, his cock twitching in your grasp. “Please take everything off.”

“He quickly obliges, sitting up over you and pulling off his shirt. He leans down to kiss you before standing and taking off his pants. He pauses for a second, looking up at you.

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“If at any point, you want me to stop, you tell me. Okay? I’ve waited three fucking years for this, I can wait as long as you need,” he whispers and walks over to you, leaning down to give your forehead a tender kiss.

“Thank you, I understand,” you smile and kiss him, slowly sitting up and swinging your feet off the bed so that he’s standing between your legs. You kiss his stomach and look up at him, a hungry look in your eyes. “May I?”

“Anything you want, I’m all yours.”

And through every orgasm, every moan, every position, every cry, you believed him. You believed that he was all yours. But then you wake up the next morning with an empty space in your bed. You think nothing of it, thinking he’d call or stop by sometime. A week passes and you hear nothing, so you confront your best friend. You find out that he’s gone on a vacation of some sort, he purchased a spur of the moment ticket and flew out the day after you… the day after you two hooked up.

My Queen ~Bellamy Blake~ (Part 1)

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Summary: It’s Unity Day and reader has been looking forward spending some time with Bellamy, but instead he is having fun with Clarke. Reader gets jealous and gets into the fight with him. Then she goes with him, Raven, her best friend, and Jasper on the mission as the backup for Clarke and she gets hurt.

Part 2

Word count: 3741

For the first time since we came down here, I could see everyone having a good time. They finally got a chance to loosen up a little.

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SHAPE OF YOU (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Hi!! Could you write a Bellamy x Reader imagine based on Ed Sheeran’s song ‘shape of you’? It can be smut or whatever you feel like writing. I frankly don’t know why but every time I hear this song, he pops up in my head. I would loooove if you’d put your amazing imagination into this:). Thank you♥️x


The music coming from the speakers fills the smoky air of MacLaren’s pub and Bellamy listens to it over the sounds of his friends speaking. It entices him, the sounds of the melodic piano tune against the rhythmic beat. He’s drank so much that the song almost makes him fall asleep right there at the booth.

“Hey, sleepyhead!” Finn shakes his shoulders, making him snap up with a lazy smile, “Let’s go!” He laughs. Bellamy’s not sure where they’re going but he stands up and follows anyways.

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My Savior

Pairing: Bellamy Blake X Reader
Requested: Yes
Warnings: lightly sexually explicit
A/N: Exams are coming up so I haven’t been writing as much as I like to but please keep sending in requests!!
Word Count: 1464


“Y/N! Look out!” You heard Bellamy yell, but it was too late, an arrow had lodged itself into your thigh. You tripped over a root face planting into the ground.

In the short seconds before a grounder would come up and kill you, you took this time to contemplate your decisions. Earlier that morning Finn had invited you to go out with a hunting party. Everyone knows your knife throwing skills are up to par with Bellamy’s, so it’s no surprise they wanted you with them. Usually you were cooped up in one of the tents helping sort food, since you weren’t good with a gun and didn’t know anything about medicine. You had thought the change of pace would be good, so you accepted his offer and off you went.

Now you wish you had stayed at camp. Everything was going perfectly normal. It only took about ten minutes for Finn pick up a boar’s tracks. Then the group had been following them for a good fifteen more minutes. It was you, who had realized something was off. The woods were almost silent, there were no birds in the trees, and these tracks were the only ones Finn had been able to find.

“Something’s wrong,” you whispered to Bellamy as he came to walk by your side.

“What makes you say that?” His voice was strong and serious. His leader facade was in place.

“These have been the only tracks I’ve seen for the past five minutes. Plus they’re leading us farther away from camp,” your eyes were scanning the trees, your knife drawn and in hand. Finn noticed you and Bellamy lagging behind the group, so he joined the conversation.

“Don’t be so ten-” Finn started to say but was cut off by a scream. The three of you whipped your head toward the noise, just in time to see one of the girls get impaled by a spear. You throw your knife with deadly accuracy hitting the grounder in the stomach. Unluckily he wasn’t the only one, six more dropped from the trees. They easily outnumbered your remaining four members.

“Run!” Bellamy screamed and everyone turned taking off back the way you came.

So that’s how you ended up here, on the ground with a knife in your leg. Suddenly there’s arms picking you up and helping you run. You turn your head and see the person is Bellamy. Up ahead you see a knife, like the one lodged in your leg, fly into a boy’s back. Together you and Bellamy run for awhile– but it’s no use the grounders will catch up soon and you’re still a long way from camp. An idea pops into your head.

“This way!” You tell him veering off to the right. Your eyes trail to where the others are running up ahead, “Everyone scatter! Find shelter!” You scream at them. They all give you a quick glance before running in different directions.

“Where are we going?” Bellamy questions you.

“Finn and I found an abandoned car out here,” you say only having to run a few more steps before dropping to the ground and prying open the hatch. Bellamy drops in first and grabs your waist helping you down gently before slamming the door shut. You put your fingers to your lips in a ‘sh’ motion. It doesn’t take long for you to hear boots clattering on the ceiling, and a voice yelling words you didn’t understand in a language you didn’t know. Placing your back against the wall behind you, you slide down so your legs are splayed in front of you.

“We have to get that knife out,” you hear from above you. Your eye glance up and roam over Bellamy’s tall frame. His hair was disheveled, skin glistening with sweat, and the jacket he had been wearing was now on the ground next to him.

“Yeah,” a sigh escapes your lips, “I know it’s just gonna hurt like a bitch.” A breathy chuckle leaves his lips at your elegant description. Then without any hesitation Bellamy is lifting his shirt over his muscular frame. Too stunned at the sight of his toned stomach you can’t say anything, your mouth is probably hanging open as you stare at his shirtless form.

“Close your mouth, you don’t wanna catch flies,” the smirk is evident in his tone and as your eyes trail up to his face you see it planted on his lips. “But sweetheart I didn’t take my shirt off so you could ogle at me,” he says as he sits on his knees in front of you.

“Well if I knew all it took to get you shirtless was a knife in the thigh I would’ve helped Murphy with target practice a lot more,” the comment stills his methodical movements of tearing his shirt into one longstrip. Then he’s back to work and shaking his head at you.

“I’m gonna need you to take off your pants,” his voice is low as he looks you in the eyes.

“I- uh, what?” Your voice betrays the cool and collected vibe you were trying to portray.

“Your wound, it can’t have fabric fibers in it, you’ll get an infection.”

“Oh yeah, that makes sense,” you go to unbutton your jeans and as you try to pull them down you wince in pain. It’s then you realize you’re going to need help to get out of them. “Um, Bellamy, I can’t get them off myself,” your voice is tiny, timid, something that doesn’t happen often.

“I, uh, sure, of course I’ll help you,” he swallows and clears his throat before continuing, “I’m going to have to pull the knife out first, okay?” You take a deep breath in and nod. He quickly pulls the weapon out in one fluid motion you only let a grunt of pain pass your lips. He quickly gets to work shimmying your pants down your thighs, carefully over the wound, then tugs them completely off of you. Leaving you in only your pair of black underwear. His hands then start to wrap your laceration in his shirt and finishes by tying a tight knit on top of it.

“Thanks,” you breathe out as he finishes. “You’re my savior, you know that, right?” You tell him quietly. He looks up from his position in front of you on his knees. You draw your legs to your chest giving him enough room to sit down in front of you. He’s so close you can feel his legs pressed against yours through the fabric of his pants.

“Don’t say that-” you cut him off in the middle of his sentence.

“If you hadn’t come back for me– I don’t even want to think about what would have happened. You saved my life,” with each word you had leaned your head closer to his. Now your lips were only a few inches apart. His eyes glance down at your lips and back up to your eyes. Tilting his head he closes the gap between you two melding your lips together. One of his hands finds its way to your hair and tangles itself at the back of your neck. While the other finds your waist and tugs you so you’re straddling his lap. Your hands are on his broad shoulders. They move down feeling his toned chest, and when they come to his hips they slip under his shirt to feel his smooth skin against your palms.

A moan leaves your lips as he disconnects from your heated kiss to lick a stripe down your throat. Then he peppers kisses back up along your now wet skin. He nibbles on the spot right below your ear.

“Does this mean you’re mine now?” He whispers in your ear. His hands have both moved to your waist where he brings you back to look into your eyes, searching for an answer.

“Bellamy Blake, I have always been yours, you’ve just been too blind to see it,” you whisper, resting your forehead against his.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, I’m glad you’ve opened my eyes then,” a smile graces his swollen lips.

He moves you off of his lap and lays you down next to him. Grabbing his discarded jacket he folds it into a pile and places it under his head as a pillow. He then positions your head so it’s against his chest and his arms are circled around your waist. That’s how you two sleep that night, entwined in each other. Actually that’s how you sleep every night from now on, because after that you moved into his tent, officially becoming the queen to his king. Which, if you’re being honest, is what you’ve wanted since the first day on the ground.

‘show me how bad you want me’ (bellamy blake au)

attention everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! i finally have a new (semi-smutty) bellamy blake imagine out. god i missed writing for this angel. I really hope you guys enjoy this bc it’s actually kinda cute. it’s a modern au (w: slight smut, language)

(here luv, enjoy @padackles2010 xoxox)

(no gifs are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“Hey you’ve had a rough day so let’s get in our PJs and watch a cute movie together and cuddle bUT IT’S TOTALLY PLATONIC ALRIGHT” ft Bellamy Blake (@hcfflepuff)

“Perfect. I’ve got the chips, the popcorn, the candy, the–” thankfully, the doorbell interrupts your potentially never-ending monologue. “I’m coming!”

You run to the door, nearly tripping over a blanket that  you forgot to pick up earlier. You open the door as quickly as you can and a smile settles on your face as your eyes land on your best friend.

“Hi,” you grab his hand and pull him in, closing the door behind him.

“Hi to you, too,” he smiles at you, eyes crinkling and insides turning to mush as you cup his face.

“How are you feeling?”

“As good as anyone who just missed out on a promotion due to a baseless lie,” he shrugs and you wrap your arms around him in a tight embrace, placing your head on his chest as his heart beats tirelessly under his shirt.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get the promotion,” you whisper and his hands find your lower back, holding you close as he sighs. “There is no one more deserving and more worthy than you, Bellamy. If this opportunity passes up, another will makes its way to you. I promise,” you pull away slightly and rest your hands against his chest, straightening out his collar as his hands remained on you, tightening their grip. “You’re kind and you’re smart and you’re beautiful. You’ve got a big heart and an open-mind that wants nothing but to fill the world with love and beautiful books. You’re going to move on from here, I swear it.”

Bellamy gulps after your little speech, his dark eyes glossing over as he lets each word seep in. You tilt your head up and he brings his down, gently placing his forehead against yours and letting every worry wash away as he held you close.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he whispers, eyes closed and a lips turned up in a smile.

“You’d still be the amazing man that you are,” you chuckle and pull away to place a kiss on his forehead. “You need to start giving yourself more credit. You’re amazing, Bell.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he smiles and kisses your temple as you wrap an arm around his waist and lead him into the living room.

“We’ve got bags and bags of popcorn, chips, crackers, chocolates, candies, just about anything your heart desires,” you smile up at him and all he can think is that his heart desires you… but of course he doesn’t say that.

“Do you have a change of clothes for me, by chance?” He quirks up an eyebrow and you nod.

“In my bedroom. It’s the second drawer from the top,” you pick up that blanket from earlier and he gives you a look. “You literally leave a pair of pajamas here every time you sleep over. So I wash and fold and place them for you, you should be thanking me.”

“You know I love you,” the words feel wierd spilling out of his mouth, knowing that his heart means them one way and you’ll be receiving them another.

“And I love you,” you wink at him and try your best to keep your heart under control, seeing as you two meant the words one way. “Now go get dressed or I’ll start the movie without you!”

“Don’t do that! You know the opening credits are the best part,” he yells at you over his shoulder, slowly making his way into your bedroom.

You smile at his retreating figure, admiring the way his pants fit and how broad his shoulders looked in this suit. Quickly snapping yourself out of your day dream, you sigh and get comfortable on one end of the couch. You grab a blanket and a bowl of popcorn and wait for your handsome best friend to find his way back. You’re about a quarter of the way done with the popcorn when you feel a dip in the couch.

“Took you long enough,” you narrow your eyes at him before offering up some popcorn and playing the movie.

“Well I might have opened the wrong drawer on accident,” he clears his throat, eyes too scared to leave the screen as you turned to face him.

“You what?”

“I thought you said drawer at the very top and I opened it and holy shit you have more lingerie than any girl I’ve ever come across. Do you have a secret boyfriend that you’re hiding from me?” He turns to face you, eyes slightly narrowed as jealousy burns through his heart.

“Careful, I think I see you flashing green,” you roll your eyes and give him a look. “I buy lingerie because it’s cute and it’s sexy and I look damn good in it. If a guy just so happens to see me in a set, then so be it.”

“So you do have a secret boyfriend?” He whispers, not really trusting his voice to hold steady.

You notice the sudden change of atmosphere decide that it’s his protective best friend side speaking. That had to be it. He was hooking up with that gorgeous Raven girl wasn’t he? He wasn’t jealous or anything.

“Bellamy Blake, my sweet angel, my ray of everlasting light,” you smile and scoot closer to him, wrapping one of his arms around your shoulder so you could snuggle against your best friend. “I don’t have a secret boyfriend or a not-so-secret boyfriend or anything. I swear.”

“Good,” he smiles, his worries being wiped away with your confession. “I asked Raven to buy some pretty little sets but she refused. I even offered to pay for it, but she wasn’t into it I guess.”

Bellamy smiles and shakes his head at the end of his little fun fact before realizing that you’d removed yourself from his embrace. He looks at you and you give him a tight-lipped smile, trying your best to keep yourself together.  

“To each her own, I guess,” you lean back against the couch and look back at the screen, unable to look at Bellamy any longer. You felt your heart ripping and tearing and breaking at Bellamy’s mere mention of Raven, but at least now you knew: there was no hidden meaning with any of his words, any of his actions.

“Is-is everything okay?” He can’t seem to take his eyes off of your now stiff figure. “Was it something I said?”

“What do you mean?” You turn to look at him, a smile was gracing your lips but try as you might it wouldn’t reach your eyes.

“Did I say something to offend you? Was it–” His eyes widen in realization as hope blossoms in his heart. “Was it what I said about Raven?”

“No, Bellamy. If you’re happy, I’m happy,” you grab his hand and rub his knuckles, doing your best to maintain a calm demeanor. “Tonight’s about you. I’m fine.”

“Tonight’s about me and I care about you,” he whispers, wrapping his hand around yours and pulling you close so that you’re pressed against his side. “Why doesn’t the pretty princess tell me what’s bothering her, huh?”

You can’t help but blush at the comment and look down to avoid Bell’s intense gaze. “It-it’s not important and it’s embarrassing.”

“You’re important, so whatever’s bothering you must also be important. And come on,” he kisses your forehead and you rest your head against his chest. “I’ll hold you like this so you don’t have to look at me when you tell me. It’ll make it less-”

“Bellamy I’m in love with you,” you blurt out, unable to hold yourself together in his comforting arms. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be. I know you’re with Raven and I understand. I hope you don’t hate me after this.”

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“I’m not with Raven, she’s been dating Clarke for almost six months but forget that. Did I hear correctly? You’re in love with me?” He whispers, unable to contain his relief and his excitement. “You’re actually in love with me?”

“Yes, I’m in love with you,” you lift yourself up and look at him, hoping things wouldn’t be awkward from here on out. “Look, we can just–”

“What? Pretend that nothing’s going on? I’ve hid my affection for you all our lives, let me have this moment, okay?” He raises his brow at you, standing up and daring you to fight him but all you can think about is that Bellamy is into you too.

“Your affection for me?” You stand and hit Bellamy with a pillow, waking him out of his lovely daze. “I have been pining over you and crying over you for 15 fucking years, Bellamy Blake! Don’t you dare tell me that all this time you’ve been into me too because I will lose my shit.”

“What, do you want me to lie?” He furrows his brows at you and you whack him with a pillow again. “Ow Y/N what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to fucking kiss me, you idiot!” Your eyes meet Bellamy’s, both of you panting and shaking with excitement. You take a step forward and he lifts you in his arms, kissing you as though he’s making up for lost time.

His fingers tangle themselves in your thick brown locks, gently massaging your scalp and tugging all at once. You moan into his mouth and Bellamy takes this opportunity to stick his tongue inside your mouth, ready to explore every crevice of you. Your hands rest against his chest and you let your nails dig into Bell’s chest, a growl escaping his chest at the action.

He pulls away from you slightly, tugging your head back and exposing your neck to him. He smiles widely at the sight of your neck, so ready for his lips and his teeth and his slender fingers.

“You’ve no idea how badly I want to take you,” he whispers against your throat as his nose nuzzles your jaw. He presses wet kisses against your throat, letting his tongue lick a trail up to your mouth. “No idea how I want to strip you out of these fucking shorts,” he smacks your ass and you groan, his free hand wrapping around your neck in a light choke. “No idea how many times I’ve thought about taking you on this very couch.”

“Please show me,” you pant out, Bellamy’s hand tightening around your throat as you smirk at him. “Show me how bad you want me.”

Notch on the Belt

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3408

Author’s Note: This is my first Bellamy fic sooooo go a little easy on me, please! Honestly, after watching the first two seasons of this show, I’d fallen really really hard for Bellamy fucking Blake. So, enjoy everyone :)

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Bellamy Blake imagine: More Than Friends

Requested by @jazminblake (I am really sorry that it’s taken me so long to write this. Hopefully you will like it.)

Summary: Reader and Bellamy are close friends, but it doesn’t look that way. They act more like a couple. One day it makes Clarke, who is really jealous of the reader, confess to Bellamy about her feelings for him. But he rejects her and tells her, he loves reader. Then he tells the same to reader.

Word count: 2127

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“What would this beautiful lady want to drink?” I rolled my eyes at a bartender, standing behind our makeshift bar. He kept flirting with me all the time even though I had made it clear it’s pointless.

“Just a water,” I waved him off not being in the mood for hearing his annoying voice.

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NIGHTMARES (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy x reader request where reader and him are best friends and they both secretly want more. Peace has been established and reader notices bell is tense and not getting sleep so she offers a massage and says something like “you know you can come to me if somethings bothering you. Whenever, however, whatever it is you can come to me.” And so when he has nightmares he goes to her tent and eventually they both admit how they feel. Sorry its specific just need some fluffy fluff.


His shoulders reflect his mindset; tense as he bears the stress of his people upon them. He lets out a deep breathe, meaning to calm his doubts but nothing changes. As Bellamy rubs his sleep-deprived eyes, you watch him being weighed down. 

Though peace between the the Grounders and Skaikru has been established after the events of Mount Weather, you can still notice that it isn’t enough for Bell. The concept of peace alongside safety has been so foreign for so long that he has no sense of reassurance that it’s even real.

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Bellarke Fic Hiatus Survival Kit

** equals so much (explicit) smut

tbh all of these have some just some of it is less explicit

@bellxmyblakes @fiercelyclarke @flawlessbanshee @stilinskikissme

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Order from Your Commander (part 3)

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Request: Order from Your Commander part 3! (part 1 / part 2

Word Count: 1,857

Bjorn held his arms open as Y/n made her way up the dirt path to the gate. Members of the Free People stood around in awe as their commander returned home, followed by five strangers. Bjorn pulled her into a hug and sighed, “We almost sent out a search party.”

 Y/n pulled out of the hug and looked up at Bjorn, smiling. She knew she was away for less than two days, but Bjorn was like a brother and being away from him for any length of time felt like too long. Especially when he was unknowing of her location. “You can thank these people for that. They weren’t exactly friendly when we first started talking.”

 Bjorn’s face turned from friendly to protective. “Why were you with them for some long then?” His grip on his sword tightened as he moved toward the Sky People. Y/n placed a hand on his shoulder to hold him back.

 “It’s fine, Bjorn. They’re here solely on business. Let’s all move inside so we can talk and I’ll try to fill you in.”

 Y/n could sense the Sky People’s anxiety, she had similar fears early. She attempted to give Bellamy a soft smile, but she could still feel the tension. The eyes of the Free People followed the Sky People every step they went. They did not speak as they moved through the hallowed halls that lead to the commander’s quarters. Bellamy noted the amazing architecture, which was simple compared to the Sky People’s, but had intricate designs that only time and skill could produce.

 Y/n noticed him staring. “These halls have been standing for hundreds of years. When we first started our war with the Ice Nation, we found this place and used it as our headquarters. The marks on the wall detail our journey through battle.” They stopped walking when they came upon a picture of a star falling and crashing to earth.

 “Is that the Ark?” Octavia asked. Y/n nodded and smiled.

 “As I said before, your ship crashed on the anniversary of our people gaining their freedom. While it may not seem like it, your people left a mark on our history.” She glanced over at Bellamy to see what his reaction was. Y/n didn’t know why she felt like his opinion on the portrait was important, but she did. He could feel Y/n’s eyes watching him, but decided to stay looking at the portrait. His cheeks, however, did feel quite a bit warmer.

 Y/n turned on her heel and continued to walk down the corridor. Bjorn threw his arm over her shoulders and she wrapped her arm around his waist. “What’s with these people? Why’d you bring ‘em back here?”

 “They’re not as bad as they seem. I know what I’m doing, Bjorn. Just you wait.”

 They approached two giant wooden doors that were guarded by two watchmen. They nodded, bowed their heads, muttered a simple ‘commander’, and opened the doors. The inside wasn’t as awe-inspiring as the hallway but was massive in size, with floor length windows that streamed in loads of natural light and a large wooden table with enough chairs to fit a small army. Y/n picked the chair closest to the windows, Bjorn on her right and some guard they hadn’t met yet on the left.

 Y/n motioned to the empty chairs, “Please, sit.” Bellamy sat directly across from Y/n, and the rest filled in around him. Bjorn spread his hands over the table, ready to talk business.

 “So, explain to me why you’ve brought these people here, commander.” Bjorn eyed the Sky People suspiciously, but lingered on Murphy. “Did she do that to you?” He laughed, motioning to his black eye.

 Murphy nodded. “She’s got one hell of a right hook.” Bjorn laughed again and beamed at Y/n.

 “You should see what she can do when she really wants to cause damage.”

 Y/n rolled her eyes and gave a light laugh. “Don’t scare them too much, Bjorn. We’ve got a possible new ally.” Bjorn raised his eyebrow. Y/n traded a glance with Bellamy, who had not made a sound since arriving. “They were on a hunting trip while I was in the woods. We had a little scuffle that was quickly resolved, then they invited me back for food and shelter as it was getting dark. We got to talking. Apparently, the Sky People need our help with TriKru. The Grounders are giving the newcomers a hard time and want us to help them.”

 “And why would we do that? We just got on good terms with Heda.” Bjorn replied.

 “Yes, I’m aware Bjorn. I was thinking we can try talking to Heda first. See if we can’t convince her to play nice-”

 “We’re talking about the same Heda right?” Bjorn interrupted. Y/n was starting to lose patience with him.

 Y/n’s face fell to a frown, and her voice deepened. “She will do whatever is best for her people. Heda is smart enough to know that war is not a good option for Trikru right now. Plus, look on the bright side; with Skaikru as an ally, they can help us…with weapons, medicine, warriors, and so much more. We need someone on our side in case the Ice Nation ever attempts to attack.” She paused and looked at the Sky People’s faces. “And of course, we will help them later if they need it, which I’m sure they will.”

 “What’s that supposed to mean?” Murphy interjected. Y/n could feel his anger rising throughout this whole ordeal, but didn’t expect him to speak out like that. Bellamy raised a hand to his chest.

 “Murphy, don’t. We need all the help we can get.” Bellamy said.

 Y/n pushed her chair back and stood up, “I meant no disrespect to you or your people, Murphy. We’re on the same side here. I know what TriKru can do, especially to those who are trying to find their footing, much like your people. I’m being incredibly gracious by offering my people’s help, and I expect you to treat me and my people as such. Don’t interrupt again.”

 The tension in the room was thick and no one else dared to speak. Murphy nodded and muttered a terrible attempt at an apology. Y/n sat back down in her seat. “It’s getting late. We will continue our conversation in the morning. Bjorn, will you show them to their rooms?”

 “Of course,” Bjorn stood up and motioned for the Sky People to follow them.

 “Bellamy,” Y/n added as she nodded to Bjorn to continue on. Bellamy stayed in his seat and eyed Y/n questioningly.

 “Now we can actually talk. Sorry for losing it on your friend. I don’t have a lot of patience for ungratefulness.” Y/n sighed.

 “I wouldn’t call him a friend. He just happens to live with us. He’s more of a nuisance.” Bellamy smiled, which made Y/n smile.

He was silent for a while. Y/n cleared her throat to speak again when Bellamy said, “Commander, huh?” His face twisted in confusion. “When were you going to add that part?”

Y/n chuckled. “You didn’t ask. Plus, would it really have changed the way you handled things? You still would have kidnapped me, you still would have tied me up, you still would have questioned me, but maybe you just wouldn’t have asked for my help the way you did.”

“I guess you’re right, but still, would have been nice to know.” Bellamy stared at his hands.

Y/n stared at the man sitting in front of her. She studied the way his hair haphazardly fell in his brown eyes and the way he methodically fidgeted with the buttons on his jacket. His lips were pressed in a tight line and his eyes looked tired, like he hadn’t seen sleep in weeks. She felt sad for him, empathetic almost. This was a man who felt he had the whole world on his shoulders, but failed to see how well he was handling things. She felt protective in a way, like it was her responsibility to decrease some of his pressures and anxieties. She couldn’t explain why she felt this way or even the way they seemed to connect. Bellamy could sense it too.

 “Also, thanks for not mentioning the kidnapping part. I expect that wouldn’t have gone well with your boyfriend if you had told him.” Bellamy added. Y/n was surprised by Bellamy’s words at first, but couldn’t help but let out an audible laugh when he called Bjorn her ‘boyfriend’. “What’s so funny?” Bellamy asked.

“Bjorn is my second in command. The Ice Nation believed that the commander and their second have this invisible connection that only they can sense, and when one is in trouble, the other can feel it. Bjorn and I have had that connection for many years, and it only grew stronger during the war. He could tell something was wrong when you attacked me, but since it went away so quickly, he thought nothing of it. It’s best he not know of your attempt at kidnapping because no he’s not my boyfriend, but yes, it wouldn’t have gone well with him at all.”

Bellamy could feel his face getting warmer and prayed that his cheeks weren’t reflecting it. Y/n’s cheeks visibly reddened a bit too, and Bellamy tried not to read too much into it.

He cleared his throat to speak again and the mood in the room changed instantly. He leaned forward in his seat and crossed his arms on the table. He spoke in a low, husky voice that made the hairs on Y/n’s arms stand up, “so you will help us?”

“Yes Bellamy, I will. I do not know in what capacity yet, but my people will follow me. We will come up with a plan to speak to Trikru and Heda tomorrow, and we will go from there. Until then, rest and we will talk again in the morning.” She paused and pointed at a guard at the door, “Nile will show you to your room.”

Bellamy rose from his chair and turned toward the guard. He gave a slight nod of the head as he walked out the grand hall. Bjorn returned moments later and took the chair Bellamy had sat in.

Bjorn began, “Explain to me why you want to help these people so much, Y/n. I mean no disrespect-”

“Don’t they remind you of us in some ways? Fighting for our chance at a better life? Yes, their circumstances are quite different from ours, but they want what we want- to live, not just survive. Bjorn, we have made our mark on the clans as the ones who fought for their own freedom. If we do not fight for other’s freedom as well, we cannot hold that title.” Y/n explained, feeling more empowered as she continued. Fighting to live, not just survive was what kept Y/n going.

“See, this is why you’re commander and I’m not,” Bjorn smiled, “How are you going to convince TriKru?”

“We’ll find a way. I mean, we escaped Ice Nation rule. How hard can convincing Heda to leave SkaiKru alone be?”

part 4

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i begged (bellamy blake+lincoln one-shot)

Plot:  It’s similar to a Batman/Catwoman situation here, where Bellamy and Lincoln are wealthy philanthropists and secret vigilantes and you’re a woman who’s way out of their league both romantically and financially, so you say. You’re a high-end escort, you had class. Even then, Bellamy and Lincoln inspired you, aroused you, yet you knew nothing would come out of it, of anything. So why not indulge in a night of fun?

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Angel x Lincoln

Warnings: smut overload, babies. threesome smut. ice play. ass eating. boy x boy. oral. no actual fucking though. swearing. dirty talk. nipple play. orgasm denial. ass eating. the works. 

A/N: I’m so nervous. please tell me what you think. this is the first boyxboy smut I’ve ever written. it’s also the first threesome smut I’ve ever written. I’m so nervous. goodbye. much love to you babes. also so sorry if i tagged you and you didn’t want to be tagged. (ps, I wanted to add visuals, but it wouldn’t let me)

“Welcome, Ms. Angel. Mr. Blake and Mr. Lincoln will be pleased to see you,” a butler smiled as he let me in, gently taking my coat off to hang it with the others.

“And I will be pleased to see them,” I smile at him and chuckle as I follow the throng of people headed to the ballroom, a light shiver running down my back as I think of all the fun I would have tonight.

I walk into the ballroom, my eyes almost immediately meeting with Bellamy’s. His eyes grow dark as he takes in my appearance, a small sliver of appreciation for the dress he would help rip off tonight. I smirk and turn my back to him, making my way to the surprisingly empty bar as I spot Lincoln not far away. He stops mid-conversation, his eyes shamelessly roaming over every inch of me before they meet mine. I can almost hear a soft growl leave his mouth as I smile and pay him no mind.

“A glass of chardonnay, if you will,” I smile at the bartender as he nods and gets to work. I rest an elbow on the bar, resting my chin in my hand as I wait for my drink.

“Bored already, princess?” Bellamy stands almost directly behind me, his hot breath fanning against the back of my neck causing my hair to stand on end.

“What makes you say that?” I whisper, turning to face him as the bartender hands me my drink.

“You’re alone at the bar. Need I say more?” The corners of his mouth turn up as he eyes my cleavage.

“Come on, Bellamy. Show me a little respect,” I take a sip of the chardonnay, purposely letting a drop to rest on my bottom lip as I remove my glass.

“I haven’t stripped you in front of our guests, have I?” He whispers, taking a deep breath as the drop of chardonnay falls down my bottom lip to my chin and finally down my neck.

“Oh, but that’s what she’d like,” Lincoln’s gravelly voice reaches my ears just as his head dips down to my neck, licking the chardonnay clean off before standing and leaning back against the bar. “She wants us to humiliate her in front of all these people.”

“I would like that,” I whisper, eyes roaming over the crowd gathered for the charity ball. “Why else would I come here bare?”

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you,” Bellamy grits his teeth as his stormy eyes meet my barely impassive onest.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” I whisper as I take another sip of the wine, savoring it.

“Sweetheart, you’re treating us like you would any other job,” Lincoln chuckles, shaking his head. “We’re not like any of your other clients.”

“I’m counting on it, Lincoln. I need a change,” I lean over to him, brushing my lips against his earlobe. “I need you.”

“That’s enough,” Bellamy growls, pulling me back, pressing my chest against his as Lincoln laughs. “I can’t walk around my own charity ball that with a boner. So stop this right now.”

“Oh, you don’t really mean that, Bellamy. Do you?” I whisper, bringing a hand around to grope his dick over his pants.

Bellamy clenches his jaw as Lincoln just watches, his own arousal already evident through his grey suit. I lightly lick Bellamy’s jaw as I wait for him to crumble, my eyes never leaving Lincoln’s.

“Upstairs. Now.” Bellamy pulls away, his large hand engulfing my tiny wrist as he pulls us away from the crowd, from the ballroom.

“Jesus, that took forever,” Lincoln whispers, already undoing his tie as he makes his way ahead of us to the grand staircase.

“If I didn’t have any self-control, I’d fuck you on these marble railings,” Bellamy growls in my ear and my resolve nearly breaks. “I almost lost it in front of all my guests. I’m not letting you off that easily, princess.”

Lincoln’s made it to the top. He’s talking to the butler, probably spreading some lie that I felt unwell, to tell their guests that he and Bellamy were sorry. I knew, almost for a fact, that I’d be the only sorry one tonight. The butler quickly nodded, running to inform the rest of the staff as Bellamy and I reached the top. Bellamy guided me to the bedroom, not walking in with me until he was sure no one else was there to witness the show.

I walked through the door, Lincoln awaiting inside with his tie in his hands, a small smirk playing on his lips as he sees me walk in.

“What’s with the tie?” I raise a brow, not pegging him as the rough kind. Passionate, sure. Rough? That’d be a pleasant surprise..

“This is here in case you touch us when we don’t ask you to,” Lincoln smirk grows, as does the bulge in his pants. He loves the power.

Bellamy quickly makes his way inside, locking the door behind us, his hands immediately around my neck as he slams me against the door.

“I thought I told you, princess. Tease me again, and I won’t let you cum. Not even if Lincoln begs you to cum in his mouth,” Bellamy raises his brows at me, a slight whimper escaping my mouth.


“No buts or I’ll gag you,” Lincoln walks up, eyes dark as Bellamy loosens his grip. “Rip her dress off, Bellamy.”

Bellamy takes a step back and for the first time that night, or ever for that matter, I’m standing in front of them, untouched and fully dressed yet somehow feeling more vulnerable than ever. They both just stand there, eyes roaming every inch of me. For the first time, I find myself nervous. I squirm a little before Bellamy does what Lincoln asked him to do: he places his hands on either side of my neckline and rips my dress in half, my body completely bare underneath the fabrics. They both bite back a moan, staring at me as though their breath was caught in their throats. Lincoln gently pushes the straps off my shoulders and stands there in awe, both he and Bellamy still studying every inch of me.

“W-why are you guys staring at me like that?” I clear my throat and look up at them, Bellamy being the first one to return my gaze.

“Because you’re a work of art,” Bellamy whispers hoarsely.

“And we wanna savor every moment, but we also want to fuck you so hard that you can’t get up tomorrow morning,” Lincoln whispers, making the first move. He steps closer, one hand wrapping around my back as the other is splayed across my stomach. “May I?”

Unable to speak at all, I simply nod. Lincoln takes that as invitation enough. He latches his mouth around my nipple, his teeth grazing the hard bud.

Bellamy lets out a soft moan, not making any move to touch me. I whimper and his eyes meet mine, a touch darker than they were before.

“Won’t you help Lincoln out?” I moan as Lincoln smacks my ass.

“She tastes delicious, Bellamy,” Lincoln lets go of my nipple long enough to bury his face in my neck, biting down along the side as Bellamy takes a step and grabs the back of my neck.

“Spread your legs for me, princess,” Bellamy’s voice is husky at this point, clearly aroused. I immediately do as he asks, my legs spread out before him. His eyes linger on mine for a moment too long as his hand moves between my legs. “That’s a good girl.”

I moan as he sticks two long, slim fingers inside me, a small smirk on his face as he gets the reaction he hopes for. Lincoln steps behind me, his clothed bulge rubbing against my ass as he presses me against him.

“Please take off your clothes,” I whimper, finding it unfair that while I was bare, they were still fully clothed. Bellamy slides down between my legs, his mouth finding my clit as his fingers continued to move in and out of me. I let out a light yelp, my fingers carding themselves into his hair in an attempt to pull him closer. Bellamy immediately stops, looking up at me with raised eyebrows.

“Did we say you could touch us?” Lincoln growls into my ear as his hand wraps around my throat. “Did we say you could move?”

My eyes grow wide as Bellamy stands up, his dark orbs boring into my light brown ones. He removes his fingers from inside me only to use that hand to slap my pussy.

“I believe Lincoln asked you a question, princess,” Bellamy grits out, finding Lincoln’s tie and wrapping it around my wrists. “You have to answer his question.”

“N-no,” I whimper as Lincoln’s free hand snakes around me, his fingers gripping my nipple. “N-no, I was not allowed to touch you.”

“And yet, here we are,” Bellamy growls, slapping my pussy once again, more roughly this time. “You directly disobeyed us.”

“I-I’m so sorry. Please. It won’t happen again,” I bite my bottom lip as Lincoln takes a step away, and I once again find myself bare and vulnerable in front of the boys.

“Of course you won’t because you can’t,” Lincoln smacks my ass roughly as he tugs on the tie around my wrists, dragging me to the bed. Bellamy disappears into the closet before coming back out with rope in his calloused hands.

“Lay her down on the bed, Lincoln. And be gentle,” Bellamy smirks, knowing full and well this was the only time they’d be gentle with me.

Lincoln does as Bellamy asks, gently placing me in the center of the bed. He nips my earlobe, before stepping away and letting Bellamy do the rest. Taking one look at Bellamy, I could tell he loved this. He loved being in charge, punishing the girls who disobeyed him even the slightest bit. He wrapped both my arms and my legs to a bedpost before stepping away to admire his handiwork.

“God you look fucking perfect,” he growls as he Lincoln strip out of their suits, standing at the edge of the bed in their naked glory. I whimpered at the sight of them, at the idea of what they could and hopefully would do to me tonight. I was enjoying being tied up too much.

“Should we touch her, Bellamy?” Lincoln smirks, seeing my wetness pool between my legs. He knew I loved being dominated.

“I think we should show her what she’s missing first, don’t you?” Bellamy smirks, turning to face Lincoln as Lincoln raises a brow at him.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Lincoln growls, wrapping one arm around Bellamy’s waist and the other gripping the back of his neck. I let out a gasp, pleasantly surprised with their actions. Lincoln bites Bellamy’s bottom lip, sucking on it before kissing him fully, causing Bellamy to moan.

“Fuck,” I whimper, laying there hopelessly as Lincoln squeezes Bellamy’s ass, his mouth clearly dominating Bell’s.

I lift my hips up, hoping to get some sort of attention only to be ignored. Bellamy lifts a hand, roughly smacking Lincoln’s ass as Lincoln grounds his fully erect cock against Bellamy’s.

I moan loudly and Bellamy smirks, making a show of showering angry kisses all along Lincoln’s neck and shoulders, leaving marks across every surface his lips touched. Lincoln moans as Bellamy wraps his lips around Lincoln’s hardened nipples. He cards his fingers through Bell’s wavy brown locks just as I wished to do. Bellamy bites down on Lincoln’s nipple, causing Lincoln to scream as Bellamy tugs on it. Bellamy smirks as Lincoln grabs him by the hair, pulling him up only to smash his lips against Bell’s eagers ones. Bellamy whimpers as Lincoln sucks on his tongue and gently brushes his fingers against Bellamy’s anus.

“Fuck,” Bellamy whimpers against Lincoln’s lips as Lincoln smacks his ass.

“Turn around for me,” Lincoln smirks, rubbing Bellamy’s ass. “I really want to taste your ass, Bellamy.”

And that is when I lost my resolve. The words whispered between them at that point pushed me over the edge. All I want is for them to touch me, for me to please them, and so I did the one thing I swore I would never do: I begged.

“P-please,” I whimper, my hips lifted up to display my soaking, throbbing pussy. My nipples are erect and aching as they, too, beg for the boys’ touch. “P-please touch me. I-I’ll do anything, everything. Just please. I need you both.”

Lincoln moaned against Bellamy’s lips as I begged them both, nodding his head as Bellamy’s eyes landed on my abandoned body.

“Fine,” Lincoln nods, still rubbing Bellamy’s ass. “Lay on the bed, Bellamy. Get on all fours on the bed, Stick your ass out for me while you bury your face into Angel’s pussy.”

Bellamy quickly obliges, eager to feel both Lincoln’s tongue inside him and his tongue inside me. He rests himself right over me, his beautiful mouth just an inch away from my glistening opening. He smirks as I continue to lift my hips up desperately.

“Down, princess,” he whispers as he splays his fingers all over my opening, pushing me down. I moan loudly, even the slightest touch affecting me at this point. He chuckles, allowing his fingers to barely graze over the tops of my thighs. I whimper loudly under his teasing touch. His eyes meet mine and he lowers his lips against my throbbing, wet pussy. His open mouth barely settles on my clit and I let out a light scream, already near the edge. Bellamy realizes this, an evil smirk playing against his lips as he leans down again, doing the same exact thing only for a second longer.

“Ah, fuck, I’m so close!” I moan loudly and Bellany sticks his long, skilled tongue inside me as I scream. “Almost there, almost there,” I scream as he wiggles his tongue around, pulling it out just as I’m about to reach my high. I whimper, tears in my eyes as Bellamy chuckles and Nathan laughs, standing directly behind him.

“Aw did the little girl think we were going to let her cum so easily?” Lincoln smiles, proud of Bellamy’s work. “We’re barely getting started.”

Lincoln walks next to me, grabbing a glass of ice water from the bedside drawers and taking a sip, sighing as though his thirst had been quenched.

“Bellamy do you want to do the honors or shall I?” Lincoln holds the glass out to Bellamy and Bellamy grabs it.

“I would love to,” he reaches inside the glass, pulling out a couple ice cubes. “We’re going to have so much fun, princess,” Bellamy kisses my stomach before reaching over to put the glass back on the bedside drawer, the tip of his cock teasingly brushing against my pussy as he does so.

“Bellamy, fuck,” I whimper, already on edge from his previous teasing.

“Oops?” He smirks and takes a nipples into his mouth, sucking on it before letting it out with a pop. I whimper, a tear falling down my face as Bellamy continues to tease. “Princess, if we don’t give you multiple mind-blowing, leg-numbing orgasms, then my name isn’t Bellamy Augustus Blake.”

“We just like to play a little,” Lincoln whispers and kisses me roughly, his hand squeezing my nipples as I screamed into his mouth. “Does the princess like that? Does she like when I pull and pinch and bite her nipples?”

“Yes, sir,” I whimper and moan, everything they do pushes me more and more to the edge.

“That’s my filthy girl,” Lincoln moans as he bites my nipple, tugging on it before lifting himself up.

“Now,” Bellamy kisses my inner thigh and smiles. “I’m gonna place a single ice cube against your stomach, here,” Bellamy does as he says he would, the ice cube causing me to tense my stomach. “You’re not allowed to let this fall, understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I whisper, nodding under Bellamy’s strict gaze. “W-what about the other cube?”

“This one,” he smiles, a rueful look in his eyes. “This one is for your beautiful, swollen clit. I’ll hold it there while my tongue plays with the rest of you.”

“O-oh,” I whimper and nod, biting my bottom lip as Bellamy blows against my pussy.

Lincoln walks back over to Bellamy, smacking his ass, admiring the view. Bellamy hums contently, burying his face against my slits, using my pussy almost like a pillow as he trails the ice cube up my inner thighs.

“Ohhhh fuck,” I pull against the restraints, momentarily forgetting about the ice cube.

“Uh-uh-uh,” Lincoln shakes his head as Bellamy looks up at me. “You can’t let that fall.”

“Y-yes, sir,” I whisper, slowly letting go as the ice falls back against my navel.

“Good girl,” Bellamy whispers just as Lincoln leans down and sticks his tongue in Bellamy’s ass. “Oh, fuck,” Bell’s fingers dig into the my thighs as his nose rubs against my clit.

I arch my back, the ice cube rubbing against the top of my pelvis area as Bellamy lifts his head up. He takes his ice cube and places it directly on my clit, not moving it as I moaned.

Lincoln smacks Bellamy’s ass as he spreads his cheeks wider, burying his tongue in Bellamy’s tight hole. Bellamy moans and Lincoln smirks, sucking on his balls as Bellamy tries to control himself.

Bellamy replaces the ice cube on my clit with his teeth, biting it as he mercilessly sticks his fingers inside me. I arch my back, the ice cube now fully resting on my pelvis as I moan and beg. He quickly moves his fingers in and out of me as Lincoln’s mouth moves down, now taking all of Bellamy’s cock.

“Fuck, Lincoln,” Bellamy groans, letting go of my clit for a moment. “Just like that, baby. Just like that.”

Lincoln moans as he deep-throats Bellamy’s cock while Bellamy pulls his fingers out just as I’m about to cum. I whimper, fresh tears coating my cheeks as he does so.

Bellamy moves a hand up and circles his barely there ice cube against my nipples, with Lincoln still deepthroating him. Lincoln’s hands reach out, one of them to grab Bellamy’s balls and the other to play with his hole.

“Fuck,” Bellamy groans as Lincoln smacks his ass. “That’s my good boy. Pleasing me in all the best ways.”

I moan as I hear Bellamy praising Lincoln. Bellamy brings his other hand up as well, sticking his fingers in my mouth as I taste myself, smiling softly.

“My beautiful girl,” Bellamy moans and gently bites my stomach, pausing as Lincoln gags on his length. Bellamy grunts and moans loudly as he cums, I’m assuming, inside Lincoln’s mouth. “Fuck yes.”

Lincoln licks Bellamy clean and stands, a bit of cum dripping down the side of his mouth.

“Come here… please,” I whisper and Lincoln’s eyes go dark as he does what I ask, Bellamy’s eyes following our every move. Lincoln stops right next to me, his head lowering as he realizes what I want to do. “Bellamy, may I?”

Lincoln faces Bellamy, the cum leftover on his face now in clear view.

“Fuck, princess. Of course you may,” he groans and sits up, watching us.

Lincoln turns back to face me and I lift my head up slightly, poking my tongue out to gently lick Bellamy’s cum off his face. I sigh, reveling in the taste as Lincoln clenches his jaw. As soon as I’m done, Lincoln smashes his lips against mine, his tongue forcing itself into my mouth as I groan, tasting even more of Bellamy. He wraps a hand around my throat, groaning as he pulls away.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth. How does that sound, Angel?” Lincoln growls as I whimper, nodding.

“Th-that sounds great, sir,” I nod and Bellamy kisses my pussy.

“And I’m going to fuck you. You can cum all you want this time, okay?” Bellamy rubs my thighs apologetically. “I know we’ve been rough, but god do I want to make you cum over and over and over.”

I moan and arch my back as Lincoln climbs on top of me, his dick inches from my face. I open my mouth for him and he groans, easily sliding his dick inside. I moan around his cock as Bellamy gently kisses my pussy, rubbing his thumb against my clit.

Bellamy places multiple open-mouthed kisses against my opening before diving in, finally giving me what I’ve wanted all along: he fucks me with his tongue. I writhe and moan, my mouth vibrating over Lincoln’s cock as I deepthroat him. He groans, cursing under his breath as he fucks my mouth, saliva pooling around my mouth. He pushes his cock in and out mercilessly, my eyes tearing up. Bellamy continues teasing my clit as his tongue moves rapidly in figure eights inside me. I let out a scream with Lincoln’s cock still in my mouth as I finally orgasm all over Bellamy’s face, squirting and writhing and shaking like there’s no tomorrow. Lincoln lets out a loud growl as he cums in my mouth, my scream pushing him over the edge. I swallow over bit of his cum, sucking him clean as he pulls his cock out of my mouth.

“Fuck,” Lincoln’s legs shake slightly as he slides down next to me.

I can barely make a sound: tears running down my face, saliva and cum all down my chin and neck, stomach still spasming as I finish riding my high.

Bellamy crawls over on top of me, wiping my tears and kissing me.

“You did it,” he grabs a towel and cleans my face and between my legs. I hiss, my pussy still sensitive from all the biting and teasing. “I’m sorry, princess.”

Bellamy kisses my chest as Lincoln unties all my limbs, gently kissing my wrists and ankles that now have rope burns on them. I nod gently, indicating that it was okay.

“What would you like to do next, princess?” Bellamy asks, pressing soft kisses against my stomach as Lincoln stretches out. “Princess?”

He and Lincoln both look over to find me asleep, a soft smile on my face as I lay spread out: marks and bruises covering almost every inch of me, their works of art.

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Teach Me

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1665

Author’s Note: So, I have finally began to watch season 3 and the first Bellamy scene with Lincoln made me want to write this, so I hope you enjoy it loads! xoxo

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Bellamy Blake Imagine: Addicted

Requested by @jazminblake

Song: Crazy in love

Summary: Reader and Bellamy are the leaders of the camp and are really close. One day Bellamy starts avoiding her without any reason. Reader is hurt because she loves him and tries to find out why he ignores her. One day she finally makes him talk to her and he admits that he got scared of being in love with her.

Word Count:  2102

Originally posted by nancywheeleers


I had never thought that a person could influence someone else’s life so much just by their presence. But now, after my life had completely turned upside down and I found myself on the Earth with another 100 delinquents, I knew it was possible. Somehow I had earned a leadership position which I shared with Bellamy Blake.

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Requests: could i request a jealous & protective bellamy x reader? I was kinda thinkin’ of the song jealous by nick jonas but i think you could write a great jealousy song fic, any song that you think fits! 
hiii, could you make an imagine with bellamy blake based on song “jealous” by labrinth?
a bellamy imagine where you used to date raven and she comes down and he gets jelly (pretty please)

A/N: damnnn a lot of people are thirsting over jealous bellamy blake

Song: Jealous - Labrinth

masterlist // bellamy blake masterlist

Bellamy sits alone, wishing he had you close to him. This has become common place now; sitting, alone, thinking of you and everything you both had. The rain falls slowly and he watches it leave droplets on your skin. But you don’t see him. That, too, is common place. 
You’ve been trying your hardest to stop thinking about Bellamy since you broke up with him. It’s easier said than done.

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Guys My Age || Bellamy Blake (Smut)

Authors Note: this is a very old smut of mine and has been n my docs for so long because I refused to get rid of it and knew I’d post it again. This is a lengthy fic and extremely smutty, and if you’d like the Shawn Mendes version, you can read that here. 

Warnings: NSFW! kissing teasing, swearing, foreplay, oral (both receiving), daddy kink, overstimulation, unprotected sex, bondage, spanking, etc.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Summary: you’re tired of the teasing game you and Bellamy have, and so with Monty’s moonshine in your system, you finally act on your sinful thoughts.

Word Count: 5,159

You were reckless. You thought with your gut. Not your head and heart, like Clarke or Bellamy. It got you into trouble on several occasions, but it also earned you a reputation. You were what camp called, the bad bitch.

It wasn’t as if you didn’t live up to the reputation, because you did. You knew how to fight… that was the whole reason for your being on the ground with other hundred delinquents. You had an attitude but always got your way with things.

You weren’t a brat, however. You knew when no meant no, and you wouldn’t create like a five-year-old whenever something didn’t go your way. You were fearless, many of the hundred were intimidated by you, some scared at how you may react if they were to approach you.

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RED QUEEN ( Bellamy Blake x Reader )

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Pairing : Bellamy Blake X Reader

Word Count : 2,995

Warnings : the 100 season 5 spoilers, blood mention, nothin too bad

A/N : its been a hot minute since I’ve wrote a fanfic & i plan to to make this into a multi parter or a series ?? theres no bellamy x reader just yet but I’m hoping to get enough feedback to proceed with a part 2 ! so pleeeease leave some feedback !! i would love it !!


Once the night the bunker door locked shut, cutting you off from the home you finally felt comfortable in, the weight of the world sat on your shoulders. The Earth was currently simmering in radiation and those who were truly close to you were residing 254 miles in the sky, hopefully living safely in what’s left of the Ark. Illian died in the Conclave and you couldn’t talk to Bellamy either. Your goodbye was over a radio and you have never wanted to kiss someone so badly than during those last few minutes. Now, you’re stuck in an underground bastion, unable to communicate with anyone on the surface.

You never expected to become the babysitter of 1,200 grounders but you guess the responsibility was assumed when you declared everyone was allowed in the bunker. Hell, if you had known how troublesome trying to unify all the tribes into Wonkru, you would’ve left them outside like Luna planned too if she won the conclave. Yet, you had already said Wonkru was welcome into the bunker and you definitely couldn’t take it back now. You slouched in the chair Jaha once sat in when he first took over the bunker, expelling out a heavy sigh. This was going to be the next six years of your life.

You stared blankly at the papers, blueprints, and documents on the desk in front of you. You wished someone would enter the office, anyone at all, just to break the endless silence. What would Bellamy do if he were here? He probably would’ve laughed at how you were spacing out but he also would’ve stayed quiet just to stare at you a little more. Unfortunately, Bellamy was 254 miles away in the sky, hopefully living safely in what’s left of the Ark. You looked up the concrete ceiling, dreading the fact that you wouldn’t even know if he was looking down on you.

This was going to be a very long six years.

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