Black Friday Sales and Deals

Just like last year, this year’s black Friday coupons post is a mixed bag of big box retailers and independent makers. Wishing y’all a lovely holiday season, despite all odds!

Upto 25% off on selected lines and upto 30% off on bags.

My picks ✶ Baxtor Dome Backpack ✶ Teal Faux Fur Tippet ✶ Indian Paisley Blanket Scarf ✶ Moon Long Pendant Necklace ✶

40% off on everything and free shipping.

My picks ✶ Velvet Catsuit ✶ Suede Knee High Boot  ✶  Ribbed Sweater Dress  ✶ Flat Over Knee Boot  ✶

30% off sitewide with code THANKFUL30 (US only)

20% off sitewide with code GOGOGO (Rest of the world) 

My picks ✶ ASOS Curve Wool Trench  ✶ Alice & You Velvet Playsuit ✶  ABE Wide Fit Leather Boots ✶ ASOS Curve Jumpsuit With Bell Sleeves ✶

50% off sitewide with code AVTHANKS. 30% extra off on clearance. All tall boots $29.99. 

My picks ✶ Hooded Peacoat ✶  Sofie Colorblock Knee High Boot  ✶ Crochet Bell Sleeve Dress  ✶ Gavin Lace Front Tall Boot  ✶

30% off sitewide with code BLACKFRIDAY starting midnight.

My picks ✶ Scandinavian Christmas Star Necklace  ✶  Saguaro Cactus Statement Necklace ✶ Scandinavian Christmas Reindeer Necklace ✶ Scandinavian Christmas Bird Brooch ✶

30% off with code F6P8 and free shipping and returns.

My picks ✶ Curve and Flare Dress  ✶ Amelie Dress  ✶  Moleskin Duffle Coat ✶ Susannah Lace Dress ✶

50% off everything (except sale items) with code FRIYAY50 until 11/25 at 3 AM EST.

My picks ✶ Woven Printed Midi Dress  ✶ Black Lace Bralet ✶  Pink Velvet Bralet ✶ Ruffle Shift Dress ✶

Up to 45% off on most items and free embossing until Monday midnight.

My picks ✶  Full Pint Satchel in Stormy Sea ✶  Brit Luxe Croc Shoulder Bag in Vintage Red ✶  Full Pint Satchel in Chintz Rose ✶  Milkman Shoulder Bag in Rust

Everything $20 or less sitewide.

My picks ✶ Slub Knit Sweater  Sequin Top  ✶  Floral Strappy Blouse  ✶ Red Tulle Midi Skirt  ✶

20% off sitewide with code BLACKFRI starting 5pm Thursday 24th November and ending 10am Monday 28th November (GMT)

My picks ✶ Queen Bee Citrine and Gemstone Necklace  ✶ Red Dwarf Pink Druzy Ring  ✶ Perfect Alignment Solar System Necklace  ✶ Lupus Wolf Constellation Necklace ✶

50% off entire purchase with code FRENZY

My picks ✶ Studio Velvet Fit and Flare Dress  ✶ Studio Velvet Capelet  ✶ Bow Neck Fit and Flare Shirt Dress  ✶  Studio Pleated Velvet Mock Neck Dress  ✶

30% off everything with code TREAT30

My picks ✶ Checked Shift Dress  ✶ Velvet Trench  ✶ Tan Contrast Pleated Skirt  ✶ Contrast Cape  

Extra 50% off sale items with code OHMYGOBBLE 

My picks ✶ Faux Suede Shorts  ✶ Lace Maxi Skirt  ✶ Fringed Faux Suede Skirt  ✶  Crochet Lace Up Dress  

50% off everything through the weekend with code XMAS50

My picks ✶ Mink Lace Midi Dress  ✶ Navy Lace Jumpsuit  ✶ Navy Lace Shirt Dress  ✶ Black Mini Fringe Top and Skirt ✶

15% off everything with code BLACKFRIDAY15 + Up to 40% off selected items.

My picks ✶ Peep Toe Clogs Orange ✶  Maguba Florence Navy Clogs ✶  Low Wood T Bar Clog Green ✶  Low Peep Toe Antique Gold Clogs

From 11/23-11/27 

20% off no threshold with code FRIDAY20, 30% off orders $100+ with code FRIDAY30, 40% off orders $200+ with code FRIDAY40

From 11/27-11/30

30% off sitewide with code CYBER16

My picks ✶ Greatest Glitz Shift Dress  ✶ Ruby A Line Dress  ✶ Defined to Refine Lace Dress  ✶ Lovely Landscape Coat  ✶

30% off sitewide with code BLACK from 11/24 -11/29.

My picks ✶ Lulu Guinness Mini Lips Bag  ✶ The Cambridge Satchel Co. Saddle Bag  ✶   Grafea Sunny Pom Backpack  ✶   The Cambridge Satchel Co. Barrel Backpack ✶

From 11/24 -11/28 extra 20% off selected sale items. 40% off designer sale.

My picks ✶ Kirby Bootie  ✶ City Chic Black Lace Dress  ✶  Loafer Ballet Flat  ✶ Polka Dot Chambray Shirt ✶

20% off on 11/28 with code CYBER16. Half of all profits go to Planned Parenthood and the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock.

My picks ✶ Letterpress Thank You Cards  ✶ Warrior Woman Enamel Pin  ✶ Letterpress Christmas Card  ✶ 2017 Calendar Wall Hanging  ✶

50% off on selected 50 items (UK site)

20% off full priced items with code BFRIDAY16 (US site)

My picks ✶  Plus Black Floral Print Shirt Dress  ✶  Rose Gold Block Heel Ankle Boot  ✶ Plus Chunky Knit Cardigan  ✶  Burgundy Cut Out Buckle Boots  ✶   

Get 30% off any order with code SGBlackFriday16 on Friday. Free shipping for orders $100 and above.

My picks ✶ Lucretia Mock Turtleneck Velvet Dress ✶  Isabella Tea Length Lace DressSojourner Wool Duster Coat ✶  Eva Pleather Circle Skirt

Upto 50% off on selected lines.

My picks ✶ Berry Velour Skater Dress  ✶ Joanna Hope Boucle Cape  ✶ Teal Velour Skater Dress  ✶ Gold Ankle Strap Courts EEE Fit  ✶

40% off everything with code THANKS till 11/27.

My picks ✶ Snowflake Over Knee Socks  ✶ Crochet Over Knee Socks  ✶ Reindeer Knee Socks  ✶ Scrunchy Socks in Dark Red  ✶

50% off selected items, 10% extra off sale items, half price delivery on all orders with code HALFPRICE

My picks ✶ White Swiss Dot Top  ✶ Navy Lace Skirt  ✶ Lace Up Ballerina Pump in Wide Fit  ✶ Black Lace Maxi Dress  ✶   

a funny story with a dark twist: a playlist for the Rippers of Namesake (8tracks | Playmoss) [yeah, I made this playlist about a year ago but I’m reposting some stuff to playmoss since everyone seems to be heading there]


Rootless - Marina and the Diamonds // Body - Mother Mother // Cruel - St. Vincent // Good Intent - Kimbra // Run the Heart - Sleigh Bells // Taste It - Little Boots // Sleep Awake - Mother Mother // Hi - Psapp

Emma Watson Makes “Beauty and the Beast” Fit Her Feminism Branding, Shades Caretakers?

So with the recent information that came out that credits Watson next to entirely (with Belle now taking her father’s qualities of being an inventor by inventing a washing machine, Belle now wearing boots instead of ballet flats, Belle not wearing an 18th century French gown because Watson couldn’t handle it but claims it’s because Belle is “an active princess,” ignoring the fact that being a caretaker is more historically accurate and still a feminist option in life today and before), it is interesting that Disney allowed Watson to interject her own social issues standpoint into a character that is already fully created. 

“Beauty and the Beast” was supposed to be a live-action remake. Literally taking the original animated content and making it come to life with live people and CGI. 

Now, it has become part of Emma Watson’s HeForShe/feminism branding. And quite frankly, to imply that there is something wrong with a woman choosing to be a caretaker isn’t very feminist-like. I personally know plenty of women who identify as a feminist and choose to take care of their children.

I must say that I totally called it. And this is coming from a feminist.

Happy Friday,

((FNAF: Sister Location Designs.))

((Circus Baby:

Appearance: She has short-long crimson red hair, put in pigtails, along with green eyes, and she has red rosey cheeks on her cheeks. She wears a red dress, but with orange highlights on the bottom of her red dress. Along with a white bow on the back of her dress, and she seems to have an Ice Cream dispenser on stomach. She has white gloves on her hands, but the gloves are also covering her arms. On the palms of her gloved-hands, seems to be orange squares on them, but they can bring air in balloons. She has white stockings on her legs, and she wears red boots, but with white lines, and they seemed to have bells on the boots.

Age: 29.

Height: 5ft. 2in. 157.5cm.

Personality: She’s a calm, kind, sweet, and soft girl. But, if messed with, pissed-off, or when someone messes with Bonnet, Funtime Foxy, or Bon-Bon/Puppet Bonnie. She’s not VERY nice. She loves Ice-Cream, cake, sweets, candy, and she loves to sing. She considers Spring Bonnie as a little brother. And she considers Ballora as her Bae. She also considers Funtime Freddy as a big brother. She has a crush on Ballora. She’s scared of William Afton.

Headcanon Voice: Dreaming Mary - Sweetheart.

Funtime Freddy:

Appearance: He has white hair, along with purple ombre on the bottom of his hair, and he has white bear ears on the top of his head, along with a white bear tail, he even has purple cheeks on his cheeks. He has a black bowtie, black top-hat. But, he wears a white sleeve shirt, white pants, and white shoes. But, his vest is purple with white polka dots, and he even has a white bear, with a black top hat, and purple cheeks badge on his vest. He even has a long white apron wrapped around his waist. He also seems to have a Bonnie puppet on his right hand, that’s actually removable.

Age: 29.

Height: 6ft. 1in. 185.4cm.

Personality: He’s a really kind guy, sweet, he will appreciate your work. He considers Funtime Foxy as his little brother. He’s actually Freddy Fazbear from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, but re-created. And he actually misses Bonnie, Golden Freddy and the others. He hates William Afton.

Headcanon Voice: Circus-P Sings WAVE.

Funtime Foxy:

Appearance: He has short white hair, but with pink ombre on his front bangs, along with yellow eyes, and pink rosey cheeks on his cheeks. He also seems to have white fox ears on the top of his head, and a white, and pink fox tail. He wears a light pink sleeve buttoned shirt, along with an un-buttoned pink vest, but with white lines on the vest, he even has a white fox badge on his vest. He also wears white pants, and white shoes, but he has a short white waist apron wrapped around his waist.

Age: 27.

Height: 5ft. 9in. 175.3cm.

Personality: He’s actually a calm guy, but is triggered by movement at night. He’s completely insane at night, and will kill anyone (But not the others) in Funtime Auditorium. In day time. HE’S LAZY AS HELL (JESUS SAVE HIM). But, over that. He’s caring, and will help anyone in situations. He considers Funtime Freddy as an older brother. But, he knows that Funtime Freddy is Freddy from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and he tries to comfort him as possible. He REALLY hates William Afton.

Headcanon Voice: Blackbear - IDFC.


Appearance: She has blue hair, but in a bun, with her bangs on the front. Her eyes are closed, and she has blue mascara on her eyes. But, when she opens her eyes, her eyes are purple. She has gold earrings on her ears, and she has a pearl tiara band on her head. She also has pink lipstick as well, and she has pink rosey cheeks on her cheeks. She wears a buttoned blue vest, but showing her stomach, she also has a purple ballerina tu-tu skirt, but with rainbow colored balls hanging from the tu-tu skirt. She has blue ballet shoes, she even has blue knee stockings on her legs.

Age: 29.

Height: 5ft. 9in. 175.3.

Personality: She’s a calm, kind, sweet and a gentle girl. But, when mad, pissed-off, or messed with. She can kill someone in a matter of seconds. But, she’s actually blind, and she always keeps her eyes closed, but she opens her eyes when mad. Circus Baby always helps her find her way. She has a crush on Circus Baby. She’s scared of William Afton, and the scooper.

Headcanon Voice: Echos - Silhouettes.


Appearance: He has short-long white hair, put in a low ponytail, along with blue eyes, but one of his blue eyes is missing, so his right eye socket is covered by bandages, he even has a green, and orange party hat on his head. He wears a white buttoned shirt, along with a grey buttoned up vest, with white lines on it, but the bottom of the vest seemed to be ripped a little, and when the vest is removed, his white buttoned sleeve shirt is ripped a little. But, once his white buttoned sleeve shirt is removed. There’s bloody bandages on his chest, and stomach, but when his bandages are removed. There seems to be a large black slash on his back, revealing metal tenticals/wires inside him. He also wears black pants, and black shoes, but his black pants are ripped a little as well. He wears a grey coat, just like Mangle’s but grey, to cover his ripped clothes. But, once pissed-off. His eye bandages will be removed, revealing an empty eye socket. And different colored eyes will grow on his body. And metal tenticals/wires will appear off his back. (But he uses the metal tenticals/wires for other things too. Like, climbing in vents, getting on walls, and the roof. Getting things from higher bookcases, or shelfs. ETC.).

Age: 30.

Personality: He’s actually a really nice guy, caring for others, just wants to get out of the underground to see the outside world. But, once pissed-off, just like Circus Baby. He will mess someone up. He considers Circus Baby as her little sister. He has a crush on Funtime Freddy. He actually dosen’t know why Bonnet is scared of him. He hates William Afton.

Headcanon Voice: Soraru - Last One’s Weeping. ))

((NOTE: These designs are actually based off pole-bear’s FNAF Human Designs. And these designs were really hard to think of. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t include Minireenas. And BidyBabs.))


New Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC releasing next week!

The next batch of DLC for Hyrule Warriors, the Link’s Awakening pack, will be launching on June 30th! The big new addition is the new character Marin, who will be fighting with the Sea Lily Bell. Linkle also gets a new weapon: the Pegasus Boots! There will also be a new Adventure map, costumes for My Fairy, the works. But I, for one, am excited to see how Marin and Linkle’s Pegasus Boots will play!

I’d also like to point out how bang-on my predictions have been so far. Will we see Linebeck or Ravio in the future? Time will tell! -Wander