Happily Never After

Last October my Happily Never After Disney collection went viral!
So naturally I just had to film a tutorial for one of the looks.

I chose Belle!
The storyline behind this look was that poor Belle had not listened to the Beast when he angrily told her to stay away from the West Wing. He discovered that she had touched his precious, wilting Rose, and attacked Belle! 

Here is the tutorial for this beautiful, but gory look: 


After seeing Beauty and the Beast, I could not pass up an opportunity to do a Belle-inspired hair tutorial this week.  This low twisted ponytail is loosely inspired by Emma Watson’s Belle during the first section of the new movie.  Be my guest to try this hairstyle out!


1) Brush

2) Small Hair Tie

3) Large Hair Tie


1) Begin by brushing out your hair and creating a part down the middle.

2) Gather two even sections of the hair from the front of the head and use the small hair tie to tie them together at the back of the head.

3) Create a hole just above the hair tie.

4) Flip the hair up and pull through the hole.  (This is a French Twist, click here for a full tutorial.)

5) Repeat step 4 another 2-3 times so that there is more emphasis on the twist.

6) Beginning at the front of one side of the head, use the remaining hair to create a twist towards the back of the head.

7) Incorporate more hair into the twist as you go along, stopping once you reach the back middle of the head.

8) Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other side of the head.

9) Take all of the hair and tie it into one low ponytail.  Finish with hairspray.



Last October I created a series of Twisted Disney Princesses for the Velour Lashes pop-up event. Many of you have requested tutorials for each of the looks.
I have already produced a tutorial for Belle from Beauty & The Beast, which can be found on my channel. And next, I’ll be showing you how to achieve my Cinderella look!

Enjoy x

wild-thinqs  asked:

Can you do a Belle dress tutorial please? 😊

I don’t plan on making a Belle costume anytime soon, but I can point you toward some resources that can help you out!

First: Sewing patterns. These are step by step guides on how to make a garment, in this case you’re looking for a ballgown pattern that is similar to Belle’s. You can look for sewing patterns at your local sewing store, or online at these sites:

Still stuck? Look up tutorials, like this Belle’s Yellow Ballgown tutorial

You can also ask other cosplayers for help and advice. Ask them if they used a tutorial or pattern, or what fabric they chose, or if they have any tips for you. Many cosplayers are willing to share their process with you! 


lushatrocity  asked:

I would love to see Bellamy's POV for "Just As You Are" because that story is my absolute fav!

Just As You Are Bellamy POV part 1. Three more to come over however long it takes me to write three more of these.

Octavia has an end-of-summer sleepover the same night as Wick’s “Fuck, It’s Senior Year,” party, so Bellamy figures he should probably go. Parties started feeling weird around the end of last year–he’s never as drunk as everyone else, just in case he has to leave, so finding girls sober enough he doesn’t feel like he’s taking advantage of them is tough, and he’s maybe just getting too old for the whole hookup thing. Which is pathetic, and he’s not going to tell anyone. But skipping the party feels even more pathetic, so he goes and hangs out with his friends and comes up with reasons not to hit on the drunk girls Wick suggests. It’s a technical improvement on sitting at home alone.

He’s waiting in line for the keg out of a general lack of anything else to do, trying to figure out how early he can leave without feeling both old and sad. Wick’s distracted with some hot sophomore, so he won’t notice. Or he’ll just assume Bellamy found someone to go home with. Either way, fairly safe, and Wick’s probably the only one who might care.

He sees the girl in front of him dicking around on her phone, so he asks, “Oh, hey, what time is it?”

She blinks large blue eyes at him. She’s pretty, in a girl-next-door kind of way, and vaguely familiar. “Uh, quarter to one,” she says.

“Cool, thanks.” He cocks his head, trying to place her. The cup in her hand is what finally jogs his memory. “You were playing beer pong earlier, right?” She’s the one Wick thought he should hook up with tonight; he dismissed her out of hand. There was something about the way she grinned and whooped when she won, the way the spark of triumph lit up her eyes, that felt dangerous.

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Here’s another angsty off-hand making-of video of the Patchouli Knowledge collaboration I did with my friend Bell!