Belgian Lefaucheux-type revolver

Based on Eugene Lefaucheux’s 1854 design, manufactured in Liege, Belgium around the 1860′s - no serial number.
9x15mm pinfire six-round revolver, double action, side loading gate and spring-loaded ejector rod, engraved and nickel plated.

I can’t get enough lefaucheux revolvers in my life.

“Precious Love” - Chapter 2!

The story continues!

Chapter 2:  Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

Summary:  Regina gets unwanted dating advise from an all too usual source.  Emma and Regina go out on their first date (or “non-date”) where Emma becomes very jealous.



Regina cut into her Belgian waffle and added a little maple syrup before putting it in her mouth. After swallowing she added, “But Henry’s got a quirk with his hot chocolate.”

“Me too.”

“He drinks it with sprinkled…”


With a slackened jaw, Regina goggled at Emma.  She leaned forward and inquisitively probed, “How did you know that?”

It was remarkable. As Regina was talking something inside Emma seemed to burst forth like magic and it felt amazing.  Like she knew what Regina was going to say before she said it.  What was even more delightfully strange, however, was that Emma liked her hot chocolate the same way!

“I drink it with cinnamon too.  Right over the swirled whip cream.”

Leaning back and piercing Emma with disbelieving eyes, Regina wiggled her fork in one hand and her knife in the other pensively.  “That can’t be common.  Can it?”

“Besides Henry and I, there’s no one I know that drinks it that way.”

“Me neither.  Henry actually discovered it…”

“By accident? Yeah, me too.”

“How weird is that?”

Emma thought about the many coincidences that this morning had been filled with and took it as a good sign.  She wiped her lips with her napkin, put her fork and knife down and leaned forward a little.  “It seems that our small world is getting even smaller.  Frankly, I’m enjoying it.”  It bodes well for the future.


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You will find some OUAT favorites in this chapter!  Enjoy!