Belgian Waffle

Hey Stan, where did you get that boat?


Hey Stan, where did you get that mask?


Hey Stan, where did you get your fez?


Hey Stan, where did you get that crossbow? 


Hey Stan, where did the phrase “Hot Belgian Waffles” come from? 


Hey Stan, how do you know there’s a secret button on the wall?


Hey Stan, where did you get Journal 1?


Hey Stan, where did your love of money come from? 


Hey Stan, where did you learn to lie? 


Hey Stan, where did you learn how to punch triangles?


Hey Stan, where did you learn how to fight?


Man, Stan got a lot of things from his past and his family 

small flame.


After they’ve woken up together, Magnus with his head on Alec’s chest, after Alec had joked about having to leave and Magnus getting sad so Alec had to know what scared him. Alec sometimes forgot that Magnus, despite being a powerful warlock, had fears, reasons to be afraid, decades of memories. Alec wanted to know every fear Magnus had so that he could protect him, wanted to know everything about Magnus. However, it would have to wait, Alec hadn’t gotten a direct answer on what Magnus was afraid of, but he had an idea of what one of his fears was. 

It didn’t matter right now though, after their talk, after Alec had offered his hand as comfort, Magnus moved closer again. His warm skin against Alec felt amazing. Alec didn’t complain when Magnus spun him around, so Alec’s back was facing Magnus. He loved being the little spoon, he loved Magnus arms around him, pressing him closer, his back touching Magnus’ chest and belly. Alec loved the way it made him feel small, protected and loved. Neither of them knew how long they laid there spooning, bodies pressed against each other, lazy kisses on shoulders and hands, drifting in and out of sleep. 

The next time they both woke up without instantly falling back asleep they still didn’t leave bed. They rolled around, shifting positions, lazy kisses, in total bliss. The world outside of the bed, outside of the two of them, forgotten. That world didn’t matter right now, nothing but Magnus’ warm skin against Alec’s, Magnus’ lips against Alec’s lips and skin, he wished that they could stay in Magnus’ bed forever. And if it wasn’t for Alec’s stomach growling they might’ve never broken out of their perfect bubble. 

“You hungry?” Magnus smiled, rolling away a bit from Alec, who made small noises in protest making Magnus smile wider. 

“No” Alec mumbled and moved after Magnus who smiled at him and placed a kiss on the back of his hand. 

“Yes you are” Magnus stated “but lucky for you, I’m a warlock and can conjure up anything you want” Alec was silent for a moment, thinking as his fingers followed the pattern of Magnus’ abs. 

“How about those belgian waffles?” Alec said and thought back to that morning where he’d woken up on Magnus’ couch. Still so afraid of how Magnus brought out all these new feelings, still afraid of what would happen if anyone but Izzy found out. So scared of being who he really was, buried so deep under his own lies, years and years of lies. Alec was so grateful that Magnus saw through the lies, that Magnus was brave enough to fight for him. Alec hoped Magnus knew that Alec would fight for him - for them - that he’d do anything to protect Magnus, to make Magnus smile. 

He was brought out of his thoughts by Magnus’ laughter, loud and bright, it sounded like Alec would imagine the sun would sound like. It was a sound that he loved, a sound he hoped to hear for the rest of his life. 

“So, you’re finally taking up on that offer?” He smiled as he snapped his fingers, a tray appeared in Alec’s lap, with waffles and cream, and another one in Magnus lap. 

“Thank you” Alec smiled and kissed Magnus’ cheek. He then proceeded to devour the waffles, he hadn’t realized how hungry he actually was until he took his first bite, the waffles was the best thing Alec had ever eaten. When they both had eaten up, filled up to the max with waffles, they continued their cuddling and soft kisses. Eventually the kisses got more heated, bodies pressed closer and want grew stronger. Alec found himself on top of Magnus, similar to the way Magnus had been on top of Alec the night before. He smiled down at Magnus before diving down, kissing him harder. Magnus slipping a hand inside Alec’s boxers.


drunk!alec – the endless possibilities:

1) clingy drunk: he hugs magnus from behind and doesn’t let go, and when magnus sits down, alec plops on his lap and wraps his arms around his neck, burying his face in magnus’s neck. when jace laughs at him, alec tries to punch him and misses.

2) talkative drunk: every single deeply-held secret suddenly comes spilling out. alec reveals that he thinks jace’s hair is weird, that clary and he watch friends together every tuesday, that izzy singing sounds like a dying demon, and that magnus can do this thing with his tongue – that’s when magnus shuts him up with a kiss

3) hungry drunk: he asks magnus to conjure up belgian waffles, then a bacon cheeseburger, then lobster, then ramen from that one little shop in tokyo, then more alcohol, and inhales it all

4) sentimental drunk: alec tells jace how much he loves him, and tells izzy how much he loves her and he’s sorry about the yin fen, and tells clary how she’s actually tolerable now, and tells simon… whatever and tells raphael he’s sorry for punching him and tells magnus sorry for almost marrying lydia and sorry for the soul sword again even though you’ve told me not to apologize and sorry for the dumb shit i’ve said to you but also i love you i love you i love you did you know i love you?

5) judgmental drunk: he sits with magnus in a corner and laughs at how idiotic everybody looks when they try to dance. and then magnus goes up to dance too and alec’s jaw drops to the floor as he watches his boyfriend, and then he gets all “grabby hands” with magnus (see clingy drunk)

6) “i’m not drunk” drunk: insists he’s not drunk even after too much gin and tonic, laments everybody’s irresponsibility, insists i’m the head of the institute and i have to take care of you guys all the time, but then is obviously drunk (see any other drunk option)

7) sleepy drunk: three drinks in, his head is pillowed on magnus’s shoulder, eyes half closed, and moments later he’s snuffling as he sleeps, a little smile on his face while his cheeks still glow red and a chuckling magnus kisses his forehead

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