Warnant prize revolver

Manufactured by J. Warnant in Liege, Belgium for a shooting contest in Saumur, France c.1877 - serial number 5109.
11mm73 six-round cylinder, top break double action, star ejector.
This revolver was won by Marie Joseph Chatelain, a future WW1 French general. Marksmanship contests were very common during the Belle Epoque, and gave rise to a number of fancy small arms being made in standard issue calibers - like the revolver 11mm73 round for the MAS Mle1873 revolver - to be won in them.


Walnut and stone feature throughout this penthouse apartment by Belgian practice Hans Verstuyft Architects located in a David Chipperfield-designed building in Antwerp. The residential building, one of Chipperfield’s Westkaai Towers on the waterfront in the neighbourhood of Eilandje, is made up of stacked white concrete terraces. Photos: Dorothee Dubois.