belarus will be putting the bones of jews in dumpsters

let’s not kid ourselves. if jews desecrated a christian cemetery, there would be riots. jews would get murdered. but because it’s a jewish cemetery there is no uproar. the world could care less.

belarus is doing this shit for apartments. they’re disturbing jewish gravesites for apartments. karma is a fucking bitch and I hope they get to experience it in full force because this? this is beyond despicable. 

The Five Guy Squad™️

  • Mikolas (Miki): the leader; 

-always runs the show 

-knows what he’s doing. 

-the initiator

-fucked like 💯+ bitches, according to him.

-fuckboi is written in big bold letters on his forehead.

  • Benjamin (Benji): the player;

-he shoots and he scores. 

-a softie once you get to know him 

-he will Treat You Right and give you the respect that you deserve 👌🏽

-he’s young & broke though and owes everyone $50. 

-best at planning dates.

- super good at cooking. i mean, he’s the Italian Boy

  • Alekseev (Niki): the annoying, dumb one;

the oldest yet the most gulliable 

-high 🔑 pisses everyone off, even miki. 

-only in the group because his parents and miki’s are best friends. 

-he’s lowkey gay for Mikolas, even made a lowkey anthem for him but ain’t nobody gotta know that because Miki is as straight as a ✏️.

-his favorite song is golden boy; 😍 it so much he changed every Tel Aviv to ‘Alekseev’


  • Mélovin (Kostya): the Mom of the group; 

-makes sure the guys are under control & aren’t doing crazy 💩.

-every plan is approved by THIS GUY!!!

-hard on the outside soft in the inside. 

gets the least girls because of his hard exterior and his style. 

he has a pet 🐈 who’s the cutest thing in the 🌍. 

he’s going through a phase, don’t mind him.

  • Ari: the one guy in the squad who’s Just There; 

-everyone forgets him even the guys. 

-the shyest yet most mellow guy in the group. he’s not as crazy as the guys though. 

-super smart and crazy good at everything especially choir. 

-lowkey the richest in the group. 

-lowkey the cheeky lad you wanna go to Nandos with

-you question why he’s even in the group in the first place