What comes out of the swamp…

As mentioned, we’ve been getting into Guild Wars 2 again, and we almost regret ever leaving. And I have to admit, I’ve fallen a bit in love with Belakane, my Sylvari swamp witch.

She was never very popular with other people, and it was at a time where I was a lot more insecure (not that I can’t be hit by that anymore, but I’m better), so I eventually ended up more or less dropping her, because the reaction just never seemed that good. But I always kind of adored her, and she’s less hollywood voodoo these days, which I think was a good change.

I need to get her that new amulet that make bees fly around you for added effect, she always had a thing for bugs.


You may (or may have not) noticed I’ve been unusually quite fer’ about a month and a half… Well, the time has finally come for me to delve into my senior project.

For this project I’ll be working on the first part chapter of SUB-, a web-comic i’ve been wanting to make for a couple of months now… It’s going to be a pretty long comic and I’m hoping to get it done some time in 2014/15.  

I’ll be posting my process to keep myself on task!

Here we have some finalized Character Sheets of (from beginning to end) Belakane, Klinger, Molly, Rodney and Belakane’s trailer!

Welp, that’s what’s been keepin’ me busy! Hope you enjoy!

Alexis Cooke/AnxiousA

Yesterday I decided to just draw something for funnsies :-0 So I drew future Belakane and Gail.  Originally I was going to draw something referencing Mexican culture (a festive skirt and top for Belakane and chola inspired clothing for Gail) But then it turned into this haha XD they just want to go enjoy Summer together haha.  ahhhh drawing.



Belakane J.

19/ Female/ Cashier Bagger Janitor

Goal: Get out of Town! PERMANENTLY!

Belakane is an aggressive young woman who’s lived in Town since she was 10.  She works as a janitor at her local TownMarket and lives with her two roommates Klinger and Rodney.  Until recently, she hasn’t had any ambition to do more then survive her surroundings.  However, something has recently sparked a flame in her to peruse a life outside of Town.

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