I don’t even know how to caption this. This still hits me so hard every time. Not just the emotion, but the message behind this is so important. She was with him because she didn’t think any one else would ever love her, and now she decides that loving herself is enough. She chooses to love herself, instead of being loved by someone who didn’t deserve her. Love yourself, so no one has to. It’s the most important thing.

not that i still watch glee, but:

i heard a few weeks back that dot-marie jones’ character on glee, Coach Beiste, had recently been rewritten as a trans man for the show’s last season. after 4 years of playing a strong, tomboy-ish, very masculine cis woman who identified with womanhood and identified as straight, jones is now going to play a trans man (presumably gay) – which has also been a convenient excuse to write glee’s black trans girl character out of the show.

this development makes me really angry as a butch woman and as a feminist. Jones was quoted in People, saying: “I just didn’t want to let down the girls who are straight and tomboys that my character represented the last four seasons…But I got the script and I was, like, ‘Oh my God. This is amazing.’ ”

the problem is that this does let down girls and women who do not fit the stereotypical definition of womanhood or who don’t conform to the norm of compulsory femininity. coach beiste was an island of representation, especially for straight masc women who are frequently assumed to be gay because they don’t fit the boxes laid out for women. now that representation has been turned into something else, which has the potential to leave these girls and women confused about who they are and leaves them with no real media representation.

as a masculine woman, i often - so often - feel out of place, othered by my non-performance of femininity, by the ways i perform masculinity, and by what feel like my failures to ever achieve a masculine ideal. i share little with many feminine women with regard to social performance, but i cannot deny what i share with them in our identities, our attitudes, and often our experiences as well.

i have felt pressure to transition; i question my gender all the time and have felt a pull towards immersing myself in masculinity and coming out as a man if only to reduce my cognitive dissonance and others’ inability to put me in a box. i am made to feel like what i am cannot be what a woman is, even though i live as proof to the contrary.

when a person like coach beiste identifies as a woman, that helps to expand our definition of what women are, who they are, and from a feminist perspective helps to distance women from heteropatriarchal ideas of what they can and must be. same when someone like myself identifies as a woman.

part of why i think coach beiste’s coming out and transition are harmful is that glee is reneging on all of the mind-expanding work the character did as a straight masculine woman, who loved being a woman and loved being attracted to men. i know that many trans people do not come out or are not safe enough to come out until late in life, and that does not in any way invalidate their experiences. i know that many are resolutely and often self-destructively or defensively attached to their assigned genders at birth, and that this is a common cover-up for people who have yet to come to terms with their identities. but i think glee is doing this for ratings and PC brownie points, and in the process they are conveying that no matter what coach beiste said in the past about loving being a woman, that doesn’t make any sense and is forgotten in his coming out as trans; they make a mockery of coach beiste’s experience as a masc woman and stand to harm gender non-conforming women – and really all women – by tossing out beiste’s womanhood so cavalierly.

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Totally cool if you don't, but do you know of any shows that have ftm trans characters?

Hmm, most of the trans characters I know (which isn’t many unfortunately) are mtf but let’s see….

Orphan Black does, for a little while. His name is Tony, he’s a clone of Tatiana Maslany. He’s in S2, not for very long, but he is still alive.

Ooh! Glee’s Coach Beiste is a long-term minor character who comes out as a trans man in S6. Due to the long-term nature of the character and fitting with the surprise of the discovery to the character (and to the writers who probably didn’t think of it as early as casting for S1), Beiste is played by a woman (to my knowledge) but relevant issues are addressed including personal identity and needing to take time off work for transition surgery etc, and it seems to have been done with consultation with ~200 trans people. That’s pretty good imo. (TW in case you intend to watch; before coming out, he does have a non transphobia based domestic abuse arc where he is emotionally trapped and physically threatened by a partner, who he then breaks up with which sets up the self exploration arc)

Some others that I’ve heard of but haven’t seen are:

Faking It - which has trans characters played by trans actors/actresses

The Fosters - Cole (trans character played by trans actor)

Transparent - multiple trans characters played by trans actors/actresses

Shameless - trans actor Elliot Fletcher plays Trevor, a (trans) love interest of one of the main gay characters Ian, exploring transphobia in the gay community as well as other relationship issues etc.

ooh and I know The OA specifically recruited a teen Asian American ftm actor to play (teen Asian American ftm character) Buck, who’s one of the mains, as well as hiring around a dozen other trans actors & actresses in minor & background roles (here’s some more about Buck’s casting & role)

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. @lgbt-tv @lgbt-tvmovie @lgbttelevision might be able to help you out more. Also, Elliot Fletcher is an openly trans actor who’s been playing lots of trans ftm characters lately, so maybe check out his filmography and see where that takes you?


This letter is my first step into legally transitioning from a woman to a man. […] I’ve always been attracted to men, and-and they say that’s not gonna change. […] I know this may seem sudden to you, but it doesn’t to me. […] I’ve felt like this my whole life. Growing up, I was… I was really confused. I thought I was just a tomboy. So, I got into sports, I started coaching football, and I wrestled hogs in my free time, but no matter what I did, I never felt at home in my own skin. I never felt like my body fit who I was on the inside. I don’t hate being a woman, and I don’t regret the things I’ve been through, because they’ve made me the person I am today. A person strong enough to go through with this transition. I got to do it for my own peace of mind. I got to get my body in alignment with how I see myself.

Head Councilman, Commander Beist

Name: Only known as Commander or Councilor Beist

Age: Beist is known to be in charge of the Blackgarde for upwards of 800 years until it was disbanded 100 years ago. His exact age has never been disclosed.

Appearance: No one knows what he looks like, only his armor and the glowing red eyes that pierce any darkness when his helmet is off. The shadows seem to protect his identity when his helmet isn’t on. The saber only known as Chaos is also a giveaway as to who Beist is.

History: Beist is known to be a folk tale, the one you tell stories about around a campfire. The ender of bloody wars, the vanquisher of tyrannical governments and twisted rebellions alike. He is the founder of the Council of Blackgarde, the equalizer. He led the Blackgarde to do what was necessary, never what was right or wrong.

Mass council RP

A meeting has been called at Castle Ravenloft. As the Councilors make their way to the meeting room, Forces line the perimeter and patrol the hallways, some with leathery wings as black as night, others tall and lumbering, patches of fur sticking out of there armor and others ordinary men and women all bowing as each of the councilors appear within the meeting chambers.

At the far end of the Meeting table sits Beist, Helmet off and shadow obscuring everything but his glowing red eyes within the darkness of both the room and the shadow that covers his face. He gestures to the councilors to sit and once they all are, Beist speaks.

“Welcome, all of you, to Council Blackgarde. This meeting has been called to see what we know of the events happening here as well as to make sure all of us remain on the same page as well as meet each other. So, may the meeting begin.”

The Grauer Drache: Open RP and short story


It wasn’t often Beist found himself looking for a fight, things like that were trivial in most cases. But in the past hundred or so years, he found himself lacking the challenges he had when the council when it was in its hay-day. So now he found himself standing in the middle of one of the most feared bandit camps in the region.

They had been deemed worthy of being wiped out entirely, not a redeemable man or woman in the lot of them and should they persist any longer, they would soon rival some small kingdoms.

The bandits shouted from all around him, insisting where he had come from. He could tell them, but what use is knowledge when you won’t be alive to use it?

Finally, what Beist assumed was the leader of the exceptional band had seemed to have enough of Beists shenanigans and swung. The blade carried through the entire swing, only to lose momentum as it made contact with Beists side.

The Bandit looked confused for a moment and watched his arm fall to the ground and looked to the saber that was now drawn and embedded deep within his chest. 

Beists pupils were now slits and his glowing red eyes now had likewise glowing orange veins running through them as a gray flame encased the sword and very quickly the body of the bandit.

Beist withdrew the blade and looked at the remaining bandits “Well then…who’s next?”

Beist now stood surrounded by bodies, some charred, others de-limbed and executed, some with twisted bodies that seem to have ringed the blood out of them.

And yet, Beist stood as perfect as he had before the fight, not a fleck of blood on him or even another scratch to his armor, his swords drawn as he cleaned it with his cape. Soon though, he heard someone approach and without looking at whoever it was he spoke “I am afraid you are rather late to the party.”

Can we stop asserting the idea that all trans guys are tomboys/super masuculaine/androgynous  before they transitioned? 

Like I would rather be in shipwreck then exercise, my wardrobe used to be like 90% sundresses, and I had tits that rivaled pam adersons. 

But guess what? none of that makes me less of a guy. And none of that stuff means that you wont get to place in your life where the rest of the worlds sees as guy too.

stop casting butch women as trans men 2015