okay so like harassing minors over stupid shit is, well, stupid - kids do silly things, they make mistakes, they can be gullible. that’s no reason to bully them or get pissy with them. if what they’re doing is harmless nonsense then honestly why expend the energy bitching at them in the first place? acknowledge that kids do preposterous stuff and move on with your life. no need to take things like fandom and deviantart arguments over ms paint scribbles seriously

but being under 18 isn’t a get-out-of-trouble-free card. kids tell people to kill themselves. kids can be bigoted. kids can do horrible things. and i believe that they should face the consequences of their actions. like nah it’s never justifiable to literally harass actual children just because they’re being assholes but at the same time i’m not exactly going to stand up for some kid getting dragged if they’re explicitly racist or they hate disabled people lol

anonymous asked:

do you still like sheith despite shiro being over 18 and Keith under 18 in canon?

…Keith really isn’t under eighteen. And again, late teens can be 18-20 or something from what I’ve read and im pretty sure that’s the age of consent too and they would be consenting adults.

I really genuinely didn’t want to be asked about this but this is the first I’ve gotten. All I want to say is that in no way, shape or form is the ship harmful, but to some people it may be and I respect that and respect that others also have their own interpretations. Thus the reason I will continue to tag so it can be a safe zone.

Once again, they are consenting adults by now nonetheless.

its weird being 18, 19, 20 in 2016 because i remember going into kindergarten and seeing those chunky ass giant computers at the desk and then going through school while technology rapidly develops and graduate in a world where people can have the entire internet and more just in their pocket like idk its so strange to me

  • Me:Mom I'm 18 I don't need a curfew
  • Mom:I don't give a damn if you're 18. What you think because you're 18 you're grown? Can you pay 18 bills with your 18 years?
  • If you think you know everything now since you're 18 well you can go and be 18 outside my house. Talking about she's 18. I will slap 18 out of you with my 18 hands.
  • Me:... that doesn't even make sense?
  • Mom:shut up and go do the dishes it's 18 of 'em
18 things I learned while being 18

(Since it’s my last day being 18 I decided to write this)

1. Its ok to be homesick while you’re away at college
2. Dying your hair black is probably a bad decision
3. Eating bananas helps with cramps
4. Don’t ever put someone else’s mental health before your own.
5. If you don’t feel happy in the relationship anymore you should probably   leave.
6. Drinking orange juice in a rush to get to class after you brushed your       teeth is really gross.
7. Don’t wear a white shirt while drinking coffee
8. It’s ok to be nervous at a job interview
9. Going to a different country is the best thing you’re ever going to         experience
10. Getting tattoos hurt
11. Getting tattoos are probably the second best thing you’re ever going to experience
12. Just because you don’t spend as much time with someone doesn’t       mean they’re not still your best friend
13. Texting your grandma isn’t has fulfilling as calling her.
14. Making new friends is difficult.
15. Making new friends is also pretty fucking cool.
16. Making decisions that will change your life are the worst but extremely   necessary.
17. Working out can be fun.
18. People will understand that you have anxiety and are going to help you,  but you have to ask for the help.

Bonus 19. Loving yourself is difficult but it’s worth it all in the end.

i just registered to vote.

wow, i’m feeling that much older.

technically i still have to fill the form and mail it in, but yeah. yay, this is the first 18year old thing i’ve done haha. even though i’ve been 18 for 18 days, dang coincidence much.
Oh and today I officially do not have to be paranoid driving around illegally, because I am insured! woo. I am still waiting on my own car tho, and a job. 

I can’t sleep, i’m waiting for my mom to get home…. I want to go wait in line for the lending library, save some money on some books with my friends, let’s hope she’s too tired and says yes…. I should be there right now but fuck camping out there haha. I’d rather go at 6AM, and pray that the line isn’t too long, It opens at 2pm and closes at 6pm, and by the looks of it, i hope it isn’t as bad as yesterday with a line wrapping around the whole campus. boo, okay, ima go fill out the registration forms.

i’m out. 

Writing this now, God, how I miss the cultural side of eighties – the rhetoric, the raggedy clothes, the politics, gigs you were frightened to go into, Radio 1 when it had weird bits, Channel 4 when it was radical, the NME when it had writers, and the thrill of discovering underground music and new comedy for yourself.

Or maybe I just miss being eighteen, and like all those columnists who turned forty sometime in the late nineties and wrote simultaneous think-pieces on why Punk was the best thing ever, I’m just confusing the thrill of being young with the notion that the era in which I was young was in any way especially creative or remarkable.

—  Stewart Lee, How I Escaped My Certain Fate: The Life and Deaths of a Stand-Up Comedian, 8.

I don’t understand why CBS hasn’t shown a Zaulie showmance segment by now? They’ve flirted constantly, expressed mutual feeling towards each other, and talked about laying low. I understand just how important swirl couple representation is, considering I’ve been in one in the past. We don’t have enough Zakiyah screen time either. She’s playing one of the best games and yet, nothing. America deserves to see how the queen of bb18 plays and strategies. No one should blame the tag for being upset because we have a right to be. I love James, but how many more times do we have to see him pranking hg’s? Even the zaulie live feeds have been tampered with. I wanna give the editors the benefit of the doubt and believe they’re coming up with a cute an elaborate edit for them soon, but maybe it’s just false hope.

I hate when people say “it’s just the way I was brought up.” okay, if that’s the truth, then since your parents couldn’t educate you on respecting people’s boundaries and not harassing others, then you need to be educated by others. Don’t use that tired excuse when it’s so easy to not slap a woman’s butt when she walks by and to not use derogatory terms toward them. It’s not a hard concept to grasp at all.

18 new things to do while I'm still 18.

1) Go on a roadtrip. A proper one.

2) Get closer with my sister before I (hopefully) go to uni.

3) Kiss a stranger… or anyone.

4) Go clubbing. (I guess I have to at least once).

5) Be confident with the way I look.

6) Start running.

7) Move out, (go to uni.)

8) Meet new people.

9) Start writing that book.

10) Read - just for fun again.

11) Watch Ted - because it looks hilarious.

12) Embrace the mess that is my hair.

13) Try and let myself fall in love.

14) Start planning my travels around the world.

15) Accept the fact I can’t dance and just have fun with it.

16) Rollerskate. Go to a roller-rink!

17) Stay up all night for a good reason.

18) Lay out under the stars with people I care about.

This was way harder than I anticipated…

Drink whenever they talk about:
  1. Horan skipping college to go Pro.
    1. Extra sip if they say that she went to PSG.
  2. Pugh only being 18 years old.
    1. Extra sip if they say that she could have gone Pro.
  3. Dunn being cut from the WWC Roster.
    1. Extra sip if they say that she was league MVP.
  4. The Morgan trade.
  5. Harris and Naeher fighting for the backup spot for Rio.

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