Being In Love

It’s been seven days since I heard your voice.

It’s been four months since I first was able to pick your laugh out from a crowd.

Your laugh. My light. 

My mirror, my solace, insanity reflecting but so safe, so assured.

You’re gone and you took the upper hand and you know it, you coward.

Nobody know this better than I do

anyone who goes down into your fear to get you out will leave scared and empty-handed

wondering when they took up residence underground

you’ve got to be the one to climb

I’ll shout at you so you know where the light is from the sound of my voice

and I will keep my hands strong to pull you the rest of the way when you’ve run out of handholds

but I can’t be your light in the dark

I can’t be the thing that saves you

or illuminates to give you comfort in your fear

because fear does one thing, and that is suffocate everything in its path

you are too goddamn scared

and so am I

as comfortable as mingling our fears would be,

that darkness would bury us both

that’s why I can’t wait for you

that’s why

sooner or later, I’m taking your notes down and slipping out of the memories and the bracelet from you one last time

—  That’s Why /.w.m.w.