There was this one scene when I had to sit opposite her at this dinner table and she was wearing this very revealing top and I was 21 at the time so… sitting there, trying to focus was rather difficult, trying to remember all those lines. She’s very gorgeous isn’t she?
—  Douglas Booth on the challenges presented by working with Mila Kunis
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Peter & Company Pilot Voice Outtake - Whitney, Peter and Seth

This past Wednesday, we held a special Tigerdile stream where the voices of Whitney, Peter and Seth (Whitney Ponikvar, Jonathan Ponikvar and Christopher Wade, respectively) all sat and did a live dry reading of the upcoming P&C pilot script for our characters. This was just to get some practice in, get a feel for the pacing, and to revise/add some lines where necessary, so none of the other recordings were saved for the actual pilot.

Here’s the page of the comic where the lines from this recording were taken from (which will also be a scene in the pilot):

Due to requests from those in the chat room, this recording was saved as a sample of the voices (and also for the unrehearsed joint beatboxing at the end). I honestly wish I had remembered to save a few other moments throughout the evening that were pretty hilarious, but we plan to do multiple streams like this, so I’ll be sure to do so next time.