We’re back, folks! Lets get the ball rolling! Here’s a Snag pose sheet for reference purposes.  We want the characters to have very defined expressions and poses blurring the line between on-model and off-model.  Basically it just makes the characters more fun and interesting!  We’ve done pose sheets for all the main characters so stay tuned! Rawhide is coming up next.

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Iris & Nathaniel’s first kiss (Behind the Scene - S01E03 “Be Mine”)

Second part of episode 3 “Be Mine” behind the scenes.

Let’s continue right where we stopped : the end of the fight. You’ll notice that it was still the “Crystal Florus” in the storyboard. The “Crystal Luxtra” wasn’t ready by this time. 

In this sequence is a very rare, if not unique “Un-Transformation” shot, where we “see” how instantaneous it is for the princesses to go back on Earth and revert to their “normal outfits”. 

The biggest change you’ll notice between storyboard and final render will of course be the kisses shots. :) As usual, these shots are tricky, and we were asked at the last minute to change the staging and “hide” the kisses. It always makes me wonder “why put them in the script in the first place, if they’re so problematic ?”. 

I prefer however to see the bright side of things : by introducing kisses this early, we were able to write better love stories later in the show and have other kisses, and not only by “accident”. I’m refering to episode 19 “Shanila Surprise” of course… but not only ! See you in season 2 ! ;)

And as always with storyboard shots, you can try to find what made its way to the final episode, and find out what else was changed / removed. ;)