[Imperial Bulletin, by Royal Decree of Her Imperial Radiance, Star of the Seas, Shepherd of Oceans, Tender of her People, Most Benevolent Cullmistress]

Will my most darling off-spectrum atypically )(emotyped woolbeast young please refrain )(ims)(ellf from coating my gardens wit)( cluckbeast embryos? T)(e poor )(ouse-reefers are losing w)(at little glass sp)(eres t)(ey )(ave left.

And if I catc)( you, it’s anot)(er cuttle )(our, wriggler.

Beforus Feferi by saccharinesylph
Photos by the incredible princessofmind/princessofphotographs
Colossalcon 2015

COST OF THE CROWN -lyricstuck

This is my lyricstuck in its entirity. I know it isn’t the end of the song but I can’t think of a better place to end it than here.

It was inspired by things i’ve read from:


@manicpeixesdreamgirl (


Click on the pictures for the names

The Tote design by askmoodymrgemini and The Balanced Guardian design by GCmun, the rest of the designs were made by AGmun.