Before the Insanity

In the Garden of Good and Evil

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by Leanansidhe363

When Sherlock Holmes loves, he loves obsessively.
He loves the Work. He loves his city. He loves John Watson.

After fifteen years together, Sherlock wakes up in a hospital with a year and a half missing from his memory the life he fought for in pieces around him. His marriage has fallen apart and John has moved on with someone else. John, desperate to put his life and his broken heart back together, struggles to withstand Sherlock’s renewed devotion as well as his persistent possessive jealousy.

A new drug on the streets of London is turning its users briefly to geniuses before driving them insane. A figure from Sherlock’s past is playing a deadly new game with Sherlock and it will be John who suffers for the Consulting Detective’s failure.
The fractured couple might learn too late that love is the most lethal addiction of all.

Words: 2010, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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5th character - Asriel/ Flowey/ Satoko.
Asriel is one of the youngest in the group. In spite of his small appearance he has an impressive arm strength and with the help of Flowey, is very clever in setting up traps and usually tests them on Papyrus. He isn’t able to show many emotions but Flowey more often then not speaks for him and tends to guide him around - this is due to him remembering that he had killed everyone in the village once before and before going completely insane with paranoia Flowey had absorbed all those memories and practically his emotions, he is now practically an empty shell. There weapon of choice is vines created through Flowey that can wrap around someone and kill them up keep them tied up for a while, causing no physical harm to Flowey but Asriel instead. They don’t use it very often. Papyrus has a soft spot for him and aims to cheer him up and make him smile one day, as such he is very protective over the little guy and in one arc he tries to save Asriel from Flowey, of whom he suspects is controlling Asriel, but winds up being killed instead.

Okay, I’m putting this out there:

  • Yeah, I’ve used the Insane Trait before. I don’t use it often, not because I think it’s offensive, but because I think it’s a silly trait that doesn’t really add much to a sim. I don’t think ‘Insane’ is really the right word for the trait, simply because ‘Insane’ is such an umbrella term that doesn’t really point to anything. 
  • I use the Neurotic Trait. My own Selfsim has the Neurotic Trait to sub in for my own little mix of mental disorders. I don’t use it to make light of mental disorders. I want my Selfsim to be a true reflection of who I am, and my mental disorders are a part of who I am. I won’t hide from them. 
  • Can we stop pretending Insane is a cuss word or pejorative term? It is not like the the n-word, or homophobic slurs like ‘faggot’. It just isn’t. Mental disorders are not taken seriously enough, and yeah, there is some discrimination out there. But let’s not pretend ‘insane’ is used that way. When there are people that get called actual slurs like the n-word just walking about on the street, let’s not equate it to that. That’s not right.
  • Never actually done an asylum challenge before. But, if the writing is done well, what’s the problem? If someone is belittling mental disorders, and not doing their research, then yeah, maybe that person could be educated on how mental disorders work, and how important it is they’re taken seriously. But I’ve read some good asylum challenges, that aren’t even necessarily even set in asylums! And some of them are well written, and even about the people getting help? Isn’t that the point? Shouldn’t each piece of writing be taken on it’s own merit? 
  • I REALLY don’t like people telling me what I should or shouldn’t be offended by. Essentially saying, ‘You have mental disorders, you should find this offensive!’ I’ll decide myself whether I’m offended by something or not, thank you. I don’t need someone policing my own offense levels. 

If anyone has an issue with that, go ahead and unfollow. I’m probably never going to make it to 100 followers anyway, so I don’t really care. If you do unfollow, I’d rather you had the stones to tell me why, but if not, I can’t stop you. Go ahead. Buhbye.

Now, I’m going to avoid my dash for a few days until this hopefully blows over, because this shit is stressing me out and I can’t afford more panic attacks right now. I just can’t. I’ll probably just check people’s blogs manually on my ipad. So if I miss anyones posts, I’m sorry.

I started to watch sense8 there is like 2 days ago (I only have one episode left) and I just wanted to say that this show totally changed the way I see things in my life. This show totally transported me, it’s insane because nothing is real, it’s just a show you know? But I don’t feel the same anymore, idk how to explain how I feel, I’m overwhelmed by my feelings due to this show, it never happened to me before, that’s insane, I know I’m a little bit drunk but I’ve been thinking about it all day, it made me question on everything, it’s insane.

anonymous asked:

All the numbers pls

((You know.. I wasn’t even gonna answer this. But after the insanity that just happened in my inbox, I’m gonna do you a solid and answer SOME of these. Sorry they’re short, I just wanted to do as many as possible :3)) 

Are looks important in a relationship?

Not necessarily. I prefer it if they’re attractive but if they’re not the cutest thing in the world, they have to have a lot of personality to make up for it. 

2. Are relationships ever worth it?

Honestly, some of them really aren’t worth the heartbreak you end up going through. 

3. Are you a virgin?

HA. Please.

4. Are you in a relationship?

Ha…. please… no.. 

5. Are you in love?

I wouldn’t call it “love” but I’ve got my eye on someone. 

7. Can you commit to one person?

Oh yeah, I’ve been in a couple of committed relationships before. 

8. Describe your crush

I don’t really know a lot about him yet. He hates Larxene, loves coffee and has a weird adoration for math that I will never understand. 

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe lust is mistaken for love, so no.

11. Do you ever want to get married?

Can’t say I haven’t considered it. 

12. Do you forgive betrayal?

Depends on the kind of betrayal. For me, the punishment should fit the crime. 

13. Do you get jealous easily?

Again, it depends on if I need to get jealous or not. Sometimes I guess? 

17. Do you like kissing in public?


20. Do you shower every day?

Yeah, unless I know for a fact I’m not going anywhere. Even then, I’ll most likely shower. 

21. Do you think someone has feelings for you?

…. Doubt it. 

23. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

Hell yeah, I’ve had a relationship last over a year. Unfortunately it ended because of trust issues. 

24. Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?

The way this year’s going? NOPE.

25. Do you want to be in a relationship this year?

Honestly, I’d like to, yeah. 

26. Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you?

Only in platonic ways. 

27. Has someone ever written a song or poem for you?


28. Have you ever been cheated on?

Unfortunately, yes. 

29. Have you ever cheated on someone?

…yeah.. Not exactly something I’m proud of. 

30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what would you change about your body?

I’m pretty okay with everything about myself, so I haven’t really considered it an option.

Blooming (Short Imagine)

*Disclaimer: This is my first imagine EVER (long and/or short) so I apologize if there are typos or weird changes in the plot. But overall, I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear feedback!

It’s a regular school morning, and you’re walking around the school with your best friend before the main bell rings.

“…(Y/N)? Were you listening at all! Jeez, I swear I’m talking to a wall sometimes.”

You realize you were daydreaming about (Y/C/N) again.

“Yes, sorry (Y/F/N).”

“Man, you daydream more than ever lately. You really gotta talk to that boy before you go insane and I lose you completely.”

The bell rings and you say bye to each other and start heading your separate ways to your first classes.

You walk in the room and already sitting there in front of your desk, is (Y/C/N). His friend (Y/C/F/N) is talking to him, but it’s clear he’s not really listening. He looks up when you enter the doorway, and stares at you. You make eye contact and he looks away just as fast as he looked at you. As you sit down behind him in your desk you can’t help but let a small smile show, feeling overwhelmed with a warm fuzzy glow in the pit of your stomach. That warmth soon goes cold as you remind yourself that he can look at you, but never once has he tried to talk to you. Your smiles fades as the teacher begins to teach. 

Class is coming to an end and everyone begins to pack their bags. You take out your phone and use it as a means to not look like a loner, considering you don’t have any friends in this class; just people you know. Just as you open Twitter to scroll though pointless tweets you’ve seen already, someone says, “(Y/N)”. You look up, and it’s (Y/C/N). You almost jump from the shock, but you’re able to play it cool.

 “Hey, what’s up?” You say as you nonchalantly lock your phone screen.

 “I was just you were at the football game last Friday?”

 You fish through your memory and remember that the only game you went to was the one your friend dragged you to because you don’t get out enough…last Friday’s game. 

 “Uhh, yeah. I’m pretty sure. Why?” you ask, incredibly curious. When you were there, you spotted (Y/C/N) on the sidelines and loved how he looked in his uniform. 

 He begins to shift his weight and shows a bit of a smirk. “I thought I saw you in the stands at halftime when we were going to the locker rooms.” 

 Your heart begins to flutter as you think, ‘he saw me too!’ “Oh, really? Haha I’m surprised you could see me around everyone else, the student section was packed.” You say, feeling like you’ve said too much already. He smiles at you, making you get butterflies. 

 “Well, it’s not hard to miss someone like you. I was wondering…now that the football season is over, there won’t be anymore football games. But basketball season is coming up and I really- I mean the team really wants to get as much support as they can.” he says as he begins to scratch the back of his head. “Do you think, you know, maybe you can go to the basketball games? You know…to show support for the team and all.”

You blush at the fact that he wants you to be there for him. You can’t wait to tell (Y/F/N)! 

“Yea, definitely.” You say, smiling at him. He takes a deep breath and smiles back. “I’ll see you at the first game.” You notice his cheeks are a bit pink, and realize he is blushing too.

You smile and say, “I’ll be there.” 

 The bell rings for the end of class and everyone piles out of the room, (Y/C/N) walking out right behind you.

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Fan quote of the day!:
“You’re losing it Jamie… we can witness you slowly slipping further into insanity before our very eyes.”
- @scottamcdonald Scott McPeepee
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BTS - Proof Positive #3

Pic #1 is my initial planning for Chapter 4, all the scenes i Wanted to write. And then I looked at what I had to do, and knew that I had to keep a word count. Good news? Everyone got a super long chapter, yaaaaay. Bad news, it took me a little longer to write.

This white board planning goes alongside the several pages of notes I have. And all the notes I have touch upon what happens up until Iron Man 2. i haven’t touched upon Avengers, or a lot of Cap stuff yet. But I promise that it is coming soon! In fact, you Might see some Cap next chapter……