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ok story time so this pretty cute girl that sits next to me in my child psychology class added me on facebook a few weeks ago because we realized that we have a ton of mutual friends from high school today and we get along rly well. so a couple hours before class tonight I was hanging out at my friend joes house and she messaged me making small talk then told me that she’s driving me to class so I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain (even tho it’s only like a 15 min walk tops). tbh I thought it was really sweet and idk why she offered but small gestures like that are things that have value to me :))


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08

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Was having a FaceTime catchup with Jack Walton, then boom he passes me Louis from One Direction󾍔 …alright… 

I keep thinking about @arcanebarrage’s Hang the Fool, and I had to draw this scene..

Post-titans headcanon that Hange is in awe of all the colours in the natural world but Levi keeps referring to all of them as some kind of prime colour like any shade of yellow is just ‘pale green’ or ‘very pale green’ or ‘green after a few drinks’, and Hange gets so frustrated and by the end of the fourth day beyond the walls she’s just flailing at flowers like explain this one short-ass, it’s the orange-est orange I’ve ever seen and he looks her dead in the eyes and says ‘sun red’ and for the first time Hange is rendered truly speechless and 1000% done by Levi and tbh this is so beautiful in my mind. 

The worst part about feeling like you’re losing your best friend is that you have NO ONE TO FUCKING TALK TO ABOUT IT.


I will bring him to justice,

no matter how long it takes

So episode 29 is like

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But also a lot of this:

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And the fandom to Candy right now is

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It’s a bit early for a sweater, though…