Before After and In Between

Dating Dean Winchester Would Include:

Warnings- There is mention of an injury (no real description though), some arguments (none of them violent), and a one-night stand is mentioned as well. Apart from that, it shouldn’t upset anyone.

- You and Dean met while you both were researching for a hunt disguised as FBI agents.
- You two were both super confused at first before figuring out the other was a hunter.
- After some arguing between you and the Winchesters, it became clear that you’re all too stubborn to leave so you may as well work together.
- Your stubbornness causes you to clash with Dean. Sam mostly rolled his eyes in the background while you two fought.
- This tension soon led to a one-night stand.
- You all continue to bicker after this.
- Sam storms away and leaves you two alone to research and sort through your issues.
- While researching, you and Dean get to know each other.
- This leads you to realize that he isn’t quite as mean and cocky as he would have others believe.
- He discovers that you’re quite an accepting and open person actually and don’t like to pick fights.
- You go over how you got into hunting and that causes you to realize just how similar the two of you are.
- Sam returns, satisfied that you two are getting along now.
- Later, during the hunt, Dean gets injured.
- This leads to you flirting with him to try to keep him conscious long enough to get him somewhere safe enough to treat his wound.
- Your talk with him escalates and you promise him a date when he heals, thinking that he wouldn’t remember.
- After the hunt is resolved and Dean is patched up, he asks about that date.
- And so, your relationship began.
- He is super protective of you. It can get really irritating sometimes.
- Really. It’s to the point where he tries to convince you to stop hunting and live in the bunker 24/7.
- You but sing loudly to his classic rock music together.
- He lets you drive his car sometimes.
- You two trust each other a lot.
- He’s huge on PDA. Anything from hand-holding to make-out sessions is okay for him in public.
- You both love to cuddle.
- You both alternate who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon.
- Whenever you have a nightmare, he’ll just take you in his arms and listen to what happened in your dream. He’ll then reassure you and offer extra training time to try to prevent whatever happened from occurring.
- When he has a nightmare, you do the same.
- You lessen his insecurity by reminding him how important, intelligent, resourceful, heroic, loyal, and loved he is.
- You’re both super proud of each other and constantly trying to one up each other’s supportiveness.
- For example: You’ll mentioned how he cut off those vamps’ heads in one clean blow and he’ll counter with mentioning how artful your decapitation was of that alpha you all had encountered.
- If you get injured in any way during a hunt by someone, he’ll step up training with you and go over the situation again and again.
- Even after you have gotten it right six times over and are 100% confident in your ability to avoid the scenario. You eventually have to call Sam in to let Dean know that it’s okay now.
- So many ‘I love you’s.
- You bake him a lot of pies.
- Particularly after arguments.
- Speaking of arguments, they’re frequent and often involve some yelling.
- They never escalate beyond that though as you both love each other very much.
- You two make up very shortly after your arguments as you both love each other too much to stay away.
- You become BFFs with Sam, Cas, Crowley, Charlie, and Kevin.
- Dean and you still flirt a lot with each other and sometimes will say cheesy pickup lines to make the other laugh.
- You love it when he cooks.
- He loves it when you cook.
- You both cook and bake together super often.
- This usually involves some level of food fights and other immature but immensely fun activities.
- You both love each other to pieces and are happy to have found a balance between an “apple pie life” and hunting.

DISCLAIMER- I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters referenced in this post. You own you. Please don’t sue me.

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

Looking at the same Scooby-Doo scene before and after a cutaway is like switching between alternate universes, except the differences are things like 

  • Sandwich shapes
  • Whether you own a fish
  • How much you look like a gremlin cosplaying Sleepy Gary
  • The size of yellow cardboard boxes
  • Where you like to sit on chairs
  • The existence of paper sacks
  • How much of a v-neck your nightgown has

isak before and after he spotted even

also what strikes me the most is the difference between the reaction of isak before the o helga natt scene and after, because before he was giggly and in love but after he was confident and you can literally see how much he loves even but also how secure he is in their relationship now and idk i’m emotional

The times when Dua's are most accepted during Ramadan:

• 1. The third portion of the night shortly before sehri ends

• 2. Whilst fasting

• 3. Between Asr & Maghrib

• 4. Just before fast opens

• 5. On Jumma before & after khutba

• 6. Between Adhan & Iqamah

• 7. Whilst raining

• 8. After Qur'an recitation

• 9. The Night of Qadr

Ana tips!! pt.2

- don’t EVER tell anyone that you’re hungry. even if you are hungry, don’t ever admit it. and don’t ask for food. this way you’ll only eat when you’re offered.

- set your own rules, for example don’t eat before 7am or after 7pm or tell yourself that you can’t eat between 11am-4pm or write down a list of foods that you must, at all cost, avoid and that you can only eat if you’re being forced to. don’t choose your absolute favorite foods though since your cravings for them might lead you straight into a binge.

- drink at least 3 litres of water//day.

- have a storage of thinspo. save pictures to your camera roll in one file so you can easily access them, or start a blog for thinspo on some social media.

- avoid food that’s sugary, fatty, saturated, fast food or other food that is healthy. try to eat, when you eat, food that is natural and home made.

- take vitamins and food supplements so that you’ll remain strong.

- listen to your body!! you don’t push it to things it can’t take. you don’t want to pass out in school or in front of your family so they’ll figure things out and force you to recover or end up in hospital.


- You shouldn’t tease her, Poirot!
- She makes it irresistible.

Some painful reality checks for VLD

• Keith was orphaned at a young age. Was adopted. Lost his brother. Found him. Lost him again.
• Lance’s big family doesn’t know where he is or if he’s ok or even alive
• Pidge knows Matt was alive but is he still? Also they have no idea where their father is
- Furthermore, Colleen cries every night for the loss of her husband and children
• Hunk is the most afraid of dying every mission and secretly wants to quit the most out of all of them
• Shiro never thought of anything but getting back to his brother when he was a prisoner and, additionally, watched helplessly as they tortured his best friend and his best friend’s father
• Coran had a family on Altea. I repeat. CORAN HAD A FAMILY ON ALTEA.
• Allura has consistent panic attacks alone in her chambers before and after and in between missions because she actually has no idea what she’s doing and dreads the idea that she could be responsible for any and all of the paladin’s lives… or deaths

I Will Show You - FP Jones | Riverdale

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Pairing: FP Jones x Female!Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warning: Mentions of sexual content & Daddy!kink, huge age difference

Wordcount: 1091

The puddle of water reflected the lights of Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe. It was almost 11 PM but the dinner was still filled with people. A girl, around the age of seventeen, sat in a red Jeep. Loud music was playing while she scrolled through her phone. It was clear to everyone that she was waiting for someone. This, someone, was FP Jones, the fearless leader of the Southside Serpents. The Serpents lived on the south side of Riverdale and were feared by the north, west and east. They were especially known for drugs, alcohol, and stealing. The girl was born and raised as a Serpent. At some point, her parents began to care less and she began to hang out with Joaquin and he was the reason, how she met FP.

Right now, she was waiting for him. She only went with him because he promised her some food, which she probably won’t get. After all, an invisible rule said that the Serpents were actually not allowed in the other parts of Riverdale. The only thing she knew about his business was that it was with someone called Lodge. The girl moved her eyes to the nearest cars; Cheryl Blossom’s Car. She was the queen bee of Riverdale High, and the youngest and now only child of the Blossom Family.

Just because she had the money, the red-haired witch thought she could rule Riverdale, mostly the whole world. Before she could drift even more into her thoughts, the door of the driver side opened. FP had an angry look on his face while fastening his seat belts. The girl looked concerned and reached out for his hand. The older man moved his face to look at her, and his eyes soften. “Everything okay?” she asked him while he wiped the sweat away from his forehead. “Yeah, nothing your pretty head has to worry about,” he told her with a wink. The teenager girl was about to answer when she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. A waitress was staring at them, with a deathly glare. FP touched her shoulder which caused the girl to look at him again. He caressed her cheek and moved towards to kiss her.

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One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed since losing weight and changing my diet/exercise routine is in my face! These pictures are less than two years apart! My cheekbones and jawline are so much more defined now and my skin has gotten significantly smoother. I almost look like a whole new person.

I missed you

Loki x Reader


Word Count: 1,383

Summary: You find out that your husband, Loki was still alive after falling from the Bifrost, and you were determined to see him. Although, when you do, it is not hugs and kisses like you expected from reuniting with the love of your life.

AN: mmkayyy, so my first shot at actually writing something, tell me if you like it. I just needed some good and frustrating ANGST. If y’all like it, maybe I’ll write more. If not, I’ll probably hide in my shell and never write again. Feedback is always welcome tho 

“I command you let me through!” You were yelling at the two guards blocking the path to the dungeons, or as you thought, your path to Loki. “We have orders from the Allfather, Lady Y/N,” they replied. “I don’t understand why I am forbidden to see my own husband.”

You had been arguing for almost an hour before you heard a familiar voice boom through the hallway. “Let her pass!” Whipping your head, you saw familiar golden locks and a sympathetic look from Thor. “He has already been sentenced to life in those dungeons. No need to keep him from reuniting with his dear wife" 

Thor put an arm around your shoulder and interrupted the guards before they could speak again, “Come! I will escort you to my brother”

After passing through the large doors and turning a corner, Thor stopped to look at you and sighed. “Lady Y/N, I know you must miss him but you cannot just bother these dungeons. He cannot be trusted. He is not the same Loki you grew up with centuries ago… that Loki fell from the Bifrost” He held your shoulders and you know that he means well but you couldn’t help but feel anger start to bubble up inside you.

“How is he different? He’s made mistakes but don’t we all? Thor, I lost him once but I know he is still my Loki.” You looked at Thor hoping he would understand, and sighed. “And even if he weren’t… I’d love him all the same.”

 Thor let out a second deep sigh and let go of your shoulders. “I hope he knows that.” You continued walking until you and Thor reached a rather large and furnished cell and saw the raven hair you missed running your fingers through.

“I must go now. I might need to speak to father before the guards do.” Thor turned and walked away before stopping to shortly look back between you and Loki. After Thor had left, you walked closer to the cell in front of you.

“Loki,” You spoke quietly but loud enough for him to slightly turn his head to the side.

His hair was much longer from the last time you saw him. From what you could see, his eyes looked sunken and his face was a sickly pale color.

“Loki,” You repeated and he furrowed his brows before standing up and turning to you. “What are you doing here?” He spoke harshly and glared. You were confused for a moment. He seemed angry and ashamed all at once but you still missed the sound of his voice after it had stopped flowing from his lips.

“I wanted to see you.” You continued keeping your voice at a whisper. He scoffed and looked away. You didn’t understand what you were feeling. You wanted to kiss him and punch him all at once. He left you but he’s here now. You started to feel the tears prick at your eyes and you looked down at your feet, from being so overwhelmed, you assumed.

“Did you miss me?” You heard Loki’s voice mock and you looked up to see his back turned to you once again.

Your tears subsided and whatever you were feeling turned into anger. Angry at him for everything; for leaving you and letting you cry at night, for mocking you now and for not seemingly missing you at all. At the same time you were angry at yourself for still wanting feel his lips against yours.

You furrowed your brows and raised your voice a little louder, “No, Loki. I didn’t.” Loki turned back to face you and looked taken aback, all you could do was let out a laugh and wipe the tears away. “I didn’t miss you at all. I didn’t miss the one person I called my friend. I didn’t miss the person I married. Gods, I didn’t miss having someone hold me at night or comfort me when I cried!” You were screaming and tears were falling hard at this point and you were trying to look anywhere but him.

“Y/N, I-” He started but you quickly interrupted him, not caring how much your voice cracked. “Of course I missed you, Loki” Your voice was back to a whisper and you looked back at your feet. You didn’t realize you had walked as close as you could to the cell. “I died when I heard what happened.” You let out a sigh and continued, “All I wanted was to see you again…” You looked up to see he looked… Sad. He had tears in his eyes but his mouth was turned downward like he was disgusted, not with you, but himself.

“I’m sorry, Y/N” Two words from his lips and all you wanted to do was hug him.  You just missed the feeling of him. You didn’t realize you were crying now just looking at his face.

“Why did you leave me? Why didn’t you tell me that you were okay? That you were alive?” You just wanted to know and every part of you was relieved that he was alive but hurt that he kept himself away from you and let you mourn.

“I couldn’t, Y/N.” he turned away again and started to walk towards his bed and you wanted to throw your slipper at him. “Why not!?” You yelled and he stopped moving completely. You saw his body stiffen and he let out a deep sigh.


“Did you not want to be with me?” You didn’t even understand what was coming out of your mouth. You wanted an answer. Something to explain why you didn’t eat for months and cried yourself to sleep, wishing you had fallen from the Bifrost. You just wanted him back with you.

“Of course I wanted to be with you, Y/N!” Loki yelled and interrupted your thoughts quickly. “Everyday, I wish to be beside you again. To hold you while you sleep. To be out of this accursed cell and be wherever you are!” He was running his fingers roughly through his hair, causing the slicked back locks to fall out of place. “But I couldn’t…”

“Why not!?” You yelled again

"I’m a monster, Y/N!” He looked at you full of rage. Not particularly at you but at everything. He wanted the world to melt away. “I couldn’t take it and especially after what I’ve done, I was too ashamed to even think of holding you again.” He sat on a small chair and put his head in his hands. You know what happened in Midgard but frankly, didn’t care when they told you he was okay.

“Did you at least try?” Your voice was cracking, you weren’t even sure if Loki could still hear you. All he did was sigh again before speaking up, not moving from his spot. “I wasn’t strong enough to try… I was too weak.”

“Were you too weak… or too selfish” You were hurting all over and your chest felt like a sack of bricks. It worsened when you saw a tear slip past Loki’s palm. “I don’t deserve you, Y/N…” He was near sobbing and it made your heart burn and caused you to choke back a sob yourself but you were just as mad.

"Loki, please… Just look at me” Your voice was still cracked but you had managed to cease the tears that were falling from your eyes. He looked up at you and you saw the tears that covered his cheeks.

“I’m not strong enough to try anymore, Y/N” He started to whisper, afraid that he wouldn’t be coherent if all you could hear was sobbing when he raised his voice. Hearing his words, your tears pushed out once more. You could feel your heart tearing itself to pieces. It felt worse than when you heard about his “death”. You felt hopeless. He was not the monster he believed himself to be nor did you believe he ever will be, but it seemed like he was the shell of your Loki.

“I missed you, Loki” you whispered one last time and turned around to leave when he put his head back in his hands and started to choke back his sobs.

“I missed you too, Y/N" 

Part 2 “Safe”

Dirty Thoughts

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (mind reader)

Warning: Language, smut… (I’m not sure how good this is. Work with me it’s only my second time writing it.)

You swore when you joined the Avengers you would never invade their thoughts, but what happens when you get drunk at Tony’s birthday party and hear the things Bucky Barnes is thinking, about you?

This was a request from @imagicana

“Come on Y/N,” Tony trails after you as you continue your way down the hallway. “they have hidden secrets.” Tony pleads with you, hoping you’ll give in and use your gift to pick through the team’s minds.

“Tony, I can’t pick through someone’s thoughts. I can only hear what they are thinking at the moment.” You remind him for the millionth time.

“But it could be something so good. Call it a birthday gift.” He grins at you.

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I made a masterlist!

I realised that I’ve actually written quite a few scenarios! I’ve only been on Tumblr for a month but I wanted people who only just find me to have the chance to read everything I’ve written so here’s a convenient place where you can find them all.

bold means it’s an au scenario

I’ll update this after every new scenario!


A Blushing Graduate (Baekhyun)

Baby Girl (Chanyeol)

Birthday Breakfast (Suho)

Bloody Teasers (Kai)

Coming Home (Sehun)

Cuddles With A Panda (Tao)

Drunk Kisses (D.O)

Fireworks (Baekhyun)

His Distraction (Sehun)

His Muse (Chanyeol)

His Shield (D.O)

Hunted (Sehun)

Inky Words (Kai)

In The Airport (Kai)

Kicking & Screaming (Sehun)

Lost Pup! (Chanyeol)

Lovehearts (Chen)

Mornings In Paradise (Lay)

Morning Kisses (Baekhyun)

Mr Taxi (Lay)

Painted In Exhaustion (Kai)

Passing Planes (Chanyeol)

Picnic Promises (Baekhyun)

Room Service (Chen)

Searching For The Golden Egg (Chen)

Splash (Sehun)

The Perfect Coffee (Xiumin)

The Rebound (Lay)

The Test (Chen)

Trailer Surprises (D.O)

Under The Bridge (Sehun)


A Family Of Bears (Chanyeol)

A Kiss Says It All (Luhan)

An EXO Girl (Chanyeol)

Before And After (Chanyeol)

Between The Flowers + Above The Flowers + The Fairest Flower (D.O)

Chocolate Fondue (Baekyeol)

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Comfort (Baekhyun)

Damn Tequila + If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them (Baekhyun)

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Favourites (Tao)

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Full Of Doubt (Luhan)

Home Run (Baekhyun)

Icy Tumbles (Chanyeol)

Just Go + Don’t Go (Kai)

Late (Chanyeol)

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Lost In Translation + The Korean Charm (Chen)

Message In A Bottle (Sehun)

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Warm Milk & Cookies (Suho)

Where You Belong (Chanyeol)


Autumn (Xiumin)

Cuddles (Baekhyun)

First Class (Baekhyun)

Gone (Kai)

Graduation Tears (Chanyeol)

Lollipop Trouble (Chen)

Lovesick (Sehun)

Outside The Club (Suho)

Shots! (Chanyeol)

Stargazing (Chanyeol)

Weddings (D.O)


prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight;part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

ALONE (Chanyeol AU)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one


prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.


part one; part two; part three; part four; part five;



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