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There are over 30 years between these amazing before-and-after photos.

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Chris Porsz was tired of studying sociology.

As a university student in the 1970s, he found the talk of economics and statistics completely mind-numbing. So instead, he says, he roamed the streets of his hometown of Peterborough, England, with a camera in hand, snapping pictures of the people he met and listening to their stories. To him, it was a far better way to understand the world.

He always looked for the most eccentric people he could find, anyone who stood out from the crowd. Sometimes he’d snap a single picture of that person and walk away. Other times he’d have lengthy conversations with these strangers.

All photos by Chris Porsz, used with permission.

But eventually, life moved on and so did he. He fell out of love with photography. “Those pictures collected dust for 25 years,” he says.

Then, a few years ago, Porsz found those 30- to 40-year-old photos and sent them to be printed in his local newspaper.

And remarkably, people started recognizing much younger versions of themselves in his shots. “There was this lightbulb moment,” he says of the first time someone wrote to him about one of his photos.

Eventually, he became curious about the people he’d photographed all those years ago, and he decided he’d try to find some of them. It wouldn’t be easy — the photos were taken a long time ago, and Porsz didn’t have names or contact information for many of the people in them.

But he did find some of them, sometimes in extraordinary ways. “Some were absolute million-to-one coincidences,” he says.

Like the time he went out on a call (he’s a parademic these days) at 3 a.m., and the man he was there to treat recognized him as the photographer who’d snapped his picture all those years ago. On another call, he asked a local shopkeeper if he recognized any of the subjects in the photos. He did.

Once Porsz began posting about the project online — he calls it “Reunions” — it became easier and easier to reconnect with his former subjects.

Many were eager to recreate the old shots as best they could, like Layla Gordon, who Porsz originally photographed drinking milk in 1983.

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Others groups, like these schoolgirls, had fallen out of touch. “Reunions,” fittingly enough, brought them back together.

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Porsz says that his subjects, like this wild-haired couple, were strangers to him 30 years ago. Now he considers many of them friends.

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In all, Porsz has collected over 130 before-and-afters in his new book.

The response to Porsz’s work has been more than he ever imagined.

He’s personally heard from people all over the world who’ve been inspired by his project and want to try to recreate it themselves. But beyond that, he just hopes it brings a little warmth and happiness to the people who see it.

“It’s important for me for my photography to make people smile,” he says. “Because there is so much sadness in the world.”

And while the project is finished for now, don’t count out the possibility of “Reunions Part 2” somewhere down the line.

“I’d love to meet these guys in 2046 when I’m 94 years old,” Porsz says.


Definitely check out the full project in Chris Porsz’s book “Reunions.”

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Delta Sans

Age: 27

Universe: (before) Deltatale

(After) None

Status: Single

Height: between 5'7" ½ and 5'8" ¼

Magic color: Purple

Powers: basically teleportation and blue attack, as well as boosted attack and defense from Frisk’s Determination

Drawing made by @ravenpember-dtd
Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

The moment you (and we) have been waiting for! The Kickstarter for Before, After, & In Between is now online!! We have a great comic anthology that needs your help to print. There are four stories for each section of the book and over 250 pages of never-before-seen comics by 12 different and talented artists.

Rewards for backers include the book, a PDF of the book, limited edition postcards, commissions from contributing artists, and more!!! Go on to our Kickstarter page for more info.

The books will be limited, only 300 or so copies will be printed. So grab it while you can! Follow this tumblr for more updates and teasers that will be posted as we go on. Thanks for all your support and interest!


hey guys! only a little over 40 hours left to back-up the before, after, and in between anthology on kickstarter!

the anthology consists of twelve comics by twelve artists (four artists for each category); the central theme being the end of the world.

since the $15,000 goal was reached, there’s a new $50 pledge that includes one of three postcards featuring the main characters of my comic: butterflies. (pictured)

the artists featured in this anthology are: taylor c. AKA enenkay, geraldine chan, william gibbons, marina julia, yuj lee, yasmin liang, kathryn mann, mai k. nguyen, OMOCAT, emma rand, monica ray, and due to an unforseen event, RMR will not be participating but nate maurer AKA captainosaka will be filling her spot in the anthology.

thanks to all the backers who made this project such a success!

I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful at 3am. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful before coffee and after coffee and in between. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful with messy hair and eyes half closed. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you put on your black dress or wear you’re slippers to the grocery store. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you have headphones in and you’re not listening to a thing I say. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you’re laughing or crying or we’re arguing. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you fail an exam and when you top your class. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you can’t find the car keys or bought new shoes or want ice cream late at night. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when you’re late for a meeting or you burnt all the cookies because you didn’t follow the damn recipe. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when the sun is rising and setting or when the day is cloudy or the rain is falling. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when the night is warm and the stars are shining. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful in front of museums and at concerts and while building sandcastles. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful before the movie and after the movie and while buying popcorn. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful while you’re cleaning or drawing or writing. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful when the plane is landing or we’re catching a cab or we’re walking hand in hand through a park covered in snow. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful in front of my parents and my friends and in front of yours too. I’m going to tell you that you’re beautiful just because I think you are and even if sometimes you don’t think you’re beautiful and you feel just a little worn out; how beautiful I think you are will never be worn out to me.
—  dear you - c.p 

Before, After, & In Between is a comic anthology featuring twelve talented artists on their take on what would happen before, after, or in between everything that goes down on December 21st 2012, the day the world is supposed to end.

This anthology will feature 200+ pages of new comics made specifically for this book. Yes that’s right, a book. We plan on compiling this into one complete book for your enjoyment and leisure. However, this means we require your help.

In the following weeks, we will be putting this project up on Kickstarter. Support of any kind will be greatly appreciated! Tell all your friends and family, be extremely excited, and follow this blog to keep up with upcoming news and more work in progress from the contributing artists. Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest.


There’s only four more days left !!! There’s still over 100 copies left, and you should really buy one before the world ends!!!!

Anyway, I finally finally finally finished my contribution to the anthology and I’m just really nervous because I’ve never told a whole story before so I hope you like it but sorry if it sucks but the art i think looks pretty neat so maybe just look at it or something oh god sorry orz 


MAKE A WISH-GAZA by Loulou d’Aki (2012)

Make a Wish is an investigation about the dreams and visions of a selection of 21st Century youngsters, for youth is the age of all infinite possibilities. The aim of the game is to open up the range of the research around the planet. In the whole picture, each chapter presents individuals in some group or situation, as to throw a light on the articulation between, -on one hand origin, cultural heritage, religion, climate and geographic position -and on the other hand, freedom. *This is the chapter shot in Gaza the days before, during and after Operation Pillar of Defense.

1. View on an open space hit in an Israeli air strike during operation Pillar of defense.

2. Ahmed Zayed, an 18-year old fisherman in the rubbles of what used to be his home in Salateeh area, until it was destroyed in an Israeli air strike a few hours before the truce between Israel and Hamas after the 8-day Operation Pillar of Defense.

3. The stables next to what used to be Yasser Arafat’s headquarters until it was destroyed in 2001 by Israeli helicopter gunships in retaliation for a suicide bombing.

4. Open space struck in an Israeli air strike during 8-day Operation Pillar of Defense.

5. 21-year old Maraam Homed is very active on Twitter; she sees it as a way to communicate to the world what is going on in the Gaza strip. She is the only Gazan to Tweet in french and was recently invited to Paris on a conference trip.

6. Amel Ashgar, 24 studies psychology and sport but would like to go to France and work there where women have more freedom to practice sports.

7. Alaam Abu Ansa, a 19-year old student of Technology and Medical science, stands in front of his garden where a Qasam missile hit ground without exploding this morning in Khan Yonis, southern Gaza strip. 

8. Mahmoud Sarsour, 23 from Tal El-Hawa after Friday prayers. He studies Civil Engineering at the Islamic Universtiy and believes that this is the best time to reach a united Palestinian leadership in order to change the situation.

9. Alah Ahmed Daama attends The Right to Live Society; a special school for Gazans with downs syndrome, established in 1993.

10. Jasmine Nebieh, 24 used to teach Yoga in the stadium before it was destroyed in an Israeli air strike during Operation Pillar of Defense. She studies Sport Psychology and would like to work with children in Spain.

11. 19-year old Abdallah Al-Rhaman works with his brother Ahmed; together they make a living by performing with horses in weddings and ceremonies, just like their father used to do. 

12. Amaha El-Naga, 16 lives with her 7 family members in Khan Yonis buffer zone. The day after Operation Pillar of Defense truce people stroll up unto the border for the first time.

The first picture was me about a year ago I was like nearly 260 and then me tonight down to 228 it’s been slow but hey this shirt fits way better than it ever did and proof is in the pudding plus I only started the gym and diet at the beginning of the January but I am so excited and thought I’d share this photo because I am feeling so happy and motivated 🎉☺️

Before, After, & In Between: A Comic Anthology

So hey everyone! It’s been quiet around here for reasons I’ve already mentioned, but a little update on where I am right now. I’m currently finishing my comic portion of this awesome comic anthology Kickstarter that I was so graciously offered a place in.

Before, After, & In Between is a comic anthology (AKA: a collection of different stories all revolving around the same topic, universe, or theme) and features amazing comics from 12 different and amazingly talented artists. It’s about the end of the world with stories that occur, well…before, after, and in between the big shebang!

This is the cover for my short story titled “What Remains”.

Our Kickstarter is currently still going, but only has 43 hours to go as of this moment. You still have a chance to get the book and support the artists and the project! Go check it out and spread the word. We’re very proud to be producing this thing. You can also follow our group tumblr for updates and progress reports.

Thanks, guys!

what women think misogyny is: a power system where males have power over females in both obvious and subtle ways; where men exploit women’s bodies and labor; where men are brainwashed into believing that if a group is 83% men 17% women it’s “gender equal”where something done by a woman is perceived as poorer and more flawed, but only if done by a woman; where men can walk into a clinic and have a vasectomy done with little, if any, questioning meanwhile a woman needs to fight for four years and file several lawsuits to have a tubal ligation and countless other examples

what men think misogyny is: when a man says the exact phrase “I hate women” with nothing before, after or in between those three words. sometimes not even that


2.02 || 2.22

You know what I think about a lot?

Wash giving up at Sidewinder and being like “I’m done.”

The MOI crashed on Sidewinder while he was still losing his mind in medical. He had no idea what was going on other than the minimal information North gave him and he had just woken up from a freaking AI induced coma and he probably figured he was gonna die right there.

And then he didn’t. Then he lived and was declared insane and wasn’t fit to work for TWO YEARS. And we already know the rest so I don’t even have to talk about it but after EVERYTHING in S6-8, he’s back on Sidewinder and nothing he has planned has worked for him and he’s just done.

He’s back on Sidewinder and this time he’s gonna die like he should’ve.

And then he doesn’t. Because Caboose wants to keep him.