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[So, uh, what's the differences between Taako before and after Wonderland, if you don't mind me asking? Like, a side-by-side!]

heres the first solid design i ever drew for him

and here’s how i’ve been drawing him post wonderland

(ignore the bigger nose, thinner ears and height, those are just things that changed as i drew him more and more, they’re not wonderland changes)

the main change is his hair, i h/c that losing his natural beauty meant losing his fluffy curly locks, now his hair is just kinda flat and thin. that was the best way i could think to portray that sacrifice

and then i’ve just been drawing him without his hat, scarf and coat because those seem like things he would have lost or discarded. maybe his hat got blown away when wonderland disappeared, maybe his coat was too torn up or bloodied to save. idk i just wanted to draw him looking like a mess after wonderland

Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between, you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you’re in my thoughts. I think I love you.
Some painful reality checks for VLD

• Keith was orphaned at a young age. Was adopted. Lost his brother. Found him. Lost him again.
• Lance’s big family doesn’t know where he is or if he’s ok or even alive
• Pidge knows Matt was alive but is he still? Also they have no idea where their father is
- Furthermore, Colleen cries every night for the loss of her husband and children
• Hunk is the most afraid of dying every mission and secretly wants to quit the most out of all of them
• Shiro never thought of anything but getting back to his brother when he was a prisoner and, additionally, watched helplessly as they tortured his best friend and his best friend’s father
• Coran had a family on Altea. I repeat. CORAN HAD A FAMILY ON ALTEA.
• Allura has consistent panic attacks alone in her chambers before and after and in between missions because she actually has no idea what she’s doing and dreads the idea that she could be responsible for any and all of the paladin’s lives… or deaths

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed since losing weight and changing my diet/exercise routine is in my face! These pictures are less than two years apart! My cheekbones and jawline are so much more defined now and my skin has gotten significantly smoother. I almost look like a whole new person.


- You shouldn’t tease her, Poirot!
- She makes it irresistible.


For @missidixon…enjoy!

Reid’s pupils dilated slightly when he walked into the library. Across the room, you stood in front of some shelves looking at a book you had pulled. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something about you that fascinated him.

Maybe it was because you were reading a book on some lesser known lore. Or maybe it was because you looked so calm and peaceful just searching for something. Or maybe, it was the smile that spread across your face when you decided to fully read the book you had picked.

Whatever it was, Reid knew he wanted to meet you. The trouble would be the ‘how’. He gulped.

“She’s been reading about the Norse gods and writing a paper on the differences between how they were portrayed before and after the influence of Christianity,” Reid sputtered, “She’s just so peaceful about it too. She rarely looks up she’s so into the content…What?”

Derek had been stirring his coffee with a smirk on his face. Reid had been talking non stop about this mystery girl for the last 40 minutes. Morgan let out a chuckle.

“You know all of this, and you still haven’t talked to her yet?” he mused aloud.
Spencer blushed. “I don’t want to say the wrong thing.”
“Saying the wrong thing is better than saying nothing.”

Before Reid could continue his questions, JJ passed them telling them they had a case. Spencer swallowed as Morgan chuckled again. He patted the younger guy on the back.

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Nearly 6 months progress between these pictures 😲😲 - I am baffled, I honestly see the left pic when I look in the mirror but when comparing the pics it’s unreal, I can’t believe I have achieved this in 2016, can’t wait for 2017! Also needa work on the booty, any tips would be great 👌👌👌

You know what I think about a lot?

Wash giving up at Sidewinder and being like “I’m done.”

The MOI crashed on Sidewinder while he was still losing his mind in medical. He had no idea what was going on other than the minimal information North gave him and he had just woken up from a freaking AI induced coma and he probably figured he was gonna die right there.

And then he didn’t. Then he lived and was declared insane and wasn’t fit to work for TWO YEARS. And we already know the rest so I don’t even have to talk about it but after EVERYTHING in S6-8, he’s back on Sidewinder and nothing he has planned has worked for him and he’s just done.

He’s back on Sidewinder and this time he’s gonna die like he should’ve.

And then he doesn’t. Because Caboose wants to keep him.


Character designs for my Death Gods in Love, La Muerte!Will ad Xibalba!Hannibal. I don’t have a storyline or anything for them because I ain’t got writing skills, but basically! Will and Hannibal love each other through life, death, and everything before, after and between.

Also it’s two of my otps merged together so

( e///V///e)

pros & cons of the mbti-types: ENFP


- talkative

- can be very positive and uplifting if they want to

- ambivert, wants to go out with their extraverted friends and wants to stay in with their introverted friends, can therefore have a large variation of friends

- i know that it´s cliché, but is a FREE SPIRIT

- has the craziest ideas

- phoebe buffay

- suprisingly understanding

- is happy to speak about life and death and anything in between, before or after

- @hilarious-cool-aquarius

- friendly af


- can be hard on themselves

- can become very very impulsive

- but honestly what are the cons???? 

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Y'all that "Thank You"

Man, I know Rick isn’t one to apply traditional aspects of masculinity. He’s very much the rejection of those anti-hero “do it your self” arrogant male types we often find on tv nowadays.

But can you imagine what he’s been going through over the past couple of weeks. Having to swallow his pride and dignity. Being torn down in front of his family and humiliated in front of his community. Having to carry that bat, and swallow his tongue, and admit his story about Judith. I wouldn’t say it’s emasculating, because I don’t like that word and it’s not how I would define Rick’s situation, but I’m sure it’s close. He’s been humbled to a degree that we’ve never seen before.

After all that tension between them, and probably a noticeable lack of physical contact between them, to have her take him in such a sensual, intimate, beautiful, reassuring way. Letting him know that no matter what, she was with him and loved him and believed in what he was doing. He needed that and he thanked her for it and it was the must humbling moment for me.


Valentines Day/ some Rowaelin love <3

Due to popular demand (and because Valentines was yesterday or today/ depending on where you live) I will do this fic request first! :D

So this takes place on the ship in EOS, but before shit happens at the end, and after Pirates Bay (sometime in between) oh, and in this they know they are mates


Rowan woke up to soft early morning sunlight streaming through the window and casting an arc of light onto the bed. Aelin was fast asleep next to him, sprawled across the bed in a big X, the bedcovers twisted tightly around her. Honestly, Rowan had no blankets left, but he didn’t mind. He wished he could stay like this for the rest of his life, the steady rocking of the ship was soothing. He shifted closer to her, wrapping her up in his arms. She was warm, as usual due to the fire that flowed through her veins. He breathed out a sigh, so happy to have his mate like this, like they were just made to fit together.


Aelin woke up slowly. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, a hand stroked down her arm in soft, soothing patterns. It was moments like these that she almost forgot about everyhting that was going on. The Lock, the keys, her magic and how tired she was now. So tired.

Slowly she turned around in his arms and smiled up at him, still sleepy. She dragged a finger down the tattoed side of his face and leaned in to kiss him, “Good morning.” she said when she pulled away, resting her head back on the pillow. “Goodmorning, my fireheart.” he whispered. Her heart swelled, she didn’t know it was possible to feel this way.
“Happy Valentine’s day.” she told him, grabbing his hand and pulling it to her chest, tracing the swirls on tattoo there.

Aelin had been waiting for this day, she knew it was silly, she didn’t have anything to give him, but she wanted him to know what he meant to her. How had they come so far?

“I love you.” she whispered, putting her whole heart into each word, staring into his pine-green eyes. He kissed her lips, soft but firm enough to make his point. “I love you too, Aelin.” he kissed her foreheard, “With my whole heart.” Tears welled in her eyes. She had loved him for so long and she was finally able to say these words aloud.

They snuck out of bed ten minutes later to grab some breakfast. They made it all the way to the kitchen and back without being interrupted. They sat there on the bed, eating quietly, enjoying each others company. Rowan reached back to the bed side table, opened the drawer and pulled out a brown paper wraped item, and handed it to Aelin. “Hopefully it will make all,“ he waved to the ship and room around, indicating the mess that had become their lives. “A little better.” he gave her quick kiss and she began unrwapping it.

“Rowan!” she screeched when she saw what it was, a fine box of her favorite chocolates. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” she leaned across to wrap her arms around him. He blushed, “I know you’ve been missing them.” That was true, with nothing but staple food items on the ship she missed ANYTHING and everything that was sweet. “Don’t eat them too fast.” he warned, “You’ll get sick.”

“Oh hush,” she said opening one and popping it in her mouth. She smiled at him, “Do you want one?” he hesitated but eventually Aelin was able to persuade him into eating one. She moaned through a mouthfull of goey chocolate, “Where did you even find these?” she asked. “When we docked a few days ago in Northern Eyllwe.“ It took her a minute, “That’s why you disappeared for so long!” she laughed, “You told me you were scouting!”

“Lysandra handled that.” he winked.

Aelin sat back in bed and brought her chocolates with her, content to watch Rowan as he got dressed. When he finished he brought their breakfast dishes to the kitchen.

He walked back into the room and stared at the empty box and wrappers on the bed, “You ate them all!” his mouth fell open. “Oh Please Rowan, you known me well enough that you shouldn’t be so surprised.” Aelin waved a hand and gave him a pointed glance. He sighed and Aelin saw the playful smirk he tried to hide, “No I shouldn’t have.”

“Rowan,” Aelin cut in, leaning back in bed, “I don’t feel so well now.” she place a hand over her stomach.

“That’s because you ate them to fast, fireheart.” he gave her a knowing look.

“Don’t give me that look.” She mocked him, “Just come here and sit with me, buzzard.”

Rowan crawled onto the bed, next to her. And draped an arm across her chest, resting his head in the space between her neck and shoulder. He gave her a little kiss. “I feel better already.” she told him.


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Also thanks, @stranger-from-hawkins for being my beta ❤ -Helena xxx