Beethoven’s 5TH Symphony in the style of Chopin

  • What other people bring to school:a pen, paper
  • What I bring to school:twenty different pens, paper, five novels, a music device, a three course meal, the entire sheetmusic to the Well Tempered Clavier, different recordings of my favourite Beethoven sonatas, a facsimile of a Handel opera and a violin bow
Performing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
  • *Orchestra director trying to get the altos to be heard over the entire orchestra*
  • Director:Come on altos, louder, pretend like you're screaming at your boyfriend or husband!
  • Me:That's not how singing works.
  • My Choral Director:*Looks horrified in the back*

#Physicists Prove #ClassicalMusic Inhabits Separate Realm, Inaccessible To Humans.

GENEVA—Physicists affiliated with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (#CERN) released a report Wednesday revealing that classical music exists in a field of reality entirely removed from the #4thdimensional spacetime inhabited by human beings.

Scientists were performing a routine search for fifth-dimensional activity using the Large Hadron Collider, the immense particle accelerator famous for proving the existence of the Higgs Boson, when they came across the entire corpus of Western classical music from 9th-century plainchant to Nico Muhly.

According to the report, the innumerable works making up this body of repertoire exist in a continuum that resides just beyond the limits of human perception.

“Classical music transcends both the linear, forward flow of time and the Euclidean space we are used to,” said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the director general of CERN. “A musical work is a mysterious entity whose essence totally eludes our senses.”

Physicists claim that any given performance or recording of a classical music piece is a kind of audible #hologram projected into our everyday reality by the true musical work, which vibrates eternally in an ethereal medium floating in and around us at all times.

“Think about #Beethoven’s #FifthSymphony. Sure, maybe you’ve looked at the score, and maybe you’ve heard this or that orchestra play it. But have you ever encountered it in its pure form?” Heuer asked. “When you leave a museum, you know the paintings are still there. But where does Beethoven’s Fifth go when you’re not around? Now we know.” #4biddenknowledge READ MORE

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