Subtly Amazing

Not every beer needs to be groundbreaking. Not every beer needs to be subtle. There is something to be said for the beers that are both triumphs of flavor and easy to set down. 

pFriem’s Sour IPA is one of those beers. It won’t blow you away with acid. It won’t drown you in lupulin. It’s tart, sure, but it won’t strip the enamel from your teeth. I know that will disappoint some sour beer fans. But honestly, I don’t understand those kids. The beer was dry hopped with an earthier variety, I want to say Amarillo. Instead of doubling up on the citrus flavor, the hops act as a counterpoint, a refreshment after the initial burst of sour. The finish is both puckering and bitter, exactly like a sour IPA ought to be.

Drink Can/Bottle Holder for Crutches

Giving those on crutches a way to carry their drinks with them. Science shows beer and other alcoholic beverages help with the healing process….I think.

Holds US standard 12oz soda cans and long neck bottles. Designed to work with standard aluminum crutches with a 19mm OD and ~117.5mm center to center pole distance.

I recommend printing with ABS for strength reasons. Remember to print with supports! I also printed with a 1.5mm wall thickness and a 20% infill.

You may be hobbling around, but at least you won’t be dehydrated

Advances in modern technology are amazing.