Shore Repairs was practically the most vaguest store that Lee has ever heard of. Sure, Lee has a knack for fixing just about anything that has crossed his path, but he isn’t embarrassed to admit that he could fix everything. His boss, on the other hand, loved to dramatize that aspect of his life, undoubtedly so. He had always loved helping others, so it was no surprise that trait rubbed off on Lee, who more or less agreed to helping him at the shop. It wasn’t a booming business, but it did it’s part in the community. It had only been a few months in since his return, so navigating his way around Cloverbrook was still a tough thing to do. On most days, Lee hung around the store, rather than exploring his surroundings. “Lee, I’m going out for a house call. Be back soon!” Peter called, hopping into his jeep. Alert, Lee  pulled himself out of bed, not exactly welcomed to the idea that he had to ‘man the store’ while his boss was out. “F—,” he cursed under his breath, wiping his face. 

The bell by the entrance sounded a few minutes after Peter’s departure, waking the dazed brunette. Clearing his throat, he picked himself out of bed, slipping on the flip flops that laid beside his feet. Passing through the back door, Lee fixed the bottom half of his shirt in attempt to be presentable, running his hand through his short locks out of habit. “–Hi,” he greeted, not very energized, his tone showing slight hesitation. “How… could I help you?”