Beebe Community Tennis Tournament, chasing down a forehand out wide, change directions at the moment I swing. I heard my ankle click three times and I hit the deck hard. I couldn’t feel my foot. A pain went all the way up my leg to my hip. Before I could look down at my leg that Kevin Ware video was playing on a loop in my head. Luckily, Dr. Darwin was a spectator at the tournament. Turns out it’s just sprained. No bone exposed.

Beebe, Arkansas. 7.19.2014.

Mom finally retired as the Beebe High School tennis coach after 16 years. At this year’s Beebe Community Doubles Tournament, friends of the team presented her with a blanket, which featured team photos from each year she’s coached. Mom and I got put out in the semi-finals of the Mixed and Jacob and I will be playing in the finals of the Men’s Wednesday.

Beebe, Arkansas. 7.28.2012.