Bee gets personal

Okay, so I have this friend, and, basically, many years ago he made a sexist girls-belong-in-the-kitchen joke, and since then, I’ve always spiked his tea with salt. This has been going on for absolute years. After the first few times, it just became habit to put salt in his tea and watch his amusing reaction. It just became our thing.

And I did it today for the first time in a while (simply because we haven’t met up in a house environment for a while) and he spat the tea out instantly like he always does, this time crying “I’LL NEVER MAKE A SEXIST JOKE AGAIN CAN YOU PLEASE STOP POURING SALT IN MY TEA”.

aug 4, 2016
  • real talk though i have trouble deciding what i want this blog to be. half of me wants this to be like a free for all Whatever The Hell I Want To Post because it is tumblr after all and tumblr is supposed to be just kinda like freedom from others expectations of what i need to post and whatnot like i wanna be able to post personal stuff and random dumb stuff without a second thought sometimes. but also the other half of me is like i want to be able to be a Resource for people and like be helpful!! and be a place where people can find advice by other people or even be a safe environment where they feel like they can talk to me!! bc i love talking to people!! despite my shitty shitty response time (it’s never personal it’s honestly just a horrible habit i’ve been trying to correct since literally 2012 lmfao)
  • also my hair was not behaving today
  • also my watercolor thing has probably dried by now and i haven’t cLEANED IT YET BAD DECISIONS AHH
  • also i wrote a post about applying to colleges in the us if you wanna read it
  • also i started rambling again so i decided to put this under a cut off again HAHA…HAHA……..
  • i am sorry to everyone who follows me honestly legit though seriously for more reasons than one oof im just a confused dazed teenager but also apparently i am an Adult now bc i recently turned 18 like wtf

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Okay, I’m just gonna put this out here. There is practically NO WAY IN HELL that Chloe, of ALL PEOPLE, will get the Bee Miraculous. I mean, come on! Chloe is a selfish brat and only cares about herself. She blackmails people, the school principle for that matter, to get what she wants through her father, the mayor. She doesn’t even care about Sabrina, who’s supposed to be her “best friend”! She humiliated Kim by blatently rejecting him, destroyed his expensive gift for her, and shared a very embarrassing picture of him on social media. She even sabotaged Marinette’s cousin’s dish so that he wouldn’t win, JUST because she got pissed that Marinette told Chloe to stay in her lane. Honestly, how will her getting the Bee Miraculous help her? To make her suddenly care about people when she doesn’t even care about Sabrina, who would fight tooth and nail for her? To suddenly make her be more responsible when she runs and hides and blames her faults on everyone else? If anything, the Bee Miraculous will just give her the power to be an even bigger bitch to innocent civilians. Unless she becomes a next villain, becoming partners with Papillion. That makes more sense. But having a spoiled brat who wouldn’t give two shits about the person she steps on, gets the Bee Miraculous and suddenly becoming a responsible and caring hero? Yeah, okay.

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Big news, guys

I’m getting a new job at my local Regal Theater, and am quitting Wendy’s. I figured having worked there for well over a year–almost a year and a half–was adequate. Besides, if I ever hope to pursue my dream of making movies, I need to start somewhere, right? And Wendy’s was taking too much of my time and my focus. I could barely get hobby stuff like GIFs, videos, fictions, drawings, and whatever else I can manage done, let alone think about doing college classes.

May 9th is my last day at Wendy’s, then I’m all Regal’s.

My first official day was technically today, but it was just paperwork and a couple of videos I watched at home. My next day for some training is this upcoming Sunday, and I get the feeling I’m going to be really tested next Saturday. *coughsCivilWarcoughs* And of course my pay is going back down to the base minimum wage—from $9.25 an hour to $7.65 an hour—so that’ll hurt me a little. May be a long while before I can make any indulgent spending or commissioning (sorry @charlestan ). Ah well, if I’m careful then that doesn’t mean I have to stop entirely. B3

Speaking of income, that brings me to another subject: commissions…from me.

I am open to commission, friendly reminder. And given that my work hours at the theater will be 30 hours at the most, I’ll have a lot more free time to spend on side stuff such as commissions. And with my consequential pay cut, I’ll definitely need it. My Commissions Information post on my art blog (kalahans-korner) got a good amount of notes, but I never did get any commissions whatsoever…that needs to change. I’m going to need help, guys–I can’t rightly do this on my own. Not with how minimum wage is right now. *crosses fingers and glances at Bernie*

I suppose I could also take commissions for music videos–I am rather good at those. Like, to the extent it’s a point of pride for me. I may just make a post for that if it seems worthwhile.

Anyways, keep me in thoughts and prayers, guys. I’m going through one hell of a transition here…oops, wait, iffy word choice. Ah, you know what I mean. Job transition. If you can help me, I will draw something, or if there’s any other service I could provide, maybe we can talk? I don’t bite, I swear–like Rapunzel I can be very friendly and charismatic. ;3

Also, the best part about the orientation videos? The guy in them mentioned how several actors got their starts working at a theater, including Julia Roberts, Wesley Snipes, and Sylvester Stalone to name a few. That, coupled with the knowledge there are Hollywood names who worked in fast food, really gives me the confidence and hope that I need.


I don’t know how active I’ll be today. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed at 12ish, so all day today, I’ll be pretty doped up. IF I post/message/reply, be warned…there’s no telling what I’ll say. XD If anyone wants to send me messages anyway, or send me stories or art, that would be a gift. But don’t feel obligated!

frozenprocedural I get the strangest feeling your “5 Golden Rings” TDOE fic is going to more or less happen tomorrow. (=^w^=)>“

I'mma send a lot of love while I have my competence: comickergirl searlait weowned8000saladplates not-so-secret-nerd hogwarts-is-frozen jungie14295 junemermaid03 ookaookaooka elsasfrozenfractals hecallsmepineappleprincess s0meimagination dapperzack do-you-want-to-build-a-sandwich yellowmage

I LOVE YOU AAAALLLLLLLL~~!!!!!!! Happy New Year! =3

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Important Announcement

I am going to take a hiatus.


Hehehe, in all seriousness though, I’ve been in a major funk lately. After talking to Nerd about it last night, I’ve come to the realization that I may be suffering from writer’s depression. I can still write, but at this point I’m more forcing it than anything. My inspiration is at an all-time low, and Birger’s been hounding me for far too long. I love him dearly, I do–but he’s taken over my life lately and it’s gotta stop.

I need to take a breather, clear my head, watch movies and play video games. My tanks are low, I need to refuel. I think that may include tumblr–I’m creatively exhausted, I have to take a step or two back. I sure as hell am not leaving for good. I have far too many great friends on here, and it’s not like I can ignore Frozen. Those girls have too tight a claim on my heart. X3 I just need to breathe… Besides, my queue is never below 200 posts, so it’s not like you won’t see anything from me. B3

While I’m taking it easy, I really want to set up co-admins for Birger’s blog. I’ve come to realize that I can’t handle him on my own like I can all my other OCs–Birger’s much too raw a force for me alone. He needs more people who’ll reign him in and keep him from going too far. If you know Birger well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of time, just fan mail me your email and I’ll invite you as a guardian of the Guardian. X3

Not leaving, just taking a break.

Oh, also, I can’t tag Nerd on mobile for some reason, but still–**hugz** I’m so glad I met you, you’re the best… (=⌒-⌒=; )

Something that popped into my head, and thought was worth posting.

Don’t demean fanfiction, nor its writers. Don’t think we’re cheaters, plagiarists, or lazy writers. Don’t think we’re any less creative than the people who regularly come up with their own content: i.e. J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Branden Sanderson, Cinda Williams Chima.

Don’t think a writer of a fanfic can’t be just as talented, just as deserving of the title author.

I don’t know about other people, but for me, writing fanfiction is actually harder than writing my original stuff. Why? I didn’t make these people. Yuna, Elsa, Artha, Thrall–all the characters I love and have either dreamed of writing stories with, or actually have–scare the crap out of me when I merely think of writing them. I didn’t make them, I don’t know them like the back of my hand. Well…actually, that last part isn’t always true. Sometimes I do know them like the back of my hand, sometimes I do have the perfect ability to write them. I just fear, oh do I fear, writing them wrong. It’s simply because I love them too much.

So never think that fanfiction is easy, that it’s cheap, that it’s somehow ruining your published work. Because it’s not. Did you know, some Star Trek lore that so many know so well were actually fanfictions that the creator loved so much, he made it canon? Did you know that Wicked is very simply a fanfiction of the Wizard of Oz? And, on that note, so is Oz the Great and Powerful? Not to mention all those Tom & Jerry movies where they interact personally with characters of other stories, for example, The Wizard of Oz (see, fanfiction’s more common than you think) and Sherlock Holmes. Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, you know those shows you love, Sherlock and Elementary? Those are merely fanfiction that’s being filmed and aired on TV. Once Upon A Time is another famous fanfiction (that’s how they calmed the Frozen fans, by assuring them that nothing would be canon). The latest live-action Disney adaptations–Cinderella and Maleficent–are merely fanfictions of their very own works, when you stop and think about it. Especially the latter.

Let’s not forget how C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein were friends, and created characters based on the other in their own works (Lewis was Treebeard, Tolkein was Digory Kirke). While not technically fanfiction, it borders on being such.

EDIT: I was just rereading this, and it hit me. Remember above, when I mentioned Rick Riordan? Well, guess what: the stories you know him most for, his mythology-based ones…ARE BASICALLY BIG WHOMPING FANFICTIONS THAT ALSO HAPPEN TO BE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS. PJO and HOO are quite literally fanfictions based on Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and (coming soon) Norse mythology.

Fanfiction is more common than you think, and it’s not always bad. Sometimes, amazing, glorious things come out of it. Not everyone’s cut out for published work, but then again, not everyone can write fanfiction either.

**heavy panting, my hair’s a mess, I’m covered in red patches from vigorous physical contact wrestling**

So…me and…m-me and my sister…we invented…this game with…with a friend of ours, it’s… Phew, it’s called Poké-Wrestling. It’s w-where you both choose a Pokémon to play as and four moves to use, and you wrestle.

Physically. Yourselves, you actually fight each other as Pokémon.

After having not poké-wrestled in years, me and my sister just finished an exhausting three rounds of it, and whoo! I forgot how taxing and hilarious it was! Our last battle–me as Haxorus, she as Hydreigon–lasted until we were mindlessly flailing about, exhausted, until my sister tried to choke me out yelling “Yield!” till I finally did so…

Phew! I forgot how much I loved that game! XD

My dream is to make animated movies. That’s what I want to do with my life: to share my stories for everyone to enjoy. I know what I want to do.
…I don’t know how.
What should I do? I want to go to DreamWorks specifically, that’s for certain. But how? What should I do, how should I plan? A plan works best when you have the proper steps.
But right now, I’ve got nothing besides “Get Into DreamWorks”.
But how do I reach that point? I’ve spent the last ten years with dreams and stories trapped beneath my skin. I’m impatient to get them out.

My friend revealed to me yesterday that she got a scholarship into her uni from an anonymous donor; £9k a year for tuition fees, and £9k a year for living expenses. That’s £18k a year, and £54k over three years.

To get this scholarship, she had to write to this anonymous person about her life, her hardships, what she’s learnt, why she deserves the scholarship, and how she’s going to change the world with her education. The condition is that she writes to the donor every so often to give them updates on her university experience and say thanks.

People like that actually exist.