"That is all the paper Diane is left with. She rushes to the ground and gathers the remaining pieces, frantically looks through them and finds the piece she is looking for. I sit on the ground slowly and try to catch my breath. The eulogy reminds me of myself. I look at my air gauge. It is depleting but, I don’t feel like doing anything about it anymore.”

—from Bedok Reservoir by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

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A Taste of Japan from an HDB

Day 40, Bedok Reservoir, Singapore, 10:43am 9 July 2011 

The thing about eating out is that it is different than the eating-in routine. It often tastes better because it is something out of the ordinary sit-down meal in the dining room. But then, when you always eating out, you long for the meals that are home-cooked like the night my boss made pasta in our office’s kitchen. The aroma and the taste made it a special, unique experience. Today, my landlady who is Singaporean Chinese and married a Japanese Singaporean, offered me to try her specially (and seemingly professionally) made, takoyaki, a Japanese meatball street snack, usually eaten on a stick. When I first saw her take it out in a plastic container, I was suspicious they were leftovers, but there were so many, it couldn’t have been! They had sprinkled parsley on top with a thin layer of mayonnaise (a strange Japanese fetish). 

It was amazingly delicious! Juicy and kicking with flavors, these meatballs were a true delight from the non-stop meals at hawker stands and restaurants. Nothing really beats having homemade meatballs that use a special sauce brought from Japan. If you ever come to Singapore and plan on renting an HDB room, make sure the landlady can cook! ;) 


Truth is, I was never strong enough to let everything go. I’m sorry I needed a lot of time and needed to shed a lot of drama to take the vital baby steps into forgiving and forgetting. Maybe, I just didn’t imagine that it is possible that someone could lost that much at once. That is why I kept on hoping that I could still start with what’s left of me and hoped to start growing from there. Unfortunately, as I was taking my time to forget and indulge in matters that could distract me from what I’ve lost, I seem to have managed to lose more important bonds. As of now I don’t want to know what caused the sudden cold hearts. Yes, it’s already too much to bear that I’m just choosing to run away from this one. I’ll just hope again that somehow fate will mend these broken lines. I’m going on full shut down

When the people you hold on to also seem to give up on you, will you ever have the courage to go back?

It’s beautiful where I am but nothing could replace my gone happy place. Afternoon Walk.


Yesterday’s adventure at Bedok Reservoir! ^_^ 

Shir and Yoyo's ROM!

my bestie is married! and i’m so happy to be part of it! especially when she got me to accompany her to the bridal to do her make-up and hairdo cus’ her wedding venue doesn’t permit her to do all these. and then you might wonder, where on earth is it? it’s at bedok reservoir! unique isn’t it? you hardly get to attend this kinda solemnization cus’ the rest are just rather mainstream at the hotel, be it indoor or outdoor of the hotel venue. the thing special about those wedding depends very much on how they decorate the place i guess. but my bestie’s wedding differences is on a whole new level. haha. you’ll know why later!

some photos of her preparing to get her make-up and hair done

and skipping all the not so pretty photos of the process, i shall present to you, the cute and pretty bride!! nobody can deny she’s cute cus’ she petite and never seem to grow old. haha! good thing about being small size!

i was trying to take her reflection photo like a pro. but oh well. lolol.

and here’s us snapping away while waiting for her cousins to come fetch us to the wedding venue!

all the decorations and stuff are done by her and her cousins. so san, ser and i didn’t have to do much but to mend the registration table and get people to snap polaroid pictures to put in the guest book! (:

13 pretty roses hand made by yoyo. these are just 13 nicer ones ones he had folded for her every single month since the day they got together. such a sweet guy almost extinct liao can?

love their bench! made with the the couple’s first wakeboards! yoyo owns Magic Tree Pte Ltd, so he got his people to make this for them. totally awesome. 

of course, there is a reason as to why they chose to have their ROM at bedok reservoir. because they do their wakeboarding there! so it’s definitely a place that brings alot of meaning to them. (:

here’s the coolest entrance of the couple, on a power boat! lol! since marching in is so common. haha.

but of course, they still have to march in somehow lah. with the little kids who are shir’s childcare children!

the JP didn’t want the couple to back face us, so he decided to get them to stand infront of the chair and face us instead. haha.

(: (: (:

the guest book!

the kent ridgeans!

there’s a reason why this polaroid was taken lah. lol. the place was tooooo windy and both of our dresses were flying up like mad. so we had to stand with each other and try to keep both of our dresses down. lol!

thanks shir for the little gift! (:

i’m so so happy for her! even though this whole wedding seems a little too soon and sudden, i’m sure the couple is totally prepared to settle down with their lives. *she’s not pregnant ok!* i’ve seen and been through a few failed relationships with her and see her finally finding The One. and i must say, he’s definitely the one who deserves all her love and devotion!

congratulations my dear! :D