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re: shirtless Sam reading. It's finals week at Stanford, summer's approaching and Palo Alto is having its first hot spell of the year, and Sam and Jess's apartment doesn't have AC. It's too hot to bother, definitely too hot to concentrate, but the studying's gotta get done, 90 degree heat or not. Jess comes home to this and decides summer is her favorite season of the year.

Oh nonny this is just a wonderful mental picture you have going on here. Because first of all there’s the little delights, like Sam’s tshirts clinging to his damp chest and the cute way he purses his lips when he’s blowing out his breathe so that it puffs up under his bangs (and remember his bangs at this point are epic). The curls at the back of his neck that turn into little ringlets when he sweats. The way he mixes different kinds of juice together to make weird flavours of homemade popsicles, like orange root beer or cherry kiwi surprise. (He wouldn’t tell her what the surprise was. It turned out it was that he brought one to bed that night and traced it all over her skin.)

But her favourite is the day she comes home, has to shove at the door to get it open cause it’s stuck shut with the humidity, and when she finally gets in Sam is sitting cross-legged in front of the old box fan in the living room, naked except for a pair of red boxer briefs that have slipped down a little so that they’re riding below his hipbones, and he’s glistening all over with a sheen of sweat, heavy enough to trickle down the centre of his chest and the side of his neck, and he’s been raking his thick hair back from his face all day so it’s clumpy and damp and sticking up in all directions, and when he sees her he shoves his books against the wall and lies down on his back so that the warm air from the fan blows across his face and says heyyyy baby and she gets popsicles from the freezer and lies down beside him.



Leonard and Penny could just move into her apartment after they marry.

I mean, it was Sheldon’s apartment first, therefore, Sheldon should stay. And tradition states that the man moves in with his wife after they marry. That’s what Jesse and Becky were planning on doing after they married on Full House until Jesse started missing Michelle.

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I told you it’s Becky’s fault! She came up with that whole ‘internal examiner’ line and it’s so gloriously cheesy I can’t get over it.

Also I love the idea of him saying it totally straight-faced and I’m like “…” and he’s like “…” and so then I’m “OK, that sounds very acceptable” and he’s all “excellent. well i think we should start with a review of the basics before we get onto the more advanced material” and he still doesn’t crack a smile but he does start to loosen his tie…



Based on the sitcom “Full House” (1987-1995) Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Full House Story” will air on August 22, 2015. So far it looks disappointing.

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A. B. V. X

A - Current OTPs/Ot3/etc

My cross-over pairing Cassie (Supernatural) and Kaya (One Piece) came to mind first since I’m writing a really weird fanfic involving both those series.

B - A pairing you didn’t initially consider but someone changed your mind.

Gajeel and Levy from Fairy Tail

V - 3 OTPs from 3 Different Fandoms

Supernatural - Dean/Cas, Chuck/Becky, Sam/Jess

One Piece - Zoro/Perona, Usopp/Kaya, Sanji/Nami

Hetalia - Sweden/Finland, Germany/Italy, Greece/Japan

X - Top 5/10 favourite characters who are your precious babies and will die defending them.

Top 5 since this is a very narrow category. They’re going to have to be really special for me to consider them my baby.

1. Chopper (One Piece)

2. Jolly (LVC)

3. Mutsuki (Majin  Tantei Nougami Neuro)

4. Becky (Supernatural)

5. Tavros (Homestuck)