Why Choose Me? || Bucky x Reader

Summary → A particularly difficult mission and a close call beckons shaky confessions and difficult questions.  

Word Count → 1.4K

Warnings → Mentions of blood & violence, cursing.

A/N →This was supposed to be a drabble based on prompts #5 & #65 requested by @maggallicious. I apologize for the delay, but once I started writing this ficlet took on a mind of it’s own! Enjoy!

The intermingled stench of sweat and blood that clouded the quinjet was unbearable, only worsening the tension that hung heavily throughout the aircraft. You kept your gaze trained on the padded floor beneath your combat boots, using the back of your hand to wipe away the fresh blood that streamed from your nose and pooled at your upper lip. You knew from your vast array of injuries over the years that your nose was fractured, at a bare minimum, if not broken. You consciously refused to take notice of or acknowledge the buzzing sting of where the bullet had grazed your left shoulder, rationalizing that contemplating the wound would only exaggerate the pain. You quietly continued the mental recount of every injury and wound that decorated your weary form, observing the mission had not gone at all as planned. 

At the earlier briefing, Steve had described a simple reconnaissance mission of an abandoned Hydra facility. Your mission, along with Bucky’s, was to gather and recover as much intel from the archives of the deserted warehouse as possible. The pair of you had received exhaustive instructions, numerous blue prints of the multi-story structure, and specific extraction protocol. What none of you had expected, however, was to find several operatives left behind amongst the rubble, ready to defend the remains. The fighting had begun almost instantaneously after breaching the perimeter, taking Bucky and you entirely by surprise. It had ended in a close call.  

Too close. 

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i want to feel loved. i want to feel like im all you think about. like im the priority. like you stand by me and stand up for me to be with me. i forget what it feels like to make love to you, its become quickies and little fun times to relieve you. im not a mother or a babysitter im tired of having to beg for time with you. im tired of feeling like a bother. if you love someone you show them affection all the time. i give so much that you assume it everytime you dont even notice. you insult me to overpower yourself but all you do is look like a fool. im tired im really tired i try to look sexy because i feel like you dont even find me pretty. i could only think your cheating because you havent shown me love in weeks. its not fair that i go at your beckon call. im being pushed away when is it going to be about me.
To the stark reality of everyday life medieval culture offered only stark alternatives–the hermitage, the crusade, the renunciation of home, of bodily warmth, of family love. Radical enough to a boy, for a girl just beginning to grope towards femininity the ideal of sainthood was a siren call beckoning her to a life so extreme that even contemporaries were prone to look upon it as madness, unless and until she could demonstrate here was a divine madness confounding the wisdom of the world. She did this through the sheer force of her personality–sometimes, but not always supported by miracles and signs– which turned her antagonists into supporters and the rest of the world into believers. Temptation, self-doubt, disbelief, scorn, and persecution were the crucible in which her will was tempered and tested.
—  Donald Weinstein and Rudolph M. Bell, Saints and Society: The Two Worlds of Western Christendom, 1000-1700.
Special Room Pt.4

Summary: Negan being a little shit before the two of you go out on that ‘run’.
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 1739
Authors note:  Just so you all know, I post new fics at 2. P.Mish Eastern time. 
Parts: 4/? - (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)
Quote of the story: “Please don’t tell me that I have to sit in the bed of the truck just so sweet Lucille can have shotgun.”


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December 32 beckons. 🔔 👰🏻 🎩 ⛪️ Have you called to book your trip to Glasgow? ☎️ Call now! Operators are standing by. 👫👬👭

Please call R-IVE-RFR-ASER to RSVP, and to arrange your Complimentary Ground & Air Transportation, Accommodation, Meal & Entertainment Stipend, and £1000 cash card (maximum two weeks for maximum party of 10 per invitation)

Sumday, December 32, 2016, will be here before you know it! ⏲

“ Flint had drowned, the story went. In a manner, at least. Drowned his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle, or two dozen, or three score. Silver saw in his mind’s eye his captain, tired and grey-bearded, take a deep gasping breath before he submerged himself and waited for the peace oblivion might bring. He had seen him try something similar once before; had dragged him from beneath a foundering ship in clear blue waters, straining with the weight of lost hope and heavy sins, and kicked with two good feet towards the beckoning beach. Flint had called him a talisman that kept him afloat, along with many another name, but talismans didn’t usually have free will to make the choice to let go and save themselves. He didn’t regret it, fleeing the crushing waves and washing the salt from his skin, but not a day went by that he didn’t wonder if there could have been a way to save them both. When he heard the story of Savannah, he wondered what had become of Flint’s bones. They belonged to the sea, he thought. Flint was made of saltwater and fierce currents and king tides, and should he be buried in a pauper’s grave the sea might course its way inland to claim him from the earth. Besides, Savannah wasn’t so far from Charles Town. Perhaps their bones might meet again amongst the coral.

I Must Go Down to the Seas Again, Craftnarok

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“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher", they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you - that calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can - and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life.”

Richter Sakamaki: Headcanons

I took a bit of a long break from these but I finally got back to the requested headcanons. Here’s Richter, a.k.a. the fuckwad I despise.

He grew up under Karl’s shadow and always resented his older brother for it.

He spent a lot of time with Christa while growing up but he was closer to Christa’s sister. 

He met Cordelia when he was 18 and fell in love with her. He tried competing with Karl for her hand in marriage but didn’t stand a chance.

Wanting to be close to Cordelia he acted as her confidant and was always there at her every beckon call. He was initially shocked when she initiated an affair with him.

Although he comes across indifferent, he hated all of Cordelia’s other lovers but he knew if he said anything on the matter she’d drop him and so he simply endured the fact that he’d never be Cordelia’s only love interest.

He was hoping to kill Karl many times and met Seiji Komori through a league of vampire hunters he was aware of. He met Seiji in 1976 but Richter never had the guts to enlist the vampire hunter to slay his brother. He knew Seiji would have no chance against Karl and it would come back to bite him later.

Although he has little on his side compared to his brother, Richter is a very talented schemer and good at manipulation.

After Cordelia’s death, Richter was in need of a human host to implant her heart into. He caused a car wreck, killing Yui’s biological father and delivered Yui via caesarian, killing her birth mother in the process. He implanted Cordelia’s heart into Yui and gave her to Seiji to look after.

He hates children and was scarcely around his nephews.

The Butler [a Kyle Spencer imagine]

Request: Kyle being smitten with a new witch

a/n: hellll yeeeee some butler ky he can be my butler any day…*sigh* i can’t take that one back

There is more than fifty girls in this coven. Among those girls, there’s one boy; which is the butler. One would think there would be more than just one; at least you, a brand new witch, thought that.

You had arrived a few days ago; with your many bags in your arms. The butler, Kyle, was a little too quick to help you out; grabbing all your things and dashing to your room.  It made you feel awful. Normally, you hate people doing things that you could do by yourself.

But that isn’t what makes your blood boil. What does? How the other girls treat him. Cursing, yelling, ordering him around. He took it, all of it, without putting up a fight. Always smiling at said girls; coming to their beckon call.

One thing you notice though, is that he sometimes stares at you. Not in a creepy way, just curious. Today you are going to talk to him.

The day is slowly winding down to dinner; where you sit at the long brown table with the rest of the coven, picking at your food. Kyle hovers around, helping girls with their petty problems. You reach for the gravy for your mashed potatoes but you’re stopped. “H-here let me get t-that!” Kyle beams, spooning the food for your plate.

“Oh, um, thank you…” You whisper. A red blush covers your cheeks, as well as his. All he does is nod and goes back to work. You sigh, pushing your food on your plate with the fork.

Afterwards, you decide to head to your room for some peace and quiet. You stare blankly at the off-white wall. Looking at the clock, you decide to go discover the mansion; even though it’s after curfew. Being new also meant you have more place to adventure. Stepping into the plush slippers, you crack your door open, venturing out to the empty hallway.

While your feet pad against the tan wood steps, you fail to notice the tall boy coming downstairs. A pair of strong arms wrap around your body as you start to tumble back. Kyle looks down at you and gulps. “S-sorry, I d-didn’t want you t-to fall, Y/N…”

Not focusing on his words, your Y/C/E gaze over his outfit. Usually, for the few days that you’ve been here, he’s wearing a nice suit; his blond hair slicked back. But now, he has on a (you think) gray frat house t-shirt with yellow letters and a pair of blue plaid pajama bottoms. “Ah, so you do have other clothes!” You exclaim, smirking and crossing your arms.

Those beautiful golden curls hang in front of his dark eyes, making them pop more. “T-the girls aren’t s-supposed to see me o-out of my uniform…” He stutters, letting go of your body and bending down to pick up the bag he must’ve dropped. “I-…n-nobody is supposed to b-be up now an-and I thought I’d m-maybe get something to e-eat. I’m sorry.” He apologizes; eyes never meeting yours. Why is he so nervous around you? Why does he always stutter?

“Would you mind company?” His head snaps up, finally taking in your simple pajamas and messy hair. Nobody ever asks Kyle what he wants. Gulping, you shake your head. “Know what; I’m sorry. You probably want to be alone for once.” You laugh half-heartedly, moving your foot to head back upstairs.

“N-no!” He grips your arm, licking his lips before continuing. “I’d l-like that. Please.” He begs, smiling a little. This is the first time you’ve seen him smile; and what a gorgeous smile it is.

You nod, following him into the kitchen. “So Kyle, tell me about yourself. I’m new and you don’t really talk much.” You inquire, leaning on the island countertop as you sit; cupping your chin with your hand.

His actions halt; he blinks at the fridge, as if it has the answers. What does he say to that? His brain isn’t as fast as it once was; due to dying and being put back together. “I d-don’t remember a l-lot.” He pauses, chewing his lip. “I d-died and yeah… I wanted t-to be an architect. But…” He gestures at his body; you frown. “N-now I live h-here.” He nods to himself.

“But…do you even like being a butler, Ky?” You ask, getting up and walking to him. You had to know the answer. Out of instinct, your palm presses against his pink cheek as you search his face. He is absolutely stunning up close.

He shudders at your touch. It feels warm and comforting, much to his surprise. His breath shakes as he inhales, “O-oh yes!” He nods excitedly, “Cordelia is very nice and t-the girls…” He trails off, thinking for a minute. It takes him a bit. “Well, some of the g-girls are nice. I-I’m sure the o-others will warm up to m-me!” He reassures, nodding slightly, causing his hair to bounce as well. Some of the girls just weren’t used to him yet…right?

A hum escapes your lips. “Okay… Hey, maybe sometime you and I could hang out?” You ask hopefully.

He shakes his head up and down like an excited puppy. “Yes! I-I’d love to!” He watches you back up.

“Okay…” You giggle, wrapping your arms around yourself. “I’ll see you later then?” Feet hit the edge of the staircase, making you jump a little. He nods again as you head to your room.

When you’re out of sight, Kyle’s ‘inner frat boy’ comes out and he fist bumps the air. He likes the new witch. A lot.

You Promise?

The wind whips around

The balloon you made.

Here is the storm;

Perhaps you should’ve stayed?

But giving up was not

An option for us.

These stupid rules

Causing such a fuss.

I wished night after night

You could come to me,

So many tears in these eyes

That I couldn’t see.

Our longing wish,

Can it carry you through?

And the pain in your heart

Does it guide you true?

The birds have flown home

You follow their wings,

And the moon distantly

Calls with beckonings.

But the storm in all power;

Is incensed, and enraged.

Still I whisper for you

With the words on this page.

“Nothing can stop me,

I’ll build a balloon,

Nothing can stop me,

I’ll see you soon!”

So through wind and rain,

Through crisis and loss,

You flew that balloon,

No matter the cost.

Landed somehow safe

With no speaking of lies,

All just to brush

These tears from my eyes.

Mistletoe - Woozi

What have I done?! Rest in peace Woozi stans XD Hope you all enjoy regardless even if you are dead XD You can guess what happens from the title but hopefully you read it because it’s cute and fluffy and omfg the Woozi feels…

“Oppa!” You called out, beckoning for you boyfriend, Jihoon, to join you by the Christmas tree. You and he had been given the responsibility of decorating the dorm for Christmas, which probably wasn’t the best idea as you weren’t the tallest of human beings. Still, you were managing, and the red and gold tinsel thrown over everything really got you into the Christmas spirit. Jihoon joined you as you had wanted and looked at the tree with you, placing a peck on your temple because he was in a merry mood. He liked Christmas, and was looking forward to this one as it was your first Christmas together as a couple. “Do you think the tree is missing something?” You asked with a cocked head. He inspected it for a moment before looking at you and sighing.
“You need to put the star on top! And turning the lights on helps too,” he said sassily, making you laugh. You grabbed a stool and stood on it so you could reach the top of the tree, placing it there carefully and getting nervous as you hated standing on things like stools and all you had to support you was Jihoon, holding the legs as you had asked him to. He grinned at you as you hopped down, an arm snaking around your waist and his lips pecking your cheek. He gave you small pecks like this all the time, but you still hadn’t had your first kiss yet. The thought was heavy on your mind but he snapped you out of your daze. “Hello, Y/N? Let’s turn the lights on!” He said with an adorable eye smile that made his eyes vanish. You nodded and he flicked the switch, the lights on the tree lighting up and casting a beautiful, multi-coloured glow over the darkening room. You saw some mistletoe in the box of decorations and smirked, a plan forming in your head. Jihoon had gone off elsewhere, presumably to throw more tinsel over everything as the boys had a seemingly endless supply. You took the mistletoe and moved the stool so you could attach it above the door. You called out for Jihoon again and he came just as quickly as before, seeing you resting against the door frame. You took his cold hands in yours before he could enter the room properly and so he just stood in the doorway with you, looking expectantly into your warm eyes. His eyes reflected your warmth as he waited for you to speak. You said nothing, instead pointing upward. He followed your finger with his eyes, freezing once he saw the mistletoe. You smiled at him and he smiled back shyly. You don’t think you’d ever seen him so embarrassed, his face and ears turning red and his hands becoming clammy, still in yours. You laughed at how adorable he was, leaning forward and positioning your lips inches from his. He could feel your breath on his lips and shivered a little. “Forgive me,” he whispered, pressing his lips to yours softly as if he was afraid you would break at any point and moving his hands up to your slightly flushed cheeks. He pulled away and grinned at you.
“Forgive you for what?” You asked quietly, looking back into his loving eyes.
“Well I never kissed anyone before…” he mumbled, still very embarrassed. You giggled and pulled him into a tight hug, your mouth next to his still red ear.
“Me neither.” You pulled back and laughed at his shocked expression, placing another peck on his lips before the other boys returned. They saw you and Jihoon still stood under the mistletoe, hand in hand with flushed faces.
“That’s so adorable!” Hoshi squealed as Jihoon walked out of the room with an flustered smile.
“He is.“ 

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Was this terrible I’m sorry if it was -_- When school finishes today I’m going to write another Jin fluff, a cuddly Seungcheol, and whatever else I can manage to throw out ^^ I’m also going to dedicate tomorrow and Thursday to reactions (so no scenarios beside the seasonal one) because I do so many scenarios and there are people with reactions who have been waiting a month or 2 and I feel so bad. So please await those tomorrow! Hopefully you all enioyed a very flustered little Jihoon XD
-Admin Belle

Eileen the Crow as a Don’t Starve character. Might mod her and the other hunters into the game. 

From the Ground Up (Vikturi)


Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Slight angst youll know it when u get there, Sorcerer!Viktor, Paladin!Yuuri, oh and theres some thirst, lot of it, a certain sorcerer is unfathomably parched for a hopeless paladin, Slow burn but man when it ends, hoo boyy

Summary: The horizon beckons for Yuuri Katsuki, calls for him to dive into it without looking. He intends on doing just that.

Read it here or on Ao3!

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People tell you not to hate things in life, but I’ve managed to find a lot of things I hate. I hate a way your smile is a little crooked, and how your laugh is so contagious. I hate how blue your eyes are, and that you taller than me, but not by too much. I hate seeing you doing the things you love, and I hate how cute you look when you start to panic about late homework assignments.”

“I hate her too, how perfect she is in every way. I hate that she’s a year older than you, and how controling she is because of it. I hate that you’re there at her every beckoning call, like you were trained like a dog. I hate the way she makes you happy, when I know that you think of me and know we could be happy too.”

“But out of all this hating, most of all I’ve realized I hate that I love you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #23
Surprise Love

Could I request a dean Thomas imagine? I really really like him bit there are rarely any imagines with him. So I would like something fluffy?

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling. 

Visuals denoted by (x)

Visuals, in order of appearance, 

(x) (x) (x) (x)

Masterlist Here

“Come on Y/N, your dinner is getting cold,” Dean beckoned.

“Coming,” you called as you ran inside to your small flat.

“How that cat manages to make you late for dinner every time he shows up is a mystery to me,” Dean teased as he pulled out your chair for dinner.

“I can’t help it. When our friendly neighborhood cat shows up, I have to go see him,” you answered. Ever since you moved in, one of the neighbor’s cats waited on your fence as you came home several times a week (x).  “If our flat allowed us to have cats, I wouldn’t be late for dinner because we’d have our own cat.”

“If I knew I was dating a crazy cat lady I wouldn’t have-“ you shot Dean a warning glare. “Sorry love, I only meant to tease you. You know I’m crazy about you and all your habits.”

“I’m sure you are,” you teased back as you started eating some of your dinner chatting about how your days had gone.


Over the next few weeks, Dean was always late or missed dinner. You just assumed his late arrivals were due to extra ministry work

“Hey love. I’m so sorry I’m late, but I have amazing news,” Dean sang as he pulled you into a tight hug.

“What could be more wonderful news than my Italian inspired dinner?” you countered.

“Well nothing can top that,” he kissed you gently. “I just signed the lease on our brand new flat!”

“Wait, you did this without me?” you pouted.
“Trust me. I know you’ll love it,” Dean reassured. “I remembered everything you wanted in our next place.”

“You’re positive?” you mumbled as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Absolutely. Now as soon as we finish dinner we have to get packing, since we move in in two days,” Dean stated. You started to pull away from him

“Two days that’s absolutely-“ Dean cut you off with another kiss.

“You forget we have magic my love, and you have a charm that organizes everything into their respective boxes. I promise this move will be easy,” Dean countered.

“Fine. I’ll start packing after dinner,” you sighed as the two of you sat down to eat your dinner.

“I can’t believe we actually got this place sorted out in time,” you beamed as you grabbed one of your boxes. “I can’t wait to move in.”

“I got some movers to put the furniture in for us,” Dean explained. “You don’t have to lift a finger.”

“You have really thought all of this out,” you mused as you pulled him closer.

“We should hopefully be moved in tonight. Any ideas what we can do until then?” Dean continued as he placed his lips on your neck. Just as you two were getting started, a knock at the door brought you two back to reality. “That’s probably the movers.”

“They always come at the worst time,” you laughed. “We’ll have time for this tonight. I promise.” After stealing one final kiss from you, Dean made his way to the door.

“Dean, I thought you just hired movers. I didn’t know you hired people to organize all our furniture,” you gasped in awe. None of the furniture was from your old place. (x)

“Most of this furniture is new love. I hope you don’t mind.” Dean interjected. “See, I got us a new couch, and wait till you see the bedroom.” How did Dean know you so well?

“Oh Dean it’s lovely” your eyes landed on a bundle of fluff standing on your bed spread (x). “Is that a kitten!” you squealed. You ran toward the tiny grey kitten (x). “Dean there’s a kitten in here.”

“I know love. The first consideration was an apartment that could have cats,” Dean laughed. “She’s yours.”

“Are you serious Dean” you couldn’t stop smiling as you held your very own kitten.

“Absolutely, now you’ll never be late to dinner,” Dean teased.

“Nor will you,” you joked. “I love our new place, and I love you.”

“How about we celebrate with an on time dinner, and then we can pick up where we left off,” Dean smirked. As you walked toward the kitchen, you couldn’t stop smiling over the new home and cat you had together.