It’s really cool you want to be passionately in love with Jesus as much as you can, but please don’t beat yourself up about this. Be prepared for the seasons when you’ll barely hang on to God with an intellectual thread, and other seasons where you’ll be so head-over-heels for Jesus that you’re getting tattoos of him on your ribcage. Be ready to be honest in your dry valleys, and be ready to rejoice on the mountaintop.

Enjoy both seasons, because both help you grow and both have significance in our lives. The winter and fall teach you to grow deep roots into God even when you don’t feel Him, and the summer and spring are those powerful weeks of blooming fruits and plentiful harvest that will have you laughing and weeping at the same time.

Soon you’ll also see: loving Jesus is not even really up to you, because he’s the one who woos, who draws, who beckons, who calls. Loving Him is the easy part; God loving you cost His Son. The more you know that it’s less about you, the more free you will be to love God all the more.
—  J.S. from this post

“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher”, they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you. That calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life. - Connor Franta, A Work In Progress

Eileen the Crow as a Don’t Starve character. Might mod her and the other hunters into the game. 

The Guide | Camille Chew

lithograph and acrylic

Part of a series illustrating six of my own deity characters, see the rest here.

The Guide represents intuition, a connection to nature, and the unknown. She symbolizes personal growth and reminds you to trust your inner voice. The Guide is a bridge between worlds and beckons you to follow. Call upon her if you need advice or are feeling lost and she’ll quietly point you in the right direction.


“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher", they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you - that calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can - and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life.”

Yes, You Can Set Boundaries with Your Latino Family

By Johanna Ferreira

Setting boundaries with family isn’t easy, especially for us Latinas. Heck, if it were up to our families we’d be at our mom’s beckon call and have every tio, tia, and cousin at every family function. It’s easy to get guilted into doing more for them than you should. The tricky part is speaking up and for many of us saying no is just too difficult. But breathe easy, it’s possible.

“Family has always had an important role in the Latino culture; they are part of the core values of our culture,” says psychologist Dr. Isaura Gonzalez. Family plays an integral role in who we become which is why it’s so hard for many of us to distinguish that fine line between giving and being taken advantage of. But in order to become an emotionally healthy adult, you need to engage in emotionally healthy relationships and the only way to do that is to set boundaries.

Boundary building doesn’t have to be a foreign concept. We run our lives constantly putting our family’s needs before our own because this is how a lot of us were raised. How many times have you heard about a young woman pursuing a career just because that’s what was expected of her? Or taking too much time off from school to take care of a sick relative? How about having a Catholic wedding just to please her religious mom? This happens all too often so here are some tips on how you can set boundaries with your own family.

It’s okay to be selfish: “Boundaries sometimes are seen as selfishness,” Gonzalez says. “Our culture is about serving, so in essence it comes across as if were are not being true to our culture by setting boundaries.” But you can’t really be there for your family in the way that you should, until you learn to care for yourself first. “We will struggle with feelings of selfishness by setting those boundaries and having self-care but we are not being selfish. In the end, by setting healthy boundaries we are not only taking care of ourselves but those around us.”

Understand the paradigm: “Boundaries isn’t really about putting our foot down, it’s about understanding the paradigm that exists particularly for women and our roles within our families,” Gonzalez says. “We are expected to be submissive at home yet assertive and go-getters in the workforce; often referred to as Marianismo.” It’s tough because many times we find ourselves torn between those two roles. But understanding the root of it makes it easier to know how and when to set boundaries.

Don’t neglect your needs: “Setting those healthy boundaries sometimes comes from simply giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves. Latinas are great caretakers except when it comes to taking care of ourselves,” Gonzalez says. “This winds up being costly as we neglect our physical and psychological needs and there’s a tremendous guilt surrounding the expression of our needs.”

Know your limits: It’s impossible to set healthy boundaries if you’re unaware of your own limits. Keep in mind everyone is different. It’s about figuring out what makes you comfortable and what stresses you out. If something is too difficult for you to tolerate, than that’s a signal that you need to speak up.

Speak up: You can’t expect your family to know what your limitations are if you don’t directly express them. “Learn to be assertive and speak up. Not in a nasty or hostile way but in a firm assertive way,” Gonzalez suggests. If your mother-in-law wants you to have an open door policy at your apartment that you’re not comfortable with, let her know. Express that you’d prefer she’d call and set up a time to go over rather than just showing up to your place. Set limits that are firm but still loving.

How do you keep it all balanced? Share it with us:

Photo: Corbis

Whispering To The Beasts


Dragons and humans have always been separate and opposite species; the former more set in the past with the other embracing change, evolving with the passage of time, and creating new technology which gave them an advantage over the creatures despite them being feared by most humans. Most human cities had barrier around them to protect from any attacks by dragons looking for revenge on people. Why would they want revenge? It is simple. Humans capture dragons for their own purposes; used as test subjects for lab experiments, weapons for wars, or the most feared and hated of them all: being used as circus animals to entertain mass audiences. Special collars were developed to control the beasts, and cause them to loose their own will; instantly taming them and putting them at the beckoning call of their new masters. Most of the creatures are informed at a young age to stay far away from human civilization for their own safety, but some more…rebellious dragons like to cross the border that separate the two specie’s territories to explore and spread their wings a little.

Now, not all humans were bad like the beasts were taught. Most humans didn’t even know dragons were intelligent creatures due to them not being able to understand their language. That is…except for a young girl from a city known as Heartland; a center for technological innovation. Her name was Ruri Kurosaki. She had a very special gift that no one, not even she was aware of: the ability to understand the language of dragons. No one knows how that ability even exists, or how a person could possess it. However, what it’s potential could mean for the future meant that the young lady was of great importance; despite everyone’s obliviousness. 

The young girl, dressed in a simple cream and white dress with her usual accessories, was walking in a forest on the outskirts of the city; desiring to be free from her older brother’s eye for just an afternoon. She took in all the nature around her, and quickly noticed a nearby lake was in the distance. Using her full speed, she instantly ran through the bushes to enter the area. However, she was stopped dread in her tracks when she saw a large, purple and black dragon with glowing eyes drinking from the water source. The girl tried to hide her shock, but it was too late; her squeal was quickly noticed by the beast. 

You are the sun
I am the moon
The only good things about me
Are illuminated by you

You are bright
Your warmth surrounds all
I am dark
I invite fear with my beckon and call

You think I am kind
You think I am beautiful
You only see what you reflect
Off of me

In truth I am dark
In truth I am cold
In all things beautiful
You are the one to behold

You create life
I resemble death
You are bright all around
There is a dark side to this moon

There is terror in night
There is beauty in day
I have a dark side that you must not see
I fear what might happen if you may

You say that you love me
That you accept these flaws
But you have not seen the days
That you are not there

The days where I put you behind me
To strike fear into all
Some find me beautiful
In truth it is my warning call

Goodnight to the light
Good morning to the pitch black
You see the good in me
Because I hide the dark

—  simplymadderthanahatter wrote this poem inspired by Moon Sherlock and Sun John.

                                 “Tell me I’m your everything,

                                      Tell me you’re my all,

                                      You will bleed for me,

                                     And beckon to my call.

                                   Because I am a monster,

                           And there’s room under your bed,

                                  I live and lurk in shadows,

                         And there are shadows in your head.

                                 No one leaves this island,

                              They answer to my demands,

                              And I’m running out of places,

                        To wash the blood from off my hands.

                        Did you know your lips are bleeding?

                        Do you know your hands are bound?

                         Did you know your chest is heaving?

                        When you hear the pan flute sound.

                                    Come into my arms,

                          Let your shoulder feel my teeth,

                                 Dark and violent kisses,

                         Stain your neck just like a wreath.

                              I am no fairytale character,

                             I am a sick and twisted man,

                                Failure is not an option,

                          Because my name is Peter Pan.”  

                -Dark Matter Prologue by Evangeline Dixon.