It’s really cool you want to be passionately in love with Jesus as much as you can, but please don’t beat yourself up about this. Be prepared for the seasons when you’ll barely hang on to God with an intellectual thread, and other seasons where you’ll be so head-over-heels for Jesus that you’re getting tattoos of him on your ribcage. Be ready to be honest in your dry valleys, and be ready to rejoice on the mountaintop.

Enjoy both seasons, because both help you grow and both have significance in our lives. The winter and fall teach you to grow deep roots into God even when you don’t feel Him, and the summer and spring are those powerful weeks of blooming fruits and plentiful harvest that will have you laughing and weeping at the same time.

Soon you’ll also see: loving Jesus is not even really up to you, because he’s the one who woos, who draws, who beckons, who calls. Loving Him is the easy part; God loving you cost His Son. The more you know that it’s less about you, the more free you will be to love God all the more.
—  J.S. from this post

“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher”, they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you. That calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life. - Connor Franta, A Work In Progress

Eileen the Crow as a Don’t Starve character. Might mod her and the other hunters into the game. 


“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher", they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you - that calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can - and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life.”

Preference 16: His kink
  • Ashton:He is typically the one who calls all the shots in the bedroom. Having a dominance kink puts him in the position of power, and he gets beyond turned on while he's ordering you around, at his beckoning call. He loves watching you in need of him, and knowing that he's the only one who can satisfy your aches.
  • Calum:He loves seeing you tied up. Bondage is something that he brought up after some time in your relationship, initially apprehensive about how you would take the suggestion. As soon as you agreed to give it a shot, you saw an entirely different side of him unleashed. His eyes get darker and hungrier when he knows that you have no way of escaping the situation but to deal with everything he dishes out to you.
  • Luke:Overstimulation kicks him into another level that you can't argue is a turn on. He'll push you over the edge with his mouth and relentlessly flick your over-sensitized clit with his tongue, pursuing another immediate orgasm. He morphs to another level of confidence while you're whimpering and moaning, still trying to recover from your last high. Each time you tell him that it's too soon, you can't handle it, he meets your gaze dead on, urging you to come for him again.
  • Michael:Michael loves depriving and delaying your orgasms. He'll have his face buried between your legs, his tongue lapping at your dripping core, and once you're about to your peak, he'll stop. The look on your face is his turn on. The look of shear need is his driving force. Watching you squirm, desperate for your climax makes all of the waiting and teasing worth it. He'll make you plead, beg, and satisfy him before finally giving in and pushing you over the edge.
If you don’t like the rules of the game, change them! These mountains move for you, my darling. The planets and stars bend at your beckon call. Toss all rule books into the trashcan and rewrite them with your own holy fire.
—  Eric Costa
Yes, You Can Set Boundaries with Your Latino Family

By Johanna Ferreira

Setting boundaries with family isn’t easy, especially for us Latinas. Heck, if it were up to our families we’d be at our mom’s beckon call and have every tio, tia, and cousin at every family function. It’s easy to get guilted into doing more for them than you should. The tricky part is speaking up and for many of us saying no is just too difficult. But breathe easy, it’s possible.

“Family has always had an important role in the Latino culture; they are part of the core values of our culture,” says psychologist Dr. Isaura Gonzalez. Family plays an integral role in who we become which is why it’s so hard for many of us to distinguish that fine line between giving and being taken advantage of. But in order to become an emotionally healthy adult, you need to engage in emotionally healthy relationships and the only way to do that is to set boundaries.

Boundary building doesn’t have to be a foreign concept. We run our lives constantly putting our family’s needs before our own because this is how a lot of us were raised. How many times have you heard about a young woman pursuing a career just because that’s what was expected of her? Or taking too much time off from school to take care of a sick relative? How about having a Catholic wedding just to please her religious mom? This happens all too often so here are some tips on how you can set boundaries with your own family.

It’s okay to be selfish: “Boundaries sometimes are seen as selfishness,” Gonzalez says. “Our culture is about serving, so in essence it comes across as if were are not being true to our culture by setting boundaries.” But you can’t really be there for your family in the way that you should, until you learn to care for yourself first. “We will struggle with feelings of selfishness by setting those boundaries and having self-care but we are not being selfish. In the end, by setting healthy boundaries we are not only taking care of ourselves but those around us.”

Understand the paradigm: “Boundaries isn’t really about putting our foot down, it’s about understanding the paradigm that exists particularly for women and our roles within our families,” Gonzalez says. “We are expected to be submissive at home yet assertive and go-getters in the workforce; often referred to as Marianismo.” It’s tough because many times we find ourselves torn between those two roles. But understanding the root of it makes it easier to know how and when to set boundaries.

Don’t neglect your needs: “Setting those healthy boundaries sometimes comes from simply giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves. Latinas are great caretakers except when it comes to taking care of ourselves,” Gonzalez says. “This winds up being costly as we neglect our physical and psychological needs and there’s a tremendous guilt surrounding the expression of our needs.”

Know your limits: It’s impossible to set healthy boundaries if you’re unaware of your own limits. Keep in mind everyone is different. It’s about figuring out what makes you comfortable and what stresses you out. If something is too difficult for you to tolerate, than that’s a signal that you need to speak up.

Speak up: You can’t expect your family to know what your limitations are if you don’t directly express them. “Learn to be assertive and speak up. Not in a nasty or hostile way but in a firm assertive way,” Gonzalez suggests. If your mother-in-law wants you to have an open door policy at your apartment that you’re not comfortable with, let her know. Express that you’d prefer she’d call and set up a time to go over rather than just showing up to your place. Set limits that are firm but still loving.

How do you keep it all balanced? Share it with us:

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You are the sun
I am the moon
The only good things about me
Are illuminated by you

You are bright
Your warmth surrounds all
I am dark
I invite fear with my beckon and call

You think I am kind
You think I am beautiful
You only see what you reflect
Off of me

In truth I am dark
In truth I am cold
In all things beautiful
You are the one to behold

You create life
I resemble death
You are bright all around
There is a dark side to this moon

There is terror in night
There is beauty in day
I have a dark side that you must not see
I fear what might happen if you may

You say that you love me
That you accept these flaws
But you have not seen the days
That you are not there

The days where I put you behind me
To strike fear into all
Some find me beautiful
In truth it is my warning call

Goodnight to the light
Good morning to the pitch black
You see the good in me
Because I hide the dark

—  simplymadderthanahatter wrote this poem inspired by Moon Sherlock and Sun John.

                                 “Tell me I’m your everything,

                                      Tell me you’re my all,

                                      You will bleed for me,

                                     And beckon to my call.

                                   Because I am a monster,

                           And there’s room under your bed,

                                  I live and lurk in shadows,

                         And there are shadows in your head.

                                 No one leaves this island,

                              They answer to my demands,

                              And I’m running out of places,

                        To wash the blood from off my hands.

                        Did you know your lips are bleeding?

                        Do you know your hands are bound?

                         Did you know your chest is heaving?

                        When you hear the pan flute sound.

                                    Come into my arms,

                          Let your shoulder feel my teeth,

                                 Dark and violent kisses,

                         Stain your neck just like a wreath.

                              I am no fairytale character,

                             I am a sick and twisted man,

                                Failure is not an option,

                          Because my name is Peter Pan.”  

                -Dark Matter Prologue by Evangeline Dixon.

pay attention, white people are getting bolder

let’s just say that they’re picking up on our collective fear and using that to silence us as they blatantly attack us and of course we’re scared to retaliate because we’re traumatized by the repetitive loops of black bodies like ourselves constantly being slaughtered for the most minuscule things. these racists have picked up on the mere fact that their white skin will save them from scrutiny if they are to pick on a black person for absolutely nothing and of course their lies will be given merit. they’ve had these racist ideologies for so long but now the future is being painted with racist Donald Trump constantly chanting “make amerikkka great again” and all their slave master wet dreams are playing in their minds. it isn’t fair that we are now living in times where they aren’t cracking the whips anymore. they want to attribute all their problems to us and if only they could get us back to our servile states of beckoning to their every call, everything will finally be back in order and the way things “should be”. they wear their confederate flags as a homage to these by gone days and pretty much feeling that blacks are getting too bold for knowing their worth and not allowing their mistreatment. to them this is rebellion and Donald Trump represents a correction of this rebellion. the conservative, republican party represents a calming of the anxiety that is sweeping across white amerikkka when they think of how times will be when systemic racism is crushed and they cannot have it easy and benefit off of the struggles of the very people they marginalize. people are talking about liberation and all that resonates in the back of their minds is how will they function, for centuries benefiting off the dehumanization of so many. this isn’t fair they want to believe. the recent terrorist threats on college campuses and white people wanting to create narratives to make it seem that the threats against the students are made up hoax or that blacks are somehow violent when we stand up to people who seek to provoke us and paint us as irrational animals is how they justify their need to treat us with more cruelty and feed off of this stress. my recent encounters with my client’s bus driver will let you know this. that bus driver most likely comes from a line of poor class whites who have always felt beneath their more prosperous counterparts and somehow it has gotten into their minds that marginalized groups are to blame for their lowly status. Donald Trump wants to get into their minds that we are the threat and they must fight for a state in which all whites can experience the same amount of wealth as himself when these poorer class whites are too foolish to realize that they are just fighting for the elite whites to stay in their position as they continue to fed off of everyone. marginalized groups want to liberate everyone, the conservative republicans want to keep the status quo in tact and feed off of the inferiority complex of the poorer class of whites who have taken it upon themselves to scorn blacks as a way to quell the stress of their daily lives. there is a thirst for brutality in that area where degrading black bodies will somehow make them more superior, making false accusations against us to get us in trouble with companies that they are employed by, hopefully gaining respect and recognition for that (esp. since most likely the bus driver that I had the interaction with probably has it in the back of his mind to get me for complaining about him wearing that confederate flag. my mom told the company that someone in the neighborhood says they saw it but I’m sure he knows it’s me who was aware of this and wanted some action to take place). now he’s pretending that me not appearing at the door at the exact second that he rings the doorbell is me “playing games” and not coming to the door, whatever goes on in his crazy mind and he’s probably on all kinds of racist websites and hearing all this news about more black people fighting against injustices and he’s reveling in the narratives that we are unruly and can’t act right and he has all this as fuel to put out his frustrations of his precious white supremacy finally falling down that he must partake in looking for reasons to penalize us, the most pettiest reasons but now he feels free to do this more since he is seeing more on social media/the news where degradation of black bodies is being left with absolutely no punishment whatsoever. and all these racist white people are picking up on this and what are we going to do about this. it won’t be long until social media won’t be the only medium in which we go about trying to spark change. whites are dehumanizing and degrading us out in the real world and it seems we have nothing else left but to take out our stress online and in safe spaces, but when are we going to organize collectively out in the real world, come together and support each other out in the real world while racists are doing all of that, hoarding more of each other and higher classes promising lower classes of whites the same prominence that they’ve acquired but we know that’s all bullshit. we need to really look into the companies that employ frustrated poorer class whites like these because they are looked at as these noble mostly-white companies that don’t seem to be doing anything wrong or saying/doing anything overtly racist but that is where the lower class whites come in. they have them doing the dirty work and then we complain to these companies as though they care about our well-being when they don’t care about it enough to constantly put us under such stress. just a rant and a call to awareness, wokeness and action because I really do feel that we are arriving at the end days where white people’s anxiety of having their white supremacy turn on them is having them act more irrational and being more violent against us. don’t be surprised if you witness more acts of shockingly, can’t-deny-that-that-was-racist incidents happening in the workplace, regarding your interactions with public/law officials, etc. just understand that this is actually real and that a lot of our knowledge about racist incidents takes place online, but this is actually happening right outside our windows and many of us have our safe havens on the internet whereas wherever white people go, out in the real world, all of it is their safe haven and their spreading so much false information and I believe this is being used to have us escape into our little world even more. online activism is good but when does it start to materialize, really?