Accidentally Butt Dialed

“Hey, guys. Castle’s calling me.” Ryan announced to his partner and the ME

“He never calls this early. It is not even midnight yet.” Lanie said, curious

“I’ll put it on speaker.” Ryan said as he accepted the call “Hey, Castle. What’s up?”

The three friends huddled around the Detective’s phone so that they could all hear why the writer called while they were at the bar.

They listened intently for an answer but all they heard at first was lots of rustling. He was about to hang up, figuring that it was a prank or an accident, when they heard somebody speaking.

It was barely audible, but obviously there. “Take your clothes off.” And it was a woman.

All three, looked up from the phone immediately. They recognized that voice. They all knew whose voice it was. How couldn’t they.

It was Kate Beckett. One of their closest friends.

“That can not be our girl. She would have told me. Right?” Lanie started to get worried that Kate had lied to her for some reason and was utterly stunned.

The boys just kept listening. They started to hear somebody moaning and couldn’t help but laugh at the awkwardness of the situation.

Soon, Lanie joined in too and eventually the trio was laughing so hard that they were beginning to attract attention to themselves. They didn’t care, the noises coming from the phone were hilarious for some reason.

Suddenly, somebody on the other end spoke up.

“Stop.” Somebody sighed, not wanting to stop, but obeyed “Do you hear that sound?” Beckett had heard the laughing

This only made them laugh harder. All three were clutching at their stomachs, unable to breath and gasping for breath.

Then, Castle noticed that his phone was on. “Oh. Its just my phone.” He hung up the phone call, leaving the ME and the two detectives roaring with laughter.


“Hey, girl. How’s it going?” Lanie asked Beckett

She decided to pay her best friend a visit in the bull pen. She was going to tease her about the night before. The moment she walked in, ryan and espo inconspicuously sat down at their desks to watch everything unravel.

“Oh. Hi lanie what are you doing up here?” Beckett asked surprised, giving her best friend a hug as she sat down at her desk next to where Castle had parked himself

“Well, it’s practically 5 and I got let out early so I figured I would come up and pay you a visit.” She noticed that Beckett was wearing a turtleneck with a gray blazer over it and couldn’t help but grin a little to herself “I was hoping that we could hang out, catch up, have a drink, sometime soon, maybe tonight.”

“Sorry, I’m busy tonight. I have a date.” At this, Castle perked his head up a little bit and grinned slightly for a moment before catching himself and looking back down at his phone.

“That’s ok. I’ll just call you later.” She said, turning around

For a moment, the boys were disapointed that nothing had happened.

At the last second, Lanie turned around in the doorway and said “Oh, and detective. Nice turtleneck.” She said sending an unmissable wink at Castle.

Both Castle and Beckett froze where they were, scrambling for words.

Esposito and Ryan were both sitting at their desks keeling over from laughing so hard.

The situation became apparent to the couple. They had accidently butt dialed their friends the night before. But they didn’t really mind.


Amazing Women [1/100] - Katherine Beckett {more}

Do you know how many people have sat across that table and confessed their sins to me? What makes you think that you’re any different? Any smarter? You’ve only been in this room for one hour. But this room has been my life. My home.
And I will not let you sit there and lie to me in my own home.