@emmi-kat‘s recent reblogging of Becile bot fan art has resulted in Mixie seeing those bots for the first time. I also told her that there was an alternate for Hatchworth and that someone had done a thoroughly terrifying anti-Zero drawing to join the crew.

As a result, today she asked whether there was an evil alternate for Michael Reed. I told her I was pretty sure you couldn’t come up with an evil Michael Reed no matter how you tried, but she was ready with a name…

Michael Rude.

Apparently the most evil thing an alternate Michael Reed can manage is being moderately offensive. For my part, the worst I could imagine him doing was making fart noises into his hands.

here we go!  SPG characters, colour coded and as accurate as i could possible get it without turning mad.

there might be mistakes,  ive already fixed some.   some things are just pure speculations/headcanon or just wishful thinking.  open in new tab for better image.