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serious advice for those new to tumblr/young and on tumblr

–Don’t let this website become your life.
–Please take this seriously, while you may see a lot of funny posts about ‘I’m deleting’ and ‘I hate tumblr’ the community as a whole on this website is seriously bad.
–Formulate your own opinions, and don’t let this site brainwash them into you.
–The mob mentality that often follows arguments blows stuff really out of proportion, and in the end it doesn’t matter, I promise you.
–Anons are mean. Turn them off if you have to. You aren’t weak for doing so.
–Take care of yourself. Download xkit and blacklist stuff you don’t want to see.
–Sending hate is never worth it.
–The social justice you see here is not an accurate representation of real-world activism. You do not EVER have to post a social justice thing if you don’t want to.
–You do not need to be part of a minority to be loved
–If you are part of a majority, you matter and deserve to love yourself all the same
–Mental illness is NOT pretty

Just, don’t get too swept away by this site. Go outside. Blog other places. Watch Netflix for a while. Do what you gotta do.

2017 stanley cup playoffs

lawful good: no game 7s in the first round

lawful neutral: the caps’ typical second round exit

lawful evil: the p*ns winning the cup back2back

neutral good: the leafs taking the caps to 6

true neutral: both conference finals going to game 7

neutral evil: the ducks’ run to the conference finals

chaotic good: the preds sweeping the h*wks and making it all the way to the sc finals

chaotic neutral: the sens’ run to the conference final

chaotic evil: the sheer amount of overtimes through the whole playoffs

Mobile Friendly Masterlist

Jordan Fisher x Reader
Favourites: Jordan finds out he’s been cast in Hamilton and can’t wait to tell you. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader
Consider the Coconut: Lin is always stealing your chapstick because it reminds him of you. 

Work Comes Home (series)
You work as an assistant for the company publishing Hamilton: The Revolution. (slow burn because I’m horrible) 

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || 


Just wanted to point out that although sometimes Becca has been….erm problematic, this was definitely solid advice. It’s not easy moving in with someone and I think patience is really important for any relationship. And compromise.

Father’s Day

Summary: Bucky Barnes is absolutely horrified when his four-year old daughter tells him she’s getting married. When he tries to figure out what the heck is going on, he gets the best surprise of his life.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Readers, OFC Becca Barnes

Warnings: Insane amount of fluff

A/N: So, this is super, ridiculously fluffy, but it’s Father’s Day and Bucky, not I’m not apologizing :P As always, thanks for reading!

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Mother’s Day      She Gets It From You

Bucky Barnes had no idea what time it was, but he knew it was way too early for a pair of blue eyes to be staring him in the face.

“Becca, go back to bed,” he mumbled, pulling the covers over his head. He felt the bed dip as his daughter climbed up and cuddled against Bucky’s blanketed form. A small hand stroked the top of his head, and he couldn’t help but smile. He pulled the covers off and greeted his little girl.

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Says Here You're Dead ch 1

Superphantom. Based on this hysterical headcanon

ch 2

Sam Winchester accepted his styrofoam cup of coffee with a half-hearted pluck from his brother. He set it down beside the humming vent of his laptop, untouched.

“What? Not even a ‘thanks’?” Dean asked between sips of his own drink.

“Oh, thanks,” Sam muttered in response, but his eyes didn’t lift from the screen. They flickered through text, absorbed with the kind of unbreakable concentration Dean never understood.

“Got something?” Dean asked, his interest piqued. He rested his cup on Sam’s shoulder, and his free hand gripped around the back of his brother’s chair.

“I think so,” Sam answered as he shrugged his brother off. “How’s a ghost hunt sound to you?”

“Better than another day of cable tv and internet porn.”

“Dude, serious.”

Dean smiled and took another gulp of his coffee.

“I can’t get much of a concrete source on this, but,” Sam slipped a hand around the backside of his computer and snatched a newspaper folded against its creases, “a whole town disappeared off the grid yesterday. No phones, no internet, no power as far as I can tell, and they’re saying no one could get in or out.”

Dean snorted quietly and leaned around Sam. “And you think we can get them back?”

“No, they came back on their own, sometime around 10 or 11 last night, but supposedly they’re blaming the whole uh—inter-dimensional travel they called it—on ghosts.”

Dean scrunched his eyebrows together, lips parted in doubt. “You ever heard of a ghost that could zap an entire city off the planet?”

“That’s why they’re saying ghosts, plural, and that’s not all.” Sam shifted his attention back to the computer screen; Dean’s eyes followed. “Apparently this town has been under ghost siege for two years, at least.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed as he did the math. "And we’ve never heard of them?”

Sam laughed humorlessly. “Yeah, well they claim they’ve got their own personal ‘ghost hero’ who cleans these things up before they get out of hand. Town’s small and pretty remote, so that doesn’t help news travel.”

Dean smirked at the image in his mind. “What they’ve got…vigilante Batghost looking after them?”

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Written for @waywardjoy ‘s Love the Ships Challenge!

Prompt: “What’s that smell?” “Me.”

Pairing: Wincest

Word Count: 2100

Warning: smut, possibly Sam topping from the bottom, dirty talk

A/N: This was such a fun challenge! Thanks for hosting it! XOXO

Dean comes in late, so late that Sam almost considers pretending to be asleep. But they never really sleep anyway, and he’s not some worried boyfriend trying to play it cool, so he just sits up when the motel door finally opens.


“Hey,” Dean whispers. He seems caught off guard, but he’s walking perfectly straight and not slurring his words, so Sam knows he’s sober.

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anonymous asked:

About Jon and Sansa's relationship. I watched S6 and i still cannot decide what we're meant to make of their scenes. Is it just brother and sister or is there seriously a fuckplot coming? Like the way they filmed their scenes and the AMAZING chemistry between Kit and Sophie (seriously that chemistry is NOT brother-sister, in my opinion it's electric, and yes romantic). Like what do you think of that?

You know Anonny, I tried really, really hard to remain objective during Jon and Sansa’s arc at the end of s6. I like ~deliberately~ took my shipper goggles off, put on non-shipper goggles, and basically played devil’s advocate with myself by coming up with every possible justification and/or explanation for how their scenes were acted and filmed.

And I was doing really well tbh. I just kept thinking that the reason they were filming Jon and Sansa’s scenes the way they were was because they were trying to build a strong relationship and emphasize an important bond between two characters who were completely unconnected up to that point. That it was purely coincidental and accidental that their scenes kept on turning out so ~flowers in the attic.

Untillll the season finale (The Winds of Winter, 6x10) and the conversation Jon and Sansa had on the battlements…

You know, the one where they argued over who should take the master bed room. (x

And Jon made out with Sansa’s forehead possibly giving her a hairline hickey, and then stared at her lips after. (x)

That scene right there. THAT scene was where it became ~officially too much~ for me. It was basically like watching a live action, “will they or won’t they??”, slow burn, “omfg KISS ALREADY” ust fanfic. I felt like Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, it took all my willpower not to break out into the chorus of “Kiss the Girl.”

I have no idea what is coming, I gave up trying to predict D&D a looonnnggg time ago for the sake of my sanity and also my blood pressure… But IF there is a Jon/Sansa romantic relationship arc, fuckplot or otherwise, THAT will be the scene I point to and say, “ok but are you really all that surprised!?”