Becca things

Just cried my eyes out because of the ending to the last episode of You’re The Worst and their accurate portrayal of what depression is like. Gretchen said it was basically like being the Mars Rover being flipped over and you can only flip yourself back over so many times. All you do is push people away like she did to Jimmy, but all you want is the people you hold dear to stay, which is why it meant so much to her when he did.


Got tagged in the six selfies meme by courtneycoles!!!

I hope everyone I follow posts selfies (if you see this consider yaself tagged by me!!) but I definitely wanna see selfies from:

1. beesintophats
2. istillmanagetotrip
3. gettingunfuckedsoon
4. gayly-saranade-me
5. pleasantnightmaresofpastdreams
6. shawna-mf
7. njoehc
8. dylvnjvmes
9. beccaboots
10. paperdemons
11. itsaholleyday
12. miamiskinkybutsunny

(I know Courtney already tagged y’all but audreyas & letswakethesun, too!!)