So my dads roommate is always loud in the morning and I woke up at 6:50 because they had everything up loud, music, and her boyfriend laughing at everything.

I’m sorry if after being in school for nearly a whole year, having to wake up at 6 every morning, medicine still in effect making it even more difficult to get up, then unable to concentrate over how tired I am, maybe I’d like to even laying in bed for a tiny bit.

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I can't believe there are no to do scenarios for J-hope yet Oo I'll request one yes? :) You and him only started your relationship recently so there didn't happen anything sexual between you two yet.. what would he do if you get him excited without intending to? You can include smut if you have ideas for it. ;)

Sorry for the wait; Also this ended up really long because I an idea I had for an independent scenario that happened to fit this request… anyway I don’t think you’ll mind! Hope you enjoy~

- Devi :)


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I'm in love with my best friend but we both have boyfriends and I haven't really mentioned my feelings for her. but multiple times we've had to pretend we were dating and she was like "I wouldn't mind being your girlfriend". I don't know what to do because her relationship with her boyfriend is really serious and they're engaged..

It would be best for you to distance yourself from her. She’s obviously in a committed relationship, and you don’t want to hurt that. Concentrate more on your boyfriend, spend more time with him, and a lot less with her. Know your boundaries, babe, or everyone will get hurt. I know you don’t want that. Good luck. x

My priority is me!

Priorities change so instantly…
And when I say this.. I don’t include parents, and work ! They should have a right place in your life. But prioritising people, be it with a friend or girlfriend/ boyfriend I feel is the worst thing.
When you treat a person with utmost love and respect and make them your priority, they end up taking you for granted!! They still say you have the same place in their life but you know it’s not the same. Is it because you have been aloof? Or is it because the person you gave so much importance is not worth it?
when you start shifting your priority and start concentrating feel like you have cheated on them for trying to ease your mind about them for a while, and you run back to them to see if they’ve missed you..
My dear friend.. When they’ve already taken you for granted.. Your existence matters to them only if they need something from you..! Never stay in a place where you have no respect.. They don’t deserve you. It may be hard to leave someone so close to your heart..but if you don’t leave now, it’s gonna hurt bigger!! Make your choice !

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