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Do you think 5x05 will be good or bad for Olicity? All these spoilers today have got me down. I just hope this bf doesn't last long. And I *refuse* to "pull" for this bf like Wendy is hoping we will. I only root for Olicity.

Hi, anon!

I think 5x05 will be good though it’s possible that it won’t be good at first sight. Maybe it will look bad, but I have no doubt that whatever happens in 5x05 will bring them forward at the end. Whether that will be a real step forward or a step back first, I don’t know. Sometimes you just have to take a step back, so you can start moving forward again. 

That’s just what I think. Whatever happens, at the end it will be for the better and bring them back closer, even if it might take some time.

About the boyfriend…

Let’s say I am not exactly happy about the storyline because I wanted Felicity to concentrate on herself and with PTSD, no job and everything else that must be on her mind, I don’t exactly get how she got into a new relationship.

I don’t know, though, and I chose to absolutely trust the writers with this until I have seen how this plays out because spending weeks worrying about something we barely know anything about yet is just too exhausting for me.

Whether the audience will “pull” for that character, well…

I can only speak for myself. This guy could be the best character in the world, and I could really love him and wish him his best, but I would never root for him and Felicity. 

For me it is still - and probably will always be - Oliver and Felicity. I can’t really picture either of them with anyone else. 

I am not even sure if seeing Felicity with some other character I grow to like will make it better or worse. On the one side I want her to be happy, but on the other I really believe that Oliver still holds her heart, and right now there is no way she will truely be happy in any other relationship, so the other character will get hurt if he starts developing feelings. So maybe I would rather not like him? I am really not sure.

Anyway, that is something (like so many other things) that everybody needs to decide for themselves.

xoxo Kathi

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