Because that is what always happen

One of the things I appreciated most about The Golden Circle is that how they showed how completely devoted both Harry and Merlin are to Kingsman.
Merlin tells Eggsy that there is no time to cry, and I am certain that it’s a lesson he had to learn in the most painful of ways.
Harry has never been in love, has never had someone to care about, has given up something so vital to life, so he could be a better agent.
Merlin, in the end, is willing to lay down his life without hesitation for the sake of the mission, of Kingsman. Because he knows that it’s Eggsy and Harry, who will matter more in this one moment, and that’s that. And Harry, he knows it too, accepts it, because that is what they most likely always knew would happen to them in the end.

There are so many spy movies with so many dark sides, but I feel like the complete devotion to a greater cause and the loneliness and sacrifice it brings with it were addressed better in Kingsman than in most of them.

So a year ago my neighbors child came out as trans. And I just want to sort of give you a layout of what happened after that. 

  1. Their mother was upset to be losing a “daughter” but stopped using female pronouns and instead switched to male pronouns. 
  2. His mother began calling him Emory, because that was the name that is now his. 
  3. My mother was sad for her for the same reason, telling me that it’s always hard to adjust for the parents, but also began to using the correct pronouns and name. 
  4. The entire street began using the correct pronouns. 
  5. Everyone at his school started using the correct pronouns. 
  6. His teachers changed the name on the roster.
  7. He got a new school badge with the correct name and gender on it.
  8. He uses the boys bathroom because that’s what he is and the school doesn’t make a huge fucking deal. 
  9. This kid is healthy and successful and happy without any mental stress, and is now officially in college and we’re all super happy for him. 

The moral of the story? Shocker: being kind and accepting isn’t fucking difficult and helps the kid have a better and more stress free life where they don’t feel like they have to hide from anyone. So you know… do it. Be nice. Why is that so difficult. Why are there people chanting things outside of our inclusive synagogues and churches, especially during holidays like Rosh Hashanah. Fuck you guys. Like… seriously. Fuck you. What is the point of antagonizing people and making those who identify feel awful and those who don’t, but support, feel major uncomfortable. We’re just fucking going about our day. Fuck. Off. Leave these kids alone. 

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Do you have a theory for how you think Teen Wolf is going to end?

I read a tweet that a page of the script was released and there is a flash forward at the end, which I looked at and it included Scott and Chris, and they were in LA helping what either is a Scott 2.0 (a 16 year old kid being bitten and hunted and not knowing what to do) or simply another werewolf being hunted, and it just happens to appear to be a Scott 2.0 story.

To me that either means they save the day like always, or possibly they actually had to run/leave Beacon Hills because of the hunters, but he is still following Mama McCall’s advice, “Don’t run. You fight.” and, along with Argent, following Allison’s code, “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.” but he simply couldn’t continue it in Beacon Hills for whatever reason, so he is staying and fighting where he can.

Honestly, even if I hadn’t seen that page, I still would think Scott and Chris would go on, given they share a password, and Scott is still a True Alpha, I think. Stiles finds a way to leak intel to them, and possibly to Derek who probably becomes a private investigator, or bounty hunter after Lydia hacks into the database and erases the charges that keep appearing for him, because he’s Derek and that’s just how life goes for him. Peter helps on occasion, but really he just wants to take a well earned vacation, which is good, because Malia still never got to see France, so he took her, and they travel regularly now, when she isn’t helping Scott. The sheriff and Parrish go on, eventually with Parrish becoming the sheriff when Noah retires. Liam, Mason, Corey, and Theo continue to drive him insane, and they usually end up in a cell simply because he can’t handle them anymore at the moment.

Lydia gets her fields medal, Scott becomes the vet all the kids thought he already was, and Beacon Hills goes back to the way it’s supposed to be.

Oh! And while in France, Peter and Malia stumble upon a familiar face and bring him back with them, because he has to see for himself that Stiles - small, skinny, defenseless Stiles - did in fact become a big shot FBI agent, plus he figures he owes Scott a helping hand. After all, he might have been on watch last.

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Tell me about fem!destiel moving in with each other

oh dude what do you want to know??

how Deanna and Cas got roomed together their freshman year of college and absolutely hated each other’s guts because Deanna was this stereotypical party girl and Cas was the studious nerd and they would constantly bicker. Like Cas would always nag Deanna about her music being too loud and Deanna would make fun of Cas’s ridiculous tea selection (like seriously she has an entire shelf of it) and tease her about her lack of a social life until one night Cas is like “you know what? Fine! I’ll go!” and Dee is like “what just happened” 

but twenty minutes later she’s walking to some frat party with Cas in tow and Cas fucking cuts loose. She’s taking shots left and right, dancing with anyone she can get her hands on, does a fucking KEG STAND. Deanna can barely believe her eyes. How has THIS been hiding inside her nerdy bookish roommate this entire time like does Cas have a split personality or something because this shit is crazy. But then Cas is suddenly there dragging Deanna into a dance and she’s grinding Dee’s backside and it’s super hot and like Cas tries to kiss her and as much as Dee really fucking wants to she holds back because Cas is obviously drunk af. And ten minutes later Cas is puking in a bush and Dee takes her back to their room and cares for her through the night. 

Cas wakes up the next morning with a horrible headache but a crystal clear memory and she’s mortified looking at Deanna - her roommate. Who she tried to make out with last night. And she tries to apologize. But Deanna cuts her off with a smile and tells Cas that if she brushes her teeth they can try to finish what she started last night

or maybe you’d like some strangers to lovers with Deanna and Cas in their mid twenties and Deanna answers Cas’s craigslist ad for a roommate. They’re an odd match. Where Cas is quiet, Deanna is chatty and loud. Where Cas is introverted and reserved, Deanna is outgoing and has virtually no boundaries. Where Cas is messy, Deanna is agonizingly tidy. But somehow they work. Deanna takes over most of the housework, vacuuming and dusting because it becomes clear early on that such tasks never cross Cas’s mind. She takes over cooking too after Cas’s sixth attempt at making Dee a “welcome” dinner. They start to watch TV together and find out they have pretty similar tastes. When their days off align you can find the two on the couch usually marathoning Star Trek or 30 Rock. Neither notices how the space between them on the couch gradually closes until they’re side by side and then cuddling and they don’t realize when casual touches become a thing either. Like how Cas’s hand always finds it’s way to Deanna’s back while she’s cooking, or how Deanna brushes Cas’s bangs out of her face, or the way their hips knock together if they’re getting ready in the bathroom at the same time, or how Deanna’s arm will inevitably end up around Cas’s shoulders when they’re out together.

No neither notices until the day Deanna announces she has a date. She doesn’t want to go but her sister Sam set it up with some guy from work and she doesn’t want to let the kid down. Cas is even quieter than normal that day and spends a lot of time in her room and Deanna spends the date wondering if her roommate is maybe sick and stops at the pharmacy on her way home. When she gets there she finds Cas on the couch watching season five of 30 Rock: their favorite season. She goes to sit beside her roommate with the bag of meds and Cas accepts with a small smile and then… moves away. She leans against the right arm of the couch and Deanna’s right side suddenly feels so cold. She doesn’t feel Cas’s hand on her back the next morning while making breakfast and when they go out to meet Sam and Jess for dinner three nights later, Cas shrugs her arm off. 

Deanna is at a loss because she doesn’t understand what’s happening or why it bothers her so much. She just knows that she hurts. And she misses Cas even though they’re living inside the same four walls. Everything feels wrong. She tries to talk to Sam about it but the younger Winchester is just as lost and it’s Jess who finally enlightens them with a big roll of her eyes: “hey idiot, Cas likes you.” Deanna can’t drive home fast enough and when she walks into the apartment it’s to Cas cuddled up alone on the couch again this time watching “Parks and Recreation” and she looks a little startled as Deanna runs toward her, launching herself into Cas’s arms and she starts babbling about how she never wanted to go on that stupid date and she’s sorry that she never realizes how Cas felt or that she felt the same way and she- but then Cas is kissing her and all the apologies fly away and she tangles her fingers in Cas’s long dark hair and kisses back.

OR maybe some established relationship where Deanna and Cas have been dating for a few years now and finally decide to move in together. It’s decided that Cas will move into Deanna’s place and she’s more than a little nervous. What if Deanna doesn’t like her stuff? What if she makes Cas get rid of all her stuff? What if Deanna gets annoyed seeing her every second of every day? What if they break up and Cas has nowhere to go because she cancelled the lease on her apartment and then she’ll be homeless or have to move in with her parents?!!

But all those fears wash away the second she pulls up at Deanna’s because her girlfriend is practically bouncing off the walls. She kisses Cas passionately and after they bring the first box in they make out for like ten minutes Deanna is so damn happy. There are more kisses and happy noises with every box they carry inside and all the stress is gone. 

The next morning Cas is woken to breakfast in bed where Deanna kisses her over blueberry pancakes and mimosas and then says they should go to the store because she doesn’t want to have her stuff and Cas’s stuff — she wants it be their stuff and Cas couldn’t be happier. They spend like six fucking hours in Bed, Bath, and Beyond picking out new dishes and bedding and they get in a pretty heated argument by the shower curtains only to be making out ten minutes later among the throw pillows. They’re not kicked out of the store but they are strongly encouraged to leave

That night they eat dinner on their plates. They shower behind their blue curtain. They make love on their lavender bed spread. 

And two months later Deanna proposes in their living room on their comfortable couch while curled up under their favorite blanket and Cas cries and says yes, picturing their future together in their perfect little home. 

Tmnt finale

Okay… it was a wild ride for sure. But I can’t say I enjoyed it… season 5 was the worst season of all, but the finale made it worse for me. Turtles deserved a happy ending and some of you might say they had it. But what kind of a happy ending is that?!

So many questions are left?

1 Why the explosion even happened?

2 What happened to April, Shini, Mona and Karai???

3 How is Renet human if there are no humans left?

I was expecting them to turn back time and fix what happend…

I can’t say I like tmnt madmax style. It had no built up, completely new character I don’t give a shit about…

I’d rather have a finale when they hung out, eat pizza, watch cartoons and tease each other. And everyone is save.

Season 5 was so disappointing because enemies were crap and guys were always going to win. If they were planning on finishing it like that then instead of Halloween arc or honestly whatever arc (actually Mona Lisa and wanted B&R arc were good) they could make the huge invasion and give the ending more meaning than “we’re happy cause we’re together” (but they ain’t bc they friends are dead) and how guys can be happy if all they wanted was to be heroes? How this finale makes them heroes? They’re fallen heroes if anything.

Okay I’m gonna stop rumbling now.

Tmnt was a great show and I could never regret watching it. I met some great ppl I got great feed back on my ff which I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll continue them. As for now I’m not sure whether I’m going to watch 2018 version so I might be saying goodbye.

So thank you everyone for those amazing years 😘😘😘

And hopefully I’ll see ya 💙
Kingsman The Golden Circle: HISHE - Chapter 1 - TheSilverQueen - Kingsman (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

My muse is very inspired by movies, apparently. What a shock. Anyways, have a collection of random fix-its and missing scenes that I wanted to write.

  • Fandom: Kingsman
  • Relationship: Merlin & Gary Eggsy Unwin, Merlin/Roxy (implied)
  • Summary: What if Merlin had noticed Charlie’s arm hacking Kingsman?
  • Warnings: No major warnings apply
  • Fun Fact: This just kinda happened okay. And other things may happen after it.

Merlin watches Eggsy’s tracker sink into the sewers and be swept away by the flood and can’t help the way he smiles. Most of it is because he is, as always, amazed by the boy. Eggsy has always been brilliant and different, ever since he first smashed through the bulletproof window in a move that ended the first trial in a way no one had ever done in Kingsman’s entire recorded history. Merlin has guided him on many missions and Eggsy never fails to surprise him. Logically, it should mean that Merlin should stop feeling surprised, at some point, but as he watches Eggsy move through the sewers, he is still – against everything – quite faintly surprised.

The rest of it is yet another old friend: the constant dull ache when he thinks of the way Harry had smiled, that first night in the pub when the knights had gathered to gossip about their candidates, and Harry had been so blindingly proud of his boy that Merlin had quite badly wanted to slap him up the head with his clipboard. He thinks, as he always does, that it’s such a pity his old friend never got to see the boy whose cocoon he helped spin emerge, fully fledged and as radiant as any in his collection.

He can even picture Harry’s reply. I had little to do with it. Eggsy was already Kingsman material. I just pointed him in the right direction.

“And we are the better for it,” Merlin says quietly, because if Harry had to die, leaving such a legacy as Eggsy Unwin is no small feat. Merlin already is grateful to have had a hand in training the boy; Harry will no doubt go down in infamy for being his sponsor.

He’s actually so lost in his memory that, to his shame, it takes four beeps before he realizes that he’s missed the warning notifications from Galahad’s cab.

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hey @taylorswift , I thought it’d be nice to give you a quick life update about everything.

So a few weeks ago I entered my senior year of highschool and I’ve been kind of like dreading it just because I still have barely any idea what to do after school but at the same time I really really enjoy school actually. I mean yes, it’s stressful af (especially if you count in the many sleepless nights) but seeing my friends and having fun times kind of makes it all worth it.

in terms of being clean, I think I progressed a lot last year. Like I’m not afraid anymore to voice my opinion and participate in class, something that I always shied away from because of all that’s been happening in the past. But now it seems so achievable and I’m really happy about it.

Love-wise there are no news, I mean there was this short little about-to-fall-in-love thing but it doesn’t matter anymore. However, what I did find was that being single doesn’t terrify me anymore. I realized I love spending my time and energy on my friends and I really don’t need someone else to fill up my life, to make me feel content with it.

of course, I still got bad days every now and then. Nevertheless, I am really happy with my current situation. I hope that you are, too. (also don’t forget that I love you endlessly.)

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I can see Nishki giving Ken such a hard time in the fic, just going at him for being stupid and shit and how he's endangering everyone. He asks Ken if it was only for the sex, Ken is silent and avoid eye contact. Nishki just wants to die cause of how easy their King really is. "You could have sent her back at the end of it why did you keep her here, to cuddle? " Nishki asks, Ken has no answer to give that won't end in more shame for him.

Mod K:

What the hell – I feel like you just peeked into the secret stash, because something like is going to happen, so Mod A and I were laughing as soon as we saw this ask.

Nishiki is always the voice of reason in these fics, and it’s a tragedy because no one listens to him. “Are you sure you want to fuck the girl ten years your junior that came from V?”

Ken:  “….”

I was once a person who wants to be perfect in front of my crush, I like and starting to admire what his likes, his hobbies, his favorite music and artists. In short, I like us to have the same world. Because I always think that one of the best way to win his heart is to be like him, but that should not happen.

You have to embrace what you have, your likes and dislikes, your favorites, just stay being yourself and when you like someone just be true to yourself and to him, say your insecurities, never ever try to be perfect.

In that case, when both of you starting to like each other, both of you have something different to share with each other. I learned that in love, you don’t have to have the same type of worlds, you should have different universe, with that you will learn from each other. Then you may create your own worlds, a world that only both of you can enter, only both of you can understand.

Just be you. Don’t try to be someone else. Someone will like & love for being who you are :)

Sometimes I feel really guilty for talking about my problems or the bad things my parents and my church are doing. At the same time I want to spite them for lecturing me to not tell others about the bad things they do because it’ll make them look bad.

Like, DUH, they’re going to think badly of you. They SHOULD, especially when you’re being manipulative, abusive, controlling, and a slew of other things that I could mention.

I have since made it an objective not to let the abuse that happens to me go unsaid. I’m not always gonna post it on tumblr, in fact that’s gonna be rare, but my friends know. I’m not gonna suffer in silence while they continue doing what they want to me.

Things Matthias deserves

  • love
  • happiness
  • cuddles from Nina
  • appreciation
  • waffles
  • warm sweaters
  • his friends
  • sunshine
  • hugs
  • wolf puppies
  • everything good because Matthias is amazing and deserves great things

Things Matthias doesn’t deserve

  • chapters 38-40 of Crooked Kingdom
  • being called a boring and dislikable character like come on yall

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

I love early episodes of night vale because Cecil was essentially wearing a neon sign on his chest that read “NOTICE ME CARLOS” but Carlos was too busy pointing at various aspects of the town and just going “what the fuck. what the actual fuck.”

Humans: Space Mythbusters

I was watching the last episode ever of Mythbusters today, and I randomly remembered all those “humans are weird” posts I’ve been near-obsessively reading.

So imagine aliens being exposed to the very show itself? I mean humans technically count as “space mythbusters” already (thing doesn’t work? Duct tape. Also we’re always asking ourselves “what if I do this, will that happen?” And trying flat out foolish ideas just because. Things usuallymight blow up when we’re around.) So imagine if aliens, slowly familiarizing themselves with human culture and entertainment came across Mythbusters- a crew of humans literally attaching rockets to a car just to see if it will fly and how fast, blowing cement trucks (and anything else they can get their hands on) up, fooling around with guns, wakeboarding behind a cruiser, messing with gravity by dropping things like human replicas (they call it “Buster”, and someone explained it is a crash test dummy) and elevators down from huge heights, and making ordinary everyday items lethal (usually by the means of Jamie Hyneman building a gun to shoot them as bullets), splitting boats in half, building an actual bridge out of duct tape, etc. All for the sake of science and entertainment.

I imagine they would be so terrified to find out that THIS is essentially what the “for science” exclamation when doing something dangerous, foolish, or lethal (or all of the above,) means to humans.

Feel free to add more.

i’ve seen a couple posts going around about dennis saying he hates mac/dennis not returning mac’s feelings but like

i’ve been interpreting this less as “dennis hates mac” and more as “it’s easier for dennis to say he hates mac than to admit how badly he needs him, and it’s a lot less terrifying than facing the reality of their relationship now that mac is out”

macdennis shipping aside, its clear they’ve always been very codependent, borderline in a relationship with each other, and i could see dennis panicking now that he doesn’t have the comfort of knowing nothing will ever come of it like he did when mac was still in the closet


I can whisper, I can yell
But I know, yeah I know, yeah I know
I’m just talking to myself