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Can you define inspiration?

The world is so interesting. I mean it’s so fucking supremely interesting.

Our own bodies, other people’s bodies, the streets with their clutter of
civilization, words, people’s shoes, animals and their direct approach to
life, books, music, art, science, movies, food, architecture and on and on.
Really, only the truly lazy are at liberty to be bored. The rest of us have
no choice  but to gawk with curiosity at an endless stream of this or that.
And that’s probably why you’re on tumblr.

Of course, it’s not always easy. We’re trained to think in patterns; to club
things together. So eventually we stop noticing things. When we’re out
on the street we see traffic, stores, people and garbage. Instead of yellow
Corvette, neon typography, shiny shoes or a discarded chair.

We also tend to label things as having been experienced. This destroys
inspiration. Just because you’ve listened to a song doesn’t mean you can’t
hear it for the first time again. You can have first experiences over and
over again. You just have work harder to untrain your brain.

That’s what inspiration is to me. To find the maximum number of things
in this world interesting and to try to experience events as if I haven’t
already. This makes me interesting. And everything I do interesting.


Drrr Skype Group!!!
  • So for a while I've been thinking, make it would be fun if all the drrr blogs got together and joined a drrr skype group hosted by me. This could give a chance to bond and make friends. I thought of the idea when I entered the SAO group a couple days ago. Everyone was friendly and nice. Well this that might be what this community needs. Some pals and a great fandom. Whether your an Ask Blog, Roleplay Blog, A reblogger, you all can join. Because you are what makes the fandom. I think it would be cool if all of our blogs United from different corners of the fandom. PLEASE reblog this in order to spread the word. I want to have as many blogs as possible in my group! Also if you want to join. Add my skype.
  • Skype:Allisonhuff1234
  • Reblog, like it, to know that your interested! Thanks!

damn I can’t even get personal on here at all no more. ya’ll be blowing up posts I don’t even want out there like that. like this aint even that safe of a space for me to express myself genuinely on personal matters no more without some one reblogging that personal info out there. those of you who reblog personal posts that shouldn’t really be reblogged do you realize you’re creating an unsafe space for people to be themselves and be honest and express themselves? because even that has become some rebloggable aesthetic for people to relate with as opposed to letting it sit and be the expressed emotion it is.

The Crew Community

Let me clear up some things first.

This is a list of most tumblr blogs that blog about the crew. Since our fandom is pretty small I wanted a way to connect with each other easier.

If you are in this list I found you either because

  1. You follow me/I follow you
  2. You’ve posted under the Crew related tags

There are four categories, The writers, the GIF'ers/PhotoPlacers, The Artist and The Rebloggers. The Rebloggers don’t always post crew related, some post also other fandoms.

The writers

The GIF'ers/PhotoPlaces

The Artists

The Rebloggers

If you are not here Or if I missplaced you, I apologize. send me an ask if you want to be on the list or deleted. Your call.

Why is it that when some (yes I’m saying some because not everyone I know that’s in a relationship does this) people get in relationships, that becomes all they talk about 
Like, I get it, you’re happy, and I’m happy that you’re happy, but if I’m trying to tell you about what happened this morning with my cup of coffee and you turn it a conversation about sex with your boyfriend, I’m going to get really fucking annoyed because not every conversation has to be about your boyfriend 

And yes, I’m aware that posting about this will probably open the floodgates to a lot of asks that either say ‘you’re bitter because you’re single and no one’s ever loved you’ or ‘your day will come’ but I’m just 

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right now, ya know? 

This should be on a corsage because it’s exquisite.. Just Like Our Blog

We put hours each night into this blog - searching for material, looking at the reblogs and also following those who followed.  The funny thing is that we have so many reblogs

butterahhhhh -  WHERE ARE THE FOLLOWS ?????????????????????

We don’t think you want us to stop posting all this wonderful fresh never seen on tumblr material, soooooooooooooooooo, Some Of You Constant Rebloggers Who Haven’t Followed Need to FOLLOW OR THE BLOG GOES BACK TO ALL TUMBLR REBLOGS, YEAH,

I’m Saying the one thing no one likes to say but if I didn’t say it - probably you wouldn’t understand.  So If you build your blog archives off my work, at least follow.

We have other Tumblrs which do well, but this one gets most of the attention from us -  so if we don’t start getting more follows, Then,, Oh Well it goes back to tumblr blahhh.

so what are you waiting for - FOLLOW THIS BLOG

Overall I get easily annoyed when people start discussions on posts where I didn’t ask for any so if you could keep in mind in the future that’d be appreciated

I don’t mind having asks sent about it (please specify what post you’re talking about, I get confused) but for some reason I get irritated with it being in reblogs. Probably because it spreads outside of the audience I was prepared for (the people that follow Me, as opposed to My followers plus the reblogger’s followers)

Of course, I’ll try to start tagging things I don’t want reblogged, but the thing is that it’s not reblogs I mind, it’s unwanted discussion on non-discussion posts so…