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Sighing.. I just wanted you all to see this.. I received this 14 days ago. Okay, first of all, I have never been contacted from Tumblr about this before, because it is simply untrue. I have never reblogged anyone else content as my own. Just look at my blog and you will see. Second, I don’t even know if this is real. Third, I know who is behind this and they are so desperate to get rid of me that they would stoop so low and to pull this. I can’t believe that people can be so dang evil. Who am I hurting? I am doing the same thing that you are doing. And furthermore you are the only one who has sent me a message like this, and now I am being falsely accused. I realize that this person is truly out to get me to stop reblogging, or to just reblog from them. Or just to get me off of Tumblr all together. I have proof, that this person is the one who is causing this. I just want to be left alone. I don’t bother you. Are you really that power hungry that you would try to get rid of someone who is causing you no harm. I don’t know what Tumblr is talking about, I have not done any of these things. I go the creators blog and I do my own reblogging. I see many, many others doing the same thing including you. I really don’t know what is going to happen to this blog, but I know that I have not broken any rules and I have nothing but respect and love for all of our creators.  I just wanted you guys to know what was going on, if anything happened. This person, is trying to get rid of me because they want to be the only reblogger on Tumblr. But guess what? I am not the only one and I won’t be the last. And I hope you know that all of your evil deeds will not go  unnoticed. Karma is a bi#tch and you are messing with the wrong person.  You have everybody fooled  into thinking that you are such a great person, but me and a few others know the truth. You are hiding behind your computer all day and secretly bullying others. I feel sorry for you. And I hope that you can find some peace. If I get deleted then I just do, my life won’t end. But like I sad Karma is a b#3ch. 



Guys!!! I don’t know how or why this happened, but I recently reached over 1000 followers! I know that it’s just a number, but it’s also incredible. It’s incredible that we are so many people who share our interests and passion, and even though I don’t really know most of you (what I would really like to change) it kinda feels like we’re friends

It’s incredible, and I feel very honored because of this, that so many people actually like what I post, reblog and write. I’ve always loved writing, and now that there are people who read it, I’ve got an excuse to do it even more. Also, the people that I got to know on here have all been so kind, fun and loving, I always felt accepted and supported, and you’ve become a part of my family. And you know, as a wise man once said, family don’t end with blood (and it doesn’t start there either). 

So thank you, dear friends, family, readers, writers, commenters, rebloggers, Tumblr people of all sorts for making all of this such a great experience. You guys are the best, and you make me feel all sorts of things, but most of all you make me very very happy (especially right now because I still really haven’t processed that there are so many people who bothered enough to click the follow button?!?). I love you!

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Also, to celebrate this a little, I’m posting some kind of a challenge. Nothing big or complicated, just some fun, so take a look if you’re interested.

I want to give some extra hugs to everyone who accompanied me on this journey, whether it was talking to me all night long, helping me through my finals or just making me smile with a sweet comment or reblogs, you make this world a better place. Thank you.

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Hey, as you guys know i have commissions up but i seriously need some money as of now, and would greatly appreciate you guys commissioning me. [COMMISSION POST] . I would like around $1,200 because my family’s car just died on us and we need the money to replace the broken part of the car and schools around the corner, i need money for my younger siblings. 

im willing to draw anything, so please message me on my tumblr @izzydraws4 or email me at

i am not asking for donations (however if you want to please email me) im asking for you guys to commission me.


Mr. Resetti on Sharing Art on Tumblr.


Hey, excuse me, mind if I bend yer ear for a bit? Won’t be a second.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. I’m with the Reset Surveillance Center. The name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti.

Now I know ya remembered to save last time, honest. I’m here to tell you kids about something different. A good ol’ public service announcement, if you will.

Lately, my brother Don’s been tryin’ to get me to use this newfangled internet thing called… uh…what was it, “Tumble”? “Tumbler”? Help me out here.

Wait, what’s that? It’s called “Tumblr”? What happened to the E? Aw whatever, don’t matter much right now, that’s another rant for another time.

See, here’s why I’m REALLY here. I’ve been hearin’ around the village that one of our fine citizens got his artwork put up on someone else’s blog without so much as a link back or even a mention. They took the poor sucker’s hard work and put it on their blog claimin’ it as their own, and it has 30,000 notes! 30,000! That’s a heck of a lot of people!

Now if there’s one thing I hate more than a cheater, IT’S A THIEF! Lousy good for nothin’ freeloaders stealin’ everyone else’s hard earned possessions! But it’s one thing to steal a possession, it’s ANOTHER to steal someone else’s HARD WORK! We on the same page here, kid?

When ya see a piece of art on a Tumblr blog that ya like and ya wanna share it with yer pals, ya gotta REBLOG IT, kid. DON’T REPOST IT! Ya hearin’ me, punk? That’s STEALIN’ and stealin’ other people’s hard work is the CHEATER’S way out.

Rebloggin’ on the other hand, it’s so easy. Just hit the little button with the swirly arrows and when the window comes up, hit submit! 

For cryin’ out loud, you can even just press the “CTRL” key while clickin’ the arrows and the window won’t even pop up! It does it automatically! Bada bing bada boom, DONE, it’s on your blog. It’s not like yer hackin’ the mainframe over here!

When you repost someone’s art, not only are YOU a dirty thief, but when 30,000 people reblog that post? You can take down yer original repost or edit it to include a credit all ya want, but ya can’t edit or delete other people’s reblogs. So when you repost someone else’s hard work and 30,000 people reblog it, ya just made 30,000 innocent people accomplices to yer crime! So it’s better to just get it from the artist himself or from another upstadin’ reblogger.

Now, like with anythin’, there’s a way to cheat THAT system too. I hear some people ARE rebloggin’ the art, like they should, but then they remove the artist’s comments and credit! What a cryin’ shame! That’s pretty much exactly the same as repostin’ it, because even if you COULD trace back to the artist, yer gonna have to wade through hundreds of notes to find it! It’ll take forever!


QUIT WHININ’!  Those artist comments ya keep removin’ were put there, BY THE ARTIST, as part of the display. You can’t just take that out! Ya gotta leave it in! It’s like takin’ the frame off the Mona Lisa! How would YOU like it if someone took the words outta YOUR mouth, punk?

Now let’s say the artist DOESN’T have a Tumblr and ya want their art to be shared amongst the Tumblers or whatever ya kids call yerselves. Or ya see some art on Tumblr that ya want to share with people on another website. There’s apparently a bit of an epidemic where art off of Tumblr is bein’ taken and posted on other websites like “Cheeseburger” or somethin’ called “Meem-base” with NO CREDIT. Let me tell ya kid, that just ain’t right. Not even a little bit.

If ya wanna avoid bein’ THAT guy, there are TWO things you can do.
The most obvious thing to do if ya HAVE to repost someone else’s art is GIVE THEM CREDIT AND LINK BACK TO THEM, especially when posting it on another website!
Another thing to do is ask the artist for permission to repost their art on your blog or another website. Chances are pretty good that if they say yes, they’ll want credit or a link back anyway.
Now of course, there’ll be an artist who DON’T want you to post their art, respect that. DON’T go repostin’ it anyway out of spite, ya dirty weasel!

Art ain’t like fruit, kid. Steal an apple and the farmer can just grow more (not saying ya can go and steal apples now, don’t start twistin’ my words), but artwork is the result of hours of hard work on the part of another person. It’s a labor of love and self-expression. It’s somethin’ someone put their all into, their heart and soul and all that other mushy talk.

So when ya steal someone’s art and take credit for it, yer hurtin’ the one who made the art in the first place. Yer not just stealin’ their good work, yer also takin’ away the glory and attention THAT person deserved as a result of all their effort. Is 30,000 notes REALLY worth hurtin’ another person? Think about it, kid.

So do ol’ Mr. Resetti a favor and don’t go takin’ credit for other people’s work. That don’t just go for art either! That goes for anything.

Oh, and one more thing.

Quit hidin’ behind the anonymous option when ya send hate mail ya dirty coward!

Got it? Good.



#Protect Row Boat

When I saw Rowan come out as queer I was very proud of her and I knew she would receive a lot of shit for saying who she is. Until I actually read some of the comments/letters parents wrote to Disney expressing their outrage, it really made me realize how stupid that generation can be. I can tell this is going to be long so I’m sorryyyyy but it must be said.

I saw parents writing to Disney saying Rowan’s too young for her to make that kind of decision for herself. Well you know what shittheads? Teenagers of today know more than parents give them credit for and 14 yo of today are NOT the same 14yo of say 2006. These kids are forming opinions at this age and speaking out on things that they see wrong with this world and I applaud and admire Rowan for being one of those 14yo that is doing so. Back to the point where people say she’s too young, I think Rowan’s point is she knows who she is TODAY. That could change tomorrow, next week, two years from now, or never. She may decide she may like girls more than boys, boys more than girls, or both or whatever but as of NOW she identifies as queer. That could change but I think the big question is WHY DO YOU IGNORANT PARENTS FUCKING CARE? She’s 14! Do you shittheads realize your BULLING a 14yo???? If someone did that to your kid I’m sure you’d be fucking pissed. However, maybe not I know parents don’t like to acknowledge who their children really are. For you to say she doesn’t know what she is saying is unfair, ignorant, wrong, stupid…..shall I go on? If you actually read some essays Rowan has written you can tell she is very educated, her parents encourage her to find out the answers and her parents are doing something very applaudable which is they are letting Rowan FIND HERSELF AND SUPPORT HER AS SHE DOES. Rowan acknowledges she doesn’t know everything. She acknowledges she still has a lot to learn but from what she knows now, she is queer. She is proud of that and it is horrible adults are bulling this poor girl that they don’t even know. Have you ever had a conversation with Rowan? I think not, so shut the fuck up. I saw some parent was saying her kids are 14 and learning how to cook and riding their bikes to get candy and aren’t even thinking about sexuality. May I first start by saying, Lady I’m sure you don’t know what your kids are doing when they biking to get “candy” and 14yo of today are a lot smarter and hide a lot of shit from their parents so you don’t even know what your kids know smartass and if they don’t know anything about sexuality at that age, I can only say you are hurting them because that is the EXACT age to start  talking about sex and sexuality. You are only making your kids lives harder if they don’t know anything about sexuality by now. 14yo and up should know about sexuality and learn about it and have the right to chose/figure out who they love. After all we all want to love and be loved right? Now back to these bitches that are saying they won’t allow their kids to watch GMW if they start talking about sex, sexuality, drugs, self harm, depression and so on. Look parents, if you don’t want to talk about those things then I feel sorry for your kids because they sure as hell are going to learn that in school, social media or elsewhere, if they haven’t already. Look “perfect parents,” I would bet you a million your kids know more than you are giving them credit for and they are playing your ignorance and in denial as their ticket to freedom. Back to GMW handling real issues, as a 17yo, I can honestly say GMW has taught me so much about being a better person, friend and so on. I personally hate sugar coating things and making the real world some stupid fantasy and I APPRECIATE how GMW doesn’t do that and how they sometimes don’t have happy endings at the end of their episodes because that’s real. Life isn’t a happy ending at the end of 20 minutes. I would LOVE to see them tackle self harm, depression, sexuality, drugs all that. I want to see these amazing characters played by AMAZING actors find the world. I want to see that and I don’t think we should be deprived from that just because some in denial - ignorant mothers feel we shouldn’t learn how to survive and be happy in this world. I think RIlaya is a good example of situations that are true and happen and should be told and Sabrina and Rowan would protray those stories and feelings so well. Enough of my shipping tho:) Look Disney, if you care about GMW( because sometimes I wonder) I hope you don’t listen to those parents because you will gain a new amount of viewers. The RIGHT kind. The kind that will love this show and promote it on social media and fondly think about how this will be a staple show that their kids will watch someday. Disney you have the power to make this the greatest- groundbreaking television show with more than 4 seasons ever on your network. You shouldn’t fuck this up just because some parents who have nothing better to do than bully a 14 yo girl says so. Might I add bulliers, Rowan has said she gets depressed. Do you really want to be responsible for her death? I know Rowan is strong but why the hell would you push her. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you all to spread the word reblogg this, like this do what you must. I want to see GMW become a groundbreaking television show for Disney with more than 4 seasons so LETS REPLACE THOSE STUPID PEOPLE WHO STOPPED WATCHING BECAUSE GMW IS EXPLAINING THE REAL WORLD. I admire and applaud Rowan and we must do everything to support her. So WATCH GMW and help them help us. Give them the views and ratings necessary so they can help us meet the world:)


Okay, I’m done. byeeeeeee

P.S. GM MONEY comes on FRIDAY at 8:30. Watch it LIVE. Even if it’s on mute just have it on so we can actually see representation in all areas (sexuality, race etc.)

Hello, everyone! We’d like to introduce you to 127 net, a network created for those who love and want to support the subunit NCT 127. For now, we are currently accepting members, affiliates and admins. Here are some basic rules:

  • If you want to be a member, you can either be a creator(gfx, gifs, edits, fanfics…) or just a reblogger, whatever is completely fine. There will also be a tag for your creations. Sideblogs allowed! And as many as you’d like. And be friendly with the other members, because drama won’t be tolerated.
  • If you want to be an affiliate, the requirements are very simple: just be very active and your blog must be 100% about NCT 217, or else you won’t be accepted.

  • If you want to be an admin, just make sure you have at least 2 hours a day to check the network’s activity and help the members with whatever they need.

Are you interested? Then you can read more about the rules and apply here. And also reblog this post to spread the world!

Drrr Skype Group!!!
  • So for a while I've been thinking, make it would be fun if all the drrr blogs got together and joined a drrr skype group hosted by me. This could give a chance to bond and make friends. I thought of the idea when I entered the SAO group a couple days ago. Everyone was friendly and nice. Well this that might be what this community needs. Some pals and a great fandom. Whether your an Ask Blog, Roleplay Blog, A reblogger, you all can join. Because you are what makes the fandom. I think it would be cool if all of our blogs United from different corners of the fandom. PLEASE reblog this in order to spread the word. I want to have as many blogs as possible in my group! Also if you want to join. Add my skype.
  • Skype: Allisonhuff1234
  • Reblog, like it, to know that your interested! Thanks!

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Well mate, some people just like to reblog art that they like without the heavy self-promotion text from the artist, because in this day and age blacklisting words like patreon, commission, donate and such is becoming increasingly common, just like adblock did. We get that's how you make a living, but no one, NO ONE likes ads, and in tumblr constantly sharing that has become the new ads.

This mentality needs to be addressed.

We get that’s how you make a living.” If that is universally understood, then why take that way of living away from an artist? It takes no effort to leave the text in place.

Even if the reblogger cannot or does not want to support the artist financially, they can boost it to someone who can or does want to support the artist.

I understand it can be tiresome to be bombarded by “self-promotion.” Please understand that some artists NEED to self-promote their work, because their art is their only source of income. For many artists, art is not a hobby. Art is how they pay bills, buy groceries, cover insurances, and other necessities.

If self-promotion becomes too bothersome to handle, then unfollow that artist. Please do not hurt their chances of making income by deleting links to Society6, Patreon, etc when reblogifying their artwork.

Is keeping a blog aesthetic more important than the needs of a fellow human being?

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Hi, can you do a pust about bits? for some one who dont understand a lot of it, but the most complet that you can do (such as the effects on the horse). Thank you a lot.

Hiya! I’m just going to do a little bit on what I think and then refer you to tonnes of info from “” because then it’s easy and rebloggable for anyone else who wants to tag the info later…

So being a dressage rider, I would only ever use the snaffle or a double bridle if i were at a level demanding it. I would never consider any bits not allowed in dressage because if you get dependent on them and then have to go do a test, you’re screwed. I distinctly remember when I was young, I couldn’t get a certain horse on the bit so my old instructor literally put me in a gag on the third/highest leverage ring and I still couldn’t, to show me that it had literally nothing to do with the bit and everything to do with me being shit lolz. So anyway.

The only snaffles I really see a point in using are either a loose ring, a full cheek (or fulmer which combines these two), or an eggbut. I’ve ridden in bauchers and eggbuts and you name it, but to me they don’t make any difference to these ones. I would pretty much only ride in either a double jointed which is an oval link, not a french link, or a single jointed bit. And obviously never wire, chain snaffles or anything like that. I wouldn’t go for plastic because it seems weird, but I’m sure there are benefits. I’m not too sure about the whole straight bar thing, but i’ll add some links on that and we can both learn :P

Not talking about the mouthpieces/bars that sit in the mouth or what’s joining them right now but here we go:

Loose ring snaffle: Generally considered the softest snaffle, for sensitive horses (provided the mouth piece is not made of twisted wire, rope, etc). The rings can move through holes in the mouth piece which can lead to pinching of the corners of the mouth.

In more detail (underlining cons, highlighting pros):

The loose ring snaffle is one of the most common types of snaffle cheeks, and generally considered to be the best style of cheek for disciplines requiring sensitive contact through the reins, such as dressage.  Because the ring-shaped cheek pieces are attached to the bit by running through holes bored into the ends of the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece to move freely in relation to the rings.  This allows the mouthpiece to move more independently with the tongue and jaw movements of the horse, even when the reins are maintaining pressure on the bit.  This is generally considered an advantage in disciplines like dressage in that it encourages a relaxed jaw and mobile tongue, but some horses can find this freedom overly stimulating and get too playful with the bit, especially when there is no rein contact helping to stabilize the bit.  The rings are also able to swivel freely in a lateral direction, allowing for clear transmission of direct rein aids, which is particularly useful with young horses.  Most cheeks used in snaffle bits are able to swivel laterally, but as the name suggests, the loose ring has the least resistance in this respect.

There are two possible downsides to the loose ring snaffle that may be relevant in certain cases.  Firstly, the gap between the rings and the holes in the mouthpiece can pinch horses with sensitive loose-skinned lips.  This can be a particular problem if the bit is sized too small for the width of the mouth, or if the holes in the mouthpiece are poorly bored such that they have sharp edges or are significantly larger than the rings going through them.  Secondly, the rings provide only limited resistance when the bit is pulled laterally through the mouth, and when pulled hard, the bit can go right through the mouth, rings and all.  The larger the rings, the less of a problem this is, which is why special training bits are made with extra large rings.  With more advanced horses who do not need significant help from the bit when turning, smaller rings are generally fine.

Full Cheek: Good for young horses especially, as the pressure from the bars on the side of the mouth helps to turn their heads in the direction, so you combine pulling and pushing to help steer. 


For horses that need help from the bit in turning, the full cheek is the most extreme type of corrective cheek piece that can commonly be found on a snaffle.  With a small ring fixed to the mouthpiece on a swivel joint, and two arms extending above and below the mouthpiece, the main purpose of this bit is to exert lateral pressure on the horse’s mouth.  When one side of the bit is pulled, as in turning, the opposite side presses against a broad section of the lips and cheeks.  This can be particularly useful with horses that are having difficulty learning to respond properly to direct rein pressure, and can sometimes help correct horses who tip their heads trying to evade direct rein pressure.  With horses who may evade direct rein pressure by opening their mouths or otherwise making it possible for the bit to be pulled through the mouth completely, a full-cheek snaffle can prevent this problem.  A full cheek snaffle is also useful when rein aids may be the main way to communicate lateral cues, such as when driving, riding side saddle, or in para-equestrian.

The biggest danger with full cheek snaffles is that posed by the lengthy arms themselves.  These arms can get tangled up with reins, leg wraps, and even with the nostrils and lips of the horse.  A full cheek should always be used with a restraining loop on the bridle, which hooks over one of the arms and helps keep them in a fixed position, thus preventing interference with the nose and lips.  However, just as with curb shanks, care should also be taken to keep the horses’s head free of possible entanglement when wearing this bit, such as by allowing it to rub its face on items.

Fulmer/’FM’ Bit: As you can see from the image, this bit combines the lateral pressure of the full cheek with the gentleness of the loose ring.

TheBitGuide.Com didn’t have any info on the fulmer as a seperate bit so I’m taking this from a tiny little snippet online, cos that’s all I could see:

The Fulmer Cheek is a variation of the full cheek; it uses the same concept as the full cheek except the loose ring makes it a more mobile bit, so may be useful if your horse goes better in a loose ring or leans a bit but you need the full cheek there. [X]

I would assume this would be awesome because it should prevent the only con of the loose ring - its potential pinching. BUT i’m not a phycisist or an expert in leverage so having the snaffle rings go through the little holes in the sides of the hanging bits may totally change its action, so I don’t know. Also the sides seem to be bent in slightly, which I’m guessing is to reduce ability to catch on items - but if an item were to get caught on there, it might be slightly harder to get it off, if the horse is left unsupervised at least.

The eggbutt snaffle: Considered the softest snaffle after the loose ring, as far as I’m aware. Considered an improvement in many ways as it minimises the potential for pinching and any slight imbalance in pressure on one side, whether made from the rider having a stronger hand or the horse pulling, won’t allow it to go through the mouth as much as the loose ring because of the slightly straight sides. But the set rings supposedly can make it easier for the horse to set its jaw against the bit and encourage chewing because they’re so fixed. But then in a horse with over anxious chewing, this is the kind of bit you’d want. 

In more detail:

The eggbutt is a common multi-discipline style of cheek piece for snaffle bits.

The eggbutt snaffle minimizes two problems that can arise with its cousin, the loose ring snaffle, whose rings can pinch the edges of the horse’s mouth, and which doesn’t provide much lateral stabilization.  By flaring out the ends of the mouthpiece and joining the rings with flush swivel joints above and below where the lips contact the edge of the bit, the eggbutt can be a more comfortable alternative for many horses.  The edges of the mouthpiece are less likely to pinch the horse’s lips, and because the cheek is fixed in relation to the mouthpiece, the bit offers moderate lateral control.

When the bit is pulled laterally through the mouth, there is some resistance on the opposite side, which can help encourage the horse to turn with less danger of pulling the bit through the mouth than exists with a loose ring snaffle, though more than with a d-ring or full cheek snaffle.

By having rings fixed to the mouthpiece, the eggbutt does give up some mobility, in that the position of the mouthpiece is more influenced by the movement and position of the cheek pieces than by the movement of the horse’s mouth, unlike the case with a loose ring snaffle.  While this in generally somewhat of a disadvantage in disciplines that require sensitive control with consistent rein contact, such as dressage, the fixed position can be advantageous with horses that tend to play with the bit too much.

The lateral movement of the cheek piece is slightly more restricted than in a loose ring, since the metal can bind where it joins the mouthpiece.  A relatively new innovative style of eggbutt-loose ring hybrid minimizes these problems by having sleeves in the mouthpiece through which the rings can pass, thus protecting the lips while having more range of movement.  In either case, the bit is generally bulkier around the lips, which while more comfortable for some horses, can cause others to draw their lips back. However, in general, the eggbutt is a good, safe choice for an all-purpose bit.

Other types:

The D-Ring: I wouldn’t use this simply because I don’t see the point - I could get what I need from the full cheek to provide the lateral pressure/inability to pull through its mouth, and the eggbutt to remove the problems associated with a loose ring. 

The first type seem more similar to an eggbutt, with thicker cheeks and slightly lower swivelly bits (#scientificterminology)

In more detail:

A dee ring snaffle bit is a compromise between an eggbutt and a full cheek snaffle.  It has vertical shanks that extend above and below the mouthpiece, and these are joined on the top and bottom by a D-shaped ring on swivel joints.  Like the eggbutt, it helps prevent pinching at the corners of the mouth, though generally without as much bulk as an eggbutt, and it provides fairly substantial lateral control through the vertical shanks, though without the dangers posed by the arms on a full cheek snaffle.  

Because of this combination of control and safety, the dee ring snaffle has been popular in horse racing and jumping disciplines for a long time.

As with the eggbutt snaffle, the fixed position of the cheeks and mouthpiece mean that this bit is less mobile in the horse’s mouth, for better or worse.  In disciplines where high sensitivity is required, such as dressage, the fixed position is generally disadvantageous.  However, with horses who need extra control in high energy situations, the tradeoff is undoubtably worthwhile.  Because the shanks are longer and straighter than the sides of an eggbutt, the dee ring exerts more lateral force on the sides of the mouth, and is less able to be pulled through the mouth, thus affording more control in turning, though slightly less than with a full cheek snaffle.

With the dee rings attached at the top and bottom of these shanks, the point of rotation is somewhat further away from the mouthpiece than on an eggbutt horse bit, thus making it arguably less mobile and somewhat harsher through a slight leverage action, depending on the angle of the force applied.

Wing-cheek snaffle: I’d never heard about this until I read about it just now on this website. It actually looks pretty good, removing the pinching, but providing more mobility than the eggbutt.

In more detail:

A relatively recent innovation in snaffle cheeks, the wing bit offers extensive protection at the corners of the horse’s mouth by having winged plates on the ends of the mouthpiece that curve around the side of the mouth.  Essentially acting like a bit guard, these metal plates ensure that the rings of the bit do not rub or pinch against the sides of the horse’s mouth.  This type of wing is typically seen with a loose ring style of arrangement, where the ring slides through sleeves on the outer sides of the wing plates.  In this respect, it is similar to the loose ring eggbutt hybrid.  These type of cheeks allow the bit to have the benefit of the loose ring action, namely the bit is able to move with the tongue and jaw somewhat independently from the rein pressure on the rings, without the possible drawback of pinching at the corners of the mouth.  This bit is particularly useful with horses that have very sensitive lips, loose skin around the mouth, or a tendency to develop sores around the mouth.

Because the ring is running through a sleeve, which due to its length must necessarily curve in the shape of the ring, it is not able to move quite as freely as a true loose ring snaffle.  However, compared to an eggbutt or a dee ring, it certainly allows the bit more freedom while at the same time protecting the mouth.  This type of bit has also been seen with a loose ring gag option.

Half Cheek: I don’t know why you’d bother with this, it could still slip through the mouth through the top. If you’re worried about getting caught on stuff, keep an eye on your horse or attach the leather keepers to the top of a full cheek…

In more detail:

Also called the “half spoon” snaffle, this type of bit is a relative of the full cheek snaffle, because it has an arm extending down the side of the cheek from the mouth.  Unlike the full cheek, it only has this lower arm and it is shaped in a somewhat flatter, spoon-like shape.  The principle is the same, however, and that is to provide increased lateral action when direct reining is used for turning, and to prevent the bit from being pulled through the mouth of the horse.  This bit is typically seen with an eggbutt style of connection at the mouthpiece, making it also a good choice for preventing pinching at the corners of the mouth.

With only the lower spoon, the bit is somewhat safer than the full cheek, in that there is less likelihood of it getting caught up in anything, and it does not require a restraining loop on the bridle.  Because of this, the bit is a popular choice in driving and somewhat in racing.  As with any arms, however, there is still danger of the spoon being caught up in other tack, wire mesh, and the like, so it is important to keep the head of the horse free from possible entanglement.

Baucher: does not place additional pressure on the poll - that’s a common misconception, unless you had your cheek pieces done up ridiculously tight and pulled the bit back as far as possible. Therefore I can’t use the info from TheBitGuide because I know it’s wrong, as it believes it exerts poll pressure. Instead I’m pasting in info from @unusualtack​. Since I know that it can be pulled through the mouth, because a horse I used to lease, Ice, wore one and still pulled it through, I wouldn’t bother with it. 

In more detail:

Action: The baucher has an eggbutt-like ring at the mouthpiece for the rein, with an upper cheek that has a ring at its end, to which the cheekpieces of the bridle are attached. The mouthpiece of a true Baucher does not slide on its ring, though there are Baucher-like designs that do. This bit lies flat against the horse’s face, is fixed in the mouth and concentrates pressure on the bars. Contrary to common belief, the bit does not exert poll pressure unless it is put onto the bridle upside-down.

Advantages: will not be pulled through the mouth..

Uses: Not a common design, most often seen in eventing, during the dressage or show jumping phase. Also sometimes used by dressage riders. May be used in preparation for the curb bit. Is never seen in western riding, where it is illegal for show.

NOTE: the Baucher can be misused in an upside-down position, with the cheek containing the smaller ring hanging below the bit, as if the reins were supposed to attach at that point. Such positioning makes the cheek into a short bit shank, but without a curb chain, there is no poll pressure, merely a rotation of the mouthpiece onto the bars. This fitting is illegal in competition. [X]

Tom Thumb: I used this at first on Chanel, but found the side bits that the straight bars go through were massive and didn’t give as nice straight and even lateral pressure on the side of the face as the FM or full cheek did. TheBitGuide didn’t have any info on them besides a curb named that which I have a picture of down the bottom.

Mouth pieces:

Double Jointed snaffles:

The Oval Link: The only double jointed snaffle I would use as the Dr. Bristol and French Link scrape flatly across the tongue. The oval part will slide more, but has less risk of pinching than a Roller joint itself. This picture is of an eggbut with an oval link:

In more detail:

The oval mouth double jointed snaffle is basically a variant of the French link, with a rounded lozenge instead of a flat spatula joining the two halves of the bit. The benefits are largely the same, with reduced nutcracker effect, more even pressure over the bars, and independent control over the two sides of the mouth. Some horses prefer the rounded lozenge as it perhaps encourages them to mouth the bit and obviates any thin edges that could be uncomfortable.

The lozenges are typically designed so that the eye hole of the jointed arms is open when looking at the bit straight on. This is different from the French link, in which the eyes on the spatula are in that position and the eyes of the arms are at a 90 degree angle. The former type of jointing would seem to be preferable, in that it would be less bulging against the tongue, but in practice, it probably comes down to individual preference.

Roller: Can potentially catch on the tongue, but could encourage salivation among horses set in their jaw. Here shown on a Baucher:

In more detail:

Rollers are a popular addition to many styles of mouthpieces today.  Sometimes as little as a rotating disk set inside the center oval of a double jointed snaffle, or as much as a series of rollers along the joints or arms of the mouthpiece, the general idea of rollers is to encourage the horse to play with the bit.  By moving their tongue under the bit, horses can become more relaxed in the tongue and jaw, leading to better acceptance of the bit.  Whether or not rollers actually encourage such movement is, of course, debatable.  However, some horses may be stimulated by the rolling action, so it may be worth trying with horses that tend to set their tongues and don’t salivate much.

Some designs can be problematic in that the roller action may lead to pinching; this can be tested by placing the bit over bare skin and applying pressure to the rings to simulate the action in the horse’s mouth.  If you experience discomfort, it is likely that your horse will too.  It is also important to check on current rules specific to rollers in your discipline, should you wish to compete using such a bit.  Many types of rollers are prohibited in USEF competitions at this time.

French Link: Nice, but I would just use an oval link.

In more detail: 

One of the more common varieties of double jointed snaffles is the French link snaffle. The two joints help to reduce the nutcracker effect of the jointed snaffle, while still allowing the rider independent control over the two sides of the mouth. It also transfers rein pressure more evenly over the bars.The French link refers to a flat spatula between the two joints, which is designed to lay flat over the tongue. This is easy for the untrained eye to confuse with the Dr. Bristol, which has the spatula angled such that the thin edge can push harshly into the horse’s tongue. Some horses prefer the rounder version of the French link, often called an oval mouth or lozenge, although the French link can be preferable for horses with less palate clearance.

Dr Bristol:  Would not use/10.

In more detail:

Perhaps the wolf in sheep’s clothing of snaffle bits, this bit looks much like a mild French link snaffle to the untrained eye. However, the center spatula is angled such that the thin edge can push harshly into the horse’s tongue, thus giving this bit a more severe action than might be supposed.

Single Jointed: Has some ‘nutcracker action’. If you pull the reins backward, the mouth piece caves in the middle and sends the joint forward into the mouth and back again on release. Stronger than a double joint.

In more detail:

The single jointed snaffle is probably one of the most commonly used snaffle bits. The jointed action allows the rider to put pressure on one side of the mouth more than the other, and hence have better control over the lateral flexion of the horse.

However, with the single jointed snaffle, there is a certain amount of nutcracker action that can occur with greater pressure on the reins. This pinches the tongue, and on a horse with a low palate (or a high tongue) can also put pressure on the roof of the mouth, causing discomfort and possibly leading to resistance by opening the mouth. This action is accentuated by thinner bits, and can be alleviated somewhat by a shaped mouthpiece or a double jointed snaffle.

No joints:

Straight bar/Mullen mouth: Don’t really have an opinion on this!

In more detail:

This is the only common snaffle bit that does not have any joint at all. With its slight curve, it is often considered to be a mild bit because it puts more pressure across the tongue instead of the more sensitive bars. However, for that reason it is not typically a bit that will aid in the lateral flexion of a horse’s head. Hence it is not often used in dressage, but more often as a pleasure riding bit on sensitive mouthed horses.

Because it lacks a joint, there is no possible nutcracker or pinching effect in the mouth, which also makes it milder and can be advantageous for horses with sensitive palates. These bits are frequently made from flexible materials, like rubber and plastic, which in combination with a curved shape, allows the pressure on the bit to be distributed more evenly in the mouth. There are also now differently shaped mouthpieces available, which perhaps make these bits more interesting or ergonomic for some horses.

Port mouth: Can be seen on a curb most commonly, I wouldn’t use one because it just seems to nasty on the roof of the mouth. But idk.

In more detail:

With no joint, the ported snaffle bears some similarity to the mullen mouth. However, the port acts to reduce pressure over the middle of the tongue and hence increase pressure over the bars. This bit is not as mild as a mullen mouth, and is often used as a corrective bit for horses that have learned to get their tongue over a snaffle, since the port makes this more difficult.

Now i’m tired so I’m not going to explain all of the different types of ports in curbs or straight mouths in curbs or all of the gag bits, but this website will help you out. I’ve put in pictures and names so you can explore the website or google from looking for more info on these:

Mullen Mouth Curb:

Angled Port:

Branbury Curb:

Slide Cheek curb (the above pics are of Fixed Cheeks):

“S Cheek” curb bit:

Tom Thumb curb:

Other bits:

American Gag:

‘Two link bit’ apparently comes up with this:

And also this:

Three ring gag:


Pelham (one set of reins attaches to the top ring, and another set to the bottom ring):


Other types of gag bits:

Reminder that all the info which is indented comes from TheBitGuide.Com [X] unless otherwise stated!

Happy birthday “tvoom”

So, I went out today, to get a capture of the sunset, I missed the last time. I didn’t succeed :) But today exactly one year ago, I posted the first photo to this very blog.
“Tvoom” was never intended to be a photoblog, just as I never intended to be a photoblogger. But, well… things… kind of… happend… “Tvoom” was meant to be a reblogged collection of all photography related things on my main-blog, but then somehow became what it is now.

And that is because of the tremendous support, I got from almost the very beginning. I am actually a bit afraid, to tell names, because I know, I will forget many, many, many most important people and blogs. So please don’t be mad at me, if I forgot especially you.

My personal policy is, to try to keep me (and “PWS - Photos Worth Seeing”) out of all the sometimes very strange and jealousy- and vanity-driven open or hidden fights here on Tumblr, and I think, I managed to do so quite well.
So, for example, I try to thank each and every reblogger of original photography - and I got some very… well… displeased messages because of that. But I will continue to do so, because rebloggers of original photography are the backbone of this side of Tumblr. Where would we all be without the rebloggers?

Some rebloggers of original photography supported me, when tvoom was very new and still do it now, and I’m more than thankful for that. Other rebloggers showed up suddenly and are since then constant companions. My deepest thank you for the (at least so far) never ending support goes in no particular order to:
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I also want to thank the people behind this amazing platform. For me, Tumblr is the perfect way to present my photos and to see amazing photography and for being in contact with fellow photographers. Some of them became very close friends. You know, who you are :)

And last, but not least, I want to thank the Tumblr-Radar-Editors again, who put tvoom two times within 24 hours on radar. I’m stunned, speechless and thankful. I already did say it, but I will repeat: If I ever find out, who is behind that all… Prepare yourselves for a cuddle fight :)

What’s left to say?

There will be more photos and there will be more tipps  and tricks. And now I’m tired :)

Over and out, Pete is going, but not without saying, that I try to catch up with you all tomorrow, but for today I’m signing off.

P.S.: I cannot like or comment with tvoom but only with my main-blog thevortexofourminds :)

damn I can’t even get personal on here at all no more. ya’ll be blowing up posts I don’t even want out there like that. like this aint even that safe of a space for me to express myself genuinely on personal matters no more without some one reblogging that personal info out there. those of you who reblog personal posts that shouldn’t really be reblogged do you realize you’re creating an unsafe space for people to be themselves and be honest and express themselves? because even that has become some rebloggable aesthetic for people to relate with as opposed to letting it sit and be the expressed emotion it is.

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