Because of the internet

remember the time i made fun of saskatchewan for not having internet because they’re just a giant province of wheat and a bunch of ppl from saskatchewan got all pissed about it and corrected me

not sure how they did it since there’s no internet in that giant wheat field….

Can’t Live Without Items

You know when you have something that is just THE BEST and you use it all the time and then you lose it (or one of the two, but still)?  It is TRAGIC!  That happened to me this morning, and as I was scouring the internet trying to find this thing (because I bought it my senior year of high school…a good 14 YEARS ago now), I started thinking about what my other can’t live without wardrobe items are.  So, to further bore you, here are my top five:

1.) The back strap bra converter!!!  Those little clips are just NOT as good and also not adjustable.  The original remaining one that I have is the very best, but this is the closest that I could find to a replica.  I’m ordering this and am crossing my fingers it’s the same.  I live in Texas, so at least 75% of the tops in my closet are sleeveless! 

2.) Again, I live in Texas, so along with sleeveless tops, flip flops are a wardrobe staple.  I wear them all the time!!  I also have high arches, though, so because I hike, walk the dog, and generally live in my flip flops (and foot problems run in my family), I found these beautiful creations!!  Such a difference!!  So much arch support and crazy solid and durable…although, no, not actually “beautiful” per se…

3.) Also shoes, Rocketdog makes some suuuuper comfy flats that feel like you’re wearing nothing, are super lightweight for summer, and can just be tossed in the washer in a garment bag.  This site has them for, like, $50, but you can find them at discount stores for, like, $15 (which is definitely what I do)!

4.) Have you ever had one of those moments when you’ve thought, “I really wish ________ was a thing” and then Googled it and it IS a thing!  That is how I felt about this.  I’m one of those people whose waist size fluctuates regularly for every little thing!  Also, when I’m wearing a fitted top, I like it to fall smoothly over the spot where it meets my jeans.  I have one of these in black and nude:

5.) I have NEVER in my life been able to find the perfect pair of jeans.  I’m tall and I have a rather decent-sized butt for my smaller frame.  Jeans are always too short or they gap at the waist or they squeeze the hell out of my butt and hips…but not these beautiful things!  They fit like they were made for me.  And, so, I bit the bullet on the $79.97 (Nordstrom Rack) pricetag and bought several pairs.  No regrets!  So many compliments.  Hudson jeans are also pretty amazing and thisclose to being as perfect, but it I had to choose, Joe’s is my love!