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Does the internet hate certain women comedians, like say Amy Schumer because they're confident in a man-ish way?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the internet hates women, because the internet is society, and society is a fucking sexist nightmare.

I got several asks before asking if I can do a livestream because they want to see how I draw but I can never do that while I’m living here because our internet connection sucks (I actually have no idea what I sacrificed in order to stream TAB; it must have been a bit of my soul). So this is just a low quality video of me doodling my gay son for those who want to see how I draw Sherlock.

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Syaoran reaches a conclusion based on a limited pool of possibly unreliable sources without any research of his own or a single unconnected source. He is a failure of a historian, Fujitaka what are you teaching your son.



I was in the car this morning, driving to Starbucks when one of  my favorite songs came onto the radio. So I decided to jam out, it wasn’t though till I realized that the people in the car next to me, were filming the whole entire thing. I am slightly embarrassed and I really hope they didn’t know who I was, because if this is all over the internet in the next couple of days then I’m screwed. 

Guess who’s fallen back into Jak and Daxter Hell?? 8D

Of course while I’m away from home without internet or my playstation. Because that’s how life works. (even though I have a few grievences with the games themselves but that’s for another time)

I was feeling lazy yesterday and wanted to draw something but not like… put effort into it XD;; so I dug the picture on the left out to just ink and colour it, but looking at it after all this time I was just like “no… no this needs to be fixed. This is not ok.”

I drew the original picture at a time when I felt my art was really really stiff and lifeless for some reason. But there was enough there for me to still kind of like it up to a point. So I basically did a red-line of the whole picture and what you see on the right is the result.

Apart from things like the hands… I’m not sure if improvement? I still was lazy and used the original rough as a starting point so it’s not a completely fresh drawing to compare progress, I know.

Human!Daxter is very similar to the original sketch simply because I actually really like how the original came out. So I just made some minor changes to flesh it out nicer and improve what was there. Jak I gave much more structure to his face and paid more attention to his anatomy so he looked less like he was made of lego pieces and more like a human being…. which then all got covered up by clothes of course.
Ottsel!Daxter was actually the biggest change here since I was completely unsatisfied with him and believe it or not actually gave me the most trouble in this picture. You’d think knowing how to draw Ratchet rather nicely would mean I’d understand an Ottsel’s head-shape better.
….you’d be wrong.

I can’t decide if I should increase Jak’s head size a little. It’s more accurate for hoomans but I’m wondering if I should change it slightly to closer match the game or not. I can’t decide.

2013 on the left, 2016 on the right.

I was Skyping with a friend today and the convo rolled towards Beyonce and her new music video and of course the various tweets and posts about how ‘it’s only about black people’ (because God forbid that one) and how ‘there are no white people in it’ and many many more gems brought to you by the idiots of the internet like calling B a racist (seriously?) because of the no white people thing. 

Did it ever occur to you my fellow white people (because I’m white too) that this song and the clip that came along was never meant to represent any of you? That it was more of a statement from B rather than just a song for you to shake your ass to. To me this was art! To me this was a protest that wasn’t accompanied by blood and lost lives.

Of course it wasn’t meant for white people! 

I’m saying this as a 23 yr old white young woman, I DO NOT NEED MORE representation in the media I have enough! I can’t say the same for fellow young women of colour, if something is hard for me because of society it’s three times as fucking hard for them. So Beyonce’s song wasn’t aimed at me or the million other white people, it was aimed to those girls that grow up with people tearing them down instead of building them up.

Do I enjoy the song? Yes, yes I do because I like B. Do I bitch and whine because it doesn’t ‘represent me’? No, I have no right to, representation for my demographic is very, very large.  

heads up! I’ve moved most of my personal posting to my livejournal since I’m really not feeling tumblr’s always public share with everyone ever model. I’ll still share some! but not every single personal detail, basically.

anyone is welcome to be friends with me over there, though I know basically no one uses LJ anymore XD I guess I’m an old internet kid because I still love it.

but! in happy news!!! after katsucon, Liz and I will be moving into a new apartment!!!! :D

ok but :

cellphones and internet in samurai jack universe.

Aku would have an account in all existing social media and people would be obligated to follow him in each one. and he would post a LOT of selfies like so many…

Aku would do his damn best to have complete control of the internet but let’s face it we know how internet works, surely a lot of things will pass his surveillance

and like Jack is becoming quite popular and because of the internet he would become even more well known… for the better and for the worst lol like bounty hunters would have a special feed that report all his recent apparitions via videos and blog posts.

and int the other hand there will be ( illegal ) fansites about him, forums where people talk about him, and various accounts of them seeing or meeting him like “ OMG I was in X city doing shopping and I saw him ISTG he was here and he fought some robots and he was sooOOoo cool :DDD”

and like imagine when Jack have to fight something in a city and when he’s done he would look around and see everyone filming with their cellphone and he would be like “????”

If someone would be nice enough to help find where I can get a jacket like the one Ryan Reynolds wears in the Deadpool film because I have been searching on the internet for like an hour and only coming up with lined flannel shirts and other jackets that look nowhere near as awesome as this one. Also trust me, I’ve been trying ever logical keyword to explain this jacket on google and theres no hope. It’s probably custom made but if anyone would know exactly what this jacket would be called or be able to find a link somewhere to something like it, I’d appreciate it more than you know.


So as many of you know, tomorrow is February 13th, Galentines Day, a day to celebrate the positive female relationships in your life.
In recognition of such a noble day, I’ve memed up some tumblr valentines that have been queued for a while (because Internet is way spotty where I am rn and I’m only on mobile). They will all be posted before noon PST, but if you don’t want to see them, block “valentines from mikki.”
Also if we’ve had a conversation on here - you’re probably getting one.
Love you all! ❤

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Hello ! I think it's a dumb question at this point of the series but i'll ask nevertheless... I watched some Osomatsu-kun episodes (60s and 80s) but i didn't see just a single appearance of Shonnosuke Hijirisawa. Is it just an Osomatsu-san character? If so, where is he from? Is he a reference to anything or just a random character? Because i didn't find anything about him on the internet. Thank you for reading this ask! :)

He didn’t have a name, but he appeared in, I believe, the 60s anime as a nameless burglar who dressed up as a dog. Of course, in -San, he could be just modeled after that  burglar and is instead a completely different character.