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Baby Bumps - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: pregnancy, miscarriage scare 

Request: hi!!!!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is having Jughead’s kid (they’re maybe still in high and you can decide whether he was involved with helping the reader through her pregnancy or not and whether they’re a couple) and jughead gets a call or is told something’s wrong but it ends up being a false alarm and everything is okay and just fluff ok that’s really all (that’s a lot I’m sorry…) thank you! 

Summary: Jughead and the reader are having a baby together during their senior year after a heated moment 7 months earlier. The readers falls down the stairs while at home and Jughead gets a phone call in the middle of class. 

A/N: I really liked this idea, thanks anon. I hope its everything you wanted and more :) 

Your POV 

You can’t see your ankles. Well, if you spread your legs out wide enough you could see where your ankles should be, but aren’t. Pregnancy is sooo annoying, first you need to pee all the time, then the baby decides to play soccer in the middle of the night and now your ankles have swelled to non existence. Its not that you not happy you’re pregnant, you’re actually really happy that you’re having a baby. Especially with my devoted boyfriend of 2 years, but you just can’t see your ankles. Well, now your ankles match the size of your feet you try to reason with yourself humorously. You move you ankles out again. Nope. Still too big and non existent. 

You spend about half an hour focusing in your enlarged ankles. You contemplate getting up before your baby decides to make that choice for you. Sighing, you try to sit up but even in your bored, distracted state you know it’s fruitless without Jughead. Manoeuvring yourself to the edge of the bed, taking up a total of 10 minutes (you were counting), you move your legs off the bed. 

Making sure your swollen feet are stable and you roll off the bed, falling into a kneeled position on the floor and pushing yourself up with your knee. ‘Well that’s my daily workout done for today’ you sarcastically think as you waddle your way into the bathroom. After doing your business and again using unusual methods that resulted in you feeling like you ran another marathon, you sit onto the bed and position yourself so you can get up again without exerting yourself anymore than you need to. 

After watching a couple of episodes of Jane the Virgin you start to get really hungry and crave burrito. You’ve never actually had a burrito but you love Mexican food and you you’re really craving one so you decide to get up and go downstairs to call around and try to find a place that makes burritos. As you’re waddling your way through your house, about halfway down the stairs you trip over your enlarged feet and nonexistent ankles and fall down the rest of the way. Grabbing your phone from your bra, you quickly text Jughead. 

Fell down stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

Jughead’s POV 

Jughead’s in the middle of his maths class when he feels his phone buzz in his pocket. When pulls it out he sees a text from you and quickly unlocks his phone, worrying that something is wrong. 

Fell down the stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

His senses go into overdrive fearing the worst for you and the baby. 

Babe, I’m gonna go call. Please hold on. 

After seeing no immediate reply he quickly gets up in the middle of class, asking if he can leave early because he doesn’t feel well, he packs up his stuff and races out of the school and to his and your shared house. After calling the ambulance, while sprinting to you from the school, he barges into the house and sees you lying on the floor, knocked out cold. Milliseconds later, he hears sirens and 2 nurses carrying a stretcher enter the house. In what felt like the slowest minute in his life, Jughead finally enters the ambulance with you, grasping onto your hand tight. 

“I’m here (Y/N), I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you to being with,“ he mumbles to you while he strokes your hair. He keeps apologising the whole way to the hospital. Once they reach it, they escort him to the waiting room while they run you into the ER, making sure everything with you and the baby are fine. 

Jughead can’t help but pace in the waiting room, worry overcoming him, only making him pace even more. He knows worrying won’t help, but he doesn’t want to lose the only things in the world that matter the most to him. Half an hour later Archie, Veronica and Betty run into the waiting room and sit down, watching Jughead as he loses his grip on his usually calm and level mind. 

“(Y/N)(L/N)” a voice loudly calls as the room falls silent. Jughead races over to the doctor, Archie, Veronica, and Betty all hang back knowing that Jughead should have some alone time with his girlfriend before they start fretting over her. 

“Doctor, is everything alright? With her and the baby?“ Jughead uncharacteristically rambles out, too worried to care. 

“Everything is fine, she nearly lost the baby, but we managed to keep them in and so she’ll have to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy." 

“Yes, of course. Is she awake? Can I see her?" 

“Yes she is, she’s in room 118," 

“Thank you doctor,” and he rapidly walks over to 118 and barges into your room, not caring about how loud he was being. 

“(Y/N),“ he breathes. 

Your POV 

“(Y/N),” you look up at the sound of your name and smile at you boyfriend whose disheveled hair peaks from his beanie, revealing to you his worried state. 

“Juggy,“ you sigh opening your arms for him. He doesn’t hesitate and walks straight into them holding you tightly too him, almost afraid that if he let’s go he’ll lose you. 

“I was so worried about you both,” he mumbles into your hair, kissing it between sentences, “we nearly lost them." 

“But we didn’t, and everything is fine with me and the baby. All that happened was that I tripped down the stairs. There was nothing to fear,” you try reassuring. Your words comfort him a little but he’s not so desperate as to believe everything you said. 

“(Y/N) your “little” fall could’ve cost you the baby and possibly you,“  

“You wouldn’t have lost me,” “No, but you could have been badly injured," 

“True, but let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the fact that our little family is alive and well- ow! and and still kicking. jeez,” chuckling at your statement, Jughead reaches down and places his hand on your stomach, starting to rub circles. 

“I know you’re glad I’m here too little one, but there is no need to keep hurting your mama,“ he says smiling at you. You smile back and realise that despite everything, nothing could ruin your little family. Almost as if he was reading your mind, Jughead leans towards you and kisses your lips. 

“I love you beautiful,” he mumbles against your lips. 

“I love you more,“ 

“Not even possible." 

A/N: Y/N = your name 

I hope I did your idea justice!!! Let me know what you thought of it!!


If you had to choose between faction loyalty and your family, which one would it be? Which one becomes your undoing?

Chapter 1

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                    He says, “Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges

                    I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon

                   There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs
                   And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.”

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Such Beauty to a Sore Eye - Jonathan Crane x reader oneshot

Fandom: Batman, DC comics
Warning: Swear words
Pairing: Jonathan Crane x reader
Summary: Crane stalks reader and she’s a lawyer against him in court.


A/N: I got too carried away with this one, but it was fun writing. I hope you’ll enjoy :D

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3| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 2811

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You woke up to the loud sound of banging on the door. Groggily you glanced at the clock next to you. Six thirty. Who the hell was waking you at this unearthly hour? You moaned and rolled over, pulling your pillow onto your ears. “Shove off!” You mumbled, right before you realized where you were. Ballet School.

Crap! You shot up in bed to find the whole of dorm staring at you. They were already out of bed. You spotted Minjee further down. She was smirking at you, and then she turned her gaze to whoever was standing at the door. You flipped a round in bed.

Madam Hyejin stood there with her hands on her hips. “Good Morning to you too, Miss (Surname).” She said curtly.

“Oh crap – I mean, sorry.” You shut your mouth before anything else could get out.

“Am I a little early?” She chimed, then glanced at her watch. “Shall I come back at say, ten?” You heard Minjee snigger behind you. You threw off your duvet and stood up, trying to look dignified in your blue and white polka dot pyjama pants and singlet.

“Sorry, Madam…I’m just not used to this.” Yeah, it sounded seriously feeble.

She raised a perfect eyebrow at you, then turned her attention back to the dorm. She clapped her hands. “Hurry up!” She ordered, and left the room.

Minjee snorted and burst into laughter. “Good job (Name).”

You pulled a hand through your messy hair, rolling your eyes. “Shut it, snarky.” You muttered, and opened up your trunk to find some clothes. It was still dark outside. You didn’t do early mornings well, and grumpiness was part of the package for waking up early. But not to Madame Hyejin. You cringed mentally. God! You quickly yanked out a black v-necked camisole, leo, pale pink tights and a cardigan and knitted shorts for between classes. The academy’s dress code wasn’t too strict – so long as your leo was predominantly black and you had pink tights, everything else was alright. Then you headed for the showers, knowing people would almost certainly be laughing at you in the dorm.

The warm water was just the wakeup call you needed. You stretched and rolled shoulders as the water cascaded down your back. You were starting classes today…the thought sparked the first of many nervous pangs in your belly. Oh god, what would your teachers think of you? What would everyone else think of you? What if you were seriously bad? There was a reason why you had been put with the first years.

You shut off the shower and got changed, just praying that you weren’t going to make an utter fool of yourself today, though of course, you reminded yourself, you already had achieved that. Then you pushed your hair back and twisted it into a simple bun. The girls around you were doing intricate plaits down their scalps and weaving in ribbons which matched their leos. You sighed, looking at your plainness, then you coated your head in hairspray and left.

As soon as you got back to the dorm, Jiwoo came up to you, grinning. “If I say Good Morning, will you bite my head off?” She tried saying it with a straight face.

You rolled your eyes but grudgingly smiled back. “I’m really not used to this whole waking up early thing. My old school started at quarter to nine.”

“Well, you better, because Minjee’s going to wet herself laughing like she was.”

You sighed. “So what do we do now? Run ten laps?”

She laughed. “Dorm inspection. Make your bed, tidy up your area, make sure you look tidy.”

“I never saw the point in making beds.” You muttered.

“Try telling that to Madame Hyejin, she’s a perfectionist.”

“Like every ballet teacher.”

She nodded. “Indeed.”

You began straightening out your duvet. You were just tugging the last corner when she walked in. “Ready, ladies?” It was a rhetorical question. She marched right in, stopping in front of people and pointing out if their tights were laddered or if their hair was messy. It made you feel as if you were in the army. Perhaps a salute was in order.

When she reached your bed she nodded at you, in recognition of your screw up earlier. You knew the whole room was waiting for her to pour her sarcasm all over you, but she just gave you a once over and moved. Thank God.

When she’d finally finished, she walked back past the beds, her heels clicking on the floor. “Have a good day, girls!” She said happily, with a flounce of her arms the proceeded to walk out the door.

“Jeez, these teachers are so unpredictable.” You told Jiwoo as you walked down to breakfast. She’d dressed in the same black and green leo from yesterday, her hair done up in an elegant swirl.

“Oh I know.” She said. “But they’re very good – strict, but good.”

You took a deep breath, nerves thrumming again. “I hope they don’t murder me today.”

“Why should they have a reason to?”

“Ugh!” You moaned, putting a hand to your head. “I’m sure they’ll find one.”

“You don’t know that.” Jiwoo said.

You entered the dining hall, the sunlight was just beginning to come through the windows. You looked to the teacher’s table, where they sat sipping coffee and reading the papers like they were just sitting in a normal household. It was comical, really. Many people had already finished and were heading out. You watched them go as you collected your fruit salad and orange juice. “Is everyone an early riser here?” You asked.

“Yes, but don’t worry. You’ll learn fast, (Name).”

“Yeah, after today’s episode it probably won’t be a problem.” You muttered.

Jiwoo and you took seats at the same table as last night. At the moment, only Kwangsik was there, dressed in black tights and a tucked in white T-shirt.

“Hey Jiwoo.” He said, smiling at her.

“Hey.” She said back shyly. “…are you good for class today?”

“Yeah.” He said. “You? Mistress Zhang pushed you pretty far yesterday.”

She looked down at her bowl. “I thought no one had noticed.” They lapsed into to a silence. Not exactly awkward, but more like both of them were waiting for each other. You tried not to grin as you began eating your fruit salad. You were glad breakfast was light here. Dancing on a full stomach made you feel ill.

“Hey!” Came that over-enthusiastic voice you had been sub-consciously dreading. “It’s Ballet (Name)!” You turned and tried to smile as Kihyun took his seat right next to yours, putting a bowl of muesli on the table. Like Kwangsik, he wore black tights and a tucked in white T-shirt. “Ready for today?” He asked, turning to look at you.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” You muttered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be with you all the way.” He assured you.

“Kihyun.” Chastised Jiwoo. “I’m sure she’ll ask if she needs a faithful puppy trotting around after her. Come on (Name), let’s go.”

“Thanks.” You said as you walked up to the first floor.

“No problem.” She said. “Kihyun likes to take ‘nice’ just a little bit too far sometimes.”

“Agreed. So where are we going first?” The knot in you stomach was tightening. You pulled out your schedule. 8.30 – 11.00am: Technique, Studio Eight. “You are in my class, right?”

“Yeah, of course.” She said. “For most things. Are you music level one or two?”

“Two.” You replied. You had gotten to choose that yourself, when registration forms came through. You were alright at piano, and, more importantly, you got rhythms easily.

“Damn, I’m in one.” Said Jiwoo.

You walked down the same corridor you had gone down last night, where you had seen Jimin. Subconsciously you looked to that last door on the left, somehow thinking he might be there, but of course it was just a normal room now, with dancers pouring into it. Finally you reached the room marked 'Eight’ and went in. It was a pretty normal studio, complete with barres and an upright black piano. The floors were shiny and polished, the lace curtains of the large windows pinned back to the white walls. The front and right side wall were full mirrors. Above the mirrors on the front wall was the Academy Crest. The Crest of Kwon Seongmin. You later found out It was in every classroom.

The teacher wasn’t here yet as you pulled your ballet shoes out of their bag and sat down to put them on. Pointe shoes were always both a burden and a gift. A burden because they gave horrible blisters and when you were tired, they hung of your feet like bricks…but when you danced in them. The extra height, the grace of them, it was like you were something more than just yourself. It was also the fact that you could do something most people couldn’t. Of course, this weren’t the case here. Right now, all the other girls were lacing up their pointes as well, and they were just as proficient as you in it.

You glanced at your pointers; they were covered in the traditional pale pink satin, the ribbons winding delicately around the bottom of your legs. You have had them for a few of months now, and they were less than perfect. The fabric was wearing down to reveal the toe box, where your toes were supported. You knew you would have to get new ones. These were the same ones you had used for your audition three months ago. God, so much had happened since then.

The nerves in your stomach were coiled up tight as you stretched. It was the unknown that was frightening. You didn’t know if you would be able to keep up with everyone, if your late entrance into the world of ballet would show up clearly in this prestigious place. It was different when you were in Gwangju. In Gwangju you had been in the advanced class. But that was because there weren’t enough dancers to have a true advanced class, like the seniors here. But to be placed in the bottom class in the school was a hit to you, even when you knew you weren’t really that good.

You sighed and shook your head, trying to rid it of such thoughts. You started trying to play out a tune in your head. Of course it had to be Claire de Lune. Nothing else worked…but then after watching Park Jimin dance to it, it had taken on a whole new meaning, one which you weren’t entirely familiar with and to be honest. Right now you needed familiar.

“Good Morning Class!” Came a loud voice. A woman was walking in, dressed in a long sleeved prune coloured leotard and long black peasant skirt. Her dark brown hair was done up in a high, regal bun. She was followed by a thin man with studious black glasses. He took up his place at the piano without hesitation. The woman, however, stood at the front of the room, her lined face smiling darkly. Everyone stood up and you were quick to do the same.

“Good morning Madam Choi.” Everyone chorused, curtsying or bowing. You looked around surprised, but probably shouldn’t with the room inspections and 'Masters’ and 'Madames’. It was kind of cute…

“Alright, everyone to the Barres. Mister Ghim if you would please.” She indicated to the pianist. He started up a medium, plonky tune. Everyone hurried to the Barres. You felt your heart swell in anticipation. It was good to be back in the studio. “And a one two three four.” Madam counted. “And a Demi plie in first if you please. And down two three four and up two three four.”

You lowered down easily, you legs bending effortlessly, and then up again, feeling the happy pull of your leg muscles. “Grande plie and down two three four and up two three four. Now four more if you please.” She began to walk round the class. “Pick up your arm Miss Sung and now tendus in front in one two three four and side two three four and back two three four. And again. Keep those heads up!”

Everyone continued on and on, the simple exercises that every technique class begins with. The barre lesson went on for a good twenty minutes more before you got to Pointe. “Now ladies plie in two three four and up on the Pointe two three four and down to fourth two three four and up again two three four.” You were onto your platforms and back easily, relieved that you hadn’t failed to get up like you used to.

The lesson continued on the barre for almost the half of it. It was near the end of the barre exercises when Madame Choi drifted over to you, watching as you did arabesques to the best of your ability. It was supposedly simple – just one leg up behind you, but on Pointe things were a bit more challenging. “Keep that arm long.” She instructed, walking round you. “Chin up, very nice, very good. You’re the new one, (Name) (Surname)?”

“Yes, Madam.” You said as you came down from the arabesque.

“Hm, very nice.” She just repeated, and went to the next person.

Feeling your confidence rise slightly, you went onto the centre, where there was no barre to hold on to. Like before, the combinations were simple and then got harder. Much harder, but you seemed to be keeping up. You were tired, though. The longest lessons you had were an hour and a half. This was two and a half, and Madame Choi’s commands was unrelenting.

For the last few combinations, Madame Choi showed everyone the combinations and then called you up in sixes so that you had enough space. “None of you are getting this! It’s four steps then pique left and right then and step turn step turn and two steps grand jete and two steps grande pirouette, then end in an arabesque, left leg back.” She clapped her hands. “Come on, better this time!”

You somehow ended up in the front row with Minjee on your right and Seohyun on the left. “Alright and a one two…” You stepped up to point, then did those tiny steps across the floor, your arms rising and falling, then two quick steps out on either side. Then you launched into a leap, feeling the air whoosh past you. You felt so free! “Keep those legs strong Miss Ahn! Very nice Miss (Surname)! And now a step turn, step turn step turn, and into the pirouette. Good keep it going and arabesque!”

You let you leg out behind you, balancing on just the toes of your right foot. “Now hold it, hold it!” You heard Minjee drop away on your left. “Hold it! Hold it girls!” Your leg felt sore, but you toughened your resistance, reminding yourself to breathe. You heard the others break behind you, but you held on, breathing in and out, in and out.

“Ow!” You heard Seohyun cry. The piano stopped abruptly.

“Keep holding it, Miss (Surname).” Commanded Madame Choi quickly, taking no notice of Seohyun. You looked in the mirror, something you strangely didn’t do often, and saw that Seohyun was on the ground, holding her ankle.

Madame Choi gave you an analysing look, as if she was trying to figure you out. You just tried to stay standing, unnerved by her stare. Eventually, as if she’d decided something, she snapped her fingers.

“Mister Ghim continue playing.” The pianist started up again.

“Slower this time, if you please, adage, adage.” He slowed down into a flowing tune.

“Alright Miss (Surname), let me see you to turn, keep your posture, yes, that’s it, all the way round.” By now your leg were getting extremely sore.

“And now down into fourth.” You lowered, remembering to keep your composure, even though you wanted nothing more than to clunk it down and go have a break.

“Alright now into a front arabesque, raising your arms. And a back arabesque, same leg. Very nice. And now step to your left, let’s try a developpe.”

She took you through several more moves, some you hadn’t even done before, but managed to perform. When the music finally finished, your class clapped from behind and you blushed a bright red. “Well done, Miss (Surname).” Said Madame Choi with a short, probably rare smile.

“Alright!” She said, turning to everyone else. “Class dismissed.”

Instead of leaping up and charging out the door like a normal class would, everyone stood straight – aside from Seohyun, who was still on the floor.

“Thank you, Madame Choi.” They chorused again, with the same curtsies and bows. Realizing you were right in her line on sight, you quickly did the same, feeling like a idiot. Then everyone started packing up. You went over to Seohyun who was already being helped by Minjee and Kwangsik.

“Hey are you okay?” You asked.

Seohyun turned her snarky face to yours. “Don’t need you here, show off.” You rolled your eyes.

“It’s just a twisted ankle.” Supplied Kwangsik, with an apologetic smile for Seohyun’s bitterness.

“Right.” You said.

Jiwoo and you then finally sat down together to take off your Pointe shoes. “You were amazing, (Name).” She said, beaming at you. “No one else could get that combination right. And Madame Choi hardly ever takes an interest in someone like that.”

You couldn’t help but smile. After the morning’s stress, you realized you might not have as much to worry about. As Jiwoo and you walked out, Kihyun patted you on the back. “Really, that was great (Name). I wasn’t sure when you first got here, but now I see you’re a great dancer.”

“Uh…thanks?” Wow, that’s really a lovely thing to say… 'I thought you were going to be crap but you were actually okay.’ However Kihyun didn’t notice your slightly-pissed off expression, and kept talking until Jongsoo drew him away to go to their conditioning class.

You pulled your cardigan back on and together Jiwoo and you made your way down to the gymnastics centre. Minjee and Kwangsik were helping Seohyun down the stairs. “We have our own physiologist and doctor.” Jiwoo told you. “They’ll sort her out.”

Having never done gymnastics before, you were at loss to know what to do. Jiwoo had to help you through pretty much everything. The gymnastics teacher, Master Woo was just as unforgiving as Madame Choi, and made you do things again and again until you got them half way 'perfect’. After that class you came out half dead. Your arms were screaming from thousands of handstands and wobbly cartwheels.

After gymnastics, you had a short twenty minutes break to have a snack. You of course sat with Jiwoo and the rest of you classmates. But the time went far too quickly and soon it was time to classes again.

The day went on and on, with the only reprieve being a music class. Otherwise, you were on your feet the whole time. You had never in your life felt so worn out. After music, you went on to Character Dance – pretty much ballet, but focussed more on the attitude and character within the dance. They were in the middle of rehearsing a traditional Scottish dance, and you were far behind. After character, you went into another studio for contemporary. Having only taken strictly classical lessons, you weren’t used to the, waving arms and more modern music.

The teachers took no pity in you and you couldn’t ask them questions. There were in other words, no 'first day of school’ kindness or introductions. Some teachers didn’t even notice the new addition.

When you finally got a round to lunch, you were completely and absolutely drained. Kwangsik, Minjee, Jongsoo and Kihyun were already at the table when Jiwoo and you arrived, carrying your chicken salads and water. “So what have is next lesson?” You asked, stabbing a bit of salad with your fork.

“Ballet History.” She grumbled. “Highlight of the day.”

“Sounds dull.”

“It is.” Jongsoo assured.

Lunchtime passed quickly, with Kihyun’s enthusiastic blather and Minjee’s snarky looks. Every so often you would glance over at Jimin’s friends. You envied them. They were all your age, and yet here you were sitting with these guys. You could only have an interesting conversation with Jiwoo or Kwangsik, though he was really quiet. You hadn’t had many friends in Gwangju, as you were busy with ballet and homework and school.

Ballet history passed with excruciating slowness. Even the teacher wasn’t that enthusiastic about teaching it. You sat there next to Jiwoo, bored as hell. It was half way through when you glanced at your schedule.

3.45 – 5.30 Pas de Deux/partner class.

You shot up straight in your seat. “Jiwoo!” You whispered hurriedly. It took her a moment to get out of her bored doze.


“I’ve never done partners before!”

“Don’t worry, it’s fun.” She whispered back. “Lots of lifts and pirouettes and stuff. And it’s nice with a guy holding you.”

“Jiwoo, I haven’t even kissed a guy. Let alone let him do all those arabesque lifts and stuff.” Your heart rate was coming close to breaking point. “I mean, his hands are like…there.”

“(Name).” She put a hand on your shoulder. “You just have to be professional about it. Whoever it is, he’s just your partner. You’ll be fine. And we don’t do those sort of lifts all the time.”

“Oh God.” You put your head on the desk.

The history class suddenly sped up, and you found myself sitting in yet another studio, tying up your Pointe shoes.

“You’ll be fine, (Name).” Jiwoo was saying. “Don’t worry about it."But the nerves from this morning were coiled tight in your stomach once more. You didn’t know how to dance that close to someone else… You weren’t used to having the restrictions of someone else close to you…oh god, oh god, oh god!

(Name) breathe, you scolded yourself mentally.

But then Kihyun walked over to Jiwoo and you. "Hey (Name), I guess since Seohyun is not here we’ll have to go together.” He smiled at you, as if he expected you to be joyous. You just stared at him.

“I can’t – ”

“Good Afternoon Class!”

Your head snapped a round, recognizing that smooth, rich voice.

Keep it or Leave it (Part 3)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol Poisoning
*If you do feel triggered by something else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 770

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1  —  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Your home was silent since 10 o'clock when Bucky went out to his Saturday night fun.

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First Goodbye-Zig x MC Fanfic

Hey, folks! So, I’m back with more Zig x MC love…yippee!! Ya’ll know how I roll. Anyway, this is the first of a two part story. Basically, I’ve kind of re-imagined what might happen if, instead of the group road trip we’re seeing in canon, we have the suitemates (including MC)  going home for the summer while Zig remains in Hartfeld to work. This one is rated T and I hope ya’ll enjoy it!

Summary: Zig and MC are spending their last night together before she returns home for the summer. How will they cope with having to say goodbye for the first time in their new relationship?

All of the other suitemates had already headed home for the summer and she and Zig were parked on the couch, a half empty pizza box on the coffee table and a couple of empty soda cans beside it. They’d watched a few episodes of The Crown and The Flame and Zig had liked it more than she expected him to. But with each minute that ticked off of the clock, her unease grew until she began brooding. As the ending credits of the episode played, Zig nudged her.

“I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before! Did you see that guy with the fire power?!”

“Dom?” she replied absently. He nodded vigorously.

“He has no idea what’s happening now but he’s going to be a beast later! I can tell!”

She nodded, too lost in her own thoughts to even pretend she was paying attention. She failed to notice Zig’s eyes narrow in concern as he flicked off the TV. But his words immediately brought her to attention.

“What’s going on? This is our last night together before you leave for three months and you’re not here with me.”

He was on the edge of sounding agitated but still had enough of an inquisitive tone to not come off too angry. Still, she could tell he was working really hard at maintaining his tone. She shook her head in defeat.

“I’m so sorry, Zig. I just…I’m dreading tomorrow. I don’t want to go.”

She looked up at him then and she knew how forlorn she must have looked. It hurt to imagine the distance that would soon be spread between them. His expression immediately softened.

“I know. It’s been on my mind too. But I don’t want to spend these last few hours we have together being depressed about the fact that it’s the last few hours we have together.”

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Whipped |Jaspar|

Summary -  Joe and Caspar being teased for being so whipped, and Joe being especially teased because of his height.

Word Count - 1,753

Warnings - N/A

Rolling onto his back, Joe yawned loudly as he stretched his arms above his head.

Picking up his phone from his bedside table, he saw that it was still quite early. Well, 10am was early for him. Joe quickly scrolled through his twitter and chuckled as he saw that Jack was awake at 4am this morning, drunk tweeting. He put his phone down again and turned onto his side, smiling to himself as he saw Caspar lying next to him, still asleep.

Why did Caspar sleep like that? His mouth wide open, on his back. Weird.

“Casp?” Joe mumbled, clearing his throat.

Groaning loudly, Caspar turned onto his side so he was facing Joe and nuzzled against his side. “It’s too early.”

Joe chuckled quietly and sat up, running his hands through his hair. “It’s not that early, and the boys are coming over in an hour to make a video for Jack’s channel.”

Caspar groaned again in response, this meant him actually getting up out of bed and making an effort.

“It won’t take that long, and then we can have a lazy day with the boys until we go out for a meal tonight.” Joe told Caspar, gently kissing the side of his forehead.

Caspar nodded and sat up, ruffling his hair to make it look slightly better.

Joe stood up and quickly pulled on a pair of joggers and grabbed his phone from the bedside table again before walking out of their bedroom, giving Caspar the chance to wake up properly.

Walking up the stairs into their kitchen, Joe began to scroll through his Twitter again, to see Jack now awake, still probably hung over, but he was tweeting hints about the video they were filming today.

Really, Joe and Caspar hadn’t seen all of the boys together for a few weeks. They were all busy with their own thing and they very rarely had the chance to hang out all together, it was normally just two or three of them. Obviously Joe and Caspar saw each other more than the others, considering that they live together and were dating.

But, Joe had gone weeks without seeing Conor or Jack, so he was excited to see them both again, hint why they were all going out for a meal so that they could all catch up and hear about what they had all been up to.

To be honest, Joe and Caspar had been spending a lot of time together lately, more than they usually did and it was because they had started dating, and amazingly, neither of them was scared. They weren’t scared to tell their friends or family, or even when they posted a video online on both of their channels to tell their fans. They really weren’t bothered what people thought of them anymore, whether it was rude comments on their videos, or people were sending tweets to them, they just ignored them now, because they were both happy and that’s all they wanted.

As Joe stood in their kitchen, still looking down at his phone, he took a minute to himself to think about how happy he and Caspar had been in the past few weeks. A wide smile spread along Joe’s face as he thought of how much had changed in the past few weeks, for the better of course.

“Caspar!” Joe shouted, knowing that he had probably fallen asleep in response.

“I’m up,” Caspar yawned, very slowly coming up the stairs in a grey hoodie, with the hood up and his favourite pizza pyjama bottoms. The sight of this made Joe chuckle, this was one of the many reasons he loved Caspar. Though he hadn’t said those words out loud yet.

Grabbing his camera, Joe started recording.

“What are we up to today then, Caspar?” Joe asked, keeping the camera on his boyfriend.

Yawning, Caspar slumped down on the sofa infront of the TV. “Sleeping, hopefully.”

Joe rolled his eyes and chuckled before turning the camera so the lense was facing him. “No, we’re filming a video for Jack’s channel, and he has given us no hints to what it involves or what we’ll be doing, which worries me deeply.”

Joe looked over at Caspar, who was struggling to keep his eyes open as he turned the TV on and began watching Friends.

Joe chuckled to himself before stopping the recording on his camera, leaving it on the work top in the kitchen.

“Why are you so tired?” Joe asked, chuckling as he sat next to Caspar.

“I have no idea, we didn’t even get home that late last night did we?” Caspar asked, rubbing his eyes as he looked at Joe.

“Not really, we were back home by like 10, but you watched that film.” Joe shrugged, smiling to himself. Caspar’s memory was appalling, but Joe actually find it quite cute that he constantly had to keep reminding his boyfriend what they had done, or what Caspar had to do.

“Oh yeah, that horror film. I can’t remember what it was about.” Caspar shrugged, a confused look on his face as Joe laughed at him. “What?”

“Your memory is like non existent.” Joe chuckled, shaking his head before he gently planted a kiss on Caspar’s cheek.

“Shut up.” Caspar chuckled. “We should go and get dressed before the others come over.”

Joe nodded in agreement before standing up and going back downstairs to their bedroom.

He quickly changed into denim blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt before going back to the living room.

“You not getting changed?” Joe asked.

“No, I’m comfy in these.” Caspar chuckled, nuzzling into his hood as he lay down on the sofa, hugging one of the pillows to his chest.

Joe shook his head before walking over to their front door when he heard someone knocking, followed by giggles.

“You’re early for once, what’s up with you?” Joe asked once he had opened the door, being greeted by Oli, Josh, Jack and Conor.

“Don’t get used to it. Oli thought we were starting at 10 so he thinks we’re late.” Jack chuckled as he walked into the flat, the other 3 boys following behind.

“I didn’t think we were late,” Oli rolled his eyes. “I just forgot we were filming so I was rushing around a bit.”

Joe chuckled as his friends walked over to the sofa, pushing Caspar’s legs off so they could all sit down.

“Why are you pushing me around my own house?” Caspar sighed, giving a playful glare to his friends.

“It’s fun.” Conor smirked, ruffling Caspar’s hair. Caspar rolled his eyes and pushed Conor’s hand away.

“Anyway, how are you two love birds?” Jack smirked, looking at Joe before looking over to Caspar. Joe’s cheeks instantly flushed scarlet.

“Love birds? That’s the name you’re giving us?” Caspar asked, noticing that Joe was blushing so he tried his hardest to get the attention over to himself before they started picking on Joe.

“I think it’s a cute name for the loved up couple!” Conor laughed, starting to pinch Caspar’s cheek.

“Will you piss off? Why are you so obsessed with my face?” Caspar chuckled, pushing Conor’s hand away once again.

“I think Joe is the one obsessed with your face.” Oli butted in, like they were all ganging up on Joe and Caspar.

Both Joe and Caspar knew that the boys were joking, they weren’t being serious but it was still bloody embarrassing once Joe started blushing like a giggling school girl.

“Where’s Mikey?” Joe asked, clearing his throat as he tried to change the topic of conversation onto anything else but him and Caspar.

Jack shrugged, but didn’t reply turning to Joe.

“Come on, come and sit with us and your boyfriend.” He teased as Joe rolled his eyes, trying his very hardest to stop his cheeks from blushing deep red again.

Joe walked over to them and sat between Jack and Caspar, Conor and Oli being at the other end of the sofa.

Once the boys had stopped teasing Joe and Caspar, Jack began setting up his camera and lights in the living room infront of the TV, Caspar groaning as he could no longer see the episode of Friends that was playing.

“You’ve seen it before you dick, Ross says Rachel’s name instead of the other girl.” Conor told him, chuckling.

Once everything was set up, they all sat on the sofa, except Jack and Josh who decided to sit on the floor as the sofa was a bit cramped at the minute.

“Why do I always look smaller than you on camera?” Conor asked Joe.

Joe shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. “Because you are smaller than me?”

“I’m not though!” Conor shouted, pretending to be annoyed.

“I think it’s cute that Joe is actually smaller than Caspar.” Jack chuckled, looking at them both over his shoulder as Joe’s cheeks began to heat up again.

“Why is it always my height you tease me about?” Joe asked.

“Because it’s cute.” Jack shrugged. Joe rolled his eyes and kicked him gently in the back as Jack was sat on the floor infront of him.

“It is cute, gotta admit.” Oli chuckled, joining in again.

“What’s so cute about it?” Caspar frowned slightly, looking at Joe a bit confused as if he expected Joe to know the answer.

“Because it’s like, when Caspar has to literally bend down to kiss your forehead, it’s actually really cute.” Conor chuckled.

Joe’s cheeks began to heat up again as he turned his head, hiding his face in Caspar’s chest and Caspar’s arm instantly went around Joe’s shoulders, resting his head on top of Joe’s.

“You two are so whipped, it’s adorable.” Conor chuckled, rubbing Joe’s shoulder.

They may be teasing them, but Joe and Caspar both knew that all of the boys were happy for them. All of them wanted nothing less than for their friends to be happy.

“Yeah, but I reckon-” Josh started, finally commenting before the front door opened and Mikey casually strolled in.

“Where have you been?” Jack asked.

“I forgot where we were filming; I spent half an hour outside Jack and Conor’s flat trying to get in.” Mikey told them, chuckling.

Jack and Conor instantly broke into fits of laughter.

“What were you guys talking about?” Mikey asked as he sat on the floor next to Jack.

“Just how whipped Caspar and Joe are.” Conor laughed.

“Don’t even get me started!” Mikey laughed.

And once again, the teasing continued.

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: How they would act at a party with their S/O

(Since in the most recent episode they attend a party with just a few friends, I’m writing this as if they were at a very loud, crowded house party instead, so it’s a bit different. Sorry these are pretty short! And also alcohol is mentioned a bit)



  • He honestly would just be annoyed the entire time. The music is way too loud, and whoever the DJ is has horrible taste in his opinion.
  • He’d definitely follow you the entire time, only separating from you to get a quick drink, or talk to a few people here and there.
  • Since it’s a big party he’s being very cautious about everything. Did someone spike the punch?? Did someone try to slip drugs into your drink while you weren’t looking?? Best believe if you set your cup down he’s not going to let you drink it.
  • Definitely developing a bit of a headache, he’s gonna do that hand-to-forehead thing he always does when he’s irritated. He only attended this thing because you begged him to and he low-key regrets his decision.
  • After a while he loosens up a bit more and will actually engage in conversations with other people but he’s still got his hand placed on your lower back just to make it clear that you aren’t available.
  • Anyone he thinks is trying to flirt with you is going to get the most subtle threats, it’s kind of scary actually. You don’t notice it but the person trying to put moves on you is definitely rethinking their actions.
  • He’s definitely going to be leaving early. He’ll drag you away if he has to, there’s no way he’d stay any longer than maybe 4 hours. If he does he’s going to go insane.
  • Sleep is the only thing on his mind when he’s finally home. He mutters something like “I only did this for you,” before falling asleep.


  • Castiel is pretty lit actually. He may not be dancing, but he’s definitely enjoying himself, having conversations with people, laughing at people’s stupid dance moves.
  • He thinks the music is absolute trash but you catch him tapping his foot or fingers to the beat few times. He probably secretly knows all the lyrics to a few songs.
  • Definitely keeping you in his sight at all time, and if he somehow gets separated from you he will immediately stop what he’s doing to find you. He keeps an arm around you to make sure you stay close to him.
  • Other people don’t even think about trying to flirt with you cause 1. Castiel makes it VERY clear you’re his and 2. He’s pretty much glaring at anyone who comes within 5 feet of your presence.
  • Probably flirting with you the entire time, might make a dirty joke here and there.
  • He’s watching your drink for you because you probably are too caught up with other things. If there is alcohol present he’ll only drink a bit, and if you choose to have some he’s only going to let you have like a few sips because he’s low-key a mama bear. Neither of you are going to be drunk.
  • He would probably leave late but he wouldn’t be one of the last few people there. He likes his occasional party but he still would rather be at home in bed with his dog.
  • When he gets home he just instantly crashes, and has a death grip on you so good luck getting out of his arms in the morning.


  • He honestly only came just so that he could make sure nothing happened to you. But god, why of all things did you have to choose a party, and a big one at that?
  • He’s just trailing alone behind you, not talking much. He’ll engage in a bit of small talk here and there but don’t expect anything more than that.
  • Definitely not going to dance, there’s no point in even asking him.
  • Has a headache as soon as you walk through the door and is probably mentally groaning
  • He isn’t going to let you have any kind of drink that isn’t closed already, so you only get like, water bottles and cans of soda with him.
  • Has his hand placed on your waist to make sure he stays near you and also to keep away anyone trying to flirt with you. He isn’t playing around at this party so anyone trying to flirt with you is going to get the scariest look ever. It’s not even a glare or anything its just this look that says “Back the f*** up.”
  • Is extremely uncomfortable and even though he tries to have fun for your sake he’s just not feeling it so you’d be one of the first ones to leave.
  • It’s going to take him a while to want to do anything involving other people, he’s pretty introverted.


  • Armin is pretty much like ‘Hell yeah” at first. He’s definitely enjoying himself a lot and is talking to quit a bit of people.
  • He probably meets a guy that likes games just as much as him and the discuss whether console or PC gaming is better, which leads to an argument. It’s all good though and they exchange numbers later.
  • He sticks by you, making sure you aren’t too far off. If he sees anyone trying to flirt he kinda just slides in between you two like “Hey bud, is there anything my GIRLFRIEND and I can help you with??”
  • Will dance, but don’t expect him to bust out any cool moves. He’s mainly doing so to embarrass you, doing things like the (original) running man, the sprinkler, etc.
  • Oh god, he’s probably going to be that guy to start a freaking dance off. He and some other guy are somewhere doing the wave together. Tries to break dance but falls on his behind.
  • Afterwards he’s gonna go up to you and ask, “Hey babe, you like my cool moves back there?” cause he’s a dork.
  • Somehow ends up crowd surfing with you.
  • After a while he just wants to go home and snuggle with you under a blanket with junk food and movies. “Baaaaaaaaabe, can we leave please?”


  • He only came to make sure no other guys were gonna try to come on to you. Protective af.
  • He’s buying his own drinks for you because there’s no way he’s gonna let you drink anything that he hasn’t thoroughly inspected. He’s just looking out for you.
  • As soon as you arrive he’s groaning and whining. Still trying to convince you not to go.
  • No dancing. Nope. He might break something.
  • Following you the entire time, while sulking. He’s so annoyed with the craziness of everything.
  • After a while he’ll start to relax a little bit and actually starts to have a little fun. He’s talking to a few other guys, telling them stories of his military school days. Probably almost gets into a fight with someone, let’s be real.
  • He’s got an arm around your shoulders, holding you extremely close and sending mental death threats to anyone that so much as looks at you too long. Almost gets into another fight because of this.
  • Definitely starts to complain about being tired and will hug you from behind with his face buried in your neck. He’s a sleepy baby.

anonymous asked:

Can I get how got7 would react to their gf having an intimidating vibe ( like always dressing in ripped jeans and black leather jacket) but she's actually really weird and dorky? Thank you 💜

Sorry for the late reply, I just changed the request a little bit just so I could work with it more, hopefully you still like it! :)

Anything in italics is your personal thought, anything in bold italics is the boys personal thoughts and lastly Y/N means your name :)

JB: You were running late of your date with JB and he was patiently waiting on the couch waiting for you to finish, but you still didn’t have an outfit ready to wear. 

“Y/N are you ready yet?” 

“Almost I just need to finish my makeup, and pick out an outfit.” You shouted behind the closed restroom door.

“I can pick out your outfit!” JB got up and started to make way to your room, he opened your closet to see your clothes broken up into two sections, the left side it was your ripped jeans and black clothing and the right side was all your Disney and band merch tshirts. JB was laughing at all the dorky shirts you had. You heard a knock on the restroom door and once you opened the door there was a JB holding a red Mickey Mouse t-shirt with black pants. “Jagi you would look cute in this.”

You slammed the door in JB’s face, while rolling your eyes at him.

“You’re a cute dork!! Come on y/n. Open the door! STOP BEING MAD AT ME!!” 

Mark: “Mark! Hurry up the movie is about to start!” It was friday night, which means it was you and Mark’s weekly movie night and it was your week to pick the movie.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” He was holding the blanket and the bowl of popcorn. “What movie are we watching? I forgot to ask.”

You grabbed the bowl of popcorn, before you could answer the opening scene of Star Wars Episode IIII started to play.

“Star Wars? Really? I never thought you would be into this sort of stuff, you’re more into those documentary films..” Mark turned to face you.


“You’re so weird but I love you.” He put his arm around you and brought you close to him and gave you a kiss on the top of your head.

Jackson: It was Wednesday night and typically you do facial masks while you try to catch up on the shows that you missed on Monday and Tuesday due to work. You took off your combat boots, jeans, black long sleeve and switched into your Little Mermaid sweatshirt and yoga pants. You walked to the restroom and after you applied your avocado mask, you heard the front door opening.

“Babe where are you!?!? I’VE MISSED YOU!! COME LOVE ME!!” 

There was your annoying but lovable boyfriend who came home 4 hours early. Shit what do I do!? “I’m in the restroom! I’ll be out in 20!” Panic mood started to panic, so you locked the door.

“Why do you need 20 minutes in the restroom?” Jackson asked while walking closer to the restroom. “Why is the door locked, Jagi open the door!! LOVE ME!!”

“Jackson I’m busy!!” 

“Can I see your face?? Pleaseeeee.” Jackson’s voice was getting to the point where you couldn’t say no to him. You unlocked door and gave him your resting b***h face look. His eyes got really wide “You look really cute and funny like really funny but mainly cute! Stop giving me that intimidating look just love me already!!”

Junior: “Junior don’t you have enough books at home?” You were bored out of your mind, your boyfriend smooth talked you into going to the book store with him. The was the seventh book he picked out and still was deciding if he wanted to get this one or something different.

“Jagiya, I’m looking for the right book. Go look around the store maybe you’ll find something that catches your interest.” 

You groaned and turned away to leave your boyfriend to his books. You walked aimlessly around the store until you something did catch your attention. It was the comic book section. I wonder if they have the comic that I’m missing.. Hmm.. After 5 minutes of searching you found it! You found Batman/Superman #29, the newest one of the series and you were super happy. Just as you were about to start reading you heard your name.

“Y/N why are you in the comic section?” Junior asked while holding 4 books in his arm. “I didn’t know you were into this sort of stuff..”

“What do you mean by that?” That slight comment angered you because all your life everybody would say that too you since you were a girl.

“Its nothing bad, I mean you don’t dress like you would like it and you never brought it up before.” As soon as he finished saying his comment, he instantly regretted it.

“OHHHH I’M SORRY JUNIOR I DIDN’T KNOW I HAD TO WEAR CERTAIN THINGS TO LIKE COMIC BOOKS! IM! SO! SORRY!! And since I never brought it up before let me do that right now. Superman is a million times better then Batman!” Now that you started you weren’t going to stop. You really didn’t care if people were giving you looks

Is she really going to argue about Superman and Batman? I fell in love with a huge dork. He smiled to himself and just looked at you with amazement.

Youngjae: You told your boyfriend that while he was away on tour you would take care of Coco. He was incredibly happy because the person he loves would take care of the dog he loves. After spending 2 weeks with coco you were upset that she would be going back to the boys dorm soon and you didn’t want her to leave. As you came home after a long day at work there was coco waiting by the door for you to come home. You took off your heels and put your leather jacket in the hallway closet and little coco followed right behind you, jumping so you can pick her up. You grabbed her, headed towards the tv and put on your favorite movie Aladdin and had coco sitting on your lap. When the “A Whole New World” scene come on you got up and started singing to coco and while holding her close to your chest you were dancing all over the living room floor. At the same moment you didn’t hear the front door opening.

“Jagi, I’m home early! I’ve missed you and coco so much! I have to tell you what Bambam did-” Youngjae stopped mid-sentence when he saw what you were doing. 


He never thought you would do something like this ever. 

Why is she so weird? But she’s really cute at the same time. I’ve missed her so much.. I picked the right girl.

Bambam: He invited you as his guest to a fashion show and of course he wanted to go matching because he’s just that type of boyfriend that would be into that type of stuff. Everyone would look at the two of you when you entered the room. Your outfits consisted of ripped black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, black long sleeved shirt with thin white stripes while wearing a long wool coat. After the show ended, you went to the after party where you just mostly kept to yourself because you rather have Bambam be the loud one out of the relationship while you just gave people the vibe that you didn’t want to be bothered. He noticed you were being awfully quiet and knew you were probably getting bored plus he noticed the time; it was getting late and you had to get home soon so you can get some rest for work tomorrow.

“Y/n let’s go.” He flashed a smile and lightly grabbed your hand and took you outside. “Want some ice cream?” You nodded your head yes and started to walk towards the nearest store. After you got your ice cream, Bambam wanted to go to the park and sit on the swings. It was nice outside; it was a starry night, with a gentle wind hitting your face.

“Jagi what are you thinking about?” Bambam noticed you were staring at the stars and were barely touching your ice cream.

“Huh? Oh no you would think its weird.” You still were looking at the stars

“Try me.”

“Bambam do you ever wonder if aliens are real? Like what if the government is hiding everything from us? We have all those really random videos, and theres stories plus NASA could be hiding things too!! Its just there’s so many galaxy’s what if they live over there. Also there could be a parallel universe too and what if there’s also–” You were starting to get on a roll but you were interrupted

“Jagi. You’re being really weird and I’m not use to it but keep going. I like this side of you.” *insert gif*

Yugyeom: You were patiently waiting for Yugyeom outside of the movie theatre, he was running late and told you to pick the movie that you wanted to see and he’ll meet you outside.

Maybe I should call him to see where he is.. Your pull out your phone trying to get a hold of your boyfriend and you hear a ring tone behind you. You felt a tap on your shoulder, as you turn around there was your loving boyfriend sweating and tired. 

“Y/n I’m sorry I’m late. Practice was running late but I made it just in time. Right? Has the movie started? Am I too late?” He was starting to babble and you knew if he kept going you would definitely be late for sure. You grabbed his arm and dragged him inside. While you were waiting in line to buy some popcorn. Yugyeom asked another question. “What movie are we watching?”

“Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens!!” 

“Ohh” Yugyeom looked sort of upset.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just don’t know much about the storyline.”

“Wait seriously?” You looked looked at him in shocked. “Well luck you, your girlfriend loves Star Wars so here’s a quick summary. This takes place in the far off galaxy and it’s in the middle of a civil war pretty much in the galaxy and the Empire is trying to get rid of all the good guys who are called Jedis. Okay? So what happens next is…..” You went on and on and you kept getting looks because of the vast knowledge you knew about Star Wars. While you were sitting down in your seats you were still going on about how Anakin only did this to protect the love of his life even though she died.

“Jagi. Jagiya, the trailers are about to start maybe you should lower your voice.”

“oh right sorry!” You had the hugest smile on your face and started to stuff your face with popcorn.

She is a huge dork, but she’s my dork. He kept giving you glances and a tender smile, seeing how excited you were for the movie.


Summary: A friend gets you injured and confined to the compound but things turn out better than expected.

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader (Platonic)
Word Count: 940
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
A/N: This drabble is dedicated to an absolute darling, a talented writer and fellow Avengers Trash Tower™ member who has a birthday today! 

🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 @buckyywiththegoodhair  💖ILY!!

Lovely ladies who were a part of this birthday project!
Personalized Moodboard made by @buckysberrie
Key to my Heart - Bucky x Reader by @marvelingatthewonder
Prince of Sugar & Spice - Thor x Reader by @avengerofyourheart
High Steaks - Sam x Reader by @beccaanne814-blog
Falling For You - Steve x Reader by @imaginingbucky

Originally posted by thefirstgingerdoctor

You were alone in the compound for almost two days now while the rest of the team were out on a mission. As much as you wished to be there with them, you were actually glad to have this time to yourself. Turns out hurting your leg wasn’t so bad after all, but you were not about to admit that. You still wanted to destroy Clint Barton.

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hey! so I just read the latest chapter of gaf au and I saw that Lexa was Iranian and just seeing that made me so happy!! I'm Iranian too and it's not often that I see someone make a character Iranian by choice. I was wondering, since Nowruz (Iranian New Year) wasn't too long ago, could you possibly write a short drabble of Lexa celebrating? Maybe with Clarke?

she talks with her parents and her little brother for close to an hour—it’s already morning in tehran, very early morning but it is, and they are going to visit lexa’s grandparents and then make their way around to the rest of their family and friends so they have to get an early start. 

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Reign 2x22 – “Burn” Initial Thoughts

Alright folks, it finally aired. That long awaited season finale. Whether you wanted to laugh or cry, we can all agree that it squeezed all kinds of feels from us (good or bad, that’s up to you). Personally I thought it was a pretty good finale. Things are beginning to turn around, dare I say it may be a little bit sunnier for the beginning of season 3 (despite the bombs that were dropped with some characters.)

Mary’s Shining Moment

They wasted no time in having Mary almost single handily (with some help from Greer’s ladies) bring down Conde’s army. Atta girl! Talk about efficiency! And surprised but not so surprised that she tricked Conde into believing she was pregnant with his child and then stabbed him almost dead. It was ruthless, it was cold, but it was necessary. She first tries to get Conde to “run away” with her as one more last ditch effort, probably to avoid bloodshed and send his troops packing. Despite that, I love seeing Mary fraught with emotion, because it tells us that it was something that she didn’t want to do, but something she need to do. And her face just says it all, the guilt that she had to betray Conde, the guilt that everything that was happening was born out from her affair, the sadness that she hurt Francis and Conde both. Major props to Adelaide for expressing all these emotions in one setting. It really shows the contrast between Catherine and Mary later on in the episode.

Conde’s STILL Seeing Mary’s Halo Effect?

Yeeeah… I don’t know what to say to this. Conde is still obessed over Mary even though she stabbed him and have him chained up in the dungeons. If that doesn’t get a guy to let go, I don’t know what will. Some may call it romantic that he still loves her despite all of that, I kinda call it creepy. It seems like he’s living in some dream world. Dangerous illusions where he thinks he can take Francis’s throne and spare everyone from the Valois line, Mary included and have her all to himself. When we all know the bottom line is that since he’s allied with Elizabeth’s army AND Protestants who hate them all with a passion there’s fat chance of that EVER happening. The fact that he keeps believing it doesn’t show great rational or diplomacy skills very much. To be fair Mary also had an abysmal lack of understanding but once she saw all the shit happening in front of her face, that’s when she finally had the light bulb turned on.

John and Lola’s Kidnapping Conspiracy

My god, this was some A+ acting from Tobey right here. After hearing about the “death” of his son and see the blood on the baby blanket he gave him, Francis just breaks down as any father would. My heart really went out for him in those scenes. The rage, the grief, the tears spilling from his eyes. It was so wonderfully acted, that it made me have tears in my eyes too. And also from that scene it brought out some of the most beautiful Frary moments in a long time. Mary comforting Francis as he wept in her arms. As much as Frary turn sour for me in the last couple of episodes, this moment recharged my heart again more than their “reconciliation” afterwards.

The Lorcisse Rescue

OK readers, here goes my incoherent weepy noises on Lorcisse. If you’ve been following my posts, then y’all know how much I love my Lorcisse scenes. So forgive the muffled happy sobs under my tissue and skip to the next section if it’s not your thing.

BUT….. OMG!!!!

I’m telling you this ship has fully left the dock now. Watching Narcisse charging to Lola’s rescue made my heart soar and cry. Let’s just break down those scenes, shall we?

We get Narcisse literally barging through the king and queen’s private chambers and pleading with them to let him save Lola. 

“I know you don’t trust me, but trust that I care for her. Let me find her.” 

Secret’s out! No more secret glances or subtle gestures. Narcisse pretty much says out loud his feelings for Lola to anyone and everyone within hearing distance, and he couldn’t care less who knows, not when Lola’s life may be in danger. I love how he puts his scheming mind and resources to work immediately to try and find the culprit. Also the fact that he actually put aside his differences with Francis and Mary (cause lord know they have a long list of issues with each other) just so that he can rouse a search party for Lola. 

*You can hear the cheers of thousands of Lorcisse fans*

Next we get Narcisse breaking doors and slicing and dicing his way to find Lola, crushing the kidnapper’s bones if that’s what it took. Narcisse actually being the hero for once seems a bit strange at first but felt sooo right afterwards, especially after barging through another door and the look of relief on his face, finding Lola safe and sound with her son. (He barges through a lot of doors in this episode doesn’t he?) And the look on Lola’s face of shock and relief that Narcisse was the one who found her as she cried out his name, sends me on another round of sobs.

Another moment that’s somewhat poignant for Narcisse, that I wanted to touch on was his conversation with Mary. This was an actual civil conversation with Mary, perhaps the very first that is truly frank, honest and non-threatening with each other. 

Mary - “Why turn on your co-conspirator now? Catherine is your lover, your key to power at court.”

Narcisse replies - “Because as it turns out there’s one thing worse than being hated by Catherine de Medici. That is being loved by her.”

I find this touches on where Narcisse is now with his arc. This may be the early stages of his redemption. There’s no question that him choosing Lola (a girl who has nothing to offer him in terms of power and status) over Catherine (who is one of the richest most influential at court) says a lot on his growth as a character. Perhaps the idea of being under Catherine’s thumb was too much for him. But if he really truly wanted power that much he could’ve sucked it up and strung Catherine along for a while longer. She was fully infatuated with him. We know from this episode their minds are matched toe to toe. The fact that he turned Catherine over to Mary pretty much sealed the deal. When faced with the possibility of losing Lola again, he choose to find her and loose his grip on Catherine this time around. 

Here’s hoping for some full Lorcisse interaction in season 3. Kisses, snuggles, actual full intellectual conversations that lasts more than 30 seconds, maybe throw in some sexy time here and there. *wink* And I’m hoping since Lorcisse is seemingly in the clear, that they don’t drive another artificial wedge between them AGAIN just for the sake of drama. We’ve already endured the peusdo love “triangles” with Catherine and Claude. And the difference of opinion when they were working on opposite sides. It would be awesome to see them actually scheming together for the betterment of France this time. They both now have a common enemy, the English. And I’m sure they’re on Catherine’s hit list as well. Watching them do battle together would be a sight for sore eyes now that Narcisse seems to be ok with Team Frary. Also Narcisse saving Francis’s son might win him some brownie points. Now that Catherine is gone, they’re probably going to need his shrewd mind for some ruthless politics. And he would have his proxy Lola at his side to help convince Mary and Francis of some hard choices that I know they’re going to need to make, now that they’re on good terms.
Is it too much for me to hope?

Kennash’s Final Meltdown? 

To be honest their marriage have been through the runner this season and yet a very small part of me hasn’t let go of them. They’re complete opposites and they can be at their worst when thrown obstacle after obstacle. And at their best when having no one else to lean on but each other. Suffice it to say I haven’t given up on them even though Kenna lied to him in the worst possible way and Bash says they’re finished. Kenna has always been my least favorite of the ladies, but she owns up to who she is and doesn’t pretend she’s anything else. Therefore she has my respect. I did crack up at her attempt at charming the young soon to be king. Leave it to her to turn a horrid situation to her favor.

Delphine’s Voodoo Craziness 

???????? This just leaves a whole slew of WTF moments from me. Nothing was really explain. Is it part of some grand pagan scheme? Have the Darkness risen back from season 1? Everything about this plot is sort of baffling to how it ties to everything else going on. I guess this will be explored in season 3.

Nostradamus back and Francis’s fate

It was certainly a nice surprise to see Nostradamus back in the season finale. I missed his council from season 1. And I think everyone is going to need it not to mention he probably has a connection to all the pagan storylines.
Francis’s fate is revealed that he is a dying man. Is anyone hoping that they write Francis an alternate ending this time around? Raise your hand.

Catherine vs Mary 2.0

The two lioness battle with each other. I really love Mary’s confrontation with Catherine. And I find their dynamic is the most interesting when they’re butting heads and duking it out, just like season 1. It was epic. And they both have good points to their arguments to each other. I love that Catherine threw Mary’s mistakes and betrayal to her face and we can sympathize with Catherine reason for doing what she did, but Mary also has great points as well on Catherine’s ruthlessness and her ease with manipulation and harm to get what she wants. Catherine is the wild card, who would easily turn on you at the drop of a hat if things doesn’t go her way. So I wasn’t at all surprised that Francis banished her for her transgressions. Which I personally feel have been a long time coming, since it’s clear that Catherine is just too embedded in her way of dealing with things to be fully trusted by Francis. Perhaps if Catherine was more remorseful it might have spared her, but the fact that she has no remorse and would do something similar again was the tipping point. It also bring Catherine’s hatred of Mary back in the forefront with good reason. And Catherine being Catherine is still cooking up schemes to bring Mary down. Even allying herself with Queen Elizabeth. You know what they say. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Queen Elizabeth!

I won’t lie. I was a bit on the fence after seeing the promo of her striding in and plopping down like a little girl, with over teased red hair as if she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I steeled myself for the worse, thinking they’ll make her into some whiny, raging, child against Mary’s calm and cool. But I was pleasantly surprised once she spoke. It had all the calm, collectiveness and refinement that I would imagine she would have, plus a pinch of sass in her tone like the chess player that she is. After seeing that 30 second scene, I have hope for season 3. I can actually believe she’s a force to be reckoned with. Let’s not make her some cookie cutter villain shall we? They’ve done a pretty bang up job making Catherine and Narcisse both sympathetic and heartless (despite some cringe worthy moments) so giving Elizabeth some of the same attributes would be interesting as well. Of course I fully expect that Reign’s Elizabeth will be an antagonist to Mary. They’re rivals after all. But here’s to hoping there’s the same balance that they found similar to Catherine and Narcisse. I can’t wait to see her in action, but she’s needs a better fashion stylist ASAP… bed hair is so yesterday…

Left of Center

Rating: T (a lil bit of mature themes going on in the sense that they’re aged up)

Pairing: Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus (some Lucas/Maya)

Summary: In which Riley spends a majority of her time waking up with an empty feeling in her stomach, contemplating cold coffee on the counter, and wondering where in the world has Farkle Minkus gone.

A/N: I listened to the entire Pretty in Pink soundtrack and got incredibly angsty and here’s a whole fic I wrote based off of it. It’s 4.4K worth of a lil bit of angst.


Mornings usually swept before Riley’s eyes in a minimalistic daze. Her eyes would flutter open to the sight of her bedroom’s ceiling and she’d take a minute to study all the ridges, avoiding glancing at the empty space next to her. Eventually, one of her hands would stretch out too far across the bed and she’d recall her current state.

Then, she would simply roll out of her bed and quickly glance at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was typically mussed, her lips chapped, and her dark circles prominent. She’d pee, take a quick shower, and pull a brush through her hair. She’d toss on somewhat of a nice shirt and jeans; sometimes, it made her feel more productive. Despite whatever statement her clothes had, she’d always end up going into the kitchen, noticing the cold pot of coffee on the counter and estimating how long ago he left that morning. 

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For A Reason (Peter Parker x Reader)

(I don’t own Gif!) 

Requested: No! Just A Thought!

Warnings: Angst, Death, Blood, Tony Stark (dad figure), Car Accident. 

Word Count: 2,019

Reader can see the future.

Part 2

“Everything happens for a reason.”

One of the most famous sayings that you swore to live by. Whatever happened to you, it was meant to happen that way. You were put on this world for a reason, and maybe you weren’t sure what type of reason but you were still here, you were still alive.

You sat patiently at your desk in your room at the Avengers base, aka your home. You had just seen a future that frightened you so deeply it literally made you run and hide into your room, alone, thinking.


The first time the visions happened, they were more like dreams that came true. Whether it was a couple of seconds, days, weeks, months, or years. They always happened. At first, it was tiny things, like how a certain day would go, or who would end up calling your mother or father on the phone, and then it got worst. Dreams would turn into nightmares, seeing things like deaths, and tragedies. When your parents realized what was going on with you that brought you to your uncle Tony, the one and only Tony Stark. He wasn’t actual blood family, just a long term family friend of your father’s and he explained it to be a gift, and that you would probably one day grow up beyond intelligent and know how to control it. Which was the opposite of what happened.

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160705 iFeng Entertainment - Exclusive interview with Zhang Yixing

Highly anticipated by fans and audiences, The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates) has at last started broadcasting. The drama, adapted from author Xu Lei (NanPaiSanShu)’s novel by the same name, is the prequel to the Lost Tomb/Grave Robbers’ Chronicles and assembled Zhang Yixing, William Chan, Zhao Liying and other young actors. In the drama, Zhang Yixing plays Er Yuehong, a top tier handsome man from 1930s Changsha. He was born into a family with Chinese opera traditions and performed famous roles in Huaguxi (lit. Flower Drum Play is a form of Chinese opera originating in the Hunan province). He sang opera by day, robbed graves by night.

After the drama’s press conference, iFeng Entertainment conducted a brief and relaxed interview with Zhang Yixing. When asked about this role’s challenges, Zhang Yixing admitted the role for him was a “subversion.”

On the day of the conference, when describing how he interpreted Er Yuehong and (his wife) Yatou’s emotional scenes, he reported that “all emotional scenes were thanks to his imagination”. When this topic was brought up again during the interview, Zhang Yixing’s little secretary (Zhang Yixing studio staff, whom Zhang Yixing affectionately calls ‘little secretary’) became a great ‘help’ and shouted, "The Go Fighting ge-ges aren’t worried about his emotional scenes. They are worried the most about his emotional world!” and even revealed…

Q & A with iFeng:

If I were born in Er Yuehong’s time, “I will definitely become a DJ”

iFeng Entertainment (IFE): Were you interested in the Lost Tomb novels before? Have you read them?

Zhang Yixing (ZYX): I was interested. When I was in Korea the Lost Tombs was a hot topic. I wanted to read them but couldn’t find them.

IFE:  Er Yuehong, The Mystic Nine’s character than you play in the drama, does he sing Peking Opera or Huaguxi?

ZYX: Actually he sings Peking opera. He’s from Hunan Changsha so he grew up singing Huaguxi.

IFE: As a Hunan Changsha person, your accent happens to fits the role?

ZYX: This time it’s dubbed. Whether or not to use voice actor or dub myself was a big dilemma for me. I hope everyone focus on the interpretation of this role and that it will give everyone a different feel.

IFE: When Xu Lei was being interviewed, he used the phrase “gently warm” to describe your role. Do you think you fit that phrase?

ZYX: He hasn’t said that to me personally and I haven’t seen the drama, just some cuts. So I wouldn’t know what kind of effect actually comes out in the end and what kind of feeling I convey to the audience. NanPaiSanShu’s evaluation, for me, is a high evaluation.

IFE: If you have to describe your role, what kind of phrase will you use to describe it?

ZYX: I can’t think of highly literary vocabularies like Xu Lei. I’d say 3 things. The first one is perfect. The second is love his wife. The third is tragedy.

IFE: Do you think this “perfect” quality is similar to yourself?

ZYX: I don’t think there’s a perfect person in the world. You see how great we are on stage but off stage there are maybe aspects that are unknown to you. If everyone saw us when we’re off offstage, maybe you won’t like this type. Everyone sees different sides but all together it becomes three-dimensional. Adding on your own imagination and you have the synthesis of this man, Zhang Yixing.  If a perfect man were to be born into this world, I feel there would be an unbalance and that it can’t form an ecosystem. Any ecosystem certainly has balance and equilibrium, so there can’t be an absolutely perfect person.

IFE: In the drama Er Yuehong is a famous opera singer. You also know how to sing, dance and compose. If you were born in that era, would you choose his profession?

ZYX: No, I would definitely be a DJ. (IFE Entertainment: That era doesn’t have records?) There were vinyl records in the early Republic era.

IFE: Then how would you DJ? (The reporter and Zhang Yixing’s little secretary both have our surprised face on)

ZYX: Technology benefits humankind. Does everyone remember that game on stage? (Note: he is referring the virtual reality game played during the press conference) It shows that even during that time, if someone has the resolve and say I can definitely make this kind of machine, who knows I believe he can do it! For example programming, if you study it, I think you can do it. Nothing is impossible as long as you try it.

“Being an actor is a subversion for me.”

IFE: The first time you saw yourself as a dan opera singer, were you scared?

Note: dan (旦) refers to any female roles in Peking opera. In early history of Peking opera, these roles were played by men.  

ZYX: Actually a little bit. I looked like a demon.

IFE: Why can’t you accept this type of styling? We all think it’s very beautiful…

ZYX: I don’t really know what criteria you you to decide this as beautiful? You duang (onomatopoeia word for sudden loud noise) change my face into all white, when originally my asian skin is pretty good but you get me a white face and draw my eyes this big. My god, it’s really scary. After I take off the makeup, I see that I actually look this way and I’m happier.

IFE: The biggest challenge for this role, is it the singing scenes, or the emotional scenes, or the grave robbing scenes?

ZYX: The challenge isn’t just one or two specific points.  For me, everything is a challenge. For me, being an actor has been subversive.”

IFE: Why is it a ‘subversion’?

ZYX: Because you have to get out of your comfort zone, get out of Zhang Yixing’s everyday habits and get into another person’s habits. In the TV drama, when you show these living habits, do you exaggerate them or minimize them? Or should you do it according to your own way? These are the things an actor has to think about. When I’m doing other types of work I don’t need to contemplate this much. In Go Fighting, just being myself is fine.

IFE: Is the role of Er Yuehong far from your own personality?

ZYX: No, his emotions are similar to mine, very faithful and that is I hope there is only one person (referring to Yatou). But otherwise we are not the same. (IFE: such as?) Living habits. Whenever I talk everyone laughs hahaha.

“Show Luo is the best good looking when it comes to cross dressing, except his legs are a bit stocky.”

IFE: Does your sense of humour have any connections with Go Fighting?

ZYX: As long as I can open my mouth and talk, I usually bring out a sense of humor. From debuting to now, when I watch previous interviews, I talked when I could talk, but maybe at that time the focus wasn’t on me.

IFE: Then you didn’t get opportunities to showcase yourself?

ZYX: It’s not like that. There were indeed opportunities to showcase, but everyone’s focus point wasn’t there. Now everyone can slowly, from different focal points, from different views, see a lot of things and discover a different three dimensional being. Putting, piecing together each person’s concepts and ideas of  Zhang Yixing, and maybe turn into a three-dimensional Zhang Yixing. Maybe then that person (me) is more attractive to everyone.

IFE: You call Huang Lei “shifu (master)” and Sun Honglei is part of “Hongxing ship”, what’s your evaluation of the two?

ZYX: They are really like my life mentors. Shifu’s IQ is what I mainly marvel about. Honglei-ge is a very strict, serious, earnest big brother when it comes to scripts. My impression of Sun Honglei is an adorably mischievous and handsome man. I think this is a very good analysis.

IFE: There is a particularly common and overused question. If they both fell into the river and you can only save one…

ZYX: That’s very simple. I’ll call someone to save both of them together. (IFE: if there’s no time to call for someone.) No need, there’ll be someone there.

IFE: Is it Huang Bo?

ZYX: Yes, maybe it’s because when you asked me this question, Huang Bo ge was answered the same question over there. We looked right at each other and gave each other a knowing smile and nod. I (would save) Honglei ge. Huang bo ge (would save) shifu.

IFE: When Huang Bo was interviewed earlier, he said you are the prettiest when it came to cross dressing.

ZYX: The prettiest is Xiaozhu ge. He really is, other than that his legs are a bit stocky, a lot stocky.

“Gege always try to introduce me to a potential partner, ‘Yixing, this girl isn’t bad. She suits you’”

IFE: Speaking of emotional scenes in the Mystic Nine, do you and Yatou have any intimate scenes?

ZYX: No.

IFE: Not even a hug?

ZYX: Of course there are still hug type of things.

IFE: The Go Fighting episode with Lin Chiling, you were very awkward even with the fake kiss scene…

ZYX: Goddess ah! People my age, born after the 90s, it’s that simple. Lin Chiling is a person who is especially goddess level!

IFE: Women don’t really understand this mental state from you men.

ZYX: If all of a sudden they want you to film an intimate scene with Tony Leung (famous Hong Kong movie star) and want you to suddenly kiss him, can you do it?

Little secretary chimes in and says she can do it!

ZYX: (helplessly) ok, anyway that’s roughly what I’m trying to say. Whether you can do it or not do it in that situation, just think about those cameras set up there, how would you do it? You can’t do it, really can’t do it. Everyone in that situation really can’t do it even if there are no cameras. Take away the cameras and you still can’t do. It’s my first time meeting her. I can’t accept that when you meet someone for the first time, without even talking to them, you all of a sudden kiss them. I just can’t do it. Whoever can do it should do it. I really can’t.

IFE: Is Sun Honglei most worried about your emotional scenes? Has he given you some guidance?

Little secretary ‘chimes in’ again: He (Sun Honglei) is not worried about his (Yixing) emotional scenes but worried about his emotional being!

ZYX: every time ge ge try to introduce me to potential partners. They say this one is good, this one is good!

IFE: They really introduced you to someone?

ZYX: It’s just talk, play talk.

IFE: Are they female celebrities in the entertainment circle?

ZYX: For instance, they read some news and say this one’s not bad.

Little secretary: They read this one’s studious, this and that. They’re really joking around.

IFE: Would you listen at the time? Would you really take a look?

ZY: Who wouldn’t take a look! Ge-ges say, ‘Look Yixing how is this one?’ If I don’t look? How would that be possible?’

IFE: Did you ever get serious?

ZYX: The person they wanted to introduce me to also isn’t serious! Ai-yo-wei. You need to see what tone of voice the ge-ges are using? What kind of form and manners they want to introduce you? We are just in the car and they say 'oh, Yixing, this girl is not bad. She’d suits you’. So I say 'ah thank you.’

IFE: From season 1 to season 2 of Go Fighting, you went from little sheep to the level of little fox. What experiences can you talk about?

ZYX: I reflected the tremendous transition the generation born after the 90s go through before and after entering society. While previously, these changes may have been undertaken by people born after the 80s and 70s. Maybe the post 90s kid can accept changes faster and learn faster than th post 80s or post 70s. I believe that everyone born after the 90s, if given a chance to learn on this type of program, they will all make themselves grow and go through some dramatic changes. And these changes, be it for their workplace, be it for themselves are all going to help and elevate them.

IFE: Of the impacts these old foxes gave you, what is your biggest changing point?

ZYX: Learning. It’s learning. You need to try learn everything. If you don’t understand it then you don’t understand it. If you know it you know it. If you don’t know it you don’t know it.

My Faith in Swan Queen as a Future Couple Explained Through Smallville’s Clois and Clana

You know, I was re-watching a couple of my favorite Smallville episodes and it made me realize a big part of the reason why I have so much faith in Swan Queen.

It’s because of my TV watching history.  I’ve seen this before. Between a guy and a girl. More than once.

I’ve been watching TV for as long as I can remember and Lois and Clark were my first OTP where I actually knew what an OTP was. As a teenager I didn’t watch shows for couples. I still don’t. I watched them for the fight action, or the supernatural aspect or the interesting characters. And as such I didn’t start watching Smallville for Lois and Clark, not even for Lana and Clark. I also never entertained the idea of two girls being the leads on a show where there was also a will-they-won’t-they aspect to their relationship. Not in the way it happened on shows like Smallville and Castle where the writing and acting were conspiring to tell us they would while also being coy about it.

With Rizzoli & Isles for instance, I never expected the two of them to get together in text. I’d be happy if it happened, but to me the writing and acting were teasing, but not to the point I’d seen on shows between men and women where I actually believed that it would happen. 

So, as I said, I never watched Smallville for the couples. I watched it for Clark originally. I loved his character, I loved the “freak of the week” plots. And then, as Clark fell for Lana, or rather as their relationship developed, I fell in love with them as a couple.

I shipped them, hard, until Lois entered the picture and I watched Lois and Clark’s relationship develop alongside Lana and Clark’s and I realized that Lana and Clark’s relationship wasn’t how a romantic relationship should be. Before, to me, they’d been intense, I thought Clark putting everything on hold to save a Lana who couldn’t save herself was romantic and I thought, yes! This is it! Romance. Love. 

Then I watched Clark do the same with Lois, or try to. But she was like Meg from Hercules. “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress. Have a nice day.” She was strong, and loud and unapologetic. And she could take care of herself. So many times when it came to saving Lana, Clark had to forego saving other people in order to save Lana. 

With Lois, he learned he didn’t have to do that. She was his equal. She could hold her own until he could get to her. And he didn’t have to worry. She always told him exactly what she thought of him, she wasn’t afraid to hurt his feelings. When he was insecure she was there to lift him up and basically tell him to get over himself, often without truly realizing what was going on or how much she was really helping. 

His relationship with Lana was full of lies and deceit, his secret causing problems for them over and over again, getting Lana hurt repeatedly. With Lois it was never a problem. She knew he had something going on and she just drew her own conclusions and let it be. And I believe that if it had become a problem, if she hadn’t accidentally found out his secret, she probably would have sniffed it out for herself instead of crying about it for so long like Lana did.

Lois was a go-getter. She didn’t sit around waiting for things to happen. She went after what she wanted and made things happen for herself. Lois was as honest and assertive as you could get. She told you who she was and let you know what she thought of you. None of that back and forth lying and hurting each other. She loved deeply and completely and would die for those she loved.

Clark was described as the savior. And he saved Lois so many times. But she was his, his savior, his solid ground. And even while Clark was still hung up over Lana and Lois over Oliver, the show told us Lois and Clark were meant to be together. Even before I truly believed it. In comic canon couple or not.

Tell me this isn’t the Smallville equivalent of Emma humming “Someday my prince will come” and Regina showing up dressed as a prince.



Chloe: You never know when the next love of your life is right around the corner.

*Lois shows up

Then there’s the time Lois dunks Clark

I GIFfed almost this entire scene because this is so important. This is season 4. Lois has just shown up. She and Clark have been squabbling non-stop. They’re always annoying each other, insulting each other. Oliver, Lois’ boyfriend at one point I believe, even commented on it, saying how it was their way of dealing with their feelings for each other. 

Anyway, so in this scene it’s obvious that they actually like each other. Only, they haven’t really realized it yet. You know who has? Chloe. The person who is in love with Clark. It’s always the people who love us, are in love with us, or interested in us who can always pinpoint the competition.

Just like Snow, Charming and Hook are always the ones to give Emma and Regina weird looks as they have their exchanges.

Lana, Chloe and Oliver were the first ones to truly notice the connection between Lois and Clark even before they did. And Oliver and Lana commented on it early on. When Lana commented on it, Clark listed all the reasons why he didn’t like Lois saying she was stubborn, stuck up and rude. And Lana said “The best ones always start that way.”

Here Chloe is realizing, I believe, that Clark is looking at Lois the way she wished he looked at her. And that Lois is giving him a similar look right back. She later keeps denying that she believes they’ll get together, until she doesn’t. But here, here it’s clear as day to her that Lois stands more of a chance with Clark than she ever has. And that she may want one. It’s also interesting that “So much for my happy ending” plays in the background as we see Chloe observe them.



Lois wearing Clark’s clothes. Now friends wear each other’s clothes. Rizzoli & Isles did so too. And Lois and Clark are friends here. But it’s the significance of the clothes. This is Clark’s football jersey. It’s important to him. And here Lois is wearing it. I’m also pretty sure that Clark’s past girlfriends have worn it, at least Alicia did when she was trying to get him into bed. And if I remember correctly he did not like her wearing it. But with Lois, he’s fine with it. She also ends up in this jersey on the first morning after they finally sleep together I believe. Then there’s the fact that later that same day she also leaves in one of Clark’s red plaid shirts. Later, when they’re together she’s also seen wearing those. It’s interesting because, when they barely know each other she also ends up wearing his red plaid shirt and I believe then he objects. 

The interesting thing about Emma wearing Regina’s shirt is that Regina doesn’t actually tell Emma to take it off. She actually tells her to enjoy it. And that that’s all she’s getting. Which could be taken as Regina meaning that Emma isn’t getting her son, but it could also be interpreted differently. Possibly as a sexual innuendo since clothes sharing is most popular in situations where two people are a couple in some way shape or form. But it gets truly important when once Emma is missing Regina chooses to wear that exact shirt. Because it tells me that

1. Emma returned the blouse

2. Regina actually took it back and kept it instead of telling her to keep it or taking it back and burning it or something

3. Decided to wear it again when Emma was missing which gives it sentimental value. It gives you an idea of Regina’s true feelings towards Emma just by looking at her actions instead of her demeanor and her words towards Emma

Then there’s the fact that when Lois and Clark were finally getting somewhere romantically-just about to kiss-Lana showed up again. And it was necessary. Because nothing had ever been resolved there. Clark still carried a torch for Lana, still secretly felt his happy ending was with her, she just wasn’t around for it to happen. Until she was. 

And so he needed to get closure there, let himself move on. And he did. Because let’s be honest, he moved on even though Lana wasn’t dead and she was still in love with him and wanted him. Only he had literally become allergic to her. But if he had really wanted to be with her he would have fought for her, found a way to reverse it. Or something. But he didn’t. Because deep down he knew that he had outgrown that relationship.

It’s also interesting that in 6x13 when both he and Lois are under the influence of red kryptonite Lois tells him “Lana is your past. I’m your future.”. And he doesn’t deny it. Just says “This is the present.” and leaves with Lana. That entire episode also details how destructive his feelings for Lana are and how at that point he’s using Lois as a rebound, still not really seeing her for what they can be together. He doesn’t deny that the potential is there, but they’re still in a place where they’re more willing to hurt each other than love each other. 

Clark on red kryptonite is like Regina as the Evil Queen. No inhibitions. Going after what and who they want unapologetically. And yet, the Queen doesn’t really hurt Emma. She gives Emma a twisted version of what I believe both she and Emma want, without really hurting her directly.

Now we have Robin returned right when Emma and Regina were getting somewhere romantically. Saving each other and holding hands. Just like Lana came back for Clark right as Lois and Clark were about to kiss. And just like Clark, Regina needs closure. Needs to put things into perspective and examine her feelings for these two people. And move on from one so she can fully be with the other. Without what ifs getting in the way. I remember how angry I was when Lana came back at the time. But then I realized it needed to happen. Clark needed to deal with those feelings, deal with his past, because if he didn’t do it then, before he and Lois became a couple, it would have happened a couple of years down the road. And then there may not have been a relationship with Lois to salvage. 

It’s also interesting that right before Lana shows up Clark dances with Chloe and this exchange happens

Clark says: “The important thing is that your life is everything you want it to be.”

 And here’s Chloe’s reply: “It is. It’s like I’ve been carrying around this weight. And I don’t know why but a few days ago I finally let go. Like I can move on.”

And after the dance ends Clark starts looking over at Lois and Lois actually tries to leave, because she realizes that Clark is about to ask her to dance. Hell, she runs when Clark actually kisses her for the first time because he wants to pursue an actual relationship with her.

So does he initially when she’s the one to suggest a relationship.

They spend so much time running from their feelings, from each other, terrified of pursuing anything romantically. Because of the possibility of rejection, losing each other, getting hurt in some (other) way, you name it.

It takes them about half a season to a season from the moment they almost kiss to get on the same page regarding fully pursuing a romantic relationship with each other.

This is where we are now with Swan Queen I believe. And watching relationships like Clois on Smallville (and Caskett on Castle) develop on screen and become canon couples has given me faith that Swan Queen, two people who shouldn’t want to be together, who shouldn’t fit but do, who aren’t even believed to be a possibility to a lot of people, are heading in the same direction as Clois and Caskett regardless.

There’s another thing. An important theme on Smallville, the main theme I’d say, is that of Clark as a savior, just as that is the case with Emma. The show’s intro is even about someone needing saving.

Clark believes he’s meant to save everyone. He spent most of his life accommodating others, their desires, their wishes, putting them ahead of his own. He almost stepped aside so Lois and Oliver could have another chance, because he knew Oliver still loved Lois and he wanted Oliver to be happy. Unbeknownst to him that Lois had already chosen him [Clark]. It didn’t matter to him that it meant he was giving up an important part of his own happy ending as long as his friends were happy with each other. He was this big, strong kryptonian who didn’t like that he had a weakness people could exploit. he didn’t like needing saving. He didn’t want to need anything. But he did. 

It’s what people like Clark, Lois, Regina and Emma have in common.

All people who needed, wanted something but weren’t willing to allow the person who could give them that, wanted to give them that, in.

Clark spent his entire life saving everyone, making sure that everyone around him was happy. And then Lois came along. And he wanted to save her too. And he did. But she surprised him. Because he might have been a savior but sometimes he needed one too. And then she was there. She started to save him too, in so many ways. Emotionally, talking him down from murdering the person who had killed Alicia. Physically, bringing him back by removing the blue kryptonite that worked like a stake through a vampire, stripping his powers and bringing him near death. And she made him happy.

The problem with Clark’s relationship with Lana was that she was just another person to save. But the thing is that a relationship has to go both ways. And she couldn’t be that for him.

Lois was self-sufficient, independent. Didn’t want to rely on anyone. Didn’t want to need anyone. But then Clark always happened to be there when she did need someone, for advice, a hug, a save, you name it.

With Emma and Regina they challenged each other to be better than they had been.

Emma was someone who ran from responsibilities. Who didn’t want to be tied down. Who was terrified of any kind of commitment. But Regina challenged her. To stay in their son’s life and take on responsibility. By expecting Emma to run, she made Emma want to prove that she could stay in one place and be responsible. She pretty much taught Emma how to be a responsible parent. Told her what it entailed. But Emma was also a savior who spent her time in Storybrooke trying to save everyone and make them happy. Regina taught the lot of them to be leaders, not just heroes. That that sometimes means you can’t make everyone happy. That you have to make tough choices. She also taught Emma to be able to save herself in their world. And lastly, when Emma couldn’t save herself, she saved Emma. And sometimes saving Emma entailed helping her keep herself safe as she tried to save others, fighting alongside her so she didn’t have to do it alone. To share the savior burden.

A large part of the reason Emma and Hook’s relationship doesn’t work is because he can’t do this for Emma. Where Lois, mortal and all, could fight alongside Clark, Hook can’t fight alongside Emma. Or doesn’t (want to). But that is what Emma needs in a partner.

Emma challenged Regina to be a kinder, more loving person. To be honest and vulnerable with their son so she wouldn’t lose him. And then later to be honest and vulnerable with her. She also became the savior for Regina that Regina thought she no longer wanted or needed. Protecting her when everyone else wanted to hurt her.  Or at the very least didn’t want to help her. Just as had been the case all her life.

Yoongi x Reader

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A Yoongi smut for any Yoongi stans (like myself). It’s pretty much all oral stuff, with some rough Yoongi.

This was requested by @blame-bts who I hope enjoys this and that this lived up to their standards. I hope that you enjoy this, along with anyone else who reads the fic!

Prompt: “ ya girls been dying for a yoongi smut with lots of biting and oral and hickies “

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Just curious, why did u say hip hop team is family unit? Haha I always thought hip hop team's dynamic was always less known about

Brooooooooooooooooooooo I will always wanna talk about hip hop team’s dynamic like I’ve talked about it before here but it’s not talked about nearly enough, so I’m gonna talk about it again.

It’s true that Hip hop unit’s dynamic isn’t really a big issue in the fandom. Overall, the inner workings and relationships are interesting to explore for Seventeen, but because there are so many people sometimes just focus on two people’s friendships instead of groups of people. Seventeen’s unit system provides an easy way to break down some of the personalities into groups and figure out what makes each person play the role they do in the overall group. One day, I’d like to see another One Fine Day-esque show for Seventeen, but instead of deserting them all on one island, they split up the units and force each unit to work and live independently of one another. It would be an interesting study of each unit’s dynamic and functioning. We only have small tastes of it so far, but one of the first places we really see it is in preparation for the mission of Episode 3 of Seventeen Project. We get to see the creative process behind each of the groups and the working dynamic as well as some individual personality traits. Usually when I reference performance team’s dynamics, I call back to this episode too because you really see how The8 ends up benefitting Hoshi’s creative process. We get a good taste for how performance unit arrangements work very visually and energetically, with lots of physical demonstrations and adjustments being made, but how vocal team contrasts that as more of a meeting style where they discuss and Woozi takes notes of necessary changes. Neither of them are a bad dynamic, in fact the dynamic fits the individual personalities of the team members as well as skill level and even learning styles. But when you look at it, Hip hop unit just really functions in a family dynamic.

Starting with Coups, who is really the dad of the group or even the oldest brother, there’s absolutely no question at all that he is the leader. He’s not overly controlling and he doesn’t demand the spotlight and final word over the other members at all, but there’s just something so reassuringly in control about him, as if at any given moment he could just say a word and the other members would listen and do as he says without a question. And less than half of that is his age and his status in the group, I think. The is the other members complete firm faith and trust in him and his decisions for the group. To that point, because he doesn’t run a dictatorship, he takes the time to think about the group and grow close to them and even play and joke around at the expense of his own authority at times. He’s willing to be knocked down a couple notches and let one of the other members play leader, not overly attached to a sense of pride or ego in being in charge. He goes out of his way to treat the members like his family, wether there’s 3 or 12 he’s in charge of. He makes time for all 13 members without neglecting his own unit and vice versa, and the members see that and respect him more for it, I think. It’s hard enough being leader once over, but twice is ridiculously difficult.

And then there’s Vernon who has somehow become the face of Seventeen’s hip hop line even though he’s the youngest. I’ve said it before, but there’s a lot of chance for jealousy in Seventeen, especially around Vernon from the other members of hip hop unit. He’s already begun releasing solo mixtapes and featurings of his own, while S. Coups is years older and has been training for years longer. They honestly have every chance to be bitter over that, but instead they’re super supportive. This was the first thing that tipped me into looking deeper into hip hop unit’s dynamic, particularly Wonwoo and Mingyu during a livestage of Lotto where they could’ve just let Vernon do his thing and rap and provided the parts they were supposed to in the background but instead they choose to bounce around stage and riff off the track and basically play hype men in support for their little brother so he knows he’s not alone up there on stage. Im not sure if you can see it in this fancam but at one point Mingyu steps back and just watches Vernon and grins as if he’s proud of him. You know, that dorky look Coups always gets when pretty much anyone does anything. At every opportunity, hip hop unit chooses to be proud of Vernon instead of jealous, and to be supportive instead of bitter when he makes a mistake. 

There’s no judgement over anyone else, either. For instance, Wonwoo’s recent expedition into singing. Not once has any of the members of hip hop unit told him he’s not supposed to sing, he’s a rapper. Instead, they support him. The entire group is incapable of letting him sing his solo in Love Letter live without standing behind him and loudly going “ooooooooooOOOOOO”. Mingyu is never teased about his hobby in hairstyling or art, instead it’s incorporated into andromeda broadcasts, games, and even his drawings are made into stickers for albums sometimes. Instead of being the super masculine-ly hip hop unit that is only made up of super hardcore rappers, S. Coups encourages them to pursue their own interests and hobbies as well as rapping, which creates an environment of acceptance for the entire unit but also the entire group and leads to not cliques and clubs but Dino being allowed to take major rap sections of songs or Hoshi being able to do so much singing as to open the chorus of their title song. For a group that’s made to be fitted into boxes like units, they’re all surprisingly accepting and multitalented, and that’s not just something that happens. It’s an environment that starts with one person and is spread.

And Mingyu and Wonwoo are both just as essential to the group as Vernon and Coups, providing balance and structure. They’re such perfect contrasts that it’s hard to imagine one in a group without the other because it feels like they’d both pull to their extremes - Mingyu doing everything for everyone and trying his hardest to be his best and get everyone to be their best to the point of being overbearing and Wonwoo being casual and quiet to the point of being practically nonexistent. In reality, Meanie works out so well as a friendship because Mingyu and Wonwoo are direct contrasts to each other’s personalities and they maintain a stable balance between the two of them. Mingyu has a strong, silent charm that is hardly seen and Wonwoo has a loud, funny charm that is hardly seen. Early in the Adore U days, Wonwoo’s special talent was looking sexy while absent minded. Now, we’re discovering a side of Mingyu where he’s most sexy when he’s in charge of everything, running around, working, mr. capable. Even their vocal styles are contrasting but balancing when mixed together. They provide a sense of completion to hip hop unit, and while they may not be the spokesperson like S. Coups or the person always in the spotlight like Vernon, they’re content and secure as their place and they even manage to grow in their talents and personalities, exploring new aspects about themselves.

So, in conclusion, hip hop unit’s dynamic is very accepting and welcoming, open to ideas but still held under a strong leader who knows what he’s doing followed by his three little ducklings who look up with equal measurements of awe and cringing. Hip hop unit will always be family unit to me. 

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Hi admins ! Can you do long jungkook angst scenario whereby you've been liking him so long eversince you first saw him and he knows about it and urm he kinda actually lead you on and got irritated about it ? like you've been annoying him because you cared and love him ? You were hurt badly so you decide to break off the friendship and block every contact and things that you communicate with him and tried to move on but he realises that he loves you too and wants you back ? Thank you admins ~ ^_^

This was fun too write. :3 I hope you enjoy it. ~

“Jungkook-ah!” you ran up to him as soon as he entered through the little café’s doors.

“I missed you,” you said as you hugged him.

“I missed you too,” he replied happily.

“How has work been?” he said looking around the crowded area.

“It’s been so busy, I’m glad you came though, it’s been a rough day.”

“Oh, how about we talk about it over some coffee? I’ll pay.”

You nodded your head yes, ordered coffee, and started telling him everything. The customer who yelled at you for making his coffee too sweet, even though you said you’d be ‘happy’ to remake it for him, the byuntae customer who wouldn’t stop staring at your rear end, and how your boss finally gave you that raise. You told all of this to Jungkook not forgetting even the tiniest detail. Throughout telling him this he’d occasionally add in nods or “Wow, that’s rude” comments. He even added in how he could relate with the byuntae customer always wanting to stare at your rear. When he said that he winked and you could feel your face start to blush. Jungkook the guy you liked ever since you saw him walk through that same café. You remembered it all like it was yesterday. He ordered an Iced Caramel Macchiato and gave you an extra tip. Ever since then, about a year ago, you two had been really close. Jungkook knew you liked him, at least you thought he did. He’d occasionally flirt with you every now and then, but he always acted like it was nothing and sent you mixed messages.

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