Because I love this walking scene


‘I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want to die. And burnt to death; I don’t want people to remember me like that, scorched and screaming. But it’s better than betraying everything I believe.’

Gambino edit

So, I know you guys have seen this picture;

This isn’t exactly what went down, but it’s still funny.

HOWEVER, in this scene, John takes a sip of the coffee, looks at Sherlock and says, “I don’t take sugar.”

Then Sherlock kinda looks away like a kicked puppy.

So John pulls up his big girl panties and keeps drinking the coffee, because in his mind, Sherlock has given it to him as an apology for being a dick the night before. Then he says, “That’s nice, that’s good.” in reference to the coffee, then walks away.


I love this fucking show.


What is your favorite moment in the show?

“My favorite moment in the show is the train-station scene. Because it’s so cute and awkward. And when Glinda is on a roll, it’s hard to keep a straight face. [x]

Do you have a favorite moment in the show for Elphaba? Is there something that you look forward to playing…

“It’s the train station because it’s so awkward, and I always enjoy that. It’s just a tiny moment, but it’s such a sweet moment, and I always love, love to do that.” [x]

“I love you.”  “I know.”

I interrupt your regularly scheduled freak out spec about the s3 wedding to bring you this little bit of madness that sprung out of my brain while walking the dog.

So, you know that scene in the trailer with Oliver getting branded? I just flashed to the Han Solo/carbonite scene in Empire.  What if Felicity is THERE watching him being branded?  What if Diggle is playing the role of Chewbacca (hee) and is holding her back and Oliver/Han has to tell him to take care of her because the branding is the last time they get to see him before he begins his big transformation to Al-Whats-His-Name?  And, maybe Felicity lets loose with an ILY and Oliver, in spite of the imminent branding, flashes her a wink and an “I know.”

I’m insane.  If I could do anything with gifs, I would totally put the Empire scene here and invite you to the insanity.

Half-Thai thickie, all she wanna do is Bangkok Got her hair done, French braids now she A$AP Bino so insensitive, she asking, "Why you say that?!" I'm chillin', real nigga feeling


I love villains.  Villains are interesting.  But you know what.  This is a show about family and hope.  So the dirtier they make the Charmings the better.  Because it means that they’ll have to work HARD to walk back from what they did.  

And you KNOW that will include a lot of wonderful character scenes with Regina.  This is practically a made to order plot development to invest a lot of season 5 time in Snow Queen.

If we love Regina, let’s be prepared to understand the ugly motives of others and route for their own redemption.  Because if you call yourself an Evil Regal and just want to see people punished for their evil actions no matter how gross Snow’s justifications are, Regina’s still got a lot more red in her ledger.

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can we talk about rose for a second. im legit crying because i just saw a gif about her. you know what let me go cry in the corner

I’m crying with you! I loved loved loved Rose (even if she was a DE shipper *side eyes*) and Lauren Cohan is BAE, at least she got a better job on the Walking Dead. Still sad about Rose dying but that scene was just so beautiful, I feel like Rose was the first woman who was ever able to really get through to Damon, I think in her own way she loved him.

Bates Motel S03E07 | Discussion

First of all, I was not ready for a Dylan and Emma scene to open up the episode I had to pause and repeat the scene a few times. They both have such adorable eyes! 

and the fact that her dad walked in I wasn’t sure where they were going with that but it added to the Dylan and Emma awkwardness that we’ve come to know and love.

I was very much surprised that we see Dylan coming to Mr Decody and that whole interaction, I’m really excited where this will lead, because I feel like this is such a character development for Dylan. In season one we see him as that bad boy character with the cocky attitude, then we see him frustrated with everyone and basically wants nothing to do with his family in season two, so I think it’s interesting that in the end of season two and what we’ve seen so far of season three, his character has grown so much into someone that is actually a really caring person. He cares about his relationship with his mother and brother and does everything he can to fix everything, he cares about Caleb (even though he really shouldn’t) and now we see him caring about Emma, and at this point I’m not even fussed if they don’t end up together, because we’ve already seen that these two characters care so much about the people around them and now they are finally outwardly caring about each other, wether that’s platonic or romantic (It totally is romantic though ;D )

Next, let’s talk about Norma and Norman.

I thought it was strange that Norma was very over dramatic (all the time) last episode and in this episode she was just very dismissive of everything. Everyone was so worried about her and she kept brushing it off. 

My favourite lines of the night though. 

“What kind of name is Gunner?”

“A stupid one”

I’m constantly surprised at how fast Norman’s progression into insanity is going. In season one and two he was very innocent and didn’t really have control over what he was doing, he would always have blackouts when he was about to do something crazy, in this episode, in the scene with the shrink in the basement, we see that he’s got all this pent up anger that he can become very dangerous, without any blackouts. 

AH and what was with him at night touching Norma? CREEPY!

Romero, has become one of the coolest characters on TV and I love that we get to see more of his backstory. I love his scenes with Norma and Romero I don’t know why but I really like them together as like a partner in crime. I like that we get to see more of Romero trying to fix everything, because he carries the plot of the town along and it’s cool. 

This episode also is where Romero meets Caleb and someone help me out on this does he know about Caleb? or does he just know that Norma has a brother? I can’t remember. If he doesn’t know and he finds out do you think that Romero is going to end up killing Caleb? Because in the end this show is a prequel and everything has to lead up to Psycho and in Psycho, Norman kills Norma and none of these other characters are around so….

As much as I love the actor that plays Caleb and I do, I think he plays the character really well, I just don’t like Caleb, I see that they are trying to throw in redeeming qualities about him and keep him around but he’s just annoying and I’m not invested in his character at all. I think his dynamic with Norman is really funny though, because Norman is trying to act all manly and the man of the house now and Caleb’s just like…. ‘kay, you obviously don’t like me…

The end of the episode was a very bitter sweet moment, which makes me think that its probably going to be all hell breaks lose from here on. hahaha

I also think that Caleb is going to maybe do the gun run for Dylan to give the money to Emma, but he’ll probably die in the process? I don’t know, that’s just what I’m thinking. 

Okay, that’s it for now!

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Yes your fics are some of my favorites!!! And guess what tomorrow is!! It’s BLOOD HANDS DAY BETCHES.

I had to work all weekend, which cut into my writing time like NOBODY’S BUSINESS, and I was really cranky because of it - my boss was starting to walk on eggshells around me - but long story short, I kept thinking about a scene in Chapter 12 that HAS SO MUCH UST IN IT THAT I WANT TO VOMIT RAINBOW CONFETTI.

TBH… I loved Daredevil! at first I started watching it and was all “Don’t get attached to anyone because they will most likely die.” And I was doing pretty good until Wesley walked in in his first scene and I was like “OH crap… Nope don’t even start to like him… No no no!” And I continued on this path until Wesley smirked and I’m just “NOOOOOOO why!!! Why did u have to be so cute!! Shoot! I’m dead…” And low and behold he died and I turned to my sis and said “he’s so not dead…! He’s faking or he’s gonna get saved at the last moment!!” And my sis was all “Em, he’s dead… Get over it, move on with your life.” And I’m like “I will never give up! He is ALIVE!!”

End of rant


Okay, real talk, Disney Channel has made a lot of “original movies”, and almost all of them sucked air with horrible acting, predictable plots, and stereotypical characters (especially the female ones, ugh). I often keep Disney channel on in the background while I’m playing video games to keep my brain busy and because it’s dorky-cute yet you can make fun of it, so I’ve seen pretty much every original movie they’ve made since 2009, and I can tell you that they actually managed to make one that was really, really, really good: Lemonade Mouth.

I’d love to see that one again. The acting was of major quality, the characters were relatable and realistic, and the plot overall was very memorable and meaningful. From the very first scene that Stella, a girl with short hair and a shirt that says Question Authority, walked into her first day at a high school and stood up for herself against the principal to make a difference I knew she was my daughter. Lemonade Mouth is revolutionary.

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lady percy!

Sexuality Headcanon: bi but thought she was into ladies for a long time until hotspur kind of slipped in under her radar. i mean, he crashed headfirst into it because he’s hotspur, but she didn’t realise immediately that he hadn’t bounced back off it again. that was a terrible metaphor.
Gender Headcanon: take it or leave it, but really she likes the title ‘lady’
A ship I have with said character: lady percy x hotspur always
A BROTP I have with said character: see hotspur headcanon, but they were tight friends (though she rolled her eyes at him a lot) before she realised she was also in love with him
A NOTP I have with said character: lady percy x any scene where she learns of hotspur’s death
A random headcanon: can walk in killer heels but mainly doesn’t because they’re too impractical
General Opinion over said character: she cool

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Midzant please.

Yes, I love you for this.

  1. The umbrella, when it rains - 
    Zant would hold the umbrella since he’s taller and it’d be awkard if Midna did, Zant wouldn’t like walking in a crouched position all the time.
  2. The popcorn at the cinema -
    Midna, I think she’d be the type to munch on popcorn when there are intense scenes, or just like popcorn more than Zant, doubt he’d mind, he probably buys them for her.
  3. The baby, when it cries -
    Zant, I can see him been the overprotective loving father and Midna the chill cool mother, so he’d do the pampering around the house.
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share -
    Zant, because he’s really into sweets and to keep the ice cream from Midna’s hands when it melts, though in a more tsudnere way, he wouldn’t admit that’s the reason he holds it for.
  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie -
    They would totally argue about who gets it, fight over it and end up making out on the couch.
  6. The basket, when they go shopping -
    Both, they would give it to each other when they see something that they want to get, if it gets too heavy Zant would try to carry it but Midna would swat his hand away since she’s no delicate little flower. 
  7. The door, on dates -
    Zant, because I think it’s adorable.
  8. The other’s hand, most often -
    Midna, and Zant would be a blushing mess everytime she brushed her fingers over his but try to hide it.
  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day -
    This is a difficult one, Zant would be more obvious about it but I bet Midna would be the same, I like to think she was the one crushing hard on him when they were children.
  10. The camera, when they take pictures together -
    Midna, Zant wouldn’t care of those things, he’d rather enjoy the moment and commit it to memory but Midna would want to save the pics.

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Omg Liz! I no u luv OQ on ouat 2 & I just that llast scene w robin man like wtf! I'm sobbing! How could he?!?!?! >:(

I do love Outlaw Queen, but I’m actually not really worried or upset. Mostly because of this:

The mirror that we saw the reflection in was right in the middle of the room. No matter what door Robin stepped through to get back to the main part, it was RIGHT there. If we assume that the reflection reveals the real person beyond a disguise, Robin would have seen “Marian” standing there as he walked up to her from the bathroom (and put himself between her and his son in the process), we didn’t see his approach just him standing there, but he had to walk up to her and pass the mirror to do it. So I think he knows who’s really standing where his “wife” is ;)

I think he’s just going along with it because Roland is right there and in danger. “Marian” said HE could return to Regina, and implied/said she and Roland were ok in New York and would stay. Robin will never leave Roland, even less so now that he may know/have seen the truth ;) I think he’s biding his time till he can work out a way to get Roland away from “Marian” or till he can find out whatever sinister plot “Marian” is working on so that he can help stop it because he likely thinks that the plot would harm Regina and he’d never let that happen ;)

But that’s just my theory ;)

I think what messes people up is that they over think the idea of love. It should never be complicated. Never. Love is love. That’s it. Nothing more. There’s no science to it, no extreme life changing moment, no movie scene – love is love. Everyone tries to be a hero to themselves or to someone else. And I promise you love is ALWAYS the driving force. Whether the action is revenge, murder, fucking genocide. Whether love for someone, something or themselves.

Yes it certainly does get twisted and fucked up and just plain cruel, but I PROMISE through that person’s eyes, they’re doing themselves or someone else a favor. Because they love that something or someone else.

That’s why I say I love everyone. I love every single person to ever walk on Earth. You guys may have fucked me over and walked all over me and dropped my heart when I handed it to you, but I fucking love you. Because you’re still human and like everyone else you’ve been tainted.

Hurt people hurt people.

And I fucking get it. With EVERY FIBER IN MY BEING I get it. And I’m so so so so sooooo sorry that you went through Whatever happened to you.

I apologize to everyone for the world, I do.

And I love you. Every single one of you.

I’ll say mean, bitter, awful things to people, Yes. And I’ll bitch at you, and snap at you and sometimes even bully people, I won’t lie. But no matter what I love you because you’re a human being. I may not fuck with you, but I still love you. And if wrong is ever done to you, I’ll fight for you, even if you did me wrong.

Because if I don’t stop this cycle of hate… who will?

I think I realized that I like platonic shippings more than romantic ones. Chosen will forever be my OTP, but the moment it gets romantic I’m just like lolz jk incest I’m out

And with Frantic, I found there wasn’t any way I could put it on my romantic otps list, because they’re so much more appealing when they’re love/hate teasing out-of-place frienemies. I mean, a scene in which Ruby won’t leave his room because he’s lazy and Sapph walks in with a frying pan slung over her shoulder and says ‘your mom has instructed me to come in here and kick your ass’ is just so much more like them. I’m not saying that I don’t ship them romantically growing up-wise, but that their relationship is just built to be a bickering, love/hate brother/sister type of thing. Tbh, I support more platonic relationships than I do romantic.


Walking alone

I see a shadow on the ground

I feel my heart pound

Turning, the shadows gone

The cold wind blows at dawn

I hear your voice

Looking around it’s my choice

You are nowhere to be seen

Closing my eyes I picture a scene

Something that I do too much.

I feel the heat of your touch

I feel your breath with the touch of your lips

I jump at the touch of your fingertips

I open my eyes and I cry

because there is nothing left to try

You are gone

And all I have left are memories

I got high after a lot of coaching and then Imaani and I walked up a hill and discussed Southern gothic writers and Spiderman. Then we got lost and the sky became ominously dark. I wailed petulantly that this was going to ruin my plans for a printemps-themed photoshoot but Imaani gamely posed for me and the pictures are cute as hell, I keep looking at them like a creep. We were going to call Manny and tell him that men don’t deserve women but we got distracted by a nativity scene in someone’s front yard. We were all, “Get out of here, baby Jesus! You’re out of season. Why haven’t you grown”

Then we eventually walked down the hill and I forced Imaani to watch Steel Magnolias, which is, like, poor man’s southern gothic because that shit is so unbelievably stupid. I thought Imaani would grow weary of it but they stuck it out!! They love that liminal space of being repulsed and attracted at the same time.

I was supposed to skype Cailey but I was still really high when we got back, my last text to her says, “We’re making vegan quesadillas because Imaani’s a fake bourgie biddy yfm?????”

In the morning we evaluated potential hair dyeing strategies. Imaani really wants to dye my hair and will not give up this dream without a fight, they kept looking at my head with this menacing grin and crooning, “Let me….dooooo ittttt” through clenched teeth

I like!!!! Hanging out with!!!! This person!!! Goddamn!!!!