My friend Derrick took this photo this morning of Beavertail.  This guy does nothing but walk up and down Geary and O'Farrell all day long.  Well, once I saw him eating a sandwich he got out of a garbage can.  But other than that one time, he’s only been seen walking, talking quietly to himself, and occasionally asking for a cigarette.  Never seen him sitting down.  He also always wears the same clothes – I think he walks in the rain to clean them. 

There are (many) days where I have been hanging out at a bar, having drinks, and I’ll see him pass when I go out for a cigarette.  Twenty minutes later, I’ll have another smoke, and he’ll come by from the opposite direction. 

And yes, that is one, gigantic matted dread.  What you can’t really see are his tiny, pencil-thin ankles.