A Baro no le gusta su playerita 😄
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The Baroness seems to be lit from within, she has a warm glow that is both welcoming and alluring. She lives out loud, truly celebrating life.  You can see her radiance from a distance: her silky chestnut hair; all the jewels, all the glamour that is Baroness — a perfect balance of natural beauty and adornment. Within minutes of talking with her, it is clear that her beauty is complimented by fine things but not predicated upon them.  Her passions are deep and ultimately humble: She collects important art, but loves Pier 1 and HomeGoods for home accessories. She loves beauty — and believes that we should surround ourselves with objects, scents, foods and sounds that will enhance our lives.

this is so old and bad quality but HELL IMMA POST IT ANYWAY

This is b1a4 if you didn’t notice, CNU literally looks like a model. ;-; baro tho

“Tatiana Nikolaevna, in my opinion, was the prettiest. She was taller than her mother, but so slim and so well built that her height was no obstacle to her. She had beautiful and regular facial features and resembled her beautiful royal relatives whose family portraits decorated the palace.” - From the memoirs of Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden.