Beauty and the Baroness//Episode 4//Pezberry collab with FoxChaos



“No,” King Darren said, standing and pacing. “Have the two of you completely lost your senses?”

“Santana had nothing to do with this request, Father,” Blaine assured the king. “She doesn’t even know I’m asking. I just think -”

“You just think you’ll cover your tracks a bit more,” his father bit out. “You’re lucky, young man. So very lucky. The Hudson boy is honorable, but imagine what would have happened if you’d pulled this stunt with a more… with a noble who was higher in rank and sure of himself? You’re playing with the fate of the kingdom, son. And for what? So Santana can have her way with whatever pretty lass catches her eye?”

“Father, this wasn’t just….” Blaine huffed, unsure of how to continue. This would teach him to get involved with Santana’s schemes. “She cares for her. And Rachel was completely against the marriage. And everything was settled peacefully. Baron Finn won’t make trouble.”

King Darren glared at him, itching his goatee. “You’re sure?”

“Certain, Father.”

“Very well. Still, I’ll not bestow a title on the Berry girl for no reason. If Santana chooses to marry her, then we shall revisit the idea.”


The king gave his son a grim smirk. “Ah…I see. You’re worried your best friend will not in fact marry the girl. And you want her to be okay in that case. Very sweet of you, son, but you’re not doling out political favors for sweet intentions. If the girl is left to her own, then she will have learned a hard lesson about the world, and the folly of youthful passions. Go to, boy. I have other matters to attend to.”

Blaine sighed and bowed. “Yes, Father.”


The bell jangled as Santana entered the shop. She smiled, spotting a blonde woman shelving some crafted metal wares. “Morning, Brittany.”


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Beauty and the Baroness//Episode 5//Collab with FoxChaos

The days pressed on, and finally the amount of work Santana had to do slacked off a bit. Rachel was simultaneously pleased and nervous. When Santana had been busy, it had been easier to not let herself be deluded with dreams of staying with the woman. Now she was growing dangerous attached to the Archduchess. Santana showered her with attention, and in the hours that they couldn’t spend together, made certain that Rachel (and Sugar as well) had free roam of the castle and access to whatever she wanted.

She’d spent most of the time while Santana was attending to official business by brushing up on her music - eagerly anticipating her vocal coach’s arrival. The man had been delayed due to an official gathering at the royal court, but had sent a message earlier in the previous week saying he’d be there within the fortnight. Rachel also put more effort into brushing up on the kingdom’s history, and practicing the sword drills Conrad had shown her, though she was still woefully inept at that. She’d taken, in the past hour, to just swinging at the practice dummy wildly in an effort to vent her frustration. As she drew back to take another swing, a gentle hand caught hers.

“Well it’s no wonder you’ve been so worn out lately,” Santana said, grinning.

“Santana! Er…I can explain…” she stammered, worried that the older woman would be mad.

“No need. I’ve been watching you for the past week, little songbird. Do you enjoy swordplay?”

Rachel looked from the sword, to the scarecrow, and back to Santana. “Not in the slightest, m'lady,” she muttered, frustrated.

Santana’s grin turned into a gentle smile as she kissed Rachel on the forehead. “I guessed as much. Which is why I bought you this.” She brought her other hand from behind her back, producing a beautiful bow of deep red wood, and a quiver full of arrows. “I thought it might be more to your style, and Duchess Jones owed me a favor. She sent it right over.”

“It’s beautiful,” Rachel said, taking the bow gingerly. “But…”

“Do not be troubled. Master Lewis is an expert marksman as well as swordsman. He shall teach you. But not at the moment, for there is something more important.”

“What’s that, m'lady?”

“Jesse St. James has arrived, and he wishes to meet you.”

Beauty and the Baroness//Episode 2// Collab with FoxChaos

The manor was buzzing with activity that day. Once Santana had swept from the room that morning, everything was whipped into frenzy for the Crown Prince’s imminent arrival. Rachel was more than happy to stay tucked in one corner of the library, out of the way of the bustle. She’d spoken to Ridcully, and he’d given her a few books to occupy her time. She didn’t know how she felt about Santana “keeping her”, but she figured no matter where she ended up she’d need to know a bit about the noble families in the land.

She’d just started on House Karofsky (By Strength we Overcome) and was wondering idly about lunch when she felt a hand on her neck. She jumped. “Oh, hello m'lady,” she said, unsure if there were servants around.

“What’s this that has you so entranced?” Santana asked, peeking over her shoulder. She smirked. “His house is a bit…ah…”

“Gory?” Rachel supplied, peeking at a few of the pictures.

“That’s a good way to describe it,” Santana conceded. “Brilliant fighters on the battlefield. Are you ready for lunch?”

“Yes.” She followed Santana out and back to the parlor between their rooms. On their way through the halls, Santana kept hold of her hand. Servants moved freely around them, nodding or bowing respectfully when Santana passed.

“They’re setting up the banquet hall and preparing various chambers. Prince Blaine always arrives with a retinue.”

“Will…what will I be expected to do?” Rachel asked as they reached the parlor.

“Sit, eat, enjoy yourself. Prince Blaine will probably wish to speak with you, but you needn’t worry. He’s a caring man. Just be honest.”

Rachel nodded, nervous despite the reassurances.

“The og– ah, I mean Finn, will be there. You won’t have to interact with him much if you don’t want to.”

“What if he makes me go back with Finn?” Rachel asked, voicing the fear that had been growing in the back of her mind all day.

“I’ve known Prince Blaine all my life. He’s much like his father. He wants to be a ruler who does the most good for the party most affected. In this case, that’s you. If you do not wish to leave, he will find in our favor. I did win the duel, after all.”

The rest of lunch was quiet. Rachel was too nervous to talk, and Santana was preoccupied with thoughts of the manor’s preparations. She loved it when Blaine visited, but damned if it didn’t mean a certain level of inconvenience.

“I’ve sent for the seamstress. Your measurements were sent down last night, and she’ll be up in a short while to make alterations.”

“Thank you.”

Santana smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

Beauty and the Baroness// Ep. 9 cont.

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The days grew colder and, it seemed, longer as the party made their way northeast. Despite Arlen’s best efforts, the carriages had to be left behind on the southern side of the river. They made their way on foot, therefor, each carrying a large pack on their back. Troubling Santana was the fact that the weather seemed to be, if not on their side, then in their favor. After the deep freeze of days four through six, the bright sun and comparative warm were unnerving. On that fifth day, Arlen had indeed frozen a pathway across the river, as well as conjured stairs up the steep opposite slope. For the next two days, they trudged through the damaged forest. It was slow going, because as the weather brightened, the snow melted and turned to slush, and then to mud.
On the night of the seventh, the Day of Forgiveness, everyone was uncharacteristically silent. Even Porter and Markus, whose newfound friendship had kept the trip light and even jovial at times, were quiet. They had made camp in the shadow of the Sorcerer’s castle, about five miles out. Arlen had put up as many protective spells and sigils as he thought would do any good at all if they were attacked, and none of them slept easy.
Santana, for one, couldn’t. The unnatural cold of the previous days had gone away, but it didn’t mean High Winter in the Huds was any more forgiving. She tried to burrow deeper into her sleeping roll, wishing heartily that she was back in the Lowlands, holding Rachel close instead of this cloak.
A heavy, pleasant weight was suddenly engulfing her, and she peeked her head up to see Finn scooting back to his own sleeping roll. He’d thrown his travel cloak over her. She smiled in the darkness, and closed her eyes.

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Beauty and the Baroness// Episode 6// Collab with FoxChaos

It was an ugly wound, but not fatal. The kind that, when it healed, would be one hell of a sexy scar. Santana grinned down at her captain. 

“At least you actually got it in battle and not…I don’t know… retiling your roof or something,” she said. 

“Aye, your grace,” Cynara agreed. She was still a little pale, but sitting up at this point. “Markus’ll be dead jealous when he finds out he missed the action.”

Santana chuckled and nodded. Here the blonde was, nearly eviscerated and simply happy as a clam, a school of fish, and the crocodile to have been a part of it all. “You’ve done well,” she said, squeezing the woman’s shoulder. “Rest now. I shall check in with you again soon.” 

“Thank you, your grace.”

Santana followed Dave out of the small room and back downstairs. They were met by one of Dave’s Rangers. 

“Your grace, my lord,” he said with a respectful nod. “We…er…found a stowaway in one of my lady’s travel bags,” he told them. It was obvious that he was trying not to smile. 

“Your meaning?” Santana asked, brow furrowing in confusion. 

“This way, your grace. He’s already made friends….”

They wound their way to the eastern courtyard, and Santana had to stop herself from smacking her forehead. There, getting loads of happy attention from about five guards, was Gavin. 

Dave began to laugh, and all of the soldiers snapped to a sort of attention. Gavin trotted forward and sat in front of them like the proud general of the King’s Guard itself. Santana finally cracked a smile. After what these lads had been through in the past couple of days, no one could begrudge them some pet therapy. 

“Baron Karofsky,” she said in a clear voice that washed over the stone court. “Please tell you men that I would be most grateful if, in the spare moments from their duties, they would continue to play with Gavin. It will spare me having to do so, and just maybe he’ll be tuckered out for the trip home.”

“Aye, your grace,” Dave said, still laughing as the the men sagged with relief. “You heard her, men. Though Harlan and Tobias, you two should go prepare for the journey to the Eastern Range. You’ll be a part of the prisoner escort.”

Santana walked over and gave Gavin a quick scratch behind the ears.

“Your grace wouldn’t perhaps care to leave the pup here?” one of the others asked with a hopeful little smile.

Santana laughed. “Someone back home would be supremely cross with me if I did. Speaking of, I have a few letters to write.”

“I’ll show you to the bird pen,” Dave said. “Lucky for the rebels, none of my beasts were harmed….”

“Lucky indeed,” Santana said, smiling back at where Gavin was now playing fetch. “I think perhaps your men need beasts of their own. Tell me…have you yet met Baron Hudson?”


The man strode down the dark corridor in only a thin jerking and shorts. A week ago, this would’ve meant frostbite, or at least a nasty cold. But now he had a feeling that his castle would never be cold again. He and his brother, a boy of sixteen, walked without torches. The light coming from the end of the stone hall was bright enough.

“You don’t have to worry,” he told the boy. “The Magi have been down here already, and they’ve made it quite safe.”

They rounded the corner and came face to face with the Wyrms. Margrave Matteo Rutherford III grinned widely as he watched the beasts. They were growing at an alarming rate, and would soon need the fresh air, rather than this warm dungeon.

His brother Christopher, a Mage in training, got up close to the barrier and looked intently at them. “They long for the sky, brother.”

“And they shall see it soon, tell them,” Matt said, nodding.

“And they call you ‘Master’. Well, er…all but that one. The black one with the silver marking across his eye. He called you something I’ll not repeat, lest Mother rises from her grave and gives me a thrashing.”

“Right. That one’s Santana’s….”


The room was warm, and the lunch was filling. Santana was getting tired, partially from the heavy food and the comfortable fire, and partially because she hadn’t slept properly. She signed the documents that would go to Blaine, and pushed them towards Dave.

“So…we’re agreed that the leaders and the rogues should be sent off to Merconton. What about the ones who followed? Do you have a sense of who has true rebel sympathies, and who just didn’t want to be beaten to death by their rebel cellmate?”

“I’ve no idea.”

“Fine then,” she said, the fury rising again. She’d tried to keep the monster at bay, but the cool burn of anger was filling her up. She hated rebellions. “Seven of the others, chosen at random. We’ll make an example of these traitors.”

“Speaking of, I believe I see your Markus coming down the road,” Dave said, glancing out the window. “And Mercedes has sent her Airship.”

“Good, quicker than a wagon.”

The fire crackled and popped, and a moment later the shape of Ridcully’s face appeared in the flames.

“Afternoon, your grace, Archduchess,” he said, nodding to each of them. “I have…I suppose…erm, you said you wanted to be told of any occurences?”


“I’ll give you some privacy,” Dave said, stacking the scrolls and wandering out.

“What’s happened?” Santana asked her Mage.

“There was an…altercation. Between Rachel and one of the maids.”

“Which one?”

“Marie. Apparently…ah….”

“Ridcully, spit it out,” she growled.

“She called Rachel your 'whore of the moment’ and when Rachel took physical exception to this, she…er…attacked her.”

“I’m going to need more details than that.”

Ridcully sighed and looked absolutely tormented for a moment. “Rachel slapped her and Marie tried to throttle her in return. We, that is to say, Cordelia and I, believe that she only meant to scare her -”

“Is Rachel okay?” Santana cut in.

“Fine, save for a slight bruise to the left side of her neck. She’s shaken up, my lady. Cordelia is with her now, and is taking her into the city tomorrow. I believe she’s arranged for her to have lunch with the young lady’s sister, to raise her spirits. Do you…have instructions for me?”

“Do the maids know you’ve told me?”

“No, my lady.”

“Then do not give any sign that you have. I shall address it when I reach the manor again. Be on the lookout for an eagle from me. I shall send Rachel a message right away.”

“Very good, your grace.”

“Anything else to report?”

“No, your grace.”

“Fine then. I shall endeavor to be home the day after tomorrow. Have Cordelia prepare a welcome feast - I intend to bring Baron Karofsky back with me.”

“Yes, my lady.” With that, the flames flared into the shape of an eagle, and he was gone.

She pulled a piece of parchment to her and began to write, doing her best to convey only her concern, since Rachel was not the one she was cross with. She hated that her songbird had been hurt, but moreover she hated that Sugar (the clever brat) had been right. Something must be done. Santana was now boiling with rage, and Dave could tell as soon as she stepped out into the hall.

“Er…the Airship is ready,” he said, taking a few steps back. “We only need choose the rest of who’s going.”

They made their way out into the courtyard. The normal prisoners were huddled near a wall, and Santana wasted no time in hoisting one after another up at random, and handing them over to Markus and Bronwyn. She ignored the sounds of struggle and pleas for mercy as she sought out the last one.

At the end of the line, quite literally pissing scared, was a boy who couldn’t be older than fifteen. Sometimes young ones were sent here because lower nobles had a chip on their shoulder. Things like nicking sugar lumps or “eyeing” a man’s daughter. He probably didn’t even deserve to be here, so she couldn’t send him to Merconton. Even she wasn’t that cruel, but she was trying to make a point. She hauled him up by his handcuffs.

“How old are you, boy?” she asked.

“F-fourteen your grace,” he whimpered.

“Whatever it was you did to get here, you are now by association a traitor and villain. You deserve to go to the depths of Merconton for the crime of rebellion.”

The boy made a small noise at the back of his throat and began to weep.

One of the other prisoners stood suddenly. “No, your grace!” he said firmly.

“Sit down!” Collum barked, advancing on him.

The young man didn’t sit and didn’t take his eyes off Santana. “He’s just a boy,” he insisted. “I will go. I will take his place.”

The fury drained out of Santana as she stared at the lad. He was older than the boy, sure, but couldn’t be older than…twenty? Strong build, with sandy blonde hair. He wouldn’t last a week in Merconton, and probably knew it, and he still offered to go.

Another prisoner stood. “I would take the lad’s place as well. Please, your grace.”

Santana turned back to the boy and said, “Be seated.” She let go of his cuffs and strolled over to where Dave was watching the proceedings. “Tell the Airship Captain to go. Six is enough.”

“Touching display just then.”

Santana said nothing, but kept her eyes on the prisoners. The one who had stood up first was still staring at her. “Bring those three to me,” she said.

“Aye,” Dave said, smiling.

“I’m going to the bird pen to send a letter, but I’ll be up in a moment.” She stalked off to the western part of the compound to send her letter to Rachel.

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hello! We can help you with B1a4 members info. :) Jinyoung - leader, vocalist, writer, and producer. Sandeul- main vocalist CNU- vocalist, writer, and rapper ( he sometimes raps in songs. Check out beautiful target, he raps in that one. Gongchan- vision, aegos, vocalist. Baro- Main Rapper, writes Hope that helps! If you need any help just let us know !! :D 💚🌱

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my time period as a fan / um about a year~?
my bias among the members & why / can’t choose ;; 
favorite song / What’s Happening? 
favorite mv / Beautiful Target
favorite choreo / What’s Happening?
favorite era / Beautiful Target
cutest member / Sandeul
sexiest member / CNU
best friend member / Baro
best smile / Gongchan
favorite rapper / Baro
favorite vocalist / Jinyoung
favorite dancer / CNU
what i see for them in the future / a great comeback!

Beauty and the Baroness// Ep. 9

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The world was a sugar frosted pastry when Santana awoke the next morning. The winds had blown the snow evenly along the town, and every rooftop was caked in a thick layer. A warm breakfast consisting of porridge with honey, thick slabs of bacon, and a generous helping of eggs was waiting just inside her door. Santana was nervous about the trip, but she ate anyway. She had no idea what even the next few hours might bring, and a fainting Archduchess would hardly be the help she’d promised.

The wind had died down, but the snow was still falling as the small party made its way out to the entrance plaza. The Dowager Baroness, Finn’s mother, was seeing to the territory’s affairs while they were away, and she stood at the top of the steps watching them leave. Three incredible sleighs had been erected. These were the same sleighs that had fetched them from the Airship, but they had clearly been enhanced by magic. Porter and Markus climbed into the one that held their food stores - they’d be taking turns driving it. Finn climbed into the next one, with Mandeville and Fellsworth. They had decided to split up their guards so that everyone got to know one another, and that there was an even split should something untoward happen to one of the coaches. Lastly, Arlen took the head of the last sleigh, and Santana and Sy climbed in with him. Each dog rode with its master. There had been a brief discussion that morning, on the topic of why the hell they couldn’t just take Airships. Finn had proceeded to show them the charred remains of the steam-powered air drone the Biomancers had sent over, and that quite settled the debate.

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Shelter Through the Storm

Santana was in a foul mood that day. She hated when High Summer turned into Winter Prime. That meant the long, hot days were over, and the every changing weather would commence. Even now, storm clouds were rolling in over the Lowlands. In another two days, it would be a muggy, sticky heat. After that, snow - followed by another three days of rain. And probably drought-like heat after that. Winter Prime sucked. The only consolation was that generally it was only fifteen to twenty days long. It came around at the end of the Month of Naming, made the Month of Harvest absolutely miserable, and was generally gone a few days into the Month of Visiting.

Santana wandered the halls of the manor, finally finding Rachel in the library. She walked over to where her songbird was reading and peeked over her shoulder. “Shall we dine in the - what on earth are you studying?” she yelped, spotting some of the pictures in the large tome.

“Wars and battle tactics, m'lady,” Rachel said cheerfully, closing the book.

Why?” Santana asked after a pause. She was thoroughly confused.

“I want a well-rounded knowledge of things, Santana,” Rachel said, kissing her cheek. “And…well, a lot of what you do has to do with the defense of the kingdom. I…want you to be able to talk to me about things if you need - want to.” She broke off, blushing, and changed the subject. “Where did you say we were dining tonight?”

Santana smiled and took her hand. “In the State Room. Have you been in yet?”

“I don’t think I have.”

“I don’t use it often - only when other High Houses visit and there’s business to discuss. However, it gives a lovely view of the east, and the storm is rolling in. It should be quite lovely in a dark and dreary sort of way.”

Rachel laughed and nodded. “Sounds…interesting.”

They crossed the large manor and entered a room with a large star shaped table. There was another, smaller, table near the windows, and supper had already been laid out for them. A fire crackled merrily in the grate on one side of the room, and the dogs settled in front of it as the women sat down to eat.


“This is ridiculous.”

They’d had a lovely dinner, and were just finishing up dessert when the first roll of thunder had boomed across the land. That had set Gavin to howling piteously in the corner. He’d stuck close to Santana after that, and would howl every time the thunder rolled. However, now, the storm had moved closer, and he’d nearly tripped her up trying to stay on top of her feet.

She picked him up, feeling a bit sorry for the big goofy ball of fluff in her arms. “They can stay in the room tonight,” she told Rachel. “But only tonight.”

When they reached Santana’s chambers, Rachel went off to the bathroom to dress for bed. Santana went to put Gavin down, but as she did, there was a clap of thunder directly overhead. The dog howled and somehow leaped back into her arms.

“High Ones give me strength,” she groaned.

She somehow managed to put him down long enough to change into her sleeping gown, but he shuffled closer to her every time she moved away.

When Rachel came out a few minutes later, she had to cover her mouth to hide her amused grin.

“He’s not getting on the bed,” Santana said.

Gavin had his head resting on the bed just next to Santana’s ear. He was whining.

“We could let them sleep at the end of it,” Rachel suggested, sliding in next to Santana.

The Archduchess sighed and sat up. She patted the very end of the bed and called, “Gavin, Angua!”

The two dogs jumped up, Angua curling up at Rachel’s feet, and Gavin curling up at Santana’s.

Santana settled back under the covers, smiling slightly as Rachel snuggled closer. Then she frowned, feeling a different sort of movement. Weight was shifting at the end of the bed, getting closer to her feet. Then she felt fur on her ankles. “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

Rachel sniggered at the large lump under the blankets where Santana’s feet should be. “Goodnight, m'lady.”

Morning Light (B&B verse)

Rachel’s eyes fluttered open as she felt a gentle weight on her leg. It was Gavin and Angua. She smiled sleepily and yawned, still reluctant to raise herself from the pile of fluffy pillows and the heavy warmth of the blanket. She could hear Santana in the wash chamber. Sitting up, she held the blanket to herself and pulled the breakfast cart closer. After tossing a couple of scraps of toast to the floor to get the dogs off the bed, she picked up her fork and started in on her fruit.

She’d only taken a few bites when Santana came out of the bathroom.

Stark naked.

Now, this was the…oh, seventh? time they’d shared a bed, but everything was usually all darkness and candlelight. She’d seen Santana naked, but here with the morning light peeking through the drapes it was….

“Morning, my little songbird,” Santana said pleasantly.

Rachel knew she should reply, but her brain was mush. All that was left were the fuzzy pink feelings of lust and happiness, currently swirling together in a haze that fogged all thinking.

Santana smiled. “As much as I would love to capitalize on your train of thought, whatever it is right now, I’m afraid I must attend to some business.” She crossed the room and, ignoring the dogs, leaned down to kiss Rachel. “Enjoy your breakfast. I’ll not be long.” With that, she went back to the washroom to finish dressing.

Somewhere in the recesses of Rachel’s mind, fireworks were still going off. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. This woman was going to be the death of her…  but at least it would be a very pleasant death indeed.