B1A4: When he’s drunk.

Okay luckily I remembered that this contained 2 different reactions for each group requested. Honestly I’m surprised it took this long to get a request on this subject. With that in mind, hope you enjoy~♥

Jinyoung: Heheheheheh *Hiccup* You guuys are soooo embarrassing when your–*Hiccup* when your–*Hiccup* when your–*Hiccup* Heheheh–drunk. 

CNU: *Starts dancing* Just act like your drunk and maybe the guys won’t notice. They’re drunk anyhow, plus SOMEONE needs to watch over them.

Sandeul: Didn’t someone once say you could become anything if you put your mind to it….Well in that case I want be a elephant–Whueeew!!!

Baro: Babe you’re the most beautiful person I ever laid eyes on. C’mere and give Baro a hug. *Hugs a fan* Aw yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about~

Gongchan: What doyah mean I drank too mooch? I’m preffectly fine! *Slowly falls* You’re da one who’s goin’ all side’a’ways! *Hits ground*…Kekeke–ouch.

“Tatiana Nikolaevna, in my opinion, was the prettiest. She was taller than her mother, but so slim and so well built that her height was no obstacle to her. She had beautiful and regular facial features and resembled her beautiful royal relatives whose family portraits decorated the palace.” - From the memoirs of Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden.

Concept: The Sound of Music, but lesbian. Gay nuns. Captain Von Trapp as a butch with a whistle and sensitive guitar skills. The Baroness is a beautiful rich gay woman who dresses to kill. Maria is kind and sweet and spirited and the gayest of them all. “Something Good” destroys my soul.

Beauty and the Baroness//Episode 4//Pezberry collab with FoxChaos



“No,” King Darren said, standing and pacing. “Have the two of you completely lost your senses?”

“Santana had nothing to do with this request, Father,” Blaine assured the king. “She doesn’t even know I’m asking. I just think -”

“You just think you’ll cover your tracks a bit more,” his father bit out. “You’re lucky, young man. So very lucky. The Hudson boy is honorable, but imagine what would have happened if you’d pulled this stunt with a more… with a noble who was higher in rank and sure of himself? You’re playing with the fate of the kingdom, son. And for what? So Santana can have her way with whatever pretty lass catches her eye?”

“Father, this wasn’t just….” Blaine huffed, unsure of how to continue. This would teach him to get involved with Santana’s schemes. “She cares for her. And Rachel was completely against the marriage. And everything was settled peacefully. Baron Finn won’t make trouble.”

King Darren glared at him, itching his goatee. “You’re sure?”

“Certain, Father.”

“Very well. Still, I’ll not bestow a title on the Berry girl for no reason. If Santana chooses to marry her, then we shall revisit the idea.”


The king gave his son a grim smirk. “Ah…I see. You’re worried your best friend will not in fact marry the girl. And you want her to be okay in that case. Very sweet of you, son, but you’re not doling out political favors for sweet intentions. If the girl is left to her own, then she will have learned a hard lesson about the world, and the folly of youthful passions. Go to, boy. I have other matters to attend to.”

Blaine sighed and bowed. “Yes, Father.”


The bell jangled as Santana entered the shop. She smiled, spotting a blonde woman shelving some crafted metal wares. “Morning, Brittany.”