So… I made a thing! Because Robin and Regina are AWESOME and because @revolutionsoftheheart wrote a thing years ago that gave me insanely many feels!

Let me know what you think! And do not ask who’s the beauty and who the beast… When it comes to Robin and Regina… they were always both. And they loved each other as a whole, the good and the bad. And that’s why we all fell in love with them too. ♥

Outlaw Queen guys… Always.

beauty and the beast: prologue

(the first part of the frank castle beauty and the beast au! meant to be read while listening to this soundtrack! it’s very short, but it’s just a taste test for if you all like it! please let me know so that i can decide how to continue with this!)

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Awkard Jesus and Daryl is the best

Is too much to ask for a moment between Eric and Aaron looking at Daryl and Jesus and saying something like “remember when we were like them” or “remember how awkard our talks were”?
Or can we see a double date? Like when Daryl ate with them but this time they invite Jesus and we can see how Jesus is a total mess, he is nervous and can’t say a word and Daryl is mad at them but feels bad for Jesus and can’t even look at him and Eric and Aaron are two little shits that laugh at them and feel proud of their actions because this dinner is the start of a beautiful story.
BBC Sport on Twitter
“What a picture, what a legend. Five-year-old Bradley Lowery led England out at Wembley today. Read all about it...”

Louis liked this tweet today and it’s a beautiful story focusing on generosity and giving back by helping a terminally ill child have a good day.  

‘Terminally ill five-year-old Bradley Lowery led out the England team at Wembley for Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Lithuania.

The young Sunderland fan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013, and developed a new tumour in February.’

Adam and his mother (short drabble)

Three days after the death of Queen Gabrielle Margaux, the servants and high ranking families gathered to bury her. She was so young and taken so quickly. The young prince Adam stood, dressed in black, beside his father who held a stone face. Adam wanted to look at her one last time but, the coffin was sealed. He could hardly stifle his cries, he was so young, and his mother was taken from him in what seemed an instant. His best friend, his confidant, his mother, was gone. They began to lower the coffin into the earth.s

“Stop! Maman!” Adam broke ranks to try and stop them. “Its cold down there…and dark…shell be frightened!” He pleaded. The king pulled him away from the coffin and slapped his face. “Enough Adam!” King Augustus chastised his son and had them continue to lower the coffin. He couldn’t bear to watch, so he ran from the burial. He ended up in his mothers rose garden. Crying over the flowers which she so lovingly grew and cared for.

In the days of her life, Adam and Gabrielle were inseparable. It seemed to Adam that his mother would live forever and read to him, play with him, and keep him safe.

“Maman? Can you read me a story…” Adam sat at the edge of her bed, his father away on business. The night was already so dark. But Gabrielle couldn’t deny her son a story. She smiled and waved him into the bed. Holding him close to her, stroking his hair she smiled. “Which one mon cher? I think I have your favorite right here…” Adams face lit up as he excitedly exclaimed ‘King Arthur?” Gabrielle nodded and picked the worn and well loved book from her dresser. “From the beginning?” She asked. Adam nodded and rested against his mother, falling asleep as she read his favorite tale. After he had drifted off she kissed his head. “I love you…”

The gardens were a sanctuary for the two of them. A way to escape the courtly manners and the violent hand of the King.

Adam spun himself around while Gabrielle worked on the roses. She smiled and caught him in her arms, lifting him up. “Maman!” He laughed and smiled as she set him down. She kissed his forehead and spoke softly. “These roses, they’re yours my love. If I ever leave, please care for them with as much love and kindness as I have. Promise me that, mon cher?” Adam laughed at the thought. “You’ll never leave maman!” He hugged her “Don’t be silly!” Knowing her son did not understand, she let out a sigh. In truth, she knew she had to escape or eventually her husband would kill her, out of anger.

They sought comfort in each other, the chaotic ways of the king were a burden on their shoulders.

“My love, why are you crying?” She asked Adam, his face was buried in the bed sheets. Peeling he up off the bed she saw the black eye and swollen lip. Shaking with fury, and worry. She held him close, knowing it was…him. She stroked his hair and some tears shed lightly on his head. “Maman, don’t cry. I…it was my fault…again” He uttered. She froze and gently holding his face in her hands she sternly assured him “No my love, not a thing you could do is excuse for this…” holding her son close, his next words broke her heart. “But maman, thats what you always say…”

Only once in a blue moon did Gabrielle have the courage to stand up to King Augustus.

Walking into his office, Gabrielle confronted the king. “You will never lay your hands on our son again. I have had enough, you’ll kill him if someone doesn’t stop you…then what? What of your precious heir?” She nearly spat at the man. The king stood and he held his letter opener in hand. He pushed her to the wall and held the knife to her throat. “You speak to me like that again, and I promise you, you will be sorry.” Struggling against him she tried to get away. She was merely his property.

After that night, news spread through the castle, the queen was ailing of an unknown cause. She grew weaker by the day, withering away, body and spirit. Adam was told he couldn’t see her, but despite the efforts of the staff, he made it to her one night. Seeing her now, all worn and weak, Adam took her hand gently.

“Maman, they have been lying. They keep telling me…that you’re  going to die.” His words trembled and with the little strength Gabrielle still had, she stroke his cheek. “My sweet boy, I…I will be in the hands of God soon. But please my love, know that were ever you are, what ever you become, I am always with you…” He went closer to his mother, holding her. “Maman, please don’t talk like that.” She continued. “My Adam, my beautiful boy, promise me that you’ll never become like your father. Promise me you’ll love fiercely, care without discrimination, and look on those around you with kindness. Please do not let your heart grow cold and bitter.” She kissed his head and held his hand. “Will you read me a story mon cher?” She smiled and Adam teary eyed obliged. Picking up King Arthur from the table, he read to her into the morning.

When the sun trickled into the room, he had finished. “Maman?” He asked looking at her. Gabrielles eyes had shut, her torso no longer rose and fell with breath. He froze and shook his head. “Maman! Wake up! Wake up!” He shook her, but not even the slightest movement could be seen. The doors opened and the king stood furious, dragging his son away from her, he kicked and screamed. “Maman! Mama come back!”

After his mother died, his heart grew bitter, his kindness turned to hatred, and his soft child demeanor faded into a selfish and horrid attitude. No one was there to protect him from the hand of the king, no one to read to him and laugh. The one true friend he had left his side. As time pressed on her became more and more like the king, he became in truth, a monster.

A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need
And as the seasons your mind change
In the end their imperfections makes them perfect and truly beautiful, for you
—  Viola CN ‘’imperfect’’ 
When you know Kylo could have one of the most epic and beautiful redemptions stories of all time but some fans may never forgive him for killing Han just like Kylo most likely may never forgive himself

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(in the novelisation) Han’s last thoughts were hoping Ben would forgive him as he had forgiven Ben, but the tragedy is no matter how much forgiveness people show to Ben and no matter what he does trying to atone for his mistakes he will still probably always hate himself and the regret may be too much for him, his story no matter what is a tragedy

my mum is reading a story from the newspaper about a woman who is turning 105 and is so full of life and her story is so inspiring, she gives some advice like take things slowly, don’t rush and don’t eat too much fatty foods. she dances and cooks for her children and grandchildren, likes to have a little cup of liqueur before bed during winter, loves to stay up late and enjoys watching tv and using her phone. she wants a famous football player from our city to go to her birthday because she loves football (soccer). goshh i hope her wish comes true!! ;__;  such a beautiful story. 

There is more to life than him. There are cafes on cozy city corners with vintage chandeliers and that waiter that always smiles at you when you order a chai latte. There are christmas trees that shine through apartment windows and that seventy year old couple across the hall who walk around the park at 9:30 every morning. Rainy Thursdays when you’re awoken by the patter of rain on your roof and Sunday nights when the week is yours to conquer. There’s swimming in the ocean at dusk when the sky is pink and the saltwater is warm. There’s sweet wine to drink with your best friends and karaoke songs to butcher with any willing participant. There are bubble baths after a long day and a clean bed with fresh sheets. There are adventures waiting in some far off country and a boy who will look at you one day like you’re the only person in the damn world. There is more to life than heartbreak.
—  reminder
I’ll always love you even when you can’t stand who you are some days. I’ll always love you even when you aren’t sure with what mood you’ll be in today. I’ll always love you whether you’re happy or sad or no matter what anyone has to say. I’ll always love you and I promise to love you for as long as I live because true love never fades.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #13.