Beauty Industry

“make up is my choice!”

Who wears make up? Women.

Who is make up marketed towards? Women.

From what age? Childhood.

How are women who wear make up treated compared to women who don’t? Women who wear make up are treated better than women who don’t.

Wearing make up is associated with “maturing” and becoming an adult.

Are men faced with the same pressure to cover their faces up? No, society views men’s faces as socially acceptable just the way they are, men are not pressured to decorate their faces in order to be socially acceptable.

How much more time, money and effort do women spend on make up that men do not?

What do women gain from wearing make up?

What do men gain from women’s conformity to beauty standards?

How is make up perceived, and why?

Who controls the beauty industry? Who profits from mass marketing that teaches women to hate our own natural faces?

How does the fact that women are taught to hate our own faces, but men are not, affect how we move about our every day lives?


Myndall Cain, Minneapolis Beauty Authority and Entrepreneur

Myndall Cain (~1902-1964) was a Minneapolis beauty authority for over 30 years. She operated a beauty salon downtown and later, the Donaldson’s Department Store salon. Cain also developed and marketed beauty products.

Born in Norway, Cain came to the United States with her family in 1903, settling in Cass Lake, MN. Her unusual first name was recorded as “Minda” in the 1910 Census, but later censuses show her as “Myndall” or “Meyndall.” As a child, Cain showed a flair for business, winning a door-to-door cookie sales competition, and at age 14, she got a franchise to sell corsets door-to-door.

Cain went to Spokane to attend college, planning on becoming a lawyer, but her part-time job at a hair salon changed her mind about law. Traveling to New York, Cain studied at a prominent Fifth Avenue Salon, and on a later trip, learned to operate permanent wave equipment from inventor Charles Nestler.

Back in Minneapolis, Cain married William Wickland, who became her business partner, and opened a tiny salon at 727 Hennepin Avenue in 1925. Four years later, the Powder Puff Shop moved to larger quarters at 808 LaSalle. Her business continued to grow and had 28 beauty operators and five barbers by the mid-1930s. Ten years later, the Myndall Cain Beauty Salon commanded 9000 square feet at the LaSalle address. In addition, Cain took over management of the Donaldson’s Department Store beauty salon in 1948.

Cain invested in new techniques and products continuously. In the 1930s, she traveled to Europe to study skincare and cosmetics. After this trip, she developed Myndall Cain Beauty Oils and distributed them nationally, gaining an audience beyond Minneapolis. When celebrities came to town, they visited Cain’s salon for beauty services.

Cain succeeded through hard work, in-depth knowledge of the beauty market, and relentless marketing. She relied heavily on radio advertising, creating and delivering her content on local radio during three 15-minute slots weekly. Cain was a vivid radio personality. At one point, she was under contract with Palmolive soap to be the voice of their radio ads.

Cain died January 30, 1964 after a long illness. Her husband survived her.

Photos from the Minneapolis Newspaper Collection at the Hennepin County Library.

Hello! First I’d like to say how much I love your blog, and how inspiring I find all of you.

I made a post on my own blog about how frustrated I am with things like Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign and the sentiment behind campaigns about women’s self esteem in general, and I thought I’d share it would you guys to see if you had any thoughts/anything to add:

“I am so fucking tired of female self-esteem campaigns telling all of us to value ourselves more and that we should feel better about ourselves with the reasoning being: “You’re beautiful! Everyone is beautiful! All bodies are beautiful!”

The thing is that it’s still based on the premise that girls should base their self-worth based on their physical appearance. 

That girls are only worth something if they’re pretty, and the solution to finding self-worth is to include yourself in your own definition of ideal beauty. 

Men are not held to a standard of beauty for recognition and value. Just look at Hollywood. I can name at least a dozen examples of male actors who are unattractive being taken seriously, playing real roles, and being respected by their community. This is because their appearance is not taken into account the same way it is with women. I can’t even name a successful actress who is not also pretty and attractive.

So, the “everyone is beautiful” campaign ultimately leaves the status quo unchanged in society. The solution should not be to say “Oh but you get to be pretty too!” but to ask why women must constantly be so valued by their appearance at all. 

But that wouldn’t sell.

Here’s the thing, girls: you don’t have to be gorgeous, or even pretty. There are so, so many things to value in yourself more than your appearance. Your sense of humor. Your faith, in whatever you find faith in. Your talents and strengths. Stop looking in the mirror to find the answers. Prettiness will never be fulfilling. It will never complete you. It is not required of you. 

We are worth so much more than just how we look. This is the message we should be spreading.”

Thank you!

everything about the beauty industry is SO FUCKED. you don’t need a different kind of soap for every body part!!! all shampoo is pretty much the same!!!! shampoo is just soap!!!! body smells are natural!!!!

stop stripping your skin of its healthy layers and oils, stop clogging your pores with shitty make up, stop ruining your hair with shampoo and heat. you can clean yourself without damaging yourself.

this industry is literally convincing you to pay them to ruin your body by telling you that your natural body isn’t natural. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SHIT. SHUT THEM DOWN.

mylovelyawkwardness asked:

Hi quick question to follow up from the matte lipstick one. You mentioned that you strongly suggest to not support Limecrime and Jeffree Star. What are your reasons for this? Do they test on animals?

Limecrime tag: numerous issues, among them racist products (”china doll” palette), toxic chemicals in their products, some of their older products simply being rebranded other products, claiming to be vegan when they use beeswax in their products, their founder dressed up in a Hitler costume for halloween, safety issues regarding their site, disaster of a company overall

Jeffree Star tag : was in a group costume that involved blackface, has a lipstick called “Abused”, used the n word in previous songs and videos

-mod c

STOP Listening .

In my opinion, there really isn’t a such thing as one man or woman being more beautiful than another. A person might possess a more popular form of beauty but no one is actually more beautiful than anyone else. It’s all just programming. You call it attraction. I call it programming. Sexual attraction is sexual programming. Unless you can give a logical reason why you like a certain body/facial type, shape, size, feature or overall appearance then you were programmed. It’s a seemingly unavoidable thing. Believe it or not but we are ALL exposed to programming…something like an entire lifetime’s worth of it in just one day! …Give or take a few decades depending on how much television you watch but the point is that there are a lot of hidden and subliminal messages in a lot of what you see and hear daily. These subliminal messages and symbols can imprint on you unknowingly and change you as well as shape you. They mold your opinions, your tastes, your likes, your dislikes, your attractions. They tell you what and who to like. They tell you how to dress, how to talk, how to act. They tell you pretty much everything. Well…that is (of course) …unless you … stop listening.

On this #WomanCrushWednesday, we’re reminded of these plucky 1917 California Perfume Company (proto-Avon) representatives. For more information on early Avon representatives and how Avon’s business model helped to empower women, check out this clip from the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, which features Hagley’s Archives Specialist, Andrew Engel:

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I came across this meme on, and couldn’t agree with it more. I might have spent a few more years in customer service (or even more intimate: the beauty industry), and the feeling is just as severe as the picture depicts.

Where I live right now:

Where I will be (no joke) living in 2 days:

Enough of the BS. I’m gonna go run in a field.

iSociety Is A Cosmetics Company With Purpose
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Let’s face it, breaking into the beauty industry if difficult. It doesn’t matter if you are a makeup artist, model, hairstylist, beauty blogger, or a cosmetics company! In a world so big you HAVE to find a way to stand out.

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Produced By | LUXE Productions
Prosperity School Bed & Breakfast
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Model | Stephanie Rohr
MUA | Nichole Hobbs
Hair | Nick Talley

I got the…

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21-year-old Ashley Evert balances a full course load from Wilkes University, a full-time job and national notoriety | Weekender

Was able to get the cover story this week on a dear friend of over 12 years. You’re killing it, Ash. So glad I could share your story.


This Is What Every Young Girl Can Expect to be Bombarded with for a Lifetime, Condensed Into 1 Min

Parents, friends, and teachers alike - talk to girls before the beauty industry does. A powerful and concise message that communicates the destructive effect the ad and beauty industry has on society.

Rather than advocating censorship of these images, Dove and others advocate the need for improving our media literacy skills, so that when we see these images, their persuasive effect no longer has a hold on us. Rather than accepting these images by never accepting ourselves, we can reject the values this industry spins, seeing a beauty in people the ad industry could never understand.
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