The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
Hijab is not for angels. Hijab is for flawed, beautiful humans, who are saying everyday that they are trying. And there is so much beauty in that struggle. God sees it. Never belittle any act of love and worship. It could be this act of obedience that God accepts. And it could be because of it, that God forgives your other flaws.
—  Yasmin Mogahed
Falling asleep on the couch with Joker would include...

Not being able to focus on the movie because he can’t help staring at his beautiful girl

Him seeing you struggling to keep your eyes open so he puts his arm on the back of the couch, letting you know you can come cuddle.

Being stubborn and wanting to finish the movie, but falling asleep anyway.

Him not being able to take his eyes off you, laughing at your inability to fight how tired you are.

He turns off the movie he hates that he only allowed on because he knows he can’t say no to you.

Him gently pulling you closer next to him trying not to wake you up.

Tickling your ear gently so you smile and squirm in your sleep.

Him loving that you trust him enough to protect you in such a vulnerable state.

Taking the opportunity to twirl your hair in between his fingers, watching the contrast of your locks against his skull ring.

Him having to resist the urge to kiss your forehead so he won’t disturb you.

Kissing you anyway then letting you adjust your position after you feel it in your sleep.

Him being conflicted between feeling entitled to hold you and the only one allowed to but feeling not worthy of his violent hands touching something he sees as so innocent.

Using his free foot to reach and drag a blanket over so he can keep you warm.

Him pulling his gun out and pointing it at anyone who walks in the room as a warning not to wake you.

Snapping his fingers in your ear or poking your side so you curl up closer to him.

Resting his head on top of yours to feel what it’s like to be wanted and belong.

Carrying you princess style to your bedroom to tuck you in.

Him feeling in control and powerful with you in his arms.

Standing next to the bed for a few moments, not wanting to let you down.

Tucking you in and removing your jewelry for you, appreciating taking care of it like he does his own.

Brushing your hair out of your face and placing one last kiss on your cheek.

Teasing your neck with butterfly kisses so you cuddle up with your blankets.

You being half awake the whole time and grabbing his hand as he tries to walk away.

Him crawling under the covers to continue holding you.

You take time to make sure he’s covered up and tucked in.

Him laughing at how much you care while not being able to believe it.

Listening to his heart beat to help you fall asleep.

Him refusing to fall asleep until you do, he needs to make sure you’re secure.

Throughout the night he tugs tightly on you, always afraid someone will steal you away or worse, you’ll leave him.

Him waking up just to see if you’re there and giving the top of your head a kiss.

Doing it all over again the next night.

jungkook acne appreciation

so anti’s are acting like jungkook’s acne is a issue! actually i love it. jungkook is so handsome and talented and he is such a genuinely good person and the fact that he has acne just makes him more human. for fans who feel ugly for having acne – for just being human – it’s so nice to see an idol who is so beautiful and loved struggle with something as mundane as acne <3 so i actually love it. i love him and i think its nice that we get to see him as a human instead of an unattainable idol.

and take a look – he isn’t any less handsome 

his cute little bunny smile!!!

slay me kookie i love him so much

lashes ~~~ why is our kookie so handsome

HIS EYES ARE JUST! so beautiful


MELANIN COME THRU!!!!! so damn handsome

as you can see everyone is dumb and kookie with acne is super handsome and loveable and if you have a problem with it then u can suck my fat dick <3 

If you need a sign to not kill yourself or otherwise hurt yourself this is it.

You are special

You are needed

You are unique

You are amazing

You are beautiful

Your struggle does not make you weak

Needing help does not make you weak

You are so strong 

I am so proud of you

BTS Reaction To You Praising Their Tan Skin

Anon asked: Since the bbmas happened and bts whitewashed their last pic (and it made me really sad) I was wondering if you could do a reaction where you constantly praise their beautiful tan skin   

!!!!!!! absolutelyyy the boys need support. Their tan skin looks absolutely beautiful I hate that they feel bad for it D: In this post I really tried to find gifs that showed of more of their natural skin. It was actually harder than I expected, but like the search system for gifs isn’t that great in the first place. Anyway, enjoy! -Spice

Rap Monster:

It’d immediately brighten his day when you complemented him on his skin tone. Your complement would also make Namjoon realize that he shouldn’t feel ashamed of his natural skin at all, and that you would love him no matter what.

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In his brief moment of self consciousness, Seokjin would be happy when you reassured him about his skin. He would realize that he could count on you to bring him back around to his confident self any time he needed it, and would love you for it.

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He’d never vocalize his self doubts about the beauty of his skin, but you could tell in the way he would avoid going out in the sun for an extended length of time. When you out of the blue praised his tan skin, Yoongi would get a little embarrassed that you noticed his self consciousness, but would be happy for the reassurance.

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Hoseok just made a simple remark about how he wished he wasn’t getting so tan; he didn’t expect for you to explode half in anger and half in love, ranting about how his skin was absolutely beautiful. He’d interrupt you mid rant and just hug you, words not being enough to express how much he appreciated you.

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Like Hoseok, Taehyung wouldn’t expect you to immediately defend and praise his tan skin. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling as you did so, and would say, “Thank you Jagi, your skin is beautiful too!”

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Having struggled with self confidence issues in the past, Jimin would feel overjoyed to hear you say that you loved his tanned skin. It wouldn’t make him feel 100% confident immediately, but having your love and support would make him feel so much better.

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Jungkook would probably try to act confident, but it wasn’t hard to see that he was using more sunscreen and going out less than usual. When you told him you thought his tan skin was beautiful, he’d smile shyly but still pretend he didn’t know why you were complementing his skin.

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Love Songs / Peter Parker x Reader

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Request: Can you please make one where the reader is shy and Peter has a crush on her but she doesn’t really know him. And one time he finds out that she skips a class to go sing in the auditorium and he skips class all the time to hear her sing and he confronts her about it and he asks her to sing for him and fluffy fluff fluff please? I love it when readers can sing because it makes me feel like I’m actually good at something 😂😂😂

 AN: Thank you so much for this request! I love music and those who can sing, no matter what people say, I just wanna let you know that in my opinion, if you have the guts to show off your singing talent, you are like the bravest and coolest person ever. All singers and performers deserve respect cause doing something like that takes balls! Anyway, hope you like it. As always, let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you would like to see in the future.

- Written by Kat - 

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I am not a beautiful tragedy.
I am a depressed girl who knows no other way to express herself than drawing red lines across her wrists.

I am not a beautiful tragedy.
I am an anxious girl who knows no other way of thinking than over stressing and over analyzing every situation.

I am not a beautiful tragedy.
I am a distracted girl, who can’t seem to focus in nearly every situation she’s put in.

I am not a beautiful tragedy.
I am simply obsessive compulsive with how things appear, with how things turn out.

I am not a beautiful tragedy.
I am simply a girl who doesn’t eat because she thinks that skinny equals pretty, an ignorant girl who ignores all claims from others towards her appearance, one who only wants to loose weight.

I am not a beautiful tragedy.
I am struggling and this is real.