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It would be so cool if we could see some Junkmetra domestic life. What Junkrat and Symmetra are like in their own home with Rohan. If you don't want to write it I understand you're busy but I just thought I'd throw it out there, you're really getting me loving junkrat and symmetra.

Junkmetra is the ultimate form of Opposites Attract and I love it so much. Plus, I’m always a sucker for domestic life so here ya go, doll!

  • When Rohan was a toddler, Symmetra and Junkrat loved reading him bed time stories. When it was his mother’s turn to speak, she’d tell about Hindi deities, the happier stories. Both Rohan and Junkrat are memorized by her storytelling, and her husband makes sure to always tell her how lovely her voice is after their son is tucked into bed fast asleep.
  • When it’s Junkrat’s night to tell a story, it’s usually cut short as Mother disapproves of how violent/reckless the story is becoming for a two year old. He’ll pout before making up half of a fairy tail he heard long ago.  Even though the story makes no sense, it has Rohan giggling and wanting more. Symmetra can’t help but notice that Rohan has gotten his crazy laughter from his father, and finds it beautiful in both her husband and son.
  • Rohan has always accepted his parents prosthetic arms/leg. When he was much smaller he even used to say he wants to get one just like them too. Now that he’s grow up, he just jokes about getting one soon enough with all his work with explosives. This had Junkrat laughing and Symmetra chastising both of them, very unamused.
  • Symmetra made sure to teach her son how to cook. Even when he was younger he was in the kitchen with her, helping her do little things. She wants him to be capable and knowledge as much as he can be, and cooking is essentially. Plus, she’s happy he doesn’t have his father’s habit of somehow setting the simplest foods on fire by accident. 
  • Junkrat taught Rohan everything he knows about traps and explosives. He’s honestly proud of how intelligent he is, claiming it all comes from his mother.

Basically Junkmetra family is the cutest thing ever

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A photo from the Have A Gay Day page on Facebook, it was too beautiful not to repost.