Anthony Green . 01.25.2012 . Atlanta, GA @ Nervous Energies Session

02 - How It Goes (Acoustic)


all i really hope for in this moment is that when you’re done being here, and standing here, and looking at me, and singing with me, when you go home, and you go on with the rest of your life, I just hope that you’ll remember in the way that I remember it. And I hope you remember it well, when you need it on bad days and i hope it’s a good thing for you to look back on. you know, just because things end doesn’t mean that they’re not the most beautiful thing while they’re happening, and I’ve learned that.

Please Please Please. Who has an extra ticket to see Anthony Green in LA or Pomona? If you follow me please reblog this. Spread the word. For the love of Anthony Green!!

I will do anything man! I need to go to that show. I’ve been a dedicated fan since I was 16. I’ve been spreading the Circa Magic with all my friends. I really need to go. If you're a fan you know how important Anthony Greens music is to all of us. He’s saved my life through his music.

Please!! I will make you tacos! 

Please Reblog! I need a ticket!

I recorded seven years;

but I don’t know if I wanna upload it. Either me or my friend’s voice can be heard singing and it sounds so awkwardly awful I’m embarrassed to put it up haha 

I feel bad for masking Anthony Green’s beautiful voice too.. if it was me. I’m pretty sure it was me though, I laugh everytime I hear it in the video. So as a future note if I decide to record a song I’ll try not to sing so loudly.