Amelia 🌾 Quick pencil sketch
Maybe later I should draw a time traveller?😏
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I’m sorry for my lack of updates lately. I have been busy trying to get more involved in the world of 3D. Planning on sharing some of my progress sometime in the future, but for now here is a little painting I did of Star Guardian Jinx!! Hope you guys like it :D (Photo reference used)


Ok but @wearethepirategems you said that sunny was nakama and couldn’t fuse but like. Franky/sunny would be so op though.
(Also I know the angles suck but I did this in like 5 minutes lol)

haha not gonna lie…this kind of makes me want to draw this sunny version too :DDDD Nami is not having it at all!!! and yes franky/sunny fusion would be a tremendous force to see!!!

- mimu

I feel that both Luffy and Nami’s faces are 100% accurate for this situation. And it could be cool but it has the potential to go so wrong, like ‘I have no mouth and I must scream’ wrong. Plus, what if Zoro fused with Sunny? EVERYONE WOULD BE LOST FOREVER!

- Liz

denisetcs  asked:

I've noticed that you've made fanart (BEAUTIFUL BTW!!) for the mortal instruments and lady midnight books, have you read the infernal devices?? Cause its also very good as well!! And if u have read the book, Will or Jem??? thanks! :)

Yes I have! I’ve read all her Shadowhunter Chronicles books (except the Magnus Bane ones oops) and I love the Infernal Devices! I’m a Will girl myself but I absolutely love Jem! They are both adorable! And I have drawn them but I’ve just never quite gotten them r ight so I never posted anything… Sophie’s my favourite though

I shall be drawing a beautiful Nygmobblepot fanart based on the ep I saw at Paleyfest. It should hopefully be finished in time for Monday night. It will be my little way of saying everything I told you about the upcoming ep is true.

(UPDATE) “Ready for the ODYSSEY” Birthday Project Special Photocard Preview!

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i wanted to draw some scenes from my Beauty and the Beast AU!!

i absolutely had to draw the snowball fight between Stan and the kids, haha. the second image is of everyone sitting in front of the fireplace, and Ford (as the journal) is telling them a story, while Dipper reads it aloud for everyone. the third is the ballroom sequence, and i changed around some of the colors here to fit the characters better.

my favorite is Stan’s transformation into a human again. i was itching to draw that scene for a while, and i’m really happy with how it came out!!

my second favorite is Stan embracing Ford. Ford, since he was stuck as a Journal for so many years, can’t really walk or use his limbs all that well. so rather than trip and fall on his way to Stan, he waited for Stan to make his way up to him. and Stan is just so relieved that his brother is back that, in a show of raw emotion, he just ran and held Ford as tightly as he could, while Dipper and Mabel run over to join them

the final image is of everyone just celebrating the fact that the curse is finally lifted. Mabel and Dipper are getting formally introduced to Ford (which is why they’re holding his hand), and Stan is helping hold Ford up to keep him from falling over

(Wendy’s design is by @cirilee and Soos’ design is by @soupery!!)