Beautiful armour

Clean eating is my jam!
9 egg whites
1 tbsp of @innerarmour Vanilla Nitro Peak
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ c blue berries
¼ c plain Greek yogurt

A meal I eat everyday with about 40g protein, 1g of fat, and only 10g carbs. Keeping these abs TIGHT!

Fashion in Thedas
  • Fereldan:Practical as fuck
  • Free Marches:Shoulder Pads as fuck but pretty practical unless you are specifically the Champion of Kirkwall of Rogue class, in which case DID YOU FALL INTO A BELT FACTORY?????? WTF??????
  • Orlais:The most fucking beautiful armour and robes you will ever see, strangest nobles you will ever see.

German armour for man and horse by A.D. Isaac
Via Flickr:
This is a beautiful German armour made for a man and his horse. It belonged to Otto Heinrich, Elector Palatine (1502-1559). More information on him here. This armour was probably made in Landshut. It is remarkably well preserved and has an elegant blackened and gilded decoration.

Spartan’s #wcw this week is the fearless, lethal beauty Queen Gorgo.
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The Road Beckons...

The tall, lithe woman appeared relaxed as she lounged comfortably in her chair, gazing at the fire, but her calm demeanour hid an inner dialogue of frustration and discontent. Aernndis loved her homestead in Wayfarer Foothills, loved to hunt and battle with her hearth-sisters Brunne and Astre, loved to work and play with her animal companions, training together to deal death as one, but she felt… bored? Her comfort was chafing her, and she longed for change and new challenges. As she watched the flicker of the flames, she remembered a pair of eyes similarly warmed by firelight, adorned by the fiery gleam of his beautiful armour, stealing glances at her as she watched him with her hunter’s gaze..

Her reverie broke and Aernndis looked up as the door to their small lodge opened, a blast of freezing wind accompanying Astre home. Aernndis stood up, to Astre’s surprise, crossed the room, and gathered Astre in a firm embrace without saying a word.

“Hold, are you well, Aernn? What is going on?” Astre wondered, patting Aernndis on the shoulder awkwardly.

“I’m well, dearest friend, I’m better than I’ve been in some time. I’ve been thinking, is all.. And I think it’s time I see more of the world of my mother’s songs and stories”, Aernndis replied.

“What’s all this?” Brunne laughed as she entered the doorway, almost bumping into the two women standing there.

“Aernn’s leaving!”, Astre exclaimed.

“Not for long - well, not forever..” Aernndis reassured her friends. “I’ve decided to see more of the world, to meet new challenges, new..”

“..people?” Brunne interjected, laughing as she shook snow from her tawny locks. “Sounds like a good idea to me. You’re young, go make your legend known far and wide, find your own Great Hunt like those dreamy Sylvari always sing of.. but come back to us, ok?”

Aernndis smiled, pleased that her friends understood her desire. “Of course I will. And I’m not leaving this very moment, I need to plan and provision and decide where to begin.”

Astre sat down at the table and began pulling out maps as Brunne came behind her to peer over her shoulder, and said, “Have you considered heading west to the Silverwaste region? The Mordremoth situation isn’t going away, and above and beyond the need for helping hands and strong fighters, there are many Norn there protecting Tyria - you won’t be alone and your achievements will be witnessed, if you care about that. Remember the stories told at the moot the other night about the great battles that take place there?”

“I do”, Aernndis considered. “Mordrem, eh? It could be interesting.. All right, let’s talk about the details of my journey…”

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