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I want to go to the museum again.

Character development: Cinnaminson

Tsar and Tsarina’s marriage

A year after their engagement, as the etiquette provided, Tsar and Tsarina got married, and officially became Sir and Lady Lunahoff. Their marriage was not one of the most important in the Empire, nor one of the most sumptuous: they were both simple persons, who loved simple things, and they would have never turned such an intimate event into a show. As the history lovers they were, they decided to wear clothes inspired to the past epoch, Tsarina sewing herself a long and ethereal dress, Tsar choosing the most beautiful armour he had in his dungeon and embellishing it with a red tunic and a dark-blue cape, and they got married in an ancient castle near the Empire’s borders. They invited only a few friends, and after the ceremony, brief and modest, they went away walking, in order to better enjoy the landscape and their new union. They didn’t talk much, too excited for the reached goal, and too deeply bond to need words to communicate, simply strolling while holding each other’s hand and making their eyes wander around and occasionally meet, but, as soon as they reached their house, and Tsar picked his wife up to pass the threshold, Tsarina hugged him and said: «Tsar, my dear, after all this years we’ve finally achieved our dream! Thank you, thank you for your patience and strength: thank you for realizing it».
Smiling, Tsar replied: «My love, you’ve been as patient and strong as me, and even more: I could have never succeeded without you, and I’ll never forget this. Now that we’re officially married, anyway, let’s not let the past cloud us over: we’re free, we’re young, and we have a whole life before us to live, so let’s think about it. Let’s think about days and nights together, let’s conceive all the amazing journeys we could take, let’s imagine all the beautiful moments with our future children we’ll have: let’s keep dreaming».
And, at that statement, Tsarina’s eyes lit up, and Tsar knew he could have never chosen a better wife, nor uttered better words to make her happy.

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