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Here is an addition to the first recruiting video.  Some wording to find out where people are at with their interest in the spa kit / case.  And how to upsell from an order to a recruit.

I can’t wait to see you all in Mexico!!!!


Have a Spring Fling With Color!

BeautiControl always keeps its eyes on the latest trends. As the beauty trends hit the runway, our makeup artists are reporting Opalescence as a key trend of the season, reflected in shimmering neutrals and soft, romantic hues.

Making this trend accessible to every woman, BeautiControl has translated the latest runway news into a gorgeous, ultra-feminine collection. Our Spring 2015 Opalescent Collection is an homage to a woman’s many facets.  Soft, ultra-feminine shades with subtle, multi-dimensional reflections highlight a woman’s natural beauty. This easy-to-wear collection is perfect for every day.  It includes two gorgeous Moisturizing Lip Glosses in Luster and Iridescence, 2 shimmery Color Impact Eye Shadows in Pearls and Reflections and a lustrous Nail Lacquer in Facets.

Spring is the time of the year in which women are ready for a new look; new shoes, new outfits in gorgeous colors and especially a new makeup look. 

Be Inspired by shimmer and reflections

Be Colorful with lustrous effects

Be Beautiful with iridescence and translucent shades

Be Fashionable with shimmery and reflective fabrics


Check out the video for some quick tips on recruiting at home parties!  I will be breaking down those tips into more detailed information for you too in additional blogs.  And additional tips for recruiting and closing as well!  For example, a great way to see where people are at in decision making is the simple question, “What do you think?!"  Upselling from an order to a recruit is also something I will go further into.

The answer to Michelle’s question was cutoff, I said that the catalogs are used more so at the beginning of the spa when people are waiting for their friends to arrive.  They write stuff down on the back of the catalogs during the spa.  Although I may make something better for this in the future.  I do have moments during the spa where I do maintain a captive audience when I am explaining the benefits of the treatments, the details of the spa kit deal, etc.  The catalog is used as a tool to get additional orders.

Feel free to pass my website along to your team members!


Introducing our new fine fragrance, Fleurever, a timeless new fragrance inspired by life’s most memorable moments.


Fleurever is perfect for the elegant, timeless and confident woman.

Remember the moment, the promise or the embrace with the everlasting scent of Fleurever. A vibrant and mesmerizing fusion of Pomegranate and luscious Lychee unveils an ethereal blossom of White Jasmine and Cyclamen flourishing at the heart. Precious threads of Saffron impart a warm, confident character before settling into a cozy drydown of Vanilla, precious Amberwood and Soft Musk.

Tips to sell fragrance:

Helping a stranger choose a fragrance is a daunting task. Fragrance is a personal thing, and often we associate a certain smell with someone. By knowing a little bit about fragrances, and asking the right questions, you will be able to help your customer find the perfect scent.

1.     Know Your Notes

o   Fragrances comprise notes, and these notes are categorized into top notes, middle notes and base notes. When your customer tries a fragrance on her skin, let her know how the smell will change as the day goes on. The top notes will be present for only about 10 to 15 minutes, the middle notes will linger for a few hours and the base notes will appear last.

Fleurever is a floriental and comprises of the following notes:

Floral Fruity Woody

T:   Quince, Pomegranate, Lychee

M:  White Jasmine, Cyclamen, Rose, Saffron

D:   Musk, Vanilla, Amberwood.

Body Chemistry

o   Fragrances smell a little bit different on everybody. This is because of individual pH balance and skin type (oily to dry). If a customer wants to purchase a fragrance because it smells great on a friend, encourage them to try it out first.

Personal Preferences

o   Ask your customer what type of fragrance she is looking for. Often he will not know, so suggest words such as fresh, floral, woody, oriental or aromatic. If she is looking for a floral type like Fleurever, ask if he prefers rose, white flowers, or jasmine.


o   Many customers will want to buy a gift, but will have no idea as to what kind of fragrance to purchase. In this case, it is best to offer something that is a best seller, ideally in a gift set. We offer the perfect gift combinations of Fleurever in the April Monthly Product Brochure.

The importance of fragrance layering

o   Offer the customer other products besides the scent’s spray. By layering products, the scent will last so much longer.