I sadly ordered up but should have ordered down. I’m normally a 3 X and I think I could have ordered the 2X. The pattern, length & fabric are all perfect I’ll just alter the waist band. In this photo I have it cinched with a belt.Find me at

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So those of you who follow my Instagram obviously know that I am super into selfies, right? Not only do I kind of like the way my face or my clothes look sometimes, but I think it’s really important for body positivity and learning to love yourself. I think seeing other girls my size in a celebrated way helped me immensely with my path of body acceptance, so I try to post photos of myself and my outfits often. It’s an awesome way to connect with one another, learn about fashion, and learn how to see the beauty in ourselves the same way we see others. 

I just wrote a post about taking pictures of yourself for an app where you do just that- BeauCoo. It is just cranking up, but it’s really cool. It connects you with other women all across the globe who are the same size as you. I’ve been posting my outfits there for awhile now to add some more plus size perspective. You post where your pieces are from and how they fit so other can gauge if it’s something they want to rock, too. Pretty neat, huh? I think it can really open fashion horizons for a lot of us, and maybe get some of you in front of the camera, too! 

As I said in my BeauCoo post, “ taking photos of yourself is completely underrated. Photos are extremely powerful, even if they are of something you find lighthearted- like photos of your outfit or your face.  Through this medium it is just easier to see yourself in a different light. I know when I have changed my hair, fluctuated in weight, or I’m in a dressing room trying to decide if I like an outfit- taking pictures helps a lot. It’s something that is consistent and tangible. Through photos of myself or the stigmatized “selfies” I am able to gauge in a concrete way not only how I look, but how I feel about how I look. I get to see how I look in real time, but also, I can see how I’ve grown in my style, my size, and my maturity through photographic evidence. This is particularly helpful on those low days when I hate everything in my closet, my hair isn’t right, and I just feel horrible about the way I look. A quick rerun of my photo album not only reminds me of good memories, people, and things, but that I am actually pretty cute sometimes, too. I know it might sound trivial, but ask yourself why. In a world where we are constantly told to make ourselves beautiful- what’s wrong with seeing some of that beauty yourself?”

You can read the rest of my post here.

You can catch up with  BeauCoo here

I never thought I could pull off a bow tie until I tried this Kristin Miles top. Not only did the tie fit well around my neck, it went perfectly with the retro/classic cool vibe I was trying to channel with the look. The fit of the button up was a nice surprise, too. It buttoned over my entire chest and stomach with ease and extra room to spare. Normally I have to go up a size in button ups, but my usual size fit just fine.

via BeauCoo
Do you Beaucoo?

Recently I discovered the mobile app Beaucoo and I am more than a little impressed. For those who haven’t heard of Beaucoo it is an app/website where you can sign up, enter your body dimensions and see what other women with your dimensions are wearing and how certain clothes look on them. You can also see what the whole Beaucoo community is wearing for style ideas. You upload a photo of yourself and other members can comment, like or put it in their wanted category. It’s a great app that is completely free and sends a body positive message. This app is for all women regardless of their dimensions and it’s fantastic if you want some wardrobe ideas. I can see myself becoming an entrenched member already. or download it from your app store.

Give it a go!

BeauCoo: Shop Your Size

The thing about style and shopping apps is that they usually cater to one body type - and God knows that usually isn’t mine. For one thing, I’m not tall or leggy. I have a small waist and hips but my torso is short. My shoulders are broad … I suppose I could go on. The point is, an outfit I fall in love with online does not always translate to perfection on me. 

Luckily there are some West-Coast Canadian ladies who share the same frustrations and have created an app to bring like-sized women together to share tips and outfits! Beau Coo’s clever tagline is “pics on someone your own size”, which is exactly what the app is about. Once you download the app, it prompts you to input your body dimensions and offers you women who fit your shape and size.

External image

Once you’ve taken a photo, you’re asked to decide what sort of garment it is. Next you indicate the size, the store you’re at and the brand. The final option is to discuss the fabric, the fit and any other important nuances about the piece that you are considering. You can now choose to share on Twitter and Facebook or just publish to the app. 

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Remember Cher Horowitz’s virtual closet? 

That is exactly what this app is about - only there are so many Chers who have dimensions just like yours shopping all over the world!

I’m looking forward to connecting and virtually shopping with women who have the same sizing as me and just being as body-positive as we all deserve to be! 

Right now BeauCoo is only available for the iPhone but in due time all of y'all will be able to basque in this added shopping fun! 

Pics on Someone Your Own Size!

As a fashion-focused female, you understand how hard it is to compare clothes and fit among your group of friends and peers- we all have different body shapes! A Calgary-based startup sought to solve this problem for women everywhere and created BeauCoo, a social style network to connect women with similar body shapes and sizes. 

Having only launched yesterday, co-founder of both AcceleratorYYC & BeauCoo (among others), Victoria MacLean shared that there are tons of women already signed up on the platform and users are already receiving great rewards just for using the app.  "My favourite so far is a free pair of glasses from Clearly Contacts and dress rental discounts to RentFrockRepeat!“

Although not necessary targeted at men, BeauCoo is working on a rewards system that will be rolled out soon. It will offer discounts to great men’s clothing brands in exchange for referring the ladies in their lives.

Android users will have to wait a month to try out the new social style network for themselves. The web version will also be available in only a few weeks time. 

Fashionable photo of the @BeauCoo team members

Check out some of their recent media coverage:

Venture Beat, Oct 30, 2012: BeauCoo launches mobile fashion network for real women, with real bodies

TechCrunch, Oct 30, 2012: Social Shopping Network BeauCoo Wants To Help Women Find Clothes That Really Fit

TechVibes, Oct 30, 2012: Beaucoo Debuts in App Store, Offering New Way for Women to Shop Online

Venture Alberta, Oct 24, 2012: BeauCoo brings women together to share photos and fashion

TechVibes, September 27, 2012: BeauCoo Raises $1.1 Million to Connect Stylish Women with Similar Body Types

Way to go, BeauCoo! Can’t wait to try it out!


Do you BeauCoo?

Do you BeauCoo?

It’s been 4 months since I’ve found out about BeauCoo and I’m a pretty big fan of what’s happening over there.

I only have 12 outfit posts so far, I started slowly, but I try and post once a week or so now.  I don’t always share them here, as I want to try and have higher quality photos to share with you.  They are usually taken with my ipad mini propped on a stool, running back and forth to set…

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