Lineart by @alexyguadalupe

Some reference colors for Beatrice. This is probably how the comic will be drawn: Alexy will do the sketches and lineart, and I’ll do the colors, shading / lighting, and scenery / backgrounds. Though for this picture I only did base colors and a bit of effects on the sword and electric glove.

Yes, I changed Beatrice’s bandanna color from green back to purple. She will have this bandanna for the first part of the story, and will switch to a scarf (and a full wardrobe change) after… a certain event in the story.

Hopefully this works out!


Over The Garden Wall (November 3, 2014)

↳ one is a bird, two is the trees, three is the wind in the leaves, four are the stars, five with the moon. and so the story is complete, and everyone is satisfied with the ending. and so on and so forth, and yet, over the garden wall…how the gentle wind beckons through the leaves.