View of militiamen of the Independent Boston Fusiliers on parade on State Street in Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1858.

Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Brigade of Guards in America, American Revolutionary period, Grenadier Company. Note the cut-down uniform, customised for warfare in the colonies. On their transports to America the guards were ordered to cut their belts to frogs and attach them to the cartridge box. Other uniform changes to Guards kit for service in North America included cutting Grenadier bearskins down to hat-caps, removing the lace around the buttons (to make the unit look more uniform between the 3 regiments of Guards) trading breeches for long trousers, and shortening the length of the regimental jacket.

Downfall [11]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 5,080

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21

The first thought that crosses Taehyung’s mind when he regains consciousness is if the child ever found his mother.

As his eyelids flutter open, he soon realizes that Dohyun’s trickery is the least of his worries. The last thing Taehyung can remember clearly is escorting the little boy to the parking lot after having no luck in the amusement park, hoping to find his mother by their family van. He only stood by the unassuming vehicle for a couple seconds before the door abruptly slid open behind him and a powerful strike landed on the back of his head, stunning him.

Now here he is, face down on the cold, dusty concrete, with his limbs tied and restrained behind his back.

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Signs of EMP

So, I’ve finally got onto TSoT. Been a while since I watched it with EMP in mind but even now, I still managed to pick out a few EMP inconsistencies ;) Let’s go under the cut! 

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astridapples-deactivated2017112  asked:

Ok, here is an in depth kind of question. If the suitors were in our universe- what nationalities would they be? What languages would they speak? What jobs would they have? Where would they live? Would they know each other? If they knew each other would they be friends? I could ask more...let's start with that, lol.

Thank you for the kick, Astrid! I needed it XD

So let’s see. 

Leo and Alyn Crawford, British. Leo is a barrister and Alyn’s actually part of the Her Majesty’s royal guards XD Can you imagine him with the signature bearskin hat? Although I can imagine him owning his bakery too. They both have a standard Londoner accent and Leo speaks multiple languages-French, German, Dutch, and Latin to name a few. These brothers live separately as Alyn’s mostly on duty. Leo has a penthouse flat.

Giles Christophe, British. I can’t imagine Giles in any other accent aside from the heightened RP of the standard BBC English I hear in movies. Although I can also imagine his eloquence even doubled in French (which he speaks fluently, and German as well). I see him as a marketing manager for a company and drives his team into modern slavery. He and the Crawfords met in a boarding school in Scotland, and he lives in his office. He meets with his best friend, Leo every friday nights.

Louis Howard, French. I always wonder why his name is French and his surname is English. But from readings, it seemed as it was derived from French anyway, so shoot. He’s a pediatrician and the kids love him. He lives in the countryside manor, but he has an apartment in Paris as well. He speaks French, and English.

Sid, Spanish. Really, that’s the first thing that popped into my head. Imagine him speaking in a romance language… it’s just aaaah! This hunk of a detective/police is out to give bad guys what they deserve. His studio apartment would look really plain, but with clippings of the cases he’s trying to solve so he doesn’t really bring anybody home. He also has a pet dog named Jess to keep an eye on things when he’s not around. He speaks French and English aside from his mother tongue.

Nico Meier, Dutch-German. Though now living in Germany under his half-brother’s care, Nico was from The Netherlands, and his mother was Dutch. Currently, he’s an intern in Byron’s company while finishing his final year in business school. He speaks German, and retained just a little of his Dutch. Albert is tutoring him in English.

Albert Burckhardt, German. I can’t separate him from Byron. That would be torture for him lol. So he’s the CEO’s executive assistant and he lives in a posh subdivision right next door to Byron. He’s well-versed in both English and French.

Byron Wagner, German. He’s the CEO of his own company he took from his father to save it from bankruptcy. He lives with his younger brother Nico in a mansion he bought after sealing the deal on his first project as the new company head. He taught himself Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) because most of his investors are Chinese businessmen. He’s also fluent in French, English, and Arabic.

Robert Branche, Austrian. I actually didn’t know where to place Robert, so I put him a little farther than the others (considering his midcin origin as well). He lives alone since he broke off with his family to pursue his dreams of being an artist. Struggling, he could only afford a room with bare necessities until a rich businessman came across his artworks one day, and that was a stroke of luck that got him where he was now. He speaks also Italian and English.

The Queen’s Guard

So tysonrunningfox‘s wonderful Prince Hiccup, and Captain of the Watch Astrid kind of inspired this little fic. I wanted to write a fic where Astrid was a Ceremonial Guard, with Hiccup, and Snotlout as annoying tourists. So she challenged me to write it. 

I think I did okay so enjoy!   

I know that due to the many unfortunate incidents with tourists, the Queen’s Guard no longer stand outside the gates of Buckingham or Windsor Palace. The only place where you can get your picture with the Queen’s Guard, I believe, and if I am wrong please feel free to correct me, is a the Pall Mall entrance to St. James Palace.

I also know that, as of right now, women are not allowed to serve in combat roles in the British Army and therefore are not a regular part of the Queen’s Guard.

But this is fan fiction! So Ha! 

Lance Corporal Astrid Hofferson, of Her Majesty’s Coldstream Guards’ first battalion, fought the overwhelming urge to roll her eyes, as another group of giggling, teenaged tourists crowded in beside her. The group laughed in the peripheral of her vison, flashing two fingers at the man holding the camera.  

An honour they said.

A privilege they said.

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People forget sometimes that the Queen’s guards ACTUALLY do guard her;

“An armed Queen’s Guard raised his rifle at a ranting potential intruder outside Buckingham Palace in a ‘shocking’ drama outside the royal gates.

The tense encounter came after the man, who was seen at the north centre gate of the Queen’s residence, had spent five minutes shouting at royal protection officers.

The guard, dressed in the traditional red uniform and bearskin hat, reportedly strode 50 yards from his post to up the pressure in the confrontation.

Witnesses described how his raised weapon, with an attached bayonet, was levelled at the throat of the man as they exchanged heated words on Friday afternoon.

Tourist Gareth Scanlan, 32, told The Sun how the man’s encounter with police escalated before the armed soldier rushed to the scene.

Mr Scanlan said that when confronted the bayonet, the would-be intruder said 'Oh you’re a big boy now’ to the soldier - thought to be Scottish - who in turned replied 'Yes I am a big boy’ before pushing him.

Royal protection officers then ushered the man away, though he was not arrested.”


Gather round children and let me tell you a story.

I don’t even recall when it was now, probably around the time that I first signed up for Tumblr (you know, the Dark Ages) and while scrolling through Tumblr for the first time I came across these pictures of a strange man wearing a bearskin hat mimicking royal guards. I didn’t know the name of this strange man but these pictures stuck with me for quite some time, simply do to their strange nature.

Some time after that (A time I like to call the Middle Ages) I came across a man named Benedict Cumberbatch and a thought hit me, was this the strange man in the bearskin hat? So it took me a few hours of determined internet searching but I finally found them. The pictures of Benny Dear in that damned bearskin hat.

Isn’t it strange how these things happen? I literally had dreams about this strange man in the hat before I knew anything about him. And now he has become a huge part of my life, not only as an inspiration but because he is the face I am finally satisfied with assigning to my favorite literary character.

I hope all of ya’ll have enjoyed my little story time session. I am off to watch Judge Judy and write more fanfiction.