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I Think We Made a Big Mistake

Lemme just start off by saying 2010 was a great year in animated shows. Unreal great. Like, seriously.








To put this in perspective, about 2007-2009 wasn’t a stellar time for animated shows. The best one by far was Phineas and Ferb, and maybe … El Tigre (which had so much personality and life, but I haven’t seen since it aired so I can’t tell you how it holds up), but there wasn’t a lot of new stuff that lived up to the top contender.

Also important to remember is that in 2009, Cartoon Network briefly went insane and wanted to transition to more live-action shows or live-action/animation mixed like Out of Jimmy’s Head. None of these really held my attention, and it took airtime from the cartoons that could’ve come out.

We also could point out that Nickolodeon was well on its way to airing basically only Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents forever amen (as much as I love those shows).

Disney Channel hosted P&F, but other than that, pickings were getting slim.

So, realizing that, you’ve gotta understand how remarkable it is that we were getting so many good shows all at once again! It was unreal!

But it didn’t stop there, not even for a year.

2011 gave us families.

2012 gave us blends of story and comedy.

2013 gave us stellar characters in interstellar adventures (also the Mickey Mouse shorts, but that might not count).

2014 gave us surprises.

2015 gave us heart.

And this year? A return to form. What with the Loud House finally breaking Nickelodeon’s streak of poor nicktoons, Voltron keeping the action cartoon alive from the Avatar team we love, and the upcoming Milo Murphy’s Law from the creators of Phineas and Ferb.

There’s also shows like Mighty Magiswords and Long Live the Royals on the way that could just as easily make this list.

So the question remains. What the hell happened in 2010?

Well, I don’t know what caused all this, but I’ll tell you what happened.

Sym-Bionic Titan happened on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. And nobody told me.

When I stumbled on it way after the fact, I thought I remembered seeing something like that advertised when I was a kid. You know, early 2000s action show. I figured it got lost in the Beyblades, Ben 10s, and Yu-gi-Oh ripoffs, and I could at least make peace with that.

But then I find out this aired just a few years ago and I’m shit-pissed. aND MY OWN BEST FRIEND APPARENTLY WATCHED IT AND NEVER?? TOLD?? ME??

how dare you I instantly forgive you.

What I’m getting at is this is a high quality show. Really high quality.

The basic premise is summed up best here:

The three main characters include Ilana, princess of the royal family; Lance, a rebellious but capable soldier; and Octus, a bio-cybernetic robot, all of whom must now blend into everyday life in Sherman, Illinois. Posing as high school students, Lance and Octus work to conceal Princess Ilana from General Modula and his hideous space mutants sent to kill the sole heir of Galaluna.

When called into battle, the Galalunans are outfitted with individual armor that provides more than ample protection. It is when the gravest of danger appears that Octus activates the sym-bionic defense program and he, Ilana, and Lance unite “Heart, Body and Mind” and come together to form the spectacular cyber-giant Sym-Bionic Titan.

If that sounds great, it absolutely is. The characters are well-devloped, the story is front and center, there’s continuity between episodes– everything we’ve come to love in some of our modern favourites. So, my point is … why the hell was this left out of the cartoon revolution?

Well … honestly, I can’t figure it out. Advertising? Not enough cross-promotion in the daytime? Weak word of mouth? It’s certainly nothing the show did wrong.

Why Watch It?


I’m not gonna spoil much more than the summary, but despite the fact that it takes place on Earth for the most part and focuses on week to week stories, the overall story is very much in the forefront at all times– and you know how rare that is even for shows that do story well.


I’ll let you discover them for yourself, it’s too much of a treat, but I’ll just say, you might fall in love. Again.

Oh, and Voltron fans?

We found their son.

Reason 3: This Guy

So, even if you’re too young for some of these, you might’ve heard something called Samuri Jack is getting a fifth season after 10 years … and it’s going to be on Adult Swim.

Yeah, it’s gonna be badass.

The important part to all this is that this dude does awesome design, awesome shows, and if you have respect for any of these properties, you know you’re in for a good time.

Which leads me to

Reason 4: The Animationjfsfksnfksafafsj

Between the lighting and the angular designs, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Is bootiful.

Watch the first few minutes there. You see what I mean, right?

Reason 5: It Deserved Better

We’ve championed so many great shows in the past few years, but for whatever reason, we missed one. A great one at that. If you have any love for the shows I listed, I highly recommend you give it a chance. Who knows? You might just find another favourite.


A mix of a lot of Cartoons ^^ I hope you will like it :D

What’s your favourite cartoon?

last year we lost phineas and ferb, this year we lost gravity falls and wonder over yonder and were told that we were going to lose regular show, the amazing world of gumball, and now adventure time in the near future

i’m like…..desperately clinging onto steven universe, we bare bears and star vs the forces of evil lmao

Need a new show to watch?

As Wander Over Yonder is ending, I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts asking about what shows people should check out next. So, here’s my recommendations for shows you should check out!!

The 7D - This is a VERY underrated show on Disney XD but it’s so precious!! The 7D is based off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but it takes place 30 years before the movie (though some can say the show is different form the movie) It’s a happy show with fantastic humor and wonderfully talented voice actors! (Bill Farmer, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West, Scott Menville, Stephen Stanton, Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson, etc.) and has a ton of special guest stars! If you were a fan of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, many of the people that worked on those shows worked on this one as well! This show has the same fate as Wander because it’s ending in September (#SaveThe7D), but everyone should check out this adorable dwarf show!! It airs on Saturdays at 9:30 am EST!

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Star Vs. The Forces of Evil - I like to call Star the new ‘break-out’ star of Disney XD, but this show doesn’t disappoint! It’s a colorful show full of great characters and suspenseful moments in it! Season 2 is starting on July 11th 10:30 am EST, so you should go watch Season 1 to get ready for the next season!!

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Penn Zero Part-Time Hero - Another underrated Disney XD Show, but I absolutely love Penn Zero! What’s great about this show is that the characters go to different dimensions and have different designs for that world! The animation is fantastic and the characters are great! Check it out, and Season 2 will be coming soon this year!

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We Bare Bears - I think WBB is super cute show! It’s a nice break away from the darker shows on Cartoon Network. Having these precious bears in these real life situations make for a wonderful show! I really recommend it if you haven’t seen it!!

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Harvey Beaks - One of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon at the moment! Harvey Beaks is an adorable show with great characters in it! What I love about this show is that C.H. Greenblatt who made Chowder also created this show and such a happy little show! I love it a lot and you guys should check it out too!!

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The Loud House - I’m finishing up on watching this show, but it’s really great so far! I love the animation because it reminds me of a comic strip style! And all the characters are so great in this series! I can’t wait to see what else this show has in store!!

Originally posted by theloudhouse

Those are my recommendations for shows to check out!! And if you need help finding these shows, just tell me! <333

.:Everything Stays:.

Let’s go in the garden

You’ll find something waiting

Right there where you left it

Lying upside down

When you finally find it

You’ll see how it’s faded

The underside is lighter

When you turn it around

Everything stays, right where you left it

Everything stays, but it still changes

Ever so slightly

Daily and nightly

In little ways

When everything stays

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So raven chicks are... not traditionally cute. In fact, a common reaction to seeing half-grown hatchlings is along the lines of, "Quick! Hide the Gelflings!" Imagine various inhabitants of Middle Earth's reactions to seeing Dwalin cooing over his hideous raven babies. :)

Okay, I guess this is not a horror prompt, and rather based on rutobuka2‘s supercute drawing . Also google spit out this cutie (who’s not a raven, but this being Middle Earth…)

But let’s investigate that scenario XD (Fluff ahoi)

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I need to know, what would the name for the sparkling oc you made for blitzbee be? she's really cool

Aww, thank you, can’t believe you remembered her!

I decided to call her Hummingbird. Bee insisted on her getting a name that is lamer than his own. She grew up believing that hummingbirds are huge creatures with the blood of dragons who hunt and pierce bears with their beaks. When she found out how tiny they are, she was slightly disappointed. 

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A crow lands upon the bookkeeper's window sill bearing a 🌹in its beak.

The tapping at the window gathered his attention at first, followed by the strange sight.  A quiet chuckle escaped as he moved from the sofa to go and retrieve his ‘air mail’ present.

“Dare I try to guess at who the sender behind this was,” he teased as the bird gave him a dirty look.  A thing only made more comical by the flower still in it’s beak.  He grinned and retrieved it only to earn a spiteful look from the bird as he added, “A moment if you please.”

Quickly a thank you was scrawled on a tiny slip of parchment, small enough for the creature to carry in it’s beak.

“Take that to your mistress please,” he asked as the bird glared before flying off, note in ‘hand.’

[Thank you for the ask! ♥]