Requested by @lpsrivermoon“Harley’s pregnant and trying to tell the Joker but he won’t listen”.
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Harley was lost for all words but one. How? How, was this even possible? How will he take this? I need to tell J. Harley’s thoughts hammered as she placed the positive pregnancy test down on the sink and padded out of the bathroom, wrapping her dressing gown more tightly around her body.
“Puddin’?”, she called.
“Harley! Look at this”, Joker was seated on their bed pointing to the television hung on the wall. A news report was broadcasting stating that The Batman hadn’t showed up when The Riddler took hostages at Wayne Enterprises last night.
“You know what this could mean? Maybe ole Batsy is out of town! We could terrorise the city tonight baby! How does that sound?”. He flashed her a silver grin.
Harley sat at the end of their bed and nervously grinned, “that’s great Mr. J but there’s somethin’ I, well we, need to talk abou-”.
“I wonder why Batsy didn’t show”, the clown had turned his attention back to the television cutting Harley off.
Joker stood up from the bed and paced the floor, thinking, calculating his next move. He snapped his fingers and smiled, “Harls, we need machine guns, rifles, hand guns, heck even grenades, I have an idea and you’re gonna love it!”.
Harley sighed, she needed to tell him she was pregnant before this got out of hand.
“J, can we talk for a minute, this is somethin’ ya really need to know”. Joker froze for a moment staring into her blue eyes and then giggled, his eyes were wide with enthusiasm , “Harley, how are you not excited about this? All I need to know is where we can get new attire, we’re going to look extravagant tonight doll!”.
Harley was beginning to grow frustrated now, normally she loved when his mind was racing like this, ticking with ideas to create a fun night filled with murder and chaos but not right now when she was pregnant.
The Joker was still talking about weapons and plots along with where they would stop and get champagne later and possibly a chinese.
“J, J stop. Puddin’ please listen. J I’m pregnant!”, the petite blonde exclaimed.
Silence filled the room. Joker was staring at her now looking baffled.
“You’re not serious are you?”, he let out a short laugh but cut himself off quickly before walking over to Harley and held her face in his hands.
“I wouldn’t joke about stuff like this Puddin’, the test is in the bathroom, have a look for yourself”. Harley’s voice was quiet as she was unsure how Joker was taking this news.
Joker’s iconic grin spread across his face, “you know what this means don’t you baby?”, Harley remained silent waiting for the answer, “well it means I’m gonna be a daddy to a little prince or princess of Gotham, Harley our child will have it all, wait and see, you think people fear us now, wait until we show ‘em what we got in store!”, he was ecstatic. He brought his lips to Harley’s for a deep kiss.
Harley giggled as Joker pulled away and knelt down on front of her. “We’re still getting champagne and chinese though right? ‘Cause now we have a bigger reason to celebrate after we terrorise this city”. Laughter filled the King and Queens bedroom, they were in for an extravagant night. 


Amy: This is the start of the process for Ruby and Merida.
Meghan: Yes, it’s very early.

Amy Manson and Meghan Ory for “Merida in Storybrooke” (OUAT Season 5 Special Feature)